Field test study on soil squeezing effect of H-type prestressed concrete revetment pile


  • Hailong Wang
  • Meng Zhou
  • Yiduo Wang



squeezing effect; H-shaped pile; pore excess water pressure; numerical simulation; soil displacement. (key words).


The pretensioned H-type prestressed concrete revetment pile is a new product specially developed for the protection of coastal dykes in rivers and lakes. Its cross section is H-shaped, and the H-type revetment pile is also a soil squeezing pile. The excess pore pressure and soil displacement caused by the soil squeezing effect of H-shaped piles are deeply analyzed. The influence range of excess pore water pressure is 14~15d, and the excess pore water pressure completely dissipates after 6d. The farther the vertical distance from the pile tip is, the less obvious the horizontal displacement is. In a row of piles. In the process, it will cause repeated uplift and settlement; However, after the erection, the law of vertical deformation is reflected in the near settlement and the far uplift.