Study on the Use of Industry 4.0 technology for the Textile Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Process


  • Qingqing Yang
  • Augustine Bolaji Samson
  • Umar Muhammad Gummi
  • Ding Chen



Industry 4.0 Technology; Sustainable Supply Chain Process; Block Chain; Big Data; Textile Industry.


This paper studies a sustainable closed-loop supply chain progress for the textile industry based on the Industry 4.0 technologies to facilitate data-driven decision-making and ensure sustainability, which is premised on the ability of the IoTs to capture real-time information from the different stages of the supply chain through the use of radio frequency identification tags and sensors based data. Block-chain and Big Data technologies application in the closed-loop supply chain will support tracking and enable supply chain traceability and provide secure means of recording information in the supply chain progress according to the findings in this paper. It implicates the Industry 4.0 technologies will facilitate sustainable supply chain process in the textile industry as it helps in data collection, analysis and information transmission.