Research on Spatial Form of Cultural Tourism Based on Big Data Resources Construction


  • Zhuocuo Kan
  • Hui Xu



Big data; Cultural tourism; spatial form.


Cultural space represents the spatial dimension of the human world, which is symmetrical with time, that is, cultural space must be extended and developed vertically through time. The spatial form of cultural tourism belongs to the concept of multi-scale. Relevant studies analyze the philosophical significance of the spatial form of cultural tourism and define it as the exclusive attribute of intangible cultural heritage. Use big data to actively interact with cultural tourism brands, optimize brand design, promote brand awareness and promote brand image communication. Improve the quality of tourism products through the cross-language big data platform of cultural tourism, and improve the awareness and recognition of tourism enterprises "going out"; As the most important spatial form, cultural field is the real scene of production, life and service in tourist destination, which embodies the social and cultural relationship between people and tourist landscape.