Monitoring and Numerical Simulation of Differential Settlement of Widened Roads


  • Qihua Shen
  • Jianhan Hu
  • Xiaochun Zhang



Road widening; differential settlement; monitoring; numerical simulation.


As the modulus difference exists, road widening is often susceptible to longitudinal cracks at the intersection of the old and new roads, affecting the life of the road and the safety of traffic. For monitoring the differential settlement of the widened road and the creep process of the lower soft soil, a monitoring program is designed and a finite element model is established to figure out the changes in the settlement and earth pressure. Based on the monitoring and numerical simulation, it can be obtained that the settlement difference is comparatively small under 12m mixing pile treatment and the lower soft soil has obvious creep law, which provides a specific case for the usage state of widening road and creep law of soft soil.