Construction of Evaluation Index System for Coordinated Development of Economy, Energy and Environment of Coal Enterprises Based on Low-carbon Economy


  • Chenxi Zhang
  • Hui Xu


Coal enterprises; Low carbon economy; Energy environment.


As a special industry, the impact of coal enterprises on the earth and environment is inevitable. On the basis of conforming to China's sustainable development strategy, coal enterprises must be consistent with the development of international coal market. Energy development, energy production, transportation and conversion are limited. Especially, fossil energy is a non-renewable resource which is consumed once. There is a distance between the speed of energy development and production and people's daily life and economic development demand for energy, and this distance tends to expand. Energy and environment are the two major factors restricting the development of human society and economy, and energy is the basis of world economic development. Human beings are facing severe challenges of energy shortage, resource depletion and environmental deterioration. How to solve the increasingly urgent contradiction between energy, environment and rapid economic growth is a social development problem faced by all mankind. Based on the perspective of low-carbon economy, this paper analyzes the problems related to the coordinated development mode of energy and environment of coal enterprises.