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  • 2023 International Conference on Big Data, Environmental Industry and Materials Science(ICBDEIMS 2023)

    Editors: Lynn Xu | Mar.30.2023 | Chengdu, China ISBN: Online Time: The 2023 Big Data International Conference on Environmental Industry and Materials Science is scheduled to be held in Chengdu, China. This meeting aims to be engaged in the "big data", "environmental industry and material science" and other related fields of experts and scholars, engineering and technical personnel, research and development personnel to provide a Shared scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technology, understand the academic development trend, broaden the research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, promote the industrialization of academic achievements cooperation platform. The conference sincerely invites experts, scholars from universities, research institutions, enterprises and other relevant personnel to attend the exchange.

Conference Lists

  • Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Steel Cutting Blanking Problem

    Yubo Zhang , Jiaxin Guo , Zihan Huang    DOI:    pp. 1-11 Abstract    The utilization rate of materials largely determines the efficiency of the factory. In this paper, the material is assumed. Based on the inherent material, three different types of order requirements are modeled to explore the optimal material cutting method. In the process of model construction, we...   Download PDF
  • Edge-side task scheduling: Auction mechanism and genetic algorithm based methods

    Peng Ren , Ruiyou Zhang , Zhiyou Li    DOI:    pp. 12-18 Abstract    Edge computing is an emerging computing architecture. The scheduling and optimization of the tasks on the edge side of the smart factory can effectively reduce the processing delay and improve the utilization efficiency of servers. This study focuses on the problem of edge-side task scheduling ...   Download PDF
  • Development and Application of New Fracturing Fluid System for Shale Oil Reservoir Displacement

    Dongdong Ji , Jiahui Yang , Hongzhong Zhang , Yu Ma    DOI:    pp. 19-25 Abstract    Shale reservoir has tight reservoir, ultra-low permeability and poor development of natural fractures, which need to be completed by fracturing reconstruction. There are some problems in conventional fracturing fluid construction, such as serious reservoir damage, poor salt resistance, inability to ...   Download PDF
  • How does green marketing on social media affect consumers' green purchase intention? Based on the perspective of greenwash and green brand image

    Fanqing Liu , Qing Tang    DOI:    pp. 26-35 Abstract    As the demand for green consumption increases, brands carry out green marketing activities through social media more and more frequently, which will lead to two distinct effects -- the green brand image and greenwash perceived by consumers. We believe that greenwash, as a negative effect caused by t...   Download PDF
  • Field test study on soil squeezing effect of H-type prestressed concrete revetment pile

    Hailong Wang , Meng Zhou , Yiduo Wang    DOI:    pp. 36-42 Abstract    The pretensioned H-type prestressed concrete revetment pile is a new product specially developed for the protection of coastal dykes in rivers and lakes. Its cross section is H-shaped, and the H-type revetment pile is also a soil squeezing pile. The excess pore pressure and soil displacement caused ...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on engineering mechanical properties of loess-like backfill under various conditions

    Xudong Wang , Manman Qiu , Xiaohui Li    DOI:    pp. 43-49 Abstract    Aiming at the loess-like backfill soil in the Lanzhou area, the samples with different compaction coefficients and different moisture content were prepared in the laboratory and tested by a double-line method. In the analysis of compression deformation, the pore ratio change rate is i...   Download PDF
  • Application of New Materials in Aerospace Thermal Management

    Pan Lu , Tao Yang , Teng Gao , Chenhui Xia , Feng Yu    DOI:    pp. 50-61 Abstract    This paper summarizes the mission, scheme and main technology of spacecraft thermal management. The development requirements of new thermal control technologies, especially new thermal control materials, for future spacecraft are analysed. The research progress of new high thermal conductivity mater...   Download PDF
  • Investigating the Late Pleistocene to Present-Day Deposition Processes of Paleofloods in the Yellow River-Huangshui River Valley through End-Member Modeling

    Zhaokang Zhang , Yongjuan Sun , Manping Sun , Yongxin Zeng , Chongyi E    DOI:    pp. 62-69 Abstract    Detailed field investigations in the Yellow River-Huangshui River Valley(YHV) uncover stratigraphic sections of soil sediments intercalated with multiple layers of slack water deposit(SWD). In-depth analysis of palaeoflood sediment sections in the YHV: Combination of detailed observational measureme...   Download PDF
  • Research on Carbon Emission Accounting of Water Transportation

    Yonghua Xue , Chunyi Zhang , Liang Jing , Jinzhao Li , Xiaomeng Liu , Chang Song    DOI:    pp. 70-76 Abstract    The issues of "carbon peak" in 2030 and "carbon neutral" in 2060 have become hot issues in China and have attracted the great attention of the whole society. As an important part of economic development, transportation has become the "hardest hit" by carbon emissions. In response to this phenomenon,...   Download PDF
  • Low-Carbon Road Reconstruction Design —— Empirical Research Based on Road Cost Management Software

    Ke Wang    DOI:    pp. 77-81 Abstract    Driven By the Low Carbon Policy, low-carbon road infrastructure construction is greatly concerned. The lack of standardized quantification of energy consumption and carbon emissions limits the universality of Low Carbon road construction practice. Based on the national road cost management software ...   Download PDF
  • Jet Forming Characteristics of Shaped Charge with Reactive Material Composite Liner

    Tinghao Chen , Huanguo Guo , Yuanfeng Zheng , Suo He    DOI:    pp. 82-87 Abstract    The influence of metal liner material, the ratio of inner and outer liner diameter, and the cone angle of composite liner on the forming characteristics of the reactive composite jet were studied by using the finite element software AUTODYN. The numerical simulations show that with the increase of t...   Download PDF
  • Study on formation characteristics of the shaped charge with an untypical reactive material composite liner

    Hongda Li , Peipei Li , Hui Duan , Zhili Zhang    DOI:    pp. 88-92 Abstract    The shaped charge with reactive material composite liner could not only has good penetration capability, but also has a strong internal explosion damage effect. The influence of the ratio of reactive material liner thickness, the ratio of reactive material liner height and the cone angle of composit...   Download PDF
  • Study on emergency treatment of minor oil leakage of closed circulation cooling water system

    Jingdong Zhu , Weiping Jiang , Ge Guo , Jiangtao Bai , Zhiqiang Yan , Ying Chen , Yun Ma    DOI:    pp. 93-99 Abstract    With the increasing shortage of water resources and the requirements of environmental protection, the closed circulation cooling water system will inevitably usher in a larger application space. However, when the leakage of the system, especially minor oil leakage, occurs, which is common and inevit...   Download PDF
  • Environmental Risk Analysis of Leachable Substances from Vitreous Residue of Solid Wastes Treated by High Temperature Melting

    Xiuteng Wang , Guoliang Liu , Ling Lin , Dongfeng Gao , Jing Liu , Fei Fang , Xiaodong Huo    DOI:    pp. 100-104 Abstract    High temperature melting is a harmless treatment technology for solid wastes, which is applicable to hazardous wastes containing heavy metals and other harmful substances, obtaining amorphous glassy substances. Vitreous residue usually has high stability and low leaching toxicity. This paper simulat...   Download PDF
  • Study on the remediation of hexavalent chromium groundwater by zero-valent iron

    Haowei Yuan , Chaoyu Zhang , Zhihui Qu , Boyu Song , Jinyu Lai , Qiang Shan , Chao Li , Biao Yu , Shendong Zhang , Jiayu Xiao    DOI:    pp. 105-109 Abstract    This study investigates the potential problems of zero-valent iron remediation of hexavalent chromium contamination by varying the type and dosage of zero-valent iron, finding a suitable zero-valent iron reaction material for application in actual remediation sites, and determining the dosage of zer...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of slope management in Shangping

    Yi Cao , Huaihai Li , Zhongshuai Liu , Chunyu Long    DOI:    pp. 110-118 Abstract    To ensure the stability of the slope in Shangping, 5 monitoring sections and 17 monitoring points were set up on site. The most dangerous sliding profile of the slope was determined through data analysis; the stability coefficient of the slope was 1.03 by numerical calculation, which did not meet th...   Download PDF
  • On-site Insulation Tests for MV cable using Very Low Frequency and Damped AC Techniques

    Zhe Hou , Yu Shang , Yang Xu , Maochun Du , Zeli Ju , Sen Teng , Haoyue Yunxia , Weisheng He    DOI:    pp. 119-125 Abstract    MV cables are vital components in urban power networks. Several insulation test techniques are proposed for guaranteeing the operation of MV cables. In this paper, two kinds of off-line testing techniques are introduced, namely Tanδ measurement using VLF and PD detection using DAC. Firstly, the oper...   Download PDF
  • Logistics Case study---DELL Company

    Xin Huang    DOI:    pp. 126-131 Abstract    this article examines the operations of DELL, a technology business that produces and sells PCs, servers, data storage devices, and networking equipment, are examined in this article. The article examines the significance of capacity management and inventory management, two critical components of a ...   Download PDF
  • New Progress in the Study of Quark Mass Unlock the Secrets of Strong Force

    Yun Liu , Zhe Liu , Ziyi Liu    DOI:    pp. 132-139 Abstract    The unification of the four forces is the ultimate goal of physics. At present, humans have not really unified the power and the strong force, and the source of the strong force remains a mystery. In 2018, Liu Yun proposed a new formula to accurately calculate the static mass of particles. Later, Li...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Use of Industry 4.0 technology for the Textile Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Process

    Qingqing Yang , Augustine Bolaji Samson , Umar Muhammad Gummi , Ding Chen    DOI:    pp. 140-147 Abstract    This paper studies a sustainable closed-loop supply chain progress for the textile industry based on the Industry 4.0 technologies to facilitate data-driven decision-making and ensure sustainability, which is premised on the ability of the IoTs to capture real-time information from the different sta...   Download PDF
  • The Influence of Prince on Sleeping Time: An Empirical Study Based on Propensity Score Matching

    Xiao Zheng , Yinghong Ma    DOI:    pp. 148-153 Abstract    With the rapid development of science and technology, it is of great significance to study the influence of prince on sleeping time to explore the knowledge value of sleeping beauty. In this work, we use the data of American Physical Society  to identify sleeping beauties according to B-index, ...   Download PDF
  • A Method for In-Situ Permeability Testing of Loose Porous Media Based on Vacuum Extraction

    Huakang Li , Hongbo Liao , Qilin Yang , Kun Liu , Dan Huang    DOI:    pp. 154-159 Abstract    The permeability of loosely porous media is difficult to test. A vacuum extraction based in-situ permeability test for loose porous media has been proposed. The calculation follows from the typical Darcy's law. A mathematical computational model of in situ permeability testing based on pressure deca...   Download PDF
  • How to Use a Curve to Represent the Development Path of the Three Industrial Structure Optimization —— A Case Study of 16 Cities in Yunnan Province

    Hanyuan Zhang , Wuwei Zhang    DOI:    pp. 160-170 Abstract    Research objective: To use a curve to represent the optimal development path of the tertiary industrial structure. Research methods: Based on the triangular midline, the change path of the three industrial structure was studied, and the development path was optimized clockwise and counterclockwise. ...   Download PDF
  • Effects of Different Artificial Light Sources on Mechanical Properties of Closed Stereoscopic Rice Seedlings

    Lijun Zhao , Lian Gong , Cheng Lv , Qiang Li , Bin Li , Mingjin Yang , Yonghong Fan , Shang Li    DOI:    pp. 171-176 Abstract     The effects of fluorescent lamp (TFL), LED fluorescent lamp (W), LED red light (R), LED blue light (B) and three different combinations of LED red light and LED blue light (R:B 3:1, R:B 5:1, R:B 7:1) on the mechanical properties of rice seedlings were studied. The results showed that ...   Download PDF
  • Two-dimensional Orthogonal Cutting Simulation of Aluminum Alloy Aerospace Structural Parts Based on ABAQUS

    Tao Pan , Guobo Zhao , Fan Chen    DOI:    pp. 177-183 Abstract    In this paper, the two-dimensional orthogonal cutting of aluminum alloy aerospace structural part is simulated in ABAQUS. It was found that the effect of chamfering is related to the pressing depth under recommended grinding speed and feed in the pre-conducted grinding test. The optimal cutting...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Influence of Earthquakes with Different Frequency Content on the Peak Liquid Sloshing Wave Height of Liquid Storage Tank

    Jiaqi Ren , Mohammadreza Vafaei    DOI:    pp. 184-188 Abstract    Liquid storage tank is an irreplaceable and extremely important vessel structure used to store liquid medium. In earthquake disaster, the liquid storage tank will not only be seriously damaged directly, but also cause serious secondary disasters, such as fire, explosion, poisoning, nuclear radiation...   Download PDF
  • Research and Application of Qt Graphic View Framework

    Junfeng Zhu    DOI:    pp. 189-193 Abstract    Qt is a cross platform C++GUI application development framework. It can develop both GUI programs and non GUI programs. Qt is an object-oriented framework that is easy to extend and allows true component programming. Qt provides the Graphics View Framework to realize more advanced graphic applicatio...   Download PDF
  • Emissivity Influence on Thermocouple Correction

    Mengyin Cai , Qinghuang Huang , Lingling Yue , Peiyong Wang    DOI:    pp. 194-201 Abstract    The reading of a thermocouple is not equal to the gas temperature because of the complicated heat transfer process among the thermocouple, the gas, and the environment. So the corrections for thermocouple measurements are necessary to obtain the real gas temperature. The current correction methods u...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the new transportation and inspection mode of overhead transmission lines based on visual management

    Lin Wang , Xiang Kong , Xiang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 202-208 Abstract    In the process of urban construction and development, there are more and more construction projects such as building houses and planting trees, digging ditches, building Bridges and paving roads. The number of large-scale mechanical operations around the transmission lines continues to rise, which n...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent mechanization cloud service data platform application

    Xiuli Liu    DOI:    pp. 209-216 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, our intelligent mechanization technology level is getting higher and higher. Especially in agricultural fields, our country agricultural big data is mainly reflected in market management, economic production, environmental resources and so on, related agr...   Download PDF
  • Performance study of automatic detection of pulmonary nodules based on convolutional neural network

    Youli Ren , Mian Huang , Shunyou Liu    DOI:    pp. 217-222 Abstract    In the medical field, the continuous monitoring of the probability of lung cancer incidence can be known that the actual growth rate is becoming faster and faster, and the complications become more and more serious. According to the research and analysis of experts in various fields, it is found tha...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Influencing Factors of Agricultural Exhibition Development Based on Regression Analysis

    Xiuli Liu    DOI:    pp. 223-229 Abstract    The exhibition industry plays a strong role in promoting economic development. Agricultural exhibitions have the functions of promoting the production and marketing of agricultural products, displaying agricultural products, cultivating brands, and insight into agricultural development trend. Agricu...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of spatial and temporal stress of waste concrete circular rock

    Zhengbing Xia    DOI:    pp. 230-237 Abstract    Different proportions of waste concrete are mixed into the surrounding rock with crushing agent, and the boundary moisture content, the linear shrinkage rate, the expansion force test, the compaction test, the unlimited compressive strength and the CBR test were verified under different curing times...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Melt Holding Time on the As-cast Microstructure and Hardness of Aluminum Alloy 2618

    Shanshan Chen , Zhizhang Chai , Zicheng Huang    DOI:    pp. 238-245 Abstract    The effects of the melt holding time on the type, quantity and morphological distribution of aluminum alloy 2618 were investigated by means of OM, XRD and SEM. And the influence of the melt holding time on the hardness of alloy was explored. The results show that t...   Download PDF
  • Player score prediction based on multiple linear regression model

    Siyuan Wang , Jinming Chen , Haolong Chen    DOI:    pp. 246-252 Abstract    The recent World Cup in Qatar has just come to an end and the performance of a player is key to winning the tournament, so predicting a player's score during the season based on various metrics and performance largely determines whether or not he or she will play. Our main work is to establish how f...   Download PDF
  • Lightweight Human Pose Estimation Based on Self-Attention Mechanism

    Youtao Luo , Xiaoming Gao    DOI:    pp. 253-259 Abstract    To tackle the issues of numerous parameters, high computational complexity, and extended detection time prevalent in current human pose estimation network models, we have incorporated an hourglass structure to create a lightweight single-path network model, which has fewer parameters and a shorter c...   Download PDF
  • Facial Photo-Guided Head Anatomy Modeling Based on Deep Learning and 2D/3D Shape Prior Model Registration

    Meng Wang , Hongkai Wang    DOI:    pp. 260-268 Abstract    Three-dimensional (3D) models of individualized head anatomy are often used in the preoperative planning of plastic surgery. Most current methods use Computed Tomography (CT) to acquire the head anatomy, but CT scan exposes the patients to X-ray radiation. Alternatively, artificial intelligence-base...   Download PDF
  • 4DFA: Four-Dimensional Full-Anatomy Reconstruction of Individualized Digital Human Models Based on Motion Videos

    Rui Zhao , Jiachen Mi , Yanxin Jiang , Zhefu Chen , Hongkai Wang    DOI:    pp. 269-278 Abstract    Reconstructing personalized models of the human body is a key step for digital twin modeling of sports motion. There have been many studies reconstructing the body surface models based on video sequences, but these algorithms lack the modeling of internal structures (bones, muscles, blood vessels, e...   Download PDF
  • Automatic Detection of Basal Units beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet in Radargram Based on Deep Learning

    Na Wang , Wen Xu , Shinan Lang , Xiangbin Cui    DOI:    pp. 279-288 Abstract    Sea level rise, caused by accelerated melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica in recent decades, has become a major concern in scientific, environmental, and political arenas. A comprehensive study of subglacial conditions and processes is particularly important for reliable analysis about t...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on plasma enhanced electrochemical mechanical polishing of SiC single crystal

    Ruiyuan Zhang , Zhen Jia , Gaoling Ma , Shujuan Li    DOI:    pp. 289-294 Abstract    SiC single crystal is a good semiconductor material with high breakdown electric field strength, high thermal conductivity, high carrier saturation drift speed and low relative dielectric. However, SiC has high hardness and brittleness, high chemical stability, so the polishing efficiency of existin...   Download PDF
  • A Survey of Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Application Testing Framework in the Energy Industry

    Jingjian Chao , Huixia Ding , Shuai Fang , Ting Rui , Lining Zhang , Honglin Xue    DOI:    pp. 295-301 Abstract    Blockchain is the fundamental component of smart contract applications. Testing technology plays a special and irreplaceable role in the development of smart contract applications in blockchain-based applications, especially in distributed renewable energy transaction scenarios in the ener...   Download PDF
  • Research on Mass Concrete Additives in Tropical Coastal Areas

    Jianlong Jing , Ronghu Yu , Xing Li , Zhidong Xu , Lei Cao    DOI:    pp. 302-305 Abstract    The tropical coastal region of Malaysia has a hot climate, high average annual temperature, and varying quality of local raw materials, making it challenging and difficult to carry out large volume concrete projects in this region. In this paper, we developed a special admixture for bulk concrete in...   Download PDF
  • A review of research on greening of packaging based on life cycle analysis

    Dongmei Wang , Huixia Li    DOI:    pp. 306-311 Abstract    This paper examines and retrieves the whole process of packaging products from "cradle to grave" with the whole life cycle thinking, focusing on the stages that are more related to the packaging products themselves, including packaging design stage, packaging manufacturing stage, packaging use stage...   Download PDF
  • The bedrock river profile fitting and the indicative significance: a case study in Gyirong watershed of the Middle Himalaya

    Lu Chen , Qinghong Ran    DOI:    pp. 312-320 Abstract    Area-slope (AS) Model focuses on quantitative study of bedrock river which has been widely used in the longitudinal profile simulation of bedrock and alluvial rivers, but many applications have failed to carefully consider the mechanism, fitting effect and applicability, resultin...   Download PDF
  • Phase Field Simulation of the effect of Aging Precipitates on Grain Growth in Aluminum Alloys

    Xin Song    DOI:    pp. 321-328 Abstract    Aluminum alloy skin for automobile is the focus of development, application and research of aluminum alloy for automobile. At present, the problems such as aging stability, formability, concavity resistance and bake hardening of anti-baking paint need to be solved urgently. The aging precipitates of...   Download PDF
  • In situ observation of deformation and failure behavior in the burn-through instability zone of in-service welding

    Hongjie Zhang , Tao Han , Yong Wang    DOI:    pp. 329-333 Abstract    Based on the in-situ high-temperature SEM and laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM), the high-temperature plastic deformation and failure behavior of X65 pipeline steel at 1000℃ and 1200℃ were studied in this paper, and the strain evolution behavior in this process was analyzed by DIC techn...   Download PDF
  • The Research of Short-term Electric Load Forecasting based on Machine Learning Algorithm

    Yaoying Wang , Shudong Sun , Zhiqiang Cai    DOI:    pp. 334-344 Abstract    The ability of electric load forecasting become the key to measuring electric planning and dispatching, and improving the accuracy of electric load forecasting has become one hot spot topic of scholars in recent years. The traditional electric load forecasting algorithm mainly include statistical le...   Download PDF
  • Research on Food Security System Based on Internet of Things Technology under the Background of Big Data

    Yanchun Ruan , Hanxuan Chen    DOI:    pp. 345-350 Abstract    Food security is the main topic of social and economic construction in the new era, which directly affects the physical and mental health of urban residents. As the production, processing, sales and other links of food enterprises are the basic components of safety management, each link may cause fo...   Download PDF
  • Screening and effect analysis of specific small molecule inhibitors of programmed death moleculesin plant

    Yutao Xu    DOI:    pp. 351-355 Abstract    objective to conduct a screen for small molecule inhibitors that can inhibit programmed death of plant molecules and test their inhibitory effects. Methods small molecule drugs with inhibitory or alleviating effects on programmed death of plant cells were selected by screening a large number of lite...   Download PDF
  • Construction and application Research of Food safety Standard System Evaluation Model based on Big Data

    Yanchun Ruan , Hanxuan Chen , Lifu Chen , Xudong Peng , Hongyan Liu    DOI:    pp. 356-362 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, our comprehensive strength has been improved, which not only promoted our social economic development and production and living standards, but also accelerated the pace of food processing industry innovation. After entering the era of big data, in order t...   Download PDF
  • Design of easy disassembly abutment system based on elastic connection

    Zhaodan Gu    DOI:    pp. 363-370 Abstract    The abutment system is a necessity for oral implant repair, traditional abutment systems are mostly of an integrated structure, after oral implant repair, it is difficult to disassemble whether there is implant failure or infection, or daily cleaning and maintenance. Based on the analysis of the pro...   Download PDF
  • Equivalent value of non-uniform temperature field for thermocouple measurement

    Lingling Yue , Qinghuang Huang , Luqiang Li , Peiyong Wang    DOI:    pp. 371-379 Abstract    The incoming flow is assumed to have a uniform temperature profile when the energy balance of a thermocouple bead is analyzed for the purpose of measurement corrections, which is hardly true in real applications. The incoming temperature is normally non-uniform and the temperature of the flow closer...   Download PDF
  • Self-organizing Coalition Formation based on Non-cooperative Games in Social Networks

    Ruixian Jin , Jun Su    DOI:    pp. 380-386 Abstract    In multi-agent systems, the individual agent must form coalitions to accomplish complex tasks. However, the centralized management model is not flexible in a dynamic environment. To overcome the restriction caused by central control, the paper presents a self-organizing dynamic coalition m...   Download PDF
  • Research On High Precision Fiber Optic Platform System Temperature Compensation Technology

    Lei Wang , Wen Zhang , Tingjun Wang , Aiqi Liang , Tao Tao    DOI:    pp. 387-395 Abstract    In a high-precision fiber optic platform system, temperature changes will have a significant impact on the start-up speed and actual application accuracy. In order to effectively improve the navigation accuracy of the system, the article analyzes the temperature characteristics of the system-le...   Download PDF
  • Gray and White Matters Segmentation in Brain CT Images using Multi-Task Learning from Paired CT and MR Images

    Taohai Han , Hongkai Wang    DOI:    pp. 396-403 Abstract    Computer tomography (CT) has been routinely used for decades in clinical neuroimaging.  Compared to Magnetic resonance imaging (MR), CT is more readily available and more cost-effective, but the soft tissue contrast is much lower. In brain CT images, the unclear soft-tissue boundaries and the h...   Download PDF
  • Monitoring and Numerical Simulation of Differential Settlement of Widened Roads

    Qihua Shen , Jianhan Hu , Xiaochun Zhang    DOI:    pp. 404-410 Abstract    As the modulus difference exists, road widening is often susceptible to longitudinal cracks at the intersection of the old and new roads, affecting the life of the road and the safety of traffic. For monitoring the differential settlement of the widened road and the creep process of the lower soft s...   Download PDF
  • Comparison of functions between CYP24A1and Vitamin D3 through Microarray and pathway analysis

    Juan Peng    DOI:    pp. 411-419 Abstract    CYP24A1 is a rate-limiting enzyme in the metabolic process of vitamin D, which hydroxylate 25 (OH) D3,1,25(OH)2D3 into 24,25(OH)2D3 and 1α,24,25(OH) 3D3 respectively. After microarray analysis of gene set GSE12449, we found CYP24A1 participate in three important pathways, Focal adhesion, ECM-recepto...   Download PDF
  • A Brief Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

    Xuanzhe Song    DOI:    pp. 420-425 Abstract    EDA is a process of tidying, processing and analyzing acquired data sets. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines scientific methods, systems, and processes from statistics, information science, and computer science to provide insight into phenomena through structured or unstructure...   Download PDF
  • A honey bee requirements design study based on multi-objective optimization

    Wuxun Li , Yile Sun , Tongtong Liu , Yiwen Sun    DOI:    pp. 426-435 Abstract    The honeybee is a major pollinating insect and plays a vital role in the ecological chain. Therefore, the correct prediction of honeybee population size and optimal beehive configuration is beneficial for developing long-term or phased management plans for bee colonies to obtain high yields of bee p...   Download PDF
  • Study of predicting honey bee demand based on differential Gaussian model and sensitivity analysis

    Wangyi Lu , Yu-Han Huang , Qianweiwei Lin , Haozhong Jiang    DOI:    pp. 436-443 Abstract    In recent years, researchers have begun to use CCD to describe this phenomenon of rapidly disappearing bee populations. In this problem, our group will task to integrate and summarize the possible effects of honeybee population changes on farms by modeling changes in the number of bees in an individ...   Download PDF
  • Design of Engineering Cost Prediction Algorithm Based on Neural Network Model

    Yuanduo Sun    DOI:    pp. 444-450 Abstract    There are major problems in the current project cost management, which is bound to cause huge economic losses to the construction party, the construction party and even the financial institutions. It can be seen that how to reasonably determine the estimate of the early stage of the project to make ...   Download PDF
  • Design and research of shrimp automatic processing equipment

    Zhou Guo , Congrong Zhu , Xiaoxiao Liu , Junjie Xu    DOI:    pp. 451-455 Abstract     In view of the lack of shrimp deep processing equipment in my country's aquatic product processing industry, this paper takes Penaeus vannamei (hereinafter referred to as shrimp) as the research object. and other key technologies to carry out research, design and develop a new type of shrimp p...   Download PDF
  • Panoramic analysis of prefabricated building

    Xiaojuan Shi    DOI:    pp. 456-461 Abstract    Since the 21st century, China's economy has been developing rapidly. China puts forward that by 2050, a socialist modernization country will be built in an all-round way. Under this background, the development of the construction industry has become a top priority. With the improvement of industrial...   Download PDF
  • Cause Analysis of Extreme High Temperature Weather in Nanjing in 2022 and Its Impact on Crab Breeding in the Gucheng Lake Waters

    Xicheng Zhao    DOI:    pp. 462-469 Abstract    In 2022, extreme high temperature weather occurred in Nanjing, which had a great adverse impact on aquaculture such as crabs in the waters of Gucheng Lake in Nanjing. This study analyzes the temperature situation in Nanjing in August 2022 through field survey and literature research, and compares it...   Download PDF
  • Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Concentration

    Zhuoming Liang , Linlin Huang , Siyuan Tu , Keqin Wang    DOI:    pp. 470-479 Abstract     At present, global warming is one of the most important environmental problems that people pay attention to. We generally believe that the main factor causing the problem of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases. Among them, the most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2...   Download PDF
  • Simulation Analysis of Small Intestinal Peristalsis Based on Finite Element

    Chaoyi Liu , Junfei Ma    DOI:    pp. 480-485 Abstract     Based on COMSOL Multiphysics, a two-dimensional model of the duodenum of the small intestine was established and simulated to obtain the flow rate of the duodenum under different chyme viscosity and different boundary loads. The results show that: when other conditions remain the same, the out...   Download PDF
  • Dynamics simulation of AVL CRUISE pure electric vehicle and analysis of influencing factors of urban cycle conditions

    Lingyan Tian    DOI:    pp. 486-493 Abstract    Nowadays, the world is in a critical period of energy utilization transformation, and the development of the automobile industry is greatly influenced by energy. New energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles are the new direction of the development of the automobile industry in the future. Th...   Download PDF
  • Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Sea-land Temperature Changes——Based on Mathematical Model Prediction

    Zixin Zhou , Peiru Tian , Yaofu Zhang , Dongsheng Shi    DOI:    pp. 494-502 Abstract    With a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from factories, there will be global warming, and the rising sea level and melting glaciers at the poles will pose a threat to the environment on which human beings depend. We build a function to fit the past development pattern and future development ...   Download PDF
  • A review on magnetorheological elastomers

    Yanxi Liu    DOI:    pp. 503-514 Abstract    Magnetorheological Elastomers (MREs) are a type of magnetorheological (MR) material, which is a combination of magnetic particles and a soft elastic matrix. As a new class of intelligent material, MREs possess controllability, reversibility, rapid response as well as stability under magnetic fields....   Download PDF
  • Inter-molecular interactions between water and ethanol

    Sijia Ma    DOI:    pp. 515-518 Abstract    The structure and properties of alcohol-water mixtures are of great significance in the study of mass transfer theory and industrial applications. When dissolving in water, alcohols form hydrogen bonds with water, further complicating the properties of the binary mixture. The properties of the mixtu...   Download PDF
  • The Research of Integrated Circuit Design Technology

    Jierui Song    DOI:    pp. 519-526 Abstract    This article discusses the fundamentals of analogue integrated circuit design and construction, as well as the operation and some basic models of MOS transistors. It also provides a thorough introduction to the CMOS, PMOS, and NMOS structures, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. Additiona...   Download PDF
  • Dark Matter Final Project Research Paper

    ShuaiShuai Guo    DOI:    pp. 527-529 Abstract    The identity of dark matter and dark energy which makes up 85-90% of the total mass in the universe, is one of the biggest unresolved issues in particle physics according to BBC Science Focus Magazine. So what do dark matter and dark energy do? They play an important role in galaxy formation and the...   Download PDF
  • Dynamic Study on Tumor Killing Activity of CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T Lymphocytes

    Jiarui Guo    DOI:    pp. 530-541 Abstract    Malignant tumor is a major factor in global disease burden. In recent years, its incidence is still increasing year by year. Because of its complex etiology and the frequent recurrence and metastasis after general surgery, it brings great challenges to global public health. The emergence of new tech...   Download PDF
  • 3D registration process of ICP using linear constraint

    Zihuan Ding    DOI:    pp. 542-548 Abstract    This paper implements an ICP registration algorithm that aligns mul- tiple 3D scans into a common coordinate system. To better visualize the result, we calculate the vertex valence using a triangle mesh and visualize the 3D object in color based on the vertex valence. The initial job of im- plementi...   Download PDF
  • Research on Influencing Factors and Internal Mechanism of International Entrepreneurship Based on Complex Network Algorithm

    Jin Wu , Yi Lin    DOI:    pp. 549-555 Abstract    Entrepreneurs' social capital consists of relational dimension social capital, cognitive dimension social capital and structural dimension social capital. Relationship dimension social capital and cognitive dimension social capital have positive promotion effect on entrepreneurial survival performan...   Download PDF
  • Design and Research of Enterprise Management System Based on Online Service Risk Management

    Yi Lin , Jin Wu    DOI:    pp. 556-561 Abstract    Risk management information system must be able to effectively identify, analyze and transmit relevant risk information, so that enterprise management can make relevant decisions and effectively manage risks. An effective risk management information system should also promote the effective communica...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Overall Development Mode of Cultural Tourism Based on Big Data Analysis Management System

    Zhuocuo Kan , Hui Xu    DOI:    pp. 562-568 Abstract     Cultural tourism is a hot spot of tourism in recent years, and tourism without culture has no vitality. Big data is the core content in the construction of "smart tourism", and the richness of data plays a vital role in the development of smart tourism. The construction of big data information...   Download PDF
  • Research on Spatial Form of Cultural Tourism Based on Big Data Resources Construction

    Zhuocuo Kan , Hui Xu    DOI:    pp. 569-575 Abstract    Cultural space represents the spatial dimension of the human world, which is symmetrical with time, that is, cultural space must be extended and developed vertically through time. The spatial form of cultural tourism belongs to the concept of multi-scale. Relevant studies analyze the philosophical s...   Download PDF
  • Novels and the World of Light and Shadow in the Context of Internet +

    Jiayin Lv , Jing Deng , Shanzhi Zhu    DOI:    pp. 576-581 Abstract    With the increasing maturity of Internet technology, profound changes have taken place in the traditional disciplines and related industrial chains that rely on the Internet to spread. Novel as a branch of literature, after stepping onto this platform, it not only evolved the new thing of network no...   Download PDF
  • Research on Machine Learning and Intelligent Decision Support System Based on Risk Prediction

    Haoshu Qin    DOI:    pp. 582-587 Abstract    Decision Support System (DSS) is a new technology developed in recent years. Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) is the product of the combination of management decision science, operational research, computer science and artificial intelligence. For decision-makers, it takes a long time to a...   Download PDF
  • Investigation on Students' Learning Satisfaction of Online Courses in Colleges and Universities under the Epidemic Situation of COVID-19 and Analysis of Influencing Factors

    Puyang Zheng , Guanghui Yang    DOI:    pp. 588-593 Abstract    With the development of network technology and the enrichment of learning resources, the combination of teaching and technology subverts the traditional education mode and learning mode. Under COVID-19 epidemic, it is impossible to teach face-to-face and gather on a large scale. In order to avoid th...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Influence of Brand Marketing on Brand Relationship Quality Based on Marketing Strategy Model

    Qiyang Guo , Hui Xu    DOI:    pp. 594-599 Abstract    The concept of brand relationship is put forward under the development background of relationship marketing and brand equity theory. With the development of relationship marketing theory, the marketing strategy model, which originated in the field of psychology, was introduced into the marketing fie...   Download PDF
  • The Relationship between Enterprise Equity Incentive and Earnings Management in Big Data Era

    Sixuan Wang    DOI:    pp. 600-605 Abstract    With the development of China's securities market, earnings management of listed companies has attracted more and more attention from creditors, shareholders, securities regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. Equity incentive has two sides. If it can be effectively used, it will greatly mobi...   Download PDF
  • Application of Laser Ranging in Path Planning of Mobile Medical Robot

    Mingchen Sun    DOI:    pp. 606-612 Abstract    Compared with traditional industrial robots, mobile robots with autonomous sensing, decision-making and execution functions have broad application prospects. With the continuous development of computer science and sensor technology, the research of mobile medical robot is also developing in the dire...   Download PDF
  • Abnormal Event Detection of Workshop Logistics Production Management Based on RFID Technology

    Tianxia Wang    DOI:    pp. 613-618 Abstract    RFID, as one of the most important key technologies in the next generation of advanced manufacturing system, has increasingly significant advantages in the application of data collection in the manufacturing workshop, real-time tracking of the manufacturing process and product quality backtracking, ...   Download PDF
  • Construction of Evaluation Index System for Coordinated Development of Economy, Energy and Environment of Coal Enterprises Based on Low-carbon Economy

    Chenxi Zhang , Hui Xu    DOI:    pp. 619-624 Abstract    As a special industry, the impact of coal enterprises on the earth and environment is inevitable. On the basis of conforming to China's sustainable development strategy, coal enterprises must be consistent with the development of international coal market. Energy development, energy production, tran...   Download PDF
  • Hydrogen embrittlement in Nickel-base superalloys Nickel-based superalloys in the petrochemical industry

    Hongwei Zhao    DOI:    pp. 625-629 Abstract    Due to the excellent properties of nickel-based superalloys, it is often widely used in aircraft engines, petroleum, chemical and nuclear energy. However, the use of nickel-based superalloys in petrochemical industry is usually accompanied by hydrogen embrittlement, which will lead to a decrease in ...   Download PDF
  • Kitchen knife blade made from ceramic

    Weiyu Jing    DOI:    pp. 630-635 Abstract    The kitchen knife blades currently on the market are divided into metal blades and ceramic blades, and the performance of ceramic blades is better than that of metal blades. According to the performance of the blade, Yttria-steaded zirconia ceramic material is the most suitable to be made into ceram...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Transformation of Film Creation from the Perspective of “Internet+”

    Jing Deng , Jiaying Lu , Jingjing Wei    DOI:    pp. 636-640 Abstract    With the rise of the concept of "Internet +", movies are involved in this huge whirlpool without exception and more and more films begin to be broadcast on the Internet platform. In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, Internet thinking has begun to infiltrate into the fiel...   Download PDF
  • Design of Rural Road Lighting System Based on Internet of Things and Deep Learning

    Ying Huang    DOI:    pp. 641-647 Abstract    With the promotion of China's new rural construction and beautiful countryside movements, there is a growing demand to improve the living environment of residents in rural areas and meet the requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability by implementing novel technologies. The internet of thi...   Download PDF
  • Identification Algorithm of Accident Road Section Attribute Based on OBD Data Map Matching

    Xingqiang Zhang , Huihui Li , Xue Liu    DOI:    pp. 648-653 Abstract    Traffic accident not only causes casualties, but also generates traffic congestion, resulting in severe traffic delays and other indirect economic losses. Based on the accurate identification of accident road section attribute, considering the accidental traffic impact is very important to improve t...   Download PDF