A Survey of Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Application Testing Framework in the Energy Industry


  • Jingjian Chao
  • Huixia Ding
  • Shuai Fang
  • Ting Rui
  • Lining Zhang
  • Honglin Xue




Smart Contract, Testing, Energy, Survey.


Blockchain is the fundamental component of smart contract applications. Testing technology plays a special and irreplaceable role in the development of smart contract applications in blockchain-based applications, especially in distributed renewable energy transaction scenarios in the energy industry. In practice, the formulation of blockchain technology as a standard infrastructure is an essential means to improve the reliability of blockchain-based applications in the energy industry. However, the quality of the organization-level blockchain still encounters many challenges, such as password attacks, and double spending attacks, which attract much attention from both research and academic area. Much research has focused on quality improvement through testing to fulfill the requirement toward functional, performance, and security requirements of the industry. However, the framework to accomplish the specific testing task was not present comprehensively yet. In This paper, an investigation was given on the supervision and testing of blockchain-based applications in the energy industry after its operation online. The existing testing indicator, model, and application scenario combined with the practice in the state grid industry were illustrated, in which the process, models, and methods were shown, and also suggestions were given on promoting the blockchain-based smart contract testing evaluation in the energy industry.