Research on Influencing Factors and Internal Mechanism of International Entrepreneurship Based on Complex Network Algorithm


  • Jin Wu
  • Yi Lin



International entrepreneurship, internal mechanism, influencing factors.


Entrepreneurs' social capital consists of relational dimension social capital, cognitive dimension social capital and structural dimension social capital. Relationship dimension social capital and cognitive dimension social capital have positive promotion effect on entrepreneurial survival performance, but have negative feedback effect on entrepreneurial success performance. From the investment stage, the investment intensity of Chinese venture capital institutions in the initial stage is obviously lower than that in other development stages, especially in the growth stage, which accounts for half of the venture capital. Although the entrepreneurial orientation and knowledge innovation ability of entrepreneurial individuals or teams are helpful to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of identifying and utilizing international entrepreneurial opportunities, it is necessary to choose an appropriate internationalization model according to the types of international entrepreneurial opportunities in order to achieve extraordinary international entrepreneurial performance. Based on the complex network algorithm, this paper analyzes the evolution of the concept of international entrepreneurship and its influencing factors, and reveals the internal mechanism of international entrepreneurship.