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  • 2022 International Symposium on Computer Technology and Application (ISCTA 2022)

    Editors: Manu Malek , Liam Hou | Dec.20.2022 | Chengdu, China ISBN: Online Time: ISCTA is the primary organization to introduce and exchange past experience, new progress and research achievements in the field of computer technology application. The conference welcomed the contribution of promoting the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between academicians, researchers and industries around the world. The theme of soliciting contributions focuses on "information technology", "mobile communication", "network security", "Internet of Things", "cloud computing" and other directions. Publish scientific articles (theory and practice) and research papers covering all aspects of future computer communication networks, with special attention to the evolution of Internet architecture, protocols, services and applications. Welcome all experts and scholars in the field to contribute to the conference.

Conference Lists

  • Technical research of pyrolytic carbon black prepared on rotating moving bed equipment

    Haibin Fang , Lingdi Shan , Xiaohui Cai , Zhenxiang Xin    DOI:    pp. 1-10 Abstract    Nowadays, waste tires have been one of the worst environmental pollution sources. How to solve the waste tires is a hot potato for the environment. Pyrolysis is one of the most commonly used method. In China, rotary kiln reactor has been widely used for pyrolysis and can be used as a large-scale pro...   Download PDF
  • On the Strategies of Machine Translation Post-Editing Based on Cloud Platform

    Lihua Qing    DOI:    pp. 11-14 Abstract    In the era of AI, machine translation post-editing(MTPE) based on cloud platform is an important part in the translator's translation environment. This study analyzes the existing problems in machine translation, and puts forward specific post-editing strategies from the aspects of lexis, syntax, te...   Download PDF
  • Demonstration and analysis of urban bridge reconstruction under the concept of sustainable development

    Tao Xie , Qinshou Huang    DOI:    pp. 15-23 Abstract    Urban bridge across the river as an important urban traffic arteries, the completion of the bridge changes the traffic conditions, industrial layout and urban planning, and provides opportunities and development power for economic development. With the rapid growth of urban expansion and traffic vol...   Download PDF
  • Development status of industrial design standardization and construction of industrial design standard system

    Shasha Wang , Zhen Lv , Yanfeng Wang , Xiaoqiang Wang , Congyuan Cao    DOI:    pp. 24-29 Abstract    The development level of industrial design is closely related to the comprehensive competitiveness of a country. This paper summarizes the current problems in China's industrial design industry, reviews the current situation of standardization development of industrial design, and explains the impor...   Download PDF
  • Determination of Quinoline in Textiles by Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry

    Kejie Fu , Qingqing Ren , Qibei Bao , Sumei Lian , Jun Liu    DOI:    pp. 30-38 Abstract    A method for the determination of quinoline in textiles by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC-MS) was developed. The experimental conditions for extraction were optimized. The textile samples were ultrasonically extracted with toluene as organic solvent. The extraction solution was filtered wit...   Download PDF
  • Temperature field simulation and collapse analysis of steel frame factory under fire

    Xi Liu , Junjun Wang , Lei Zhang , Gaowen Liu , Shiyi Hong , Sinian Gu    DOI:    pp. 39-44 Abstract    Building collapse is fire-induced secondary disasters. Because of many combustibles, fire-induced collapse accidents occur frequently in the steel frame factory. It causes the economic property and firemen casualties. So this paper carries out the temperature field simulation and collapse ...   Download PDF
  • Ecological effects of the road and railway in the Golmud-Lhasa section of the Qinghai-Tibet traffic corridor

    Siqi Yang , Gaoru Zhu , Yujian Gao , Wenxi Jiang , Donghui Xu , Jie Liu    DOI:    pp. 45-53 Abstract    The Qinghai-Tibet corridor includes road and railway in the highland area, characterized as the highest altitude, longest route and various sensitive ecosystems. Quantitative analysis of ecological effects along the Qinghai-Tibet corridor is critical to understand the impact of different traffic inf...   Download PDF
  • A transient solution on potential equation of diffusion type with time-varying coefficients

    Yuansheng Wang , Bo Li , Xiangyu Yu    DOI:    pp. 54-60 Abstract    Research on hydrothermal sulphide ore of marine mineral resources exploration is hot recently. According to the general solution of first order differential equation, Laplace transform is used to transform the linear homogeneous differential equation of second order variable coefficient in...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Model of square steel tubular and spiral stirrup composite confined-concrete stub columns under axial compression

    Nan Wang , Xiaoyuan Song    DOI:    pp. 61-64 Abstract    To study the axial compression performance of square steel tubular and spiral stirrup composite confined-concrete stub columns, based on the composite confined mechanism of square steel tube and spiral stirrup, the numerical model of square steel tubular and spiral stirrup composite confined-co...   Download PDF
  • Study on the impact of a biopolymer-fiber combination on soil reinforcement

    Jiayu Gu , Xin Cai , Chunhui Chen    DOI:    pp. 65-70 Abstract    Due to environmental concerns, the search for eco-friendly and efficient soil reinforcement has become urgent in recent. In this paper, the low-carbon and environment-friendly materials biopolymer and fibers were used for soil reinforcement. Direct shear tests were carried out to dete...   Download PDF
  • A method for determining the overburden failure height of coal mining based on the change of drilling speed and the leakage of sectional water injection in underground upward bolehole

    Yejie Song , Chenhui Shen    DOI:    pp. 71-79 Abstract    A coal mine in Xinjiang was taken as research site in this paper, it is proposed to determine the overburden failure height based on both the drilling speed of upward bolehole and sectional water injection methods. The results show that the overburden failure height of borehole CH01 i...   Download PDF
  • Study on the mechanical properties of desert sand concrete

    Taichang Liao , Hui Zhao , Jie Yuan , Shaoqiang Ren , He Cai    DOI:    pp. 80-86 Abstract    In this paper, the manufactured sand was replaced by desert sand with contents to prepare desert sand concrete with different grades. Then the compressive strength, axial compressive strength, static compressive elastic modulus and axial tensile strength of desert sand concrete were t...   Download PDF
  • A design scheme of vehicle-mounted radar tipping and lifting device

    Yicheng Shen , Changlong Li , Jiangwei Chen , Jianghong Nan , Zhen Yang    DOI:    pp. 87-96 Abstract    Aiming at the characteristics of compact structure, high integration and limited weight and volume of the mobile platform for vehicle-mounted high-power microwave weapon, this paper carried out an integrated design of lifting Jane and lifting electric cylinder. The performance index, system composit...   Download PDF
  • Contract pre-review and performance risk control model analysis

    Chao Chen , Kai Wang , Yan Huang    DOI:    pp. 97-103 Abstract    Under the background of continuous development of Chinese science and technology economy, social residents' demand for power resources is getting higher and higher. In order to strengthen its core competitiveness, electric power enterprises begin to focus on the study of contract management. Accordi...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of vegetation restoration technology in power transmission and transformation project

    Zhi Zhang , Huaiwei Yang , Lijuan Xu , Xi Li , Qing Liu , Weiqing Yu    DOI:    pp. 104-111 Abstract    As the basic project of the current urban construction and development, the power transmission and transformation project will transfer the voltage or current from the supply place to the transmission place after transformation. Nowadays, UHV power transmission and transformation project has laid th...   Download PDF
  • Study on performance of solar energy interseasonal heat storage ground source heat pump system in cold region

    Zihui Dou , Jingxia Liu , Baoli Li , Peihong Yang , Zilei Zhang    DOI:    pp. 112-122 Abstract    In order to solve the problem of soil heat imbalance caused by winter heat load much higher than summer cooling load in severe cold areas of China, TRNSYS simulation software was used to analyze the performance of solar energy interseasonal regenerative ground source heat pump system in a hospital i...   Download PDF
  • Optimization of Pile Clamping Structure Under Utrong Waves

    Bo Zhang , Linwang Su , Shuhui Lv , Jinxiang Li , Shiding Su , Jiaqi Wu    DOI:    pp. 123-132 Abstract    The clipped pile structure plays a significant role in enhancing the stability of the pile foundation. There is no specification for piled wharf pile structure design and construction of the guidance of systemic problems, based on an engineering example, through the relevant specification, structura...   Download PDF
  • Middle-Late Jurassic chronology and source-to-sink system of the Sikeshu section in the southern margin of the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang

    Yong Jiang    DOI:    pp. 133-140 Abstract    With the improvement of isotopic testing technology, high-precision dating methods such as SHRIMP or LA-ICP-MS of detrital zircon have been used to analyze and infer the formation age of sedimentary basins, the source of detrital materials, and the tectonic background of the formation and widely use...   Download PDF
  • Enterprise intelligent accounting system structure and intelligent accounting method

    Qin Liu    DOI:    pp. 141-147 Abstract    Enterprise accounting aim directly determines the construction of accounting system, and different accounting purpose puts forward different requirements of the accounting system construction, therefore the enterprise leadership and management in building enterprise intelligence structure, accountin...   Download PDF
  • Research on enterprise intellectual Property management standard system based on artificial intelligence

    Xiuping Zhu    DOI:    pp. 148-154 Abstract    With the steady development of modern society and economy, the requirements for intellectual property management of relevant enterprises are getting higher and higher. According to the enterprise intellectual property management of our country put forward normative analysis shows that the state inte...   Download PDF
  • Research on Power supply office management based on RPA intelligent video technology

    Churila Sa , Wanying Liu , Wenbo Zheng , Bo Hu , Heliu Sun    DOI:    pp. 155-160 Abstract    With the acceleration of digital construction process, robotic process automation technology is more and more applied in the company's digital business, in order to achieve the goal of reducing cost, improving quality and increasing efficiency. By analyzing the scenarios where robotic process automa...   Download PDF
  • Innovative application of the teaching mode of piano impromptu accompaniment course under the perspective of "Internet +"

    Chan Li    DOI:    pp. 161-167 Abstract    Spontaneous piano accompaniment is an important skill that students majoring in music education in mainstream universities must master. The core of teaching is whether the future college students can master music courses when they work in primary and secondary schools. With the advent of the knowled...   Download PDF
  • Characteristics of soil and water loss and its control technology in Power grid construction in the Loess Arid Area

    Yong Qian , Li Han , Jizhong Fang , Qingming Xiao , Yang Wu    DOI:    pp. 168-175 Abstract    Due to the variety of power transmission and transformation projects, through different types of erosion along the way, affected by topography, topography, climate and other factors, the forms of soil and water loss are also different. Taking A Power Supply Project In An Arid Arae (Part Of Qinghai P...   Download PDF
  • Research on big data marketing method based on statistical machine learning algorithmei

    Yuran Wang    DOI:    pp. 176-181 Abstract    In the innovation and development of human science and technology, from the simple relationship between buying and selling to today's huge and complex online trading, not only reflects the main content of the progress of The Times, but also indirectly proves the diversified characteristics of market...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of fire rescue problems and fire station siting based on fitting algorithms

    Jiayi Zhao    DOI:    pp. 182-191 Abstract    This paper provides an in-depth study of the fire rescue problem. Based on the number of calls to police at the site in previous years, monthly calls to police in 2022 were predicted through polynomial fitting, cubic spline interpolation, and a two-tone spline interpolation model to analyze and dete...   Download PDF
  • The Application and Research of Intelligent Technology in Automobile Engine Production Line

    Hao Fang , Rui Li    DOI:    pp. 192-198 Abstract    In the rapid development of Internet technology in our country, most industries have gradually become a development model with high demand for Internet technology. Especially for the automobile engine production line, the extensive use of intelligent technology can not only improve the practical pro...   Download PDF
  • Research on Blind equalization method of variable step size neural network in underwater acoustic communication

    Canghao Gao    DOI:    pp. 199-205 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, how to ensure the high efficiency and safety of underwater communication is the main issue discussed by researchers. Among them, the underwater acoustic channel as a very complex variable parameter channel, the actual frequency band is limited, ...   Download PDF
  • Exploration of discovery factors of Cretaceous paleontological fossils in Laiyang

    Jing Fang    DOI:    pp. 206-211 Abstract    In the construction and development of human civilization, nature contains a large number of representative paleontological fossils, and these contents are an important basis for current scholars to understand and study biological evolution and earth civilization. According to THE analysis of the Cr...   Download PDF
  • Study on Maintenance and Test Method of Primary Equipment in modern substation

    Biao Cai , Fuqun Zhang    DOI:    pp. 212-219 Abstract    In the modern social and economic development, residents and industry more and more high demand for electricity utilization, electricity quality requirements increase, so in order to ensure the safety and stability operation of substation, to strengthen the supervision of power system at the same ti...   Download PDF
  • Research on the path of the digital economy in Shandong Province to help achieve the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”goals- based on panel regression analysis

    Jianing Liu , Yi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 220-229 Abstract    Since the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal was proposed, green and low-carbon development has become a unified action of all provinces in the country. carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, as the driving force of the provinces to promote high-quality economic development, has become the f...   Download PDF
  • A Study on Static and Dynamic Provincial-level Measurements of Tourism Industry Efficiency in China -Based on Malmquist-Luenberger Index and SBM-DEA models

    Yuyao Liu    DOI:    pp. 230-244 Abstract    While existing studies have considered economic inputs and outputs into the industrial efficiency measurement models for eco-tourism industries in China, few of them have put environment inputs such as natural resources and outputs such as carbon emission into account. This study applies the to...   Download PDF
  • Research on Application of forklift dispatching intelligence in Industrial intelligence

    Nuo Chen , Yayuan Wen    DOI:    pp. 245-251 Abstract    In the modern information technology industry rapid development, forklift truck as an important content in the field of industrial production and transportation, research scholars in view of the traditional forklift control application problems are analyzed in the experiment, on the basis of conside...   Download PDF
  • Progress on evaluation of Alpine grassland degradation degree in Qinghai Province

    Ke Jin    DOI:    pp. 252-259 Abstract    The alpine grassland in Qinghai Province is very prone to degradation, and the local ecosystem is fragile. If damaged, it is difficult to recover in a short time. Because of alpine grassland degradation phenomenon will directly threaten the local ecological security and economic development, so the ...   Download PDF
  • Research on home-school linkage mechanism in Chinese universities based on cloud service platform design

    Zhe Li    DOI:    pp. 260-266 Abstract    In the development of modern university education reform, the design of cloud service platform is proposed in the field of education, promoting the brand new management environment, so that teachers and students can enjoy the diversified services through the network platform, change the traditional ...   Download PDF
  • The role of big data marketing method based on statistical machine learning algorithm

    Yuting Lee    DOI:    pp. 267-274 Abstract    In the background of the era of big data, computer technology is widely used in all fields, and gradually become the basic resources for the development of industry enterprise competition. Especially after into the development trend of economic globalization, the enterprise in order to in the increa...   Download PDF
  • Optimization application of particle swarm algorithm in civil engineering

    Mai Fang    DOI:    pp. 275-282 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, civil engineering as the basis of promoting the steady development of the industry economy and ensuring the stability of urban residents' lives, with the continuous innovation of social economy and science and technology, is now facing severe ch...   Download PDF
  • Research on Motion Target Detection Method Based on Machine Learning

    Yitong Zhou    DOI:    pp. 283-288 Abstract    In the development of modern science and technology, due to the small size, low cost, practical operation is very flexible, so the UAV has been fully used in environmental monitoring, geological survey, military exploration, agricultural plant protection and other fields. Among them, as one of the b...   Download PDF
  • Construction and application of logic model for telecom network fraud case investigation based on big data

    Bing Leng    DOI:    pp. 289-294 Abstract    Telecom fraud, as a new means of fraud emerging in the new era, has a very deep impact on People's Daily life and social development. Therefore, it is necessary to use big data to carry out telecom fraud crime investigation activities to adapt to the changing social environment faster. According to ...   Download PDF
  • Research on International Relations Network based on Text Mining

    Gan Tan , Mi Li    DOI:    pp. 295-301 Abstract    With the rapid development of communication and information technology, people's information exchange and dissemination methods are becoming more and more convenient, which not only expands the depth of global information exchange, but also closely links countries in the world together, forming a hu...   Download PDF
  • Research on integration of enterprise technology innovation capability based on ant colony algorithm

    Lisha Liu    DOI:    pp. 302-308 Abstract    In the modern social economic construction and development, the enterprise's technological innovation ability directly determines the enterprise's future development level, so the current enterprise management attaches great importance to the integration of enterprise's technological innovation abil...   Download PDF
  • Research on Application of artificial Neural Network in econometrics

    Yike Sun    DOI:    pp. 309-314 Abstract    As a fringe subject of artificial intelligence and systems engineering, artificial neuron network can not only discover more valuable data information, but also accelerate the calculation speed of data information in econometrics. With the rapid development of econometrics, the artificial neural net...   Download PDF
  • Impact Of Carbon Price On The Cost Of Thermal Power Generation

    Tiannan Ma , Shiying Yao , Ruiguang Ma , Yun Wang , Qian Wang , Jinrui Zhang , Juan Luo    DOI:    pp. 315-320 Abstract     The carbon market and electricity market play a decisive role in the optimal allocation of market resources, bringing challenges to the operation and development of power generation companies (especially thermal power). Based on the operation mechanism of the national carbon market, this paper...   Download PDF
  • Research on regional landslide hazard warning model based on logistic regression

    Yang Zhang , Hui Liu , Chao Gu , Yunmei Zheng    DOI:    pp. 321-328 Abstract    In the process of urban construction and development, landslide disaster is the main factor affecting the health and safety of local residents. How to put forward effective prevention and management measures according to the previous accumulated experience is the main problem of scientific research....   Download PDF
  • Research on the construction and application of computer network experimental technology teaching mode

    Hai Wang    DOI:    pp. 329-335 Abstract    In the development of modern society, the computer network experiment course can train excellent technical talents at the same time, continue to optimize the computer network experiment technology teaching system. Under the background of modern education reform, the traditional sense directly use th...   Download PDF
  • Application of multi-objective comprehensive optimization model of soil and water conservation based on genetic algorithm

    Jingde Wang , Guilin Zhang , Lijie Meng , Yang Han , Guangguang Dong , Liqun Zhang , Xiaoling Li , Yunmei Zheng    DOI:    pp. 336-344 Abstract    Soil and water conservation as the focus of the development of urban construction, in the development of modern economic and technological innovation, international scholars applying artificial intelligence to construct the integrated optimization model of soil and water conservation, in order to pr...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on the change factors of organic matter in sludge heat treatment process

    Geng Yang    DOI:    pp. 345-350 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, the urbanization process is getting faster and faster, the discharge of urban domestic sewage continues to rise. Sludge, as a solid waste produced during sewage treatment, will generally produce 1.5 to 2.0 tons of sludge per 10,000 tons of sewage. As the ...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on seawater test method of Internet of things communication equipment

    Zhiguo Zheng , Jie Chen    DOI:    pp. 351-356 Abstract    Based on the practical application environment, this paper puts forward a seawater test method for the Internet of Things communication equipment applied in the Marine environment. The verification through the test and the suggestions and suggestions for the problems found in the test. Finally, the ...   Download PDF
  • Deep learning based pulmonary nodule detection method research

    Mian Huang , Youli Ren , Xiang Wei    DOI:    pp. 357-363 Abstract     In the development of modern social and economic construction, the level of scientific research and technology in various countries is getting higher and higher. The medical field began to use intelligent algorithms for detection and analysis, and achieved excellent results in practice. It is ...   Download PDF
  • Research on International Mutual Recognition of Carbon Certification System of Automobile Products

    Yuying Liu , Jiali Wu , Danni Wang    DOI:    pp. 364-370 Abstract    With the global attention to climate change gradually heating up, to carbon peak carbon neutralization as the theme of the new international trade system is gradually taking shape, will also have a broad and far-reaching impact on our foreign trade pattern. The automobile industry is the key to tran...   Download PDF
  • Application technology of intelligent algorithm in civil engineering field

    Zixuan Wei    DOI:    pp. 371-378 Abstract    In the development of modern urban construction, social residents of civil engineering quality requirements are more and more high, the traditional sense of the application of technology has been unable to meet the needs of the industry, how to reform and innovate the application of technology in th...   Download PDF
  • Research on solid waste disposal site selection model based on Genetic algorithm

    Eryin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 379-385 Abstract     In the development of social and economic construction, the excessive shortage of resources and the serious pollution of ecological environment and other problems directly affect the basic goal of sustainable development. Especially after entering the development trend of economic globalizatio...   Download PDF
  • Research on fresh food e-commerce model innovation under the background of COVID-19

    Mengmeng Zhang , Josefine M. De Leon    DOI:    pp. 386-389 Abstract    Driven by the wave of "lazy economy" and the epidemic, Chinese fresh e-commerce consumption continues to grow, and the industry market scale continues to expand. Under the background of new crown outbreak fresh electrical business model mainly USES the centralized purchasing front storehouse, commun...   Download PDF
  • Object-oriented Design based Comprehensive Experimental Development of Document Object Model

    Yanlong Wang , Jinhua Liu    DOI:    pp. 390-394 Abstract    JavaScript code using Document Object Model (DOM) can realize the dynamic control of Web pages, which is the important content of the Web development technology course. The application of DOM is very flexible and includes many knowledge points, so it is difficult for students to master. In...   Download PDF
  • Risk factors for delirium during anesthesia recovery: A meta-analysis

    Tianci Fan , Kaixuan Tang    DOI:    pp. 395-402 Abstract    Objectives: Although several risk factors for delirium during recovery from anesthesia have been identified, many risk factors remain unknown. The present study aimed to identify risk factors for delirium during recovery from anesthesia by meta-analysis. Methods: A systematic literature se...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Simulation Study of ground surface subsidence caused by filling mining on surface buildings and facilities in a mining area: a case study

    Xuanting Liu , Xiumin Liu , Congxin Chen , Qing Tan    DOI:    pp. 403-412 Abstract    The filling mining method is planned to be adopted in Chentaigou Iron Mine. There are many significant buildings and facilities in the mining area, making it necessary to evaluate the influences of underground mining on the surface buildings and facilities. The main purpose of this research was to e...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Simulation of Influence of Prestress on Rock Crack Propagation

    Guang Zhang , Xiang He    DOI:    pp. 413-421 Abstract    Based on the damage evolution law of energy, through the three-point bending test of granite, the calculation formula of three-point bending fracture energy of rock dominated by type I fracture failure is calculated, and the influence of dimensionless prefabricated crack length and prestress on rock...   Download PDF
  • Laboratory Drilling Test of Core Discing Phenomenon under Low Stress

    Hua Tang , Dongcai Liang , Zhenjun Wu , Xu Cheng    DOI:    pp. 422-429 Abstract    The phenomenon of core discing has always been considered as a unique sign of high geostress area. With the in-depth study of the discing mechanism, there are various indications that the high geostress is not the main controlling factor of the core discing. Based on the geostress classification sta...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of face recognition technology in Electronic Commerce

    Yihan Wang    DOI:    pp. 430-432 Abstract    In recent years, with the continuous development and update of Chinese information technology, the Internet information technology has been applied in all walks of life, even appears in our medical career, military system, social enterprise and so on many professions, especially electronic commerce ...   Download PDF
  • Study on Evaluation and apportionment of Absorbing cost of high proportion renewable energy grid

    Jingqiu Hu , Xuan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 433-439 Abstract     In the process of vigorously developing renewable energy, the definition, evaluation, and sharing of the whole system cost of renewable energy have become a fundamental problem that must be overcome. This paper first defines the whole system cost of a high proportion of renewable energy and qu...   Download PDF
  • A Study on the Influencing Factors of Children-friendly Walking Space Perception in Elementary Schools

    Fan Zhang , Qiangqiang Zhang , Haoyu Wang    DOI:    pp. 440-451 Abstract    In this paper, based on the concept of child-friendly primary school students aged 7-12 years and their parents as the object, selected five typical primary schools in Shenyang as research cases, conducted social questionnaires and interviews, combined with the existing space problems and children's...   Download PDF
  • Research on Green Intelligent Building Design Strategy for small infrastructure project of Fujian Electric Power Company of State Grid

    Xiaofei Ruan , Disan Yang , Yonghong Li , Jinbo Zhang , Xiaoyu Huang , Lexuan Cao , Yubin Lin    DOI:    pp. 452-469 Abstract    In order to realize the green and intelligent development of small infrastructure projects of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Company, and help the national strategic development goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, this paper analyzes and summarizes the green and intelligent design strategi...   Download PDF
  • Research on fire source location and early warning algorithm based on sensor network

    Guoqiang Liu , Zhiwei Cao , Guochun Li , Yanan Hao , Licai Yan , Dianmao Zhang    DOI:    pp. 470-475 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, the form of urban buildings presents the characteristics of diversification, although different types of building structure for social residents' life and production has brought convenient conditions, but also caused more safety risks, the build...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application of Mechatronics System in Mechanical Engineering

    Jingyi Bai    DOI:    pp. 476-481 Abstract    In the development of modern mechanical engineering construction, the automation level and economic performance of mechanical engineering directly affect the effect of construction technology, so how to use electromechanical integration system, improve the construction quality of mechanical engineer...   Download PDF
  • Study on Performance monitoring system of civil engineering structure

    Jiaxing Wu    DOI:    pp. 482-489 Abstract    Civil engineering structure as a basic part of the urban construction development, directly affects the social residents quality of life, if not in view of the concrete problems to formulate the effective solution, then it will limit our social economy steady development. In the face of the increasi...   Download PDF
  • Application research of Welding process monitoring system based on LAN

    Li Sun    DOI:    pp. 490-498 Abstract    In the field of production and manufacturing, the monitoring of welding information and analysis of post-welding signal is an important technical means to ensure the overall quality of work. Monitoring the information parameters in the welding process and comprehensively mastering the construction p...   Download PDF
  • Research on the dynamic monitoring system of intelligent cluster-chemical welding equipment

    Li Sun    DOI:    pp. 499-505 Abstract    With the steady development of computer technology and communication technology, the research and application of intelligent group-dominated welding equipment dynamic monitoring system can provide an effective basis for improving the management level and production capacity of manufacturing enterpri...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of domestication and origin in chicken by whole genome sequencing

    Changsheng Deng , Momo Li , Wanqing Duan , Aiwei Guo , Fenfen  Chen , Lili Liu , Yajing Yang , Qiongyao Zeng , Qingqing Li    DOI:    pp. 506-509 Abstract    Whole genome sequencing technology started in the middle and late 20th century. In recent years, with the rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technology, the further reduction of sequencing costs and the continuous improvement of assembly methods, it has penetrated into various fields of...   Download PDF
  • Review of whole genome sequencing technology on the selected signals of local chickens

    Changsheng Deng , Momo Li , Wanqing Duan , Aiwei Guo , Fenfen Chen , Lili Liu , Yajing Yang , Qingqing Li    DOI:    pp. 510-513 Abstract    Genome sequencing has become one of the most rapid and effective methods to study molecular breeding of animals and plants. Chickens and chicken products are the necessary production for people and play an important role in our lives. Chickens are the first species of birds to get the whole gen...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on dynamic coupling characteristics of mid turbine frame

    Zhongbin Chen , Zhun Liu , Mingfu Liao    DOI:    pp. 514-522 Abstract    Aiming at the problem of excessive vibration of a dual-rotor engine with mid turbione frame structure between turbine stages, establishing a nonlinear dynamic model of the dual-rotor system with mid turbine frame. Considering the nonlinear forces of the squeeze film damper and the rolling bearing, a...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on influence of different tightening positions on bolt preload

    QingZhou Zhao , Juntang Wang , Mingfu Liao    DOI:    pp. 523-530 Abstract     Aiming at the typical bolted flange connection structure in aero-engine, based on the principle of acoustic elasticity, the supersonic method is used to measure the bolt f preload, and the influence of different tightening positions on the bolt preload and stability is studied. The tightening ...   Download PDF
  • Temperature Prediction Model for Asphalt surface Layer

    Kun Wang , Lu Qu , Peng Hu , Hao Xu , Xiongao Li    DOI:    pp. 531-536 Abstract    In order to explore the distribution law of asphalt pavement temperature, based on the Nanjing to Yancheng(Ning-yan) Expressway in Jiangsu Province, and obtain the meteorological environment data of the expressway, temperature sensors are buried at different depths of the asphalt pavement to continu...   Download PDF
  • Research on Moulding Technology of Composite Payload Bay Frame

    Jing Chen , Benxing Dong , Linru Cui , Shuang Yao , Cunhao Gao , Haishan Liu    DOI:    pp. 537-542 Abstract    This paper describes a large-size grid closed cavity composite payload bay frame moulding technology, focusing on the process research of the moulding process scheme, mould design scheme and layering curing mode. The research shows that: the moulding of large-size grid closed cavity composite f...   Download PDF
  • Manufacture and Analysis of Large Size I-shaped Composite Enclosed Beam

    Benxing Dong , Jing Chen , Haixin Liu , Shuang Yao , Xueting Chen , Jieling Ma , Dalei Zhu , Yusheng Zhang , Tianxin Li    DOI:    pp. 543-552 Abstract    This paper analyzes the structural characteristics of the large-size I-shaped composite material closed beam, and explores the molding process plan, molding die design, curing stress-deformation prediction analysis, internal quality control, and product dimensional accuracy control. The results show...   Download PDF
  • A tooling design for rapid assembly of astral structures

    Linru Cui , Yan Chu , Jing Chen , Benxing Dong , Shuang Yao , Xueting Chen , Jieling Ma , Pan Luo , JiuYuan Xu , Chen Hao , Shenghong Ji    DOI:    pp. 553-558 Abstract    most of the antenna support structures in communication satellites are closed or semi-closed box structures. The box structure is mainly composed of honeycomb sandwich structure (referred to as structural plate). Each structural plate is not connected structurally and is bonded to form a compon...   Download PDF
  • Neural Markers of shootig performance: An explore of EEG frequency features during aiming

    Zhongrui Li , Ying Zeng , Jun Shu , Defu Heng , Rongkai Zhang , Li Tong , Runnan Lu , Bin Yan    DOI:    pp. 559-569 Abstract    The frequency-domain characteristics of electroencephalogram (EEG) during shooting used to evaluate and improve shooting performance has become a research hotspot in recent years. However, neural markers that can be effectively and stably used to characterize various shooting performances remain unc...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Spatial Pattern of Central Place in Yanqing District, Beijing Based on POI Data

    Xiang Pan    DOI:    pp. 570-580 Abstract    This paper studies the spatial pattern of the central place in Yanqing District of Beijing, where scholars pay less attention. Based on the Point of Interest (POI) data, the kernel density analysis was used to identify the spatial distribution of the center place a...   Download PDF
  • Searching for Key Genes in Ulcerative Colitis: a Bioinformatics Study

    Shuangli Peng , Hongci Chen , Xingyu Yu , Jinjie Li , Yamei Ge , Xiong Zhang , Dengqin Song , Huiyun Pu , Ping Yang    DOI:    pp. 581-590 Abstract    Objective: The incidence of ulcerative colitis (UC) is increasing year by year, which leads to increasing cost of medical resources investment, and the exact pathogenesis of the disease is still unclear, leading to difficulties in clinical diagnosis and treatment. This study is based on a bioinforma...   Download PDF
  • Observation of the Expression of Dazl and Vasa Suggests that Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle Use the Inductive Mode of Primordial Germ Cell Specification

    Dainan Cao , Yufeng Wei , Yangchun Gao , Yujie Huang , Yunxiao Sun    DOI:    pp. 591-595 Abstract    The origin, migration and differentiation of primordial germ cells (PGCs) have always been an important issue in developmental biology. At present, studies on the specification of PGCs in amniotes mainly focus on birds and mammals. Turtles are reptiles known as "living fossils", and their sex determ...   Download PDF
  • Progress in the Application of Energy-spectrum CT Imaging and Radiomics for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer and Subtype Differentiation

    JingYi Zheng , Feixian Fu , Dan Shen , Weihe Qing , Xinyi Bo    DOI:    pp. 596-603 Abstract    Lung cancer is the most prevalent malignancy and a serious threat to human health, and the early non-invasive diagnosis of lung cancer has been a hot topic of research in recent years. Lung cancer is subtyped into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, which is closely related to lon...   Download PDF
  • The application of epigenetics in CAR-T therapy

    Xinyi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 604-613 Abstract    This article reviews epigenetics (including DNA methylation, histone modification, chromatin remodeling, and non-coding RNA regulation), epigenetic phenomena in T cells, and the progress of research on CAR-T therapies modified from epigenetic regulation, with the aim of providing new insights for CA...   Download PDF
  • Research progress on the pharmacological effects and clinical applications of leeches in the last three years

    Zixuan Zhen    DOI:    pp. 614-622 Abstract    The present study shows that leeches have precise pharmacological effects and a wide range of clinical effects. This paper mainly reviews the pharmacological and clinical effects of leeches in the last three years regarding renal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, liver diseases ...   Download PDF
  • Progress on improvement and application of magnetostrictive properties of the Fe-Ga alloy

    Handan Wang , Junwei Dai , Yunyu Feng    DOI:    pp. 623-632 Abstract    Fe-Ga alloy is a novel material with high magnetostriction, good mechanical properties, and wide application prospects. At present, few reviews systematically summarize the improvement and application of magnetostrictive properties of Fe-Ga alloys. Combined with the latest research progress, th...   Download PDF
  • International School Sports Development Intelligence And Visual Analysis In The Last Decade ——Based On a Bibliometric Perspective

    Xujia Huang , Wanjin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 633-642 Abstract    School physical education development in China has always played an important role in promoting students' physical and mental development, especially in recent years with the continuous improvement of China's physical education science system and more ambitious physical education and health developm...   Download PDF
  • The mechanism of the role of online servicescapes on customer engagement in gaming communities - mediated by customer psychological ownership

    Shike He    DOI:    pp. 643-650 Abstract    In recent years, the virtual brand community has become a platform for customer communication based on the Internet. This paper uses the base of the research results on online servicescapes, customer engagement, customer psychological ownership and customer service appropriation. It builds a theoret...   Download PDF
  • Influence of resident behaviour on building energy consumption of ultra-low energy residential buildings

    Shaoliang Liu , Cuicai Hao , Yulong Zhang , Fuqian Wang , Yuan Li    DOI:    pp. 651-658 Abstract    He ultra-low energy building is considered to be an important path to achieving carbon neutrality in buildings. In order to profoundly investigate the correlation between behaviour and building energy efficiency, the influence of behaviour on energy consumption in ultra-low energy buildings was inve...   Download PDF
  • Optimization of Oil Production Fermentation and Analysis of Fermentation Process for Chemical induction of Fungus Penicillium Citrinum Asc2-4 associated with Pyrosomella verticilliata

    Zhengdong Luo , Xiaoling Lei    DOI:    pp. 659-665 Abstract    Increasing the biomass and oil production of the Pyrosomella verticilliata associated fungus Penicillium citrinum Asc2-4 using inorganic salt chemical induction. The results revealed that KH2PO4, MgSO4, and FeCl3 were significant in promoting oil concentration, and orthogonal optimization revealed t...   Download PDF
  • Development of an online gamma radiation measurement system

    YunRui Jiang , WanChang Lai , HongJian Lin , PeiLian Wu    DOI:    pp. 666-674 Abstract    Raw coal is often interspersed with rocks as well as soil fragments, so natural γ-radiation measurement is used for online detection of coal quality in the coal mining and processing production process. To solve the problems of system development, data acquisition and transmission and online calibra...   Download PDF
  • Nature Orientation: Values Shift in Accordance with Complex System Brittleness Theory

    Yanqin Lu , Xiaojing Huang    DOI:    pp. 675-682 Abstract    The occurrence of brittle behavior acts as a feature of complex systems. Complex systems consist of numerous simple systems by combining various hierarchical structures; they exist through the nonlinear action of coupling. The system disorder attributed to the loss of material and energy in subsyste...   Download PDF
  • Dynamic Research on the Habitat and Population Quantity of Mongolian Wild Ass(Equus Hemionus)in Eastern Jungar Basin

    Chang Xu , Tingting Bai , Zhuan Wu , Yuan Li    DOI:    pp. 683-692 Abstract    The Mongolian wild ass is the wildlife under National key protection in class 1. The Xinjiang Kalamaili Mountain Ungulate Nature Reserve in the east of the Jungar basin is the largest distribution area of Mongolian wild ass in China. Due to historical reasons, human activities in...   Download PDF
  • Research on Safety Evaluation Calculation of Flange Bolt Connection Based on VDI2230 Standard

    Jiahao Wen , Yongchun Ding , Zhonggui Yang , Jiuling Sui    DOI:    pp. 693-703 Abstract     Flange bolt connection is one of the most important bolt connection methods at present. In this paper, the bolt connection between the shell and the back flange of a certain type of equipment was evaluated and calculated, the weak area of the structure is mainly the bolt joint, so bolt safety ...   Download PDF
  • Preparation and properties of n-hexane microcapsules by complex coacervation

    Ming Fan Chen , Min Li , Wei Feng Miao    DOI:    pp. 704-712 Abstract    In order to improve the encapsulation efficiency of low density core material microcapsules, the complex condensation method was used to prepare microcapsules with n-hexane as the core material and gelatin and Arabic gum as the wall material.For n-hexane with low density, the influence of wall mater...   Download PDF
  • Underwater Target Detection Algorithm Based on Improved YOLOv5

    Bin Ren , Jihe Feng , Yongdong Wei , Yuming Huang    DOI:    pp. 713-719 Abstract     In order to solve the problem of low accuracy of traditional methods in underwater target detection and recognition, an underwater target detection algorithm based on YOLOv5, adding Convolutional Block Attention Module (CBAM) and Bidirectional Feature Pyramid Network (BIFPN) is proposed in thi...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on Prestressed CFRP-reinforced Aluminum Alloy Bridge Panel Based on Shape Memory Alloys

    Zihan Li , Qilin Zhao , Yonglong Zhu    DOI:    pp. 720-729 Abstract    In order to strengthen aluminum alloy bridge panels, a CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics) plate is tensioned under the bottom plate to exert prestress. Installing the tensioning device under narrow bottom plates of bridge panels via traditional prestressing method is difficult; therefore, a new...   Download PDF
  • The vocational education thought based on front-end WEB is integrated into the design system of cultural and creative products

    Daocai Han , Kai Liu    DOI:    pp. 730-736 Abstract    In the development of modern education innovation, the vocational education thought of learning and doing, theory and practice, put forward by Huang Yanpei, has a positive impact on vocational education. In essence, vocational education is to transport more high-quality and high-level application-or...   Download PDF
  • Quality and Evaluation of architectural Structure Design -- Taking Several Structural Design Consulting as Examples

    Jianguang Shi , Yinping Chen , Yuehui Chen    DOI:    pp. 737-745 Abstract    The construction project's feature is first settled by the design's quality. So as to to live up to the purpose quality's prime prerequisites, a written document review system for the intent drawings' design has been built in China to ensure that the design meets the intention standards' prerequisit...   Download PDF
  • Modeling the interaction between energy source enterprises and industrial enterprises as “Nature-Technology” closed-loop control systems

    R.I. Solnitsev , Lei Wang    DOI:    pp. 746-751 Abstract    This paper focuses on models of interaction between energy source enterprises and industrial enterprises in order to minimize and control atmospheric emissions. Based on these models, computer simulations of “Nature-Technology” closed-loop control systems-energy source enterprises and industrial ent...   Download PDF
  • Research on power gathering problem and power transmission strategy in Guangxi coastal area

    Hui Qin , Lijuan Huang , Zhen Pan , Hengwang Zhou    DOI:    pp. 752-761 Abstract     the construction of power supply is affected by resource conditions, plant construction conditions, load distribution and power grid structure, which shows a trend of more and more centralized distribution.If the power supply is too concentrated, the short circuit current will be increased, th...   Download PDF
  • Brief Discussion on the Application of the New Melting-Deicing Device (MDD) on the Flap Gate of the Yitong River

    Yehan Geng , Kaixuan Li , Zhan Wang , Yongsheng Yan    DOI:    pp. 762-767 Abstract    In order to solve the winter operation problem of the flap gate of the Yitong River in Jilin Province, 4 sets of new Melting-Deicing Devices(MDD) were arranged in front of the flat gate, and the prototype observation research were carried out as well. The analysis results showed that MDD mixed compr...   Download PDF
  • An improved model to simulate the effective material properties of functionally graded porous plates

    Xiaolin Huang , Xiqi Hao , Yanning Zhang , Liangjie Li    DOI:    pp. 768-774 Abstract    This paper develops an improved model to estimate the effective material properties of functionally graded porous plates with evenly and unevenly distributed pores. Based on the higher-order shear deformation plate theory and extended von Kármán-type equations, dynamic equilibrium equations of the p...   Download PDF
  • Research on the influence of lubrication performance of hydrodynamic journal bearings based on orthogonal test method

    Xinliang Hu , Jun Wang , Kaiping Yu , Quande Chi    DOI:    pp. 775-781 Abstract    The orthogonal experiment design method is used based on analysis of lubrication of hydrodynamic journal bearing.The effect of structural parameters ( bearing diameter,wide diameter ratio and clearance ratio) and operating parameters ( linear velocity and specific pressure) on lubrication performanc...   Download PDF
  • The Study on the Performance of Regeneration Aggregate Pavement Base Material Under Standard Grading Median

    Hui Zhao , Xiaoping Cai , Wencui Yang , Penghuan Liu    DOI:    pp. 782-787 Abstract     In recent decades, with social and economic development, many new buildings and buildings have been built, while many old buildings have been demolished. Therefore, the world should consider how to reuse construction waste. Reuse of construction waste as aggregate to new buildings or road cons...   Download PDF
  • Mechanical Properties and Fluidity of Grouting Material with Recycled Fine Aggregate at Different Temperature

    Xiaoping Cai , Wencui Yang , Yong Ge    DOI:    pp. 788-793 Abstract    At the present stage, the demolition industry of old building has produced more and more wastes. From the perspective of environment, economy and society, the amount of waste has reached an unacceptable level. Therefore, the resource utilization of waste has become a research hotspot. At present, as...   Download PDF
  • The Structure Design Optimization of Transmission Line Pole Tower Body

    Kaifang Zhu    DOI:    pp. 794-799 Abstract    Tower as an important part of transmission line project construction, in the overall project construction cost accounts for more than 30%, to ensure the quality of project construction, improve the level of structural optimization, has a positive impact on the stable operation of the power system. T...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent Medical App Design for Parkinson's Disease Based on Augmented Reality Technique

    Yukun Xia , Zijie Ding , Gan Yan    DOI:    pp. 800-810 Abstract    Based on the theory of augmented reality technology, this article proposes the design method of follow-up practice for Parkinson's disease patients' daily management difficulties and inconvenient exercise medical treatment, and through the design practice, the intelligent medical app for Parkinson's...   Download PDF
  • Micro RFID Tag Applied to Logistics Equipment Components

    Hongwei Wang , Hua Wang    DOI:    pp. 811-816 Abstract     It involves a micro RFID tag antenna which can be mounted in multi-scenario. By designing antenna line type, it enlarges the antenna’s bandwidth and helps resist environmental impacts. When the tag is directly pasted on metal, plastic, wooden, or paper surfaces, the tag can exhibit robust prop...   Download PDF
  • AE, CVE and DAE in Design Assurance System

    Jiaqi Dong , Jichun Lu , Yao Lu    DOI:    pp. 817-821 Abstract    To civil aircraft applicant, the establishment of design assurance system (DAS) is not only a satisfaction to regulations, but also a embodiment of its design and airworthiness ability. It is important for applicant to establish an efficient and high-quality team to ensure the good functioning of th...   Download PDF
  • Organic Fertilizer Application Effects on Soil Agglomeration Stability and Organic Carbon and Total Nitrogen Distribution: A Meta-Analysis

    Yujun Ma , Nana Zhang , Lin Ma , Guangchao Cao , Wen Du    DOI:    pp. 822-833 Abstract    The application of organic fertilizers is a standard measure of circular agriculture, which can purify the environment, ensure food safety and strengthen the sustainable use of soil. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of organic fertilizers on the stability of soil aggregates and ...   Download PDF
  • Study on high temperature performance of coal based modified asphalt mixture

    Quanjun Shen , Liang Fan , Yaohui Yang , Hui Wei , Haifeng Xu , Anzhen Cao , Yan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 834-839 Abstract    SHA, as a solid waste from direct coal liquefaction, has a certain application prospect. Based on the original concept and process of coal based clean asphalt preparation, this paper studies the performance of SHA coal based modified asphalt mixture, and draws the following conclusions: (1) SHA modi...   Download PDF
  • Effects of aroma additives on the release of smoke during the pyrolysis of reconstituted tobacco

    Yuxing Tong , Zhe Xiong , Ziwei Wang , Ben Liu , Yaowei Xu , Qunshan Yan , Yizhen Chen , Zhichang Liu , Bin Xiong , Song Gao , Xiangbing Tang , Yimin Xiong , Yi Wang , Hao Shu    DOI:    pp. 840-849 Abstract    The effects of typical acid and alkaline aroma additives on the release characteristics of aroma components from reconstituted tobacco were studied. In this study, the pyrolysis of reconstituted tobacco samples loaded with different aroma components was carried out, and the aroma components in the s...   Download PDF
  • Design of a high-sensitivity and high-Q microwave sensor based on H-fractal metasurface structure

    Senyong Hu , Yunhao Cao , Shengxiao Jin , Wengang Wu    DOI:    pp. 850-853 Abstract    This paper proposes a metasurface based on H-fractal unit structure, which exhibits three transmission resonance peaks. The simulation results show that these peaks are very sensitive to samples with different refractive indexes. The biggest frequency shift of these resonant peaks is about 2.6 GHz w...   Download PDF
  • Investigation of mechanical damage in PFSA membrane via gas permeation rate test of membrane blister

    Xiangyang Zhou , Diankai Qiu , Linfa Peng , Xinmin Lai    DOI:    pp. 854-860 Abstract    The perfluorinated sulfonic-acid (PFSA) membrane is a key component in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. The gas permeability of PFSA membrane, related to its deformation and damage, affects the performance and safety of the fuel cell. On the basis of constitutive model and solution-diffusi...   Download PDF
  • Enhancing the thermal boundary conductance of Cu/Diamond interface via diamond surface amorphization by molecular dynamics simulation

    Ziyang Wang , Lin Lin , Yanhui Feng , Fangyuan Sun    DOI:    pp. 861-870 Abstract    Based on the non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation, a Cu/amorphous diamond/crystalline diamond sandwich model was established to investigate the effects of the amorphous degree diamond surface and the thickness of the amorphous layer on the thermal boundary conductance of Cu/crystalline diam...   Download PDF
  • A Constitutive Model For Predicting The Time And Temperature-Moisture-Dependent Behavior Of Nafion Polymers

    Wenqing Liu , Diankai Qiu    DOI:    pp. 871-877 Abstract    Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is a kind of high-performance fuel cell that converts hydrogen energy to electrical energy. As the core component, the proton exchange membrane (PEM) determines the yield strength and influences the performance of the fuel cell. A newly developed constituti...   Download PDF
  • Research progress on crack propagation behavior of solid propellant

    Chengfeng Wu , Xuejin Fu , Hongyan Li    DOI:    pp. 878-885 Abstract    Crack sprouting will lead to the mechanical properties of propellant degradation, and the additional combustion surface formed by crack propagation may cause over-pressurization, resulting in uneven combustion of propellant, significantly changing the thrust characteristics of the engine, reducing t...   Download PDF
  • Research on hydrodynamic performance calculation of buoy-chain-sprocket wave energy collection device

    Pengfei Fang , Xiangdong Su , Deshuai Chen , Linsen Zhu    DOI:    pp. 898-898 Abstract    Buoy-chain-sprocket wave energy collection device is a new type of oscillating buoy wave energy collection device, which has a good application prospect. The calculation method of the hydrodynamic performance of wave energy device (e.g. the first-level average collection efficiency of wave energy) i...   Download PDF
  • Experimental research on the polished surface quality of hard anodized film of aluminum alloy

    Zeliang Wang , Jing Lu , Jinyao Mu , Hongwei Qiu    DOI:    pp. 899-909 Abstract     An experimental study was conducted for the surface polishing of the oxide film after hard anodizing of 2D70 aluminum alloy. The surface roughness and surface morphology of aluminum alloy before, after anodizing and after polishing were analyzed, and the effects of polishing force, polishing s...   Download PDF
  • Study on the weight reduction of the OSR film paste technology for satellite

    Shuang Yao , Yuping Huang , Xueting Chen , Benxing Dong , Linru Cui , Jieling Ma    DOI:    pp. 910-914 Abstract    This paper studied the weight reduction implementation of the OSR sheet bonding process for satellites. This research realized the weight reduction of the OSR sheet by changing the types of conductive fillers and the thickness of the adhesive layer. And the change of bonding performance of OSR sheet...   Download PDF
  • Thoughts on the Design of Water Supply and Drainage of Infection Building——Taking the Infection Building of Xishan District People's Hospital as an Example

    Jiangxi Yu    DOI:    pp. 915-920 Abstract    The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has swept the world, bringing a huge impact on society and the economy, and at the same time exposing some inadequacies of public health facilities. Combining some key points and solutions of the water supply and drainage design of the new infection building of the P...   Download PDF
  • Research on Customer Relationship Management Strategy of "Hearing Aid Fitting" Based on Refined Data Analysis

    Yicai Li , Gangping Zhang , Adam Smith    DOI:    pp. 921-926 Abstract    Wearing hearing aids can help hearing impaired patients enter the sound world, so as to improve their quality of life. Hearing aid fitting is highly professional and requires long-term after-sales service. This paper takes 300 impaired patients and 50 hearing aid fitters of Siemens hearing aid fitti...   Download PDF
  • Application Research on the Evaluation of College English Teaching Effect Based on Big Data Platform Architecture

    Dan Liu    DOI:    pp. 934-940 Abstract    In the development of social economy and technological innovation, enterprises in various fields have increasingly high demand for English talents. College English has put forward new requirements and technical standards for English teaching. In order to adapt to the new social environment and teach...   Download PDF
  • Research and Application of College English Education System Based on Speech Recognition Technology

    Dan Liu    DOI:    pp. 941-947 Abstract    In the reform and development of modern education, college English education, as an important discipline to cultivate talents, has many problems in practical education management, such as too much knowledge of specialized courses, too tedious homework, not enough time for independent learning and so...   Download PDF
  • Design and implementation of the teaching system of Ideological and political theory course in universities based on multimedia technology

    Yun Liang , Weixu Jun    DOI:    pp. 948-954 Abstract    Under the development trend of economic globalization, faced with the influence of economic trade and cultural exchanges among countries, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities, integrate and use multimedia technology...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application of Injury Early Warning in Football Teaching Based on Big Data

    Jing Wang    DOI:    pp. 955-960 Abstract    In the development of social and economic construction, using big data technology to predict and analyze teaching injuries can provide effective basis for education evaluation while safeguarding students' physical and mental health. Especially for football, on the basis of comprehensively implementi...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of automation technology in mechanical engineering control

    Yucai Yao    DOI:    pp. 961-967 Abstract    Automation technology, as one of the important achievements of modern science and technology research and development, plays an important role in the innovation and development of various enterprises. According to the accumulated experience in the development of mechanical engineering and automation...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of online diagnosis and repair technology of lead acid battery faults

    Tao Teng    DOI:    pp. 968-976 Abstract    Lead-acid battery, as a basic component of DC power supply equipment in power communication system, is also known as maintenance-free battery. It is believed that it does not need maintenance treatment in the initial stage of application research. However, as an electrochemical product, it has relat...   Download PDF
  • The application of English smart Classroom model under the background of big data

    Zhouhui Xu    DOI:    pp. 977-983 Abstract    As an important embodiment of the integrated development of classroom teaching and modern technology, smart classroom is one of the current research topics of education informatization. According to the accumulated experience of college English smart classroom teaching in recent years, taking Englis...   Download PDF
  • Research on English Education online Learning Platform based on Big Data of Education

    Zhouhui Xu    DOI:    pp. 984-990 Abstract    In the modern social economy and technological innovation and development, education big data technology research is the main issue of scientific research. According to the accumulated experience of education innovation in recent years, the construction and promotion of big data network information ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the comprehensive Literacy test and evaluation of English course students based on cloud education big data

    Zhouhui Xu    DOI:    pp. 991-997 Abstract    In the innovation and development of modern education, the Internet, big data, cloud computing and so on have had a profound impact on the implementation of college English education curriculum. Especially after the development trend of economic globalization, college English courses pay more attent...   Download PDF
  • Digital media 3D virtual visual interface design application e mbodiment

    Lijuan Wang    DOI:    pp. 998-1003 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, the form and content of visual communication design under the digital media technology are more and more rich, and the overall expression style presents a diversified development trend, which has an impact on the transmission of visual information in the ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of advertising communication information system based on mobile Internet

    Dongyu Yao    DOI:    pp. 1004-1009 Abstract    With the steady development of intelligent terminal equipment and wireless access network, the Internet has gradually changed from fixed to mobile, which not only creates a mobile Internet platform, but also changes the traditional single mode of information transmission. Through the use of mobile w...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on construction practice of intelligent prefabricated building based on BIM technology

    Yan Li    DOI:    pp. 1010-1016 Abstract    In the rapid development of Chinese construction industry, intelligent assembly building construction based on low cost, high efficiency and other advantages, in the practice of inquiry has been widely paid attention to. Although scholars around the world have strengthened the research on the theory...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of BIM technology integration method in the design and construction of intelligent building

    Yan Li    DOI:    pp. 1017-1023 Abstract    In the development of modern social construction, in order to guide the development of prefabricated buildings towards intelligence and intelligence, scientific research scholars put forward the integrated application method of BIM technology based on the basic concept of smart construction. In the ...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on the Thermal Shock Cracking of Cement Mortar

    Tingting Wu    DOI:    pp. 1024-1030 Abstract    This paper explores the influence of heat shock on the cracking mode of cement mortar after experiencing different high temperatures (300℃, 400℃, 500℃, 600℃). Through the test, the paper reveals the crack law of cement mortar due to heat shock after experiencing different high temperatures, and the ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the design of animation design System based on visual communication

    Shuang Wang , Jing Sui , Xiaoshi Li    DOI:    pp. 1031-1037 Abstract    In order to scientifically solve the problems existing in the application of traditional advertising animation design, researchers put forward to optimize the advertising animation design system with visual communication as the core in their research, which can not only solve the problems existing i...   Download PDF
  • Research on the construction of university English Education ecosystem in the Environment of big data

    Tingting Yin    DOI:    pp. 1038-1044 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, the environment of big data technology has gradually changed the traditional economic development model and created a new way of learning, which makes practical education more in line with the needs of college English education innovation and development ...   Download PDF
  • Application in college practice teaching based on decision tree algorithm

    Qun Liang    DOI:    pp. 1045-1051 Abstract    When Chinese colleges and universities use information technology to improve management level, the internal system will set a variety of databases, such as employment information, educational administration information and so on. Although the system accumulates a large amount of data and information...   Download PDF
  • Forecast and Analysis of Renewable Energy Technology Development Trend Based on Knowledge Graph and Patent Data

    Zhaoxin Shen    DOI:    pp. 1052-1058 Abstract    The development and utilization of renewable energy is an important part of national strategy. In this study, Cite Space was used to analyze the Knowledge Graph of relevant research literature and define the research hotspots and the key technologies in the field of renewable energy. Then, the domes...   Download PDF
  • The performance difference of interdisciplinary teams in the field specific and general innovation tasks

    Wu Song , Xiaohan Zhou , Zuhua Jiang , Yan Li , Fuhua Wang , Junxian Chen , Xiong Zhou , Yunjia Lin    DOI:    pp. 1059-1065 Abstract    Collaborative innovation in interdisciplinary teams is a collaborative approach to accomplish cooperative tasks and achieve innovative goals through a multidisciplinary intersection in the form of member combinations. The purpose of this study was to reveal the neural mechanisms underlying the impac...   Download PDF