Study of predicting honey bee demand based on differential Gaussian model and sensitivity analysis


  • Wangyi Lu
  • Yu-Han Huang
  • Qianweiwei Lin
  • Haozhong Jiang



honeybee, modeling. Differential Gaussian model.


In recent years, researchers have begun to use CCD to describe this phenomenon of rapidly disappearing bee populations. In this problem, our group will task to integrate and summarize the possible effects of honeybee population changes on farms by modeling changes in the number of bees in an individual hive and simultaneously studying the relationship between bee populations and farmland area.Firstly we use a differential based Gaussian function to build a general model to represent the change in the number of honey bee populations over time. Secondly, we do the sensitivity analysis of the input variables above. Thirdly, the relationship between crop and land area need to be figured out first. We finally find that 13 bee hives are needed.