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  • 2024 International Conference on Electrical Materials, Mechanical Automation and Pattern Recognition (EMMAPR 2024)

    Editors: Jasmine Zeng | Apr.27.2024 | Tianjin, China ISBN: Online Time: 2024 International Conference on Electrical Materials, Mechanical Automation and Pattern Recognition (EMMAPR 2024) will focus on the latest research field of "Electrical Materials, Mechanical Automation and Pattern Recognition", Promote the development and integration of related disciplines, Grasp the international frontier trends in this field, Exchange of the latest research results, For domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes, experts, professors, scholars, engineers, etc. to share professional experience, Expanding the professional networks, An international platform for face-to-face exchange of new ideas and presenting research results, To explore the key challenges and research directions in the development of this field, Display the latest research results of experts and scholars in key fields of mechanical and electrical technology and material equipment, Carry out high-level, three-dimensional and international academic exchanges and cooperation. Through exchanges from different disciplines and fields, we will cultivate innovative ideas, stimulate the spark of innovation, and accumulate strength to promote the development of related fields and industries, and grasp the new wave of science and technological and industrial transformation. Experts and scholars in related fields are welcome to contribute and attend the conference.

Conference Lists

  • Research on reservoir dispatching system based on digital technology

    Jianhong Guo    DOI:    pp. 1-6 Abstract    With the development of digital technology, the automation and intelligence level of reservoir dispatching systems need to be improved urgently to cope with the challenges brought by complex hydrological conditions and climate change. This study designed a complete reservoir dispatching system based...   Download PDF
  • Optimization and exploration of reservoir dispatching system based on cloud services

    Jianhong Guo    DOI:    pp. 7-12 Abstract     In response to complex water management needs and extreme climate events, this study explores optimizing reservoir dispatch systems via cloud services, utilizing Huawei's cloud platform. High-precision sensors and edge computing facilitate intelligent dispatch decisions. Simulation experiments...   Download PDF
  • A new method of Arps decline research - nonlinear fitting

    Jinyou Dai , Yang Zhang , Shijia Zhao    DOI:    pp. 13-18 Abstract    Arps decline is widely used in the research and prediction of production decline law. At present, linear graphical is the conventional method of Arps decline research, which first determines the decline type and then determines the decline index. The judgment of decline type is subjective, and the d...   Download PDF
  • Advances in Research on the Analysis and Detection of Chemical Components in Heated Tobacco Aerosols

    Jieyun Cai , Jianlong Gu , Jie Long , Chunqiong Wang , Yuchen Liu , Yanbo Luo    DOI:    pp. 19-24 Abstract    Compared with traditional cigarettes, heated cigarettes have higher advantages in tar reduction, harm reduction, environmental impact and safety. This article provides an overview of the structure of heated tobacco products and the main chemical components in their aerosols. It also elaborates on me...   Download PDF
  • Preliminary Exploration of Digital Acoustic Model Optimization in Radio and Television Media Building

    Peng Cheng , Kang Sun , Fei Chen , Jian Guo , Yuan Zou    DOI:    pp. 25-30 Abstract    The article mainly explores the issues of digital model optimization in acoustical simulation for radio and television media buildings. Firstly, the importance of acoustical design in radio and television media buildings is introduced. Then, an analysis is conducted on the computational principles, ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Development Pathway of New Energy Supply and Consumption System in China

    Junshu Feng , Fuqiang Zhang , Xu Tian , Liantao Liu , Fei Liu , Fei Peng    DOI:    pp. 31-36 Abstract    China has put forward the concept of "new energy supply and consumption system". In the overall carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, wind energy and solar energy will become main energy in China, it is necessary to study how to build a good new energy supply and consumption system. In this paper, w...   Download PDF
  • EFT Immunity Test and Damage Localization of C-band Limiters

    Jiacheng Ma , Bin Liu , Deren Feng , Weiheng Shao , Shan Xue , Liuxing He , Zongqi Cai , Caixu Yu , Jinxin Zhang , Zhenli Zhu , Hui Li , Wenrui Ding    DOI:    pp. 37-41 Abstract    In this paper, the EFT immunity experimental platform of C-band RF limiter is designed, and then electromagnetic immunity test and device damage analysis are carried out.When the voltage of the EFT interference source exceeds 900V, the device experiences increased insertion loss. When the inter...   Download PDF
  • The Criteria for Selecting Outstanding Traditional Building Craftsmen in China Based on Interpretative Structural Modeling

    Keran Lan , Wei-Ling Hsu , Lin Mou    DOI:    pp. 42-47 Abstract    With the implementation of policies promoting the revival of traditional Chinese culture, traditional buildings are gaining increasing attention. Traditional craftsmen have become central to the protection of traditional buildings, and various regions are conducting selections for outstand...   Download PDF
  • Neutron Radiation-induced Damage to the Local Structure and Optical Properties of Amorphous Phase-Change Materials

    Kai Rao , Yinghao Wang    DOI:    pp. 48-51 Abstract    Phase change materials are being developed for aerospace applications due to their unique storage mechanisms and excellent optical storage performance, where radiation damage is an issue that needs to be addressed. This paper used a 300 KeV neutron beam to irradiate amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 (a-GST) ...   Download PDF
  • Interior design scope of work for interior design project delivery in china

    Bing Ni , Arniatul Aiza Mustapha , Nur Maizura Ahmad Noorhani    DOI:    pp. 52-58 Abstract    With the advancement of modern technology, the process of interior design delivery has become the center of consumer attention. In the course of realizing projects, interior designers have been found to neglect their scope of work and services and have been subject to complaints due to conflicting s...   Download PDF
  • Design and implementation of wild plant grabbing system and car in Tibet based on Raspberry Pi 4B

    Chenhao Zhang , Zhiren Xiao , Chenhao Fu    DOI:    pp. 59-64 Abstract    This article introduces a plant collection system applied in Tibet to solve the challenges of traditional manual collection in the plateau environment. The system uses a remotely controlled Raspberry Pi trolley[1] to collect plants, which improves the collection efficiency and the safety of col...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Analysis and Reinforcement Management of Slopes

    Zhiqiang Chen    DOI:    pp. 65-72 Abstract    In order to manage a roadside landslide, a qualitative and quantitative stability analysis of the main landslide face was carried out based on the ground investigation data; a numerical analysis model was constructed to analyze the stress field, displacement field and stability coefficient change of...   Download PDF
  • Applicability of Mooney-Rivlin model for studying hyperelastic behavior of tongue

    Chaobo He , Liujie Chen , Tan Xiao    DOI:    pp. 73-76 Abstract    The hypertrophy and relaxation of tongues easily leads to patients’ airway obstruction during sleep, which will cause obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS). Therefore, studying biomechanical properties of tongues with constitutive relation to obtain related parameters is important. ...   Download PDF
  • Point annotations for nucleus segmentation in histopathology images via envelope enhancement network

    Han Hong , Aiping Qu , Tongqing Xue    DOI:    pp. 77-82 Abstract    Nucleus segmentation in histopathology images holds great clinical value for disease analysis. With the advancements in deep learning and continuous iteration of devices, existing nucleus segmentation algorithms can achieve satisfactory performance. However, these fully supervised nucleus segmentati...   Download PDF
  • A Starter Performance Testing System Based of PIDNN Controller

    Guodong Zhou , Dunli Zhang    DOI:    pp. 83-89 Abstract    Starter performance tester requires high precision and fast speed with a complex nonlinear structure and strong interference. The traditional PID controller always brings the bad effect with larger current and torque shocks. The complex intelligent algorithm is difficult to be realized in practical ...   Download PDF
  • An Underwater Acoustic Target Recognition Method Based on Transfer Learning

    Xiaozhuo Yang , Huapeng Yu , Hanmin Sheng , Wenlong Zeng , Qingyuan He , Junyang Tu    DOI:    pp. 90-96 Abstract     Underwater acoustic target recognition(UATR)is a challenging task Due to the high cost of sampling data, it is difficult to build a large-scale dataset.In this study,a new method based on transfer learning with a VGG16 model(Transfer-VGG16) is developed in which three-dimensional(3-D)data...   Download PDF
  • Carbon-Based-Polypyrrole Composite Nanowires for Portable and Remote Trace Sweat Lactate Detection

    Yi Li , Zhiqiang Zhai , Xiaosong Du , Rui Liao , Yang Wang , Yajie Yang , Yin Long    DOI:    pp. 97-102 Abstract    The prompt and remote detection of biomarkers is crucial in personalized medicine and health protection, presenting a significant challenge for current devices. In this context, we introduce a highly sensitive method for remotely analyzing sweat lactate, utilizing carbon nanotube-composite polypyren...   Download PDF
  • Reinforcement and effect evaluation of a middle school in Japan

    Liang Li , Takaaki Ohkubo , Guorui Deng , Jianran Cao , Jinjin Xu    DOI:    pp. 103-108 Abstract    In recent years, large earthquakes have occurred around the world frequently. In Japan, one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, it is more important to ensure the seismic performance of buildings. School buildings are the refuge after the disaster, so it has an important meaning to impro...   Download PDF
  • Construction of Management and Control System of Ecological Flow Space under the Background of Spatial Planning

    Jinsong Xiao    DOI:    pp. 109-115 Abstract    Territorial space is the carrier of ecological civilization construction, and spatial planning is a tool to practice ecological civilization. However, the current spatial planning is relatively isolated from the element control and use control of territorial space, especially neglecting the space ca...   Download PDF
  • Research on Evaluation Method of Joint Prevention Operation Safety Risk in Railway-highway Bridge

    Qiang Li , Haifeng Li    DOI:    pp. 116-121 Abstract    To build railway-highway bridge has become a common view to highly utilize transport corridor across river. Based on the operation risk research analysis of bridge in the world, joint prevention risk of railway-highway bridge is identified, a quantitative evaluation method of risk rating is put forw...   Download PDF
  • Research on the management and control information system and function design of overhead transmission line construction based on B/S architecture

    Kai Zhu , Yu Liu , Jianfei Zhang , Yao Li , Fangrong Liu    DOI:    pp. 122-128 Abstract    As the basis of national industry and information industry, overhead transmission lines mainly provide rich power resources for urban and rural residents. According to the analysis of the development status of China's power industry in recent years, the construction of electric power overhead transm...   Download PDF
  • Domestic Expendable Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profilers and Sea Trail

    Jianrui Zhao , Haitao Wang , Yuhua Wu , Zheng Tian    DOI:    pp. 129-134 Abstract    This paper introduces the composition, function, technical performance, and measurement principle of Expendable Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (XCTD) Profiler, as well as the key technical problems has solved, and compares the technical parameters of domestic and foreign XCTD profilers&nbs...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Chinese Tunnel Engineering on Groundwater in the Past 40 Years: A Review

    Yizhi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 135-145 Abstract    Tunnels play a crucial role in facilitating human activities, yet the potential impact of their construction on groundwater is often overlooked. With this in mind, this study delves into an investigation of 18 tunnels in North and South China. A thorough literature review and analysis uncover that t...   Download PDF
  • Design of High Moisture Alfalfa Drying Experimental Bench and Thermodynamic Simulation of Drying Process

    Peng Wang , Haitang Cen , Penghui She , Jianguo Qin , Risu Na    DOI:    pp. 146-153 Abstract    In the process of alfalfa modulation, the problems of long drying time and serious nutrient loss have been the constraints. In order to solve these problems, this study optimised the drying process of high moisture alfalfa whole bales by designing a high moisture alfalfa drying test bed and performi...   Download PDF
  • Design of a Novel Attached Foot for Space Crawling Robot

    Zhengyou Xie , Shuaiqi Li , Bin Tang , Yajing Ren , Xinlong Chen    DOI:    pp. 154-158 Abstract    With the rapid development of space technology, the complexity of spacecraft is increasing and the cost of spacecraft is growing. Therefore, it is increasingly important to use space crawling robot to provide state sensing and maintenance services of large spacecraft extravehicular equipment. I...   Download PDF
  • High-performance coal-based hard carbons for sodium-ion storage enabled by Joule-heated rapid pyrolysis

    Xuelei Gong , Yongxu Liu , Junwei Han , Linjie Zhi    DOI:    pp. 159-166 Abstract    Hard carbon materials are potentially used in sodium-ion battery anodes, yet their structure is complex and not easy to control. In this paper, a Joule-heated rapid pyrolysis is proposed for the preparation of hard carbon. The selected highly volatile bituminous coal-based hard carbon is affected by...   Download PDF
  • Research on the driving effect of provincial new power system construction on local national economy development -- A case study of Gansu Province

    Qiuli Zhao , Xiaoqing Yan , Changhai Yang    DOI:    pp. 167-172 Abstract     Under the "double carbon" goal, the construction of the new power system is not only a key starting point for the power industry to achieve the "double carbon" goal, but also an important means to ensure energy security and stable economic development. This study deeply analyzed the ...   Download PDF
  • The Association between Statin Medication Use and Intracranial Aneurysm Risk: A Two- Way Mendelian Randomization Study

    Shengjie Hao , Peirun Wu , Zeyu Luo , Zhiyuan Xue , Mengrui Wang , Bingjie Wang , Shiyu Wang , Jiaqi Cao    DOI:    pp. 173-182 Abstract    Recent observational studies have identifi ed a potential link between statin medication use and the risk of intracranial aneurysms (IAs). However, the causal relationship between these factors is not yet clear.Methods:We used a two-way Mendelian randomization approach to examine the relationship be...   Download PDF
  • How Does the Resilience of Semiconductor Supply Chain Affected by Major Power Competition ?

    Shiping Cao , Le Yu , Jian Wang    DOI:    pp. 183-190 Abstract    In the era of great power competition, Sino-US trade friction has become increasingly tense, especially in the high-tech industries represented by the semiconductor industry, which has created fierce competition. This study focuses on the risk of semiconductor supply chain interruption in the contex...   Download PDF
  • Research and Optimization of Tubular Column Joint Identification Technology for Intelligent Drilling Platforms

    Ke Niu , Bin Peng , Xiaoliang Yang    DOI:    pp. 191-198 Abstract     An improved target detection algorithm based on YOLOv5s is proposed to be applied to identify and localize tubular column joints in The improved SC-YOLOv5s model is obtained by combining SPPF, CBAM and the improved multi-scale feature fusion network BiFPN. The improved SC-YOLOv5s model is obta...   Download PDF
  • Robust Mainlobe Dense False Target Jamming Identification Based on 2D Sparse Recovery

    Yunhao Ji , Shan Wei , Yaobing Lu    DOI:    pp. 199-216 Abstract    Mainlobe dense false target jamming has brought great challenges to current radar detection due to its multi-dimensional flexible modulation capability. To this end, many effective solutions have been proposed in recent years. However, the performance of most existing methods will be largely affecte...   Download PDF
  • Research on Model Optimization Method Based on Differential Evolution

    Kai Wang , Zhihua Hu    DOI:    pp. 217-222 Abstract    Nowadays, industrial upgrading and transformation continues to deepen, based on the deep neural network model of the integration of the advantages of the application is more and more prominent. Rolling bearings can not be ignored as the existence of mechanical equipment. A convolutional neural netwo...   Download PDF
  • Research on the WTA problem in UAV formation air-to-ground attack

    Haibo Jiang , Bo Pan , Senze Luo    DOI:    pp. 223-226 Abstract    In view of the process of UAV formation air-to-ground attack, the characteristics and new requirements of UAV combat were deeply studied and analyzed. A dynamic fire assignment model was established, which mainly included the target assignment, the state transfer of target and fire channel in the dy...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Water Sensitivity on Microstructure Characteristics and Deformation Mechanism of Q3 Loess

    Xiaojun Yin    DOI:    pp. 227-232 Abstract    Microstructure characteristic of loess is an effective way to study the physical and mechanical characteristic of soil under different conditions. Water content in sample of Q3 loess is about 25%, the particle structure of the loess belonged to the granular structure type. CT scanning tests were per...   Download PDF
  • Simulation and Analysis of Shear Properties of Loess and Concrete Structures Based on the Discrete Element Method

    Yongjiang Ma , Wen Sun , Mengkai Lin    DOI:    pp. 233-238 Abstract    To address the issue of shear damage at the interface of loess and concrete structures, we utilized the discrete element method (DEM) to simulate a straight shear test at the interface. By analyzing the distribution of contact force between particles and the evolution law, we were able to determine ...   Download PDF
  • Assessing the Disparity between Supply and Demand of Green Spaces by Elderlies based on GIS – Taking Wuhan, China as an Example

    Tongxin Zuo    DOI:    pp. 239-248 Abstract    Urban green space (UGS) are crucial sites for providing ecosystem services. Given the context of population aging and the national initiative of Health China, it is urgently needed to identify service blind areas, and scientifically select green space construction regions through the coord...   Download PDF
  • A Digital Advocacy and Leadership Mechanism that Empowers the Construction of Digital-Intelligent Strong Power Grid

    Feng Wang , Hui Liu , Li Liu , Cuiling Liu , Chaoqin Tan , Huaisheng Zhou    DOI:    pp. 249-252 Abstract    For the digital transformation of power grid enterprises on the front of how to build a digital-intelligent strong power grid is not a deep understanding of the ideas are not clear, the construction of experience and effectiveness of the lack of sharing and exchange of issues, bu...   Download PDF
  • Unified Expression and Standardized Treatment of Railway Supergene Geological Disaster Risk Information

    Mengzhen Cui , Wenwen Jiao , Congxu Li , Xueying Wang    DOI:    pp. 253-262 Abstract    Aiming at the problem that railway supergene geological disaster risk data are scattered and heterogeneous, and it is difficult to unify and centralize management and fusion analysis, the multi-source and heterogeneous supergene geological disaster risk data are standardized and integ...   Download PDF
  • Design and research of a new type of electromagnetic vacuum circuit breaker

    Lili Xu , Yuting Yu , Chunmian Chen    DOI:    pp. 263-269 Abstract    The vacuum circuit breaker is the main switch of electric locomotive, controlling the on and off of the main circuit of electric locomotive. Existing vacuum circuit breaker of electric locomotives generally the air-driven, electromagnetic retention, this vacuum circuit breaker structure is...   Download PDF
  • Research on session recommendation system based on graph neural network

    Yan Wang , Wei Yu , Lianqiang Niu    DOI:    pp. 270-275 Abstract    before the graph neural network session recommendation system in order to ensure that the model can not smooth, and ignore the project long distance dependence, and most of the recommended method ignore the project sequence relationship, usually the session in the last project as the user's final in...   Download PDF
  • Research on Trajectory Planning Method for Variable Sweep Back Aircraft with No Fly Zone Margin

    Liang Qu , Peng Wang , Hao He    DOI:    pp. 276-286 Abstract    For a high-speed variable sweep aircraft, the variation characteristics of lift coefficient and drag coefficient with angle of attack were analyzed. Based on the analyzed aerodynamic characteristics, an aerodynamic parameter calculation model was established with Mach number, angle of attack, and de...   Download PDF
  • Garbage Object Detection Based on Improved YOLOv5

    Zhiren Xiao , Shangzhou Li , Zhenxian Guan , Duo jierenqian    DOI:    pp. 287-292 Abstract    Traditional waste classification methods often rely on manual feature extraction and manual rule design, which cannot meet the needs of practical application scenarios. This thesis proposes a YOLOv5[1] target detection method for garbage classification, aiming to solve the problem of automation...   Download PDF
  • Frost heaving damage mechanism of fractured rock masses: Main research progress and prospects for international frontiers

    Haodong Xu , Meng Zhang , Zhoujie Zheng , Feng Zhong , Jianning Hou , Ruizhi Chen    DOI:    pp. 293-308 Abstract    The frost heaving damage mechanism of fractured rock masses (FRM) is the basis of theoretical research related to rock mechanics in cold regions, and it is also an important factor that must be considered in the investigation, design, construction, and operation and maintenance stages of cold-region...   Download PDF
  • The climate-induced Spatio-temporal Distributions of tuna species in the tropical Atlantic Ocean

    Peng Lian , Yurong Mu , Wenbo Yang    DOI:    pp. 309-314 Abstract    The sustainable utilization of tuna resources faces big challenges arising from extreme climatic and oceanic events. As one of the most important regions for global ocean-atmosphere interactions, the ecological effects of changes in the ocean environment in the Atlantic are always underestimated. Me...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Rural Aging Adaptation Program under the Model of Aging in Place--The Case of Houkuang Village in Shandong Province

    Jiali Song    DOI:    pp. 315-321 Abstract    With the aggravation of population aging in China, the problems of living environment and quality of life of the elderly population in rural areas are becoming more and more prominent. This paper first analyzes the current situation of Houkuang Village, including the village profile, existing proble...   Download PDF
  • Study on the shear resistance characteristics of clay-stone mixtures under freeze-thaw cycles based on nuclear magnetic resonance

    Guangyao Yu , Wen Sun , Daning Wang    DOI:    pp. 322-326 Abstract    To investigate the shear strength characteristics of clay-stone mixtures in the northwest slope region under freeze-thaw conditions, triaxial and nuclear magnetic resonance experiments were conducted. The study quantitatively explains how freeze-thaw cycles affect shear resistance through changes in...   Download PDF
  • Model test study on dredging under high pile wharf

    Xiaowei Yan , Yuchi Hao , Ruipeng Zhang , Jiachen Zeng    DOI:    pp. 327-336 Abstract    In this paper, based on the dredging project of the soil under the high pile wharf, the study of the point suction desilting process under the wharf is carried out through the laboratory model test. The law of the change of mud equivalent concentration with time at different desilting depths is obta...   Download PDF
  • Performance analysis of a multi-tube exhaust waste heat recovery methanol reforming to hydrogen reactor

    Weixing Li , Yuanyou Tang , Wuqiang Long , Ge Xiao    DOI:    pp. 337-346 Abstract    To address hydrogen storage and transport challenges, a methanol reforming hydrogen reactor featuring multi-pipe exhaust heat recovery was simulated using Fluent. Initial simulations focused on microscopic flow, heat transfer, and reaction dynamics within a catalyst particle stack. Subsequent macros...   Download PDF
  • Inhibitory Effect of Acorus tatarinowii Nasal in Situ Gel on Acetylcholinesterase

    Wuyun Xie , Jianxin Li , Wenhui Zhang , Qingwen Sun , Liang Chen    DOI:    pp. 347-352 Abstract    Acorus tatarinowii was a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy with significant effects. When the oral dosage is too large, it has potential neurotoxic effects. However, the toxicity mechanism is still unclear. In this study network pharmaco...   Download PDF
  • Biuret doping is used to improve the performance of organic/inorganic photodetectors

    Qiyue Zhang , Yang Hu    DOI:    pp. 353-356 Abstract    The combination of inorganic semiconductor materials and perovskite materials can improve the performance and stability of photodetectors, and the photodiode prepared by combining Zinc oxide (ZnO) materials and perovskite materials can realize a wide spectrum detection from ultraviolet to near ...   Download PDF
  • High resolution frequency shift measurement based on the time domain mode-locked optoelectronic oscillator

    Yalan Wang , Feng Xiong , Fengbo Chen , Jin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 357-262 Abstract    A high-resolution frequency shift measurement based on the time domain mode-locked optoelectronic oscillator (TDML-OEO) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. In the proposed approach, the TDML-OEO is firstly excited and the central frequency is selected by injecting a reference microwave sign...   Download PDF
  • Joint optimization of repair and ordering of centrifugal compressor key performance spare parts based on gas supply reliability

    Xiao Wang , Yixiang Huang , Shiliang Peng , Huai Su , Qian He , Lingyun Qiao , Zhaoming Yang    DOI:    pp. 363-374 Abstract    The development of efficient and economical centrifugal compressor key performance spare parts ordering program is very important to improve the maintenance management efficiency of the equipment and reduce costs, this paper proposes a centrifugal compressor based on the reliability of gas supply ke...   Download PDF
  • Complete Cycle from Feedstock Miscanthus Giganteus to Target Product Bacterial Nanocellulose

    Ekaterina A. Skiba , Nadezhda A. Shavyrkina , Fan Yang , Feng F. Hong , Vera V. Budaeva    DOI:    pp. 375-381 Abstract    Valuable bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) was produced herein from the abundant, cheap, lignocellulosic feedstock Miscanthus giganteus of the variety Kamis from the Russian selection. Four methods using dilute solutions of nitric acid and sodium hydroxide were examined for pretreating M. giga...   Download PDF
  • Depression Level Assessment based on 3D CNN and Facial Expression Videos

    Junlong Gao , Yucheng Wei    DOI:    pp. 382-387 Abstract    Depression has a severe impact on people's daily lives and work, and it may even lead to suicide. Computer visionbased methods are promising for providing more effective and objective assistance in the clinical diagnosis of depression. In this article, to compare the performance of different 3D conv...   Download PDF
  • The Synergistic Effect of Panax Notoginseng Saponins and Nicotinamide Mononucleotides on Anticoagulant

    Jia Peng , Xiaohui Hao , Yonggen Chen , Qing Jin    DOI:    pp. 388-393 Abstract    Panax notoginseng is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine with rich medicinal value and health care efficacy. Its main active ingredient, panax notoginseng saponins, has pharmacological effects on improving blood circulation and inhibiting platelet aggregation. Nicotinamide mononucleotide has the e...   Download PDF
  • Current Situation and Development Prospects of Planning and Construction of Old Neighborhoods--Taking Jiefang District of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province as an Example

    Wentao Shi , Qijian Ding    DOI:    pp. 394-398 Abstract    With the accelerated development of urbanization in Henan Province, the old neighborhoods in the Jiefang District of Jiaozuo City are facing increasingly prominent problems, such as functional decline, aging of the physical environment, and disappearance of historical and cultural characteristics. T...   Download PDF
  • Investigation of the pharmacological effects and analytical methods of Meclofenoxate and its metabolites

    Wennuo Xu , Zhongquan Li , Bing Liu    DOI:    pp. 399-407 Abstract    This article provides a review and outlook on the current status and development of AICAR in the fields of medicine and anti-doping.Meclofenoxate, as a central stimulant derived from phenoxyacetic acid ester, can enhance the activity of inhibited nervous system and modulate the metabolism of nerve c...   Download PDF
  • Widely Targeted Metabolomics Analysis of the Main Bioactive Ingredients in Serissa japonica (Thunb.) Thunb.

    Liangzeng Cai , Yuanqing Jin , Qian Li , Taofeng Lu , Xiang Zhu    DOI:    pp. 408-413 Abstract    Objective: To study the metabolite composition from Serissa japonica, explore the substances that play a role in this medicine, and lay the foundation for subsequent pharmacological research. Methods: The different metabolites in Serissa japonica (Thunb.) Thunb. were detected by UPLC-MS/MS tech...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Blockchain-oriented Distributed Database

    Jixin Wei , Kaicheng Tang    DOI:    pp. 414-422 Abstract    Blockchain has aroused wide attention from a wide variety of industries since its emergence for its decentralized characteristics. This technology has set off a "paradigm" model revolution where science, technology, and social governance overlap. Using blockchain technology, the degree of centralize...   Download PDF
  • Design of Brain Computer Interface Control System Based on Neural Network

    Manfei Lo    DOI:    pp. 423-429 Abstract    As an interdisciplinary technology, Brain Computer Interface(BCI) combines the knowledge of neuroscience, biomedical engineering, machine learning and other fields, and is gradually changing people's life and work style. The purpose of this article is to study the brain wave signal identification me...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application of Convolutional Neural Network in Stock Market Forecasting

    Zheyu Xu    DOI:    pp. 430-436 Abstract    With the continuous development and complexity of financial markets, stock market forecasting has become a hot topic of concern for investors and decision-makers. This study aims to explore the application of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in stock market prediction, and evaluate their performa...   Download PDF
  • A New Kind of Anti-bending and Anti-deformation Cathode Frame for Electrostatic Precipitators

    Jingsong Zeng , Yuhan Zeng , Ziwei Wang    DOI:    pp. 437-447 Abstract    The aeroengine boasts a complex structure and operates in a demanding environment characterized by prolonged exposure to extreme conditions such as high temperature and pressure. This type of system is susceptible to nonlinear faults. To enhance the accuracy of aeroengine predictions, this paper pro...   Download PDF
  • Brain Resonance Imaging Segmentation Method Based on Deep ResUNet

    Wenxin Yang    DOI:    pp. 448-454 Abstract    The present invention discloses a cathode frame of an electrostatic precipitator, comprising a rectangular frame composed of four horizontal bars and five vertical bars; The horizontal and vertical bars are perpendicular to each other and located in the same plane, and four horizontal bars are arran...   Download PDF
  • A Multi-Domain Data-Based Attentive Residual Network for Bearing Fault Diagnosis

    Leqi Zhu , Zhiqiang Lin , Liang Li    DOI:    pp. 455-463 Abstract     Methods of data-driven fault diagnosis are of great significance to ensure the stability and reliability of bearings systems. However, the existing methods still encounter many challenges. From the perspective of data, a single domain signal cannot fully reveal complex industrial processes. Fr...   Download PDF
  • Circuit Simulation of the Analog Computer and Proportional Controlled DC Motor Based on Op Amp

    TianYang Li    DOI:    pp. 464-469 Abstract    Operational amplifier(op-amp) is a building block of many analog circuits, nowadays it has been the most widely used device in various electronics instruments. In modern electronics design, op-amp has a special weightage due to its robust characteristics. In this paper, two applications of op amp ar...   Download PDF
  • Construction and Research of Machine Learning-based Pedal Misoperation Recognition Method

    Jingjun Su , Yunpeng Xu    DOI:    pp. 470-478 Abstract    Background: A large number of traffic accidents are caused by drivers mistakenly stepping on the pedal in emergencies, highlighting an urgent concern about reducing pedal misoperation of drivers. Nowadays, machine learning has been widely applied in the fields of automatic driving, vehicle-circuit c...   Download PDF
  • Static and dynamic properties of star-shaped honeycomb sandwich panels

    Zhifei Yang , Bojun Mao    DOI:    pp. 479-490 Abstract    The star-shaped concave structure material is a new type of negative Poisson’s ratio material, which combines the advantages of negative Poisson’s ratio material and honeycomb material. The negative Poisson’s ratio structure has very good mechanical properties, such as bearing capacity, impact resis...   Download PDF
  • Application and prospects of super-resolution fluorescence imaging for cancer screening

    Junda Hu    DOI:    pp. 491-498 Abstract    The increasing cancer incidence highlights the importance of timely diagnosis, where cancer screening plays a pivotal role. While conventional techniques like Western blot and immunohistochemistry aid detection, they are limited by optical diffraction, offering averaged expression data across cells....   Download PDF
  • Interpretable Machine Learning Strategies for Accurate Prediction of Thermal Conductivity in Polymeric Systems

    Chunbo Lin , Han Zheng    DOI:    pp. 499-506 Abstract    Polymers, integral to advancements in high-tech fields, necessitate the study of their thermal conductivity (TC) to enhance material attributes and energy efficiency. The TC of polymers obtained by molecular dynamics (MD) calculations and experimental measurements is slow, and it is difficult to scr...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of transition metals Cu, Fe and Ni as electrode materials for electrocatalytic nitrate reduction to ammonia

    SiHan Shang    DOI:    pp. 507-518 Abstract    Nitrate is a common pollutant in surface water and groundwater. Electrocatalytic nitrate reduction method is an electrochemical reduction reaction of nitrate at the cathode by impressed current, and the reduced ammonia generated by the reaction is an important chemical raw material. The main step of...   Download PDF
  • High-Response, Self-Driving Infrared Photodetection Based on WS2-Graphene Heterostructure and Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Structure

    Fanxu Wang    DOI:    pp. 519-527 Abstract    Two-dimensional materials have garnered increasing attention owing to their exceptional photoelectric properties. Among these materials, WS2 is characterized by its ability to adjust the band gap by altering the number of material layers and to control its Fermi level through external gate voltage. ...   Download PDF
  • Application and development prospect of 3D printing concrete material in construction field

    Yanqing Wang    DOI:    pp. 528-533 Abstract    This paper reviews the research progress of 3D concrete printing in the whole construction field, summarizes the basic principles and related processes of this technology, deeply analyzes the necessary properties of concrete materials for 3D printing, and gives a detailed description of its research...   Download PDF
  • Study on the high-speed impact resistance of porous composite laminates at high temperature

    Yang Yang , Xinjun Zhao , Jin Chai    DOI:    pp. 534-542 Abstract     The impact resistance of composite laminates is an important reference for the design of composite structures. In this paper, based on ABAQUS software In this paper, based on ABAQUS software and numerical simulation, the influence of the position of the 0° ply on the impact resistance of Carbo...   Download PDF
  • Dynamic changes and trend prediction of land use in Suizhou city based on PLUS model

    Jiaxin Liu    DOI:    pp. 543-553 Abstract    To explore the law of land use change in Suizhou City, strengthen land resource management and improve the efficiency of land resource utilization, this paper study the dynamic changes and trend prediction of land use in Suizhou City. In this study, three periods of Landsat-TM/ETM and Landsat 8 sate...   Download PDF
  • Region Change Detection Model for Remote Sensing Images Based on U-net

    Lijie Gu    DOI:    pp. 554-560 Abstract    This paper presents a region-based convolutional neural network based on the U-net model and region change detection method, aiming to address the shortcomings of traditional remote sensing change detection methods such as poor feature characterization and long processing time. By employing a region...   Download PDF
  • Research and Comparison of Fire Detection Models Based on Deep Learning and Mixed Dataset

    Junkai Lu    DOI:    pp. 561-568 Abstract    The traditional method of fire detection is based on the data collected by sensors to detect the changes in environmental factors such as temperature and smoke to judge whether a fire has occurred, which has limitations. In recent years, the deep learning model has become more mature, and the convol...   Download PDF
  • Progress of bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells

    Wei Shao    DOI:    pp. 569-577 Abstract    The basic structure of proton exchange membrane fuel cell mainly consists of bipolar plates, diffusion layer, catalyst layer and proton exchange membrane, of which the bipolar plates are the most important components. In recent years, composite bipolar plates have become the focus of bipolar plate m...   Download PDF
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in 6G Networks: An In-Depth Review and Analysis

    Yapeng Gao    DOI:    pp. 578-585 Abstract    The advent of 6G mobile communication technology heralds a substantial leap in connectivity capabilities, boasting heightened efficiency, reduced latency, and expanded functionalities like ultra-high frequency transmission and quantum communication. This paper delves into the burgeoning opportunitie...   Download PDF
  • Unveiling Momentum Dynamics in Tennis

    Xiangqi Meng , Lei Tian , Lingchen Zhang    DOI:    pp. 586-595 Abstract    This study investigates the impact of momentum in tennis competition through a multifaceted approach. We introduce the Momentum Balance Index (MBI), derived via Principal Component Analysis (PCA) from 42 indicators, identifying 13 significant factors influencing player momentum. MBI analysis reveals...   Download PDF
  • A MobileNetV2 model of transfer learning is employed for remote sensing image classification

    Leyu Cao    DOI:    pp. 596-601 Abstract    Remote sensing image classification is an important and complicated problem in deep learning field. In order to achieve better classification effect, predecessors have proposed different kinds of models. A transfer learning-based MobileNetV2 model is suggested in this paper. First, we take UC-Merced...   Download PDF
  • Study on Adsorption Properties of New Sodium Alginate and Chitosan Quaternary Ammonium Salt for Heavy Metal Ions

    Chonghua Li    DOI:    pp. 602-610 Abstract    Up against accelerating industrialization, heavy metal pollution has been a global environmental problem. Hence, it is urgent to develop high-efficiency, low-cost and environmentally friendly heavy metal adsorption materials. This study aims to explore sodium alginate and chitosan quaternary ammoniu...   Download PDF
  • Enhanced PID Control in Internal Combustion Engines and Ship Motion Control

    Jiajun Xu    DOI:    pp. 611-621 Abstract     Traditional PID control methods have been widely used in various industries due to their simplicity and effectiveness in regulating system outputs. However, challenges arise when dealing with systems characterized by non-linearity, delays, or external disturbances, necessitating the developmen...   Download PDF
  • Design of Portable Multi-point Temperature Control Cabinet Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

    Haoming Zhang    DOI:    pp. 622-629 Abstract    Being widely used in various fields, temperature control cabinet has increasingly higher design requirements. However, single-point temperature measurement is commonly applied in temperature control cabinets now with relatively simple temperature detection, so the temperature measurement results are...   Download PDF
  • Machine Learning-Based Non-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Data Overlay Transmission and Reception

    Zhidong Zhao    DOI:    pp. 630-636 Abstract    The rapid evolution of mobile communication technologies like 5G and the anticipated emergence of 6G have necessitated enhanced resource utilization and reception efficiency in wireless communication systems. One of the challenges faced in existing systems is the resource competition arising from th...   Download PDF
  • An analysis and investigation of the factors affecting the air quality index in various cities in China

    Xiaotian Jiang    DOI:    pp. 637-642 Abstract     With the rapid progress of society, air pollution has gradually become the focus of people's concern, the impact of air pollution is very many factors, including but not limited to natural factors, human factors, geographic factors, etc., this paper is mainly from the natural factors and human...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of artificial intelligence in medical imaging field

    Kaiyan Wang    DOI:    pp. 643-646 Abstract    With the rapid development of medical equipment, medical imaging has entered the era of big data. How to process massive data quickly and accurately extract critical information for disease diagnosis and treatment is a major challenge facing clinical practice. Artificial intelligence has unique adva...   Download PDF
  • Bibliometric analysis and visualization of research and development trends in humanoid robotics

    Yu Zhang , Ruochen Wang , Yuelin Zhou , Ying Ding , Shanshan Ye , Ruochen Wang    DOI:    pp. 647-663 Abstract    This study searched the Web of Science core database for literature related to robotic arms for humanoid robots and used bibliometrics and CiteSpace 6.1.R2 software to visually analyze the authors, institutions, and keywords of the literature published in this field from 2009 to 2023. The study summ...   Download PDF
  • Temporal and spatial characteristics of ecological footprint of water resources in Sichuan Province

    Liwen Tang    DOI:    pp. 664-670 Abstract    In order to deeply study the sustainability of water resources in Sichuan Province, this study aims to explore the spatial distribution characteristics of the ecological footprint of water resources in Sichuan Province. Using data from the Sichuan Water Resources Bulletin and Statistical Yearbook fr...   Download PDF
  • Platinum-alloy Materials for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cell

    Xuan Hu    DOI:    pp. 671-677 Abstract     Global climate change and the overuse of fossil fuels have become the most serious challenges of the day. As a result, the search for cleaner and more efficient energy conversion technologies has become more imminent. The advantages of f proton exchange membrane fuel cells, such as zero emissi...   Download PDF
  • The screen panel material for the future

    Dada Wu    DOI:    pp. 678-680 Abstract    Nowadays, the screen panel material used on TV, computers and smart phones are various and own different features. But in the future, will there be one material becoming the only choice under the development? In this research, the researcher shows the the current application condition of two main ma...   Download PDF
  • Simulation and Analysis of π-Type Rectifier Filter

    Ruoxi Yu    DOI:    pp. 681-688 Abstract    This paper analyzes the principles of the π-type rectifier filter circuit and conducts simulations on both the π-type LC rectifier filter circuit and the π-type RC rectifier filter circuits respectively, compares the π-type LC rectifier filter circuit with the π-type RC rectifier filter circuit, ana...   Download PDF
  • Optimizing Vehicle Detection Through YOLO-Based Deep Learning Strategies

    Jietong Chen    DOI:    pp. 689-694 Abstract    Vehicle detection plays a crucial role in automotive electronic systems and automated driving systems, involving the recognition of specific vehicle types on roads. Addressing the issues of low detection accuracy and slow recognition speed in existing vehicle detection methods, this paper proposes a...   Download PDF
  • Classification of ECG Signals Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform and 1D Convolution Neural Network

    Tianyao Tang    DOI:    pp. 695-704 Abstract    Arrhythmia is a common phenomenon in cardiovascular diseases and its accurate diagnosis typically relies on a thorough analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG). Therefore, accurate identification and classification of ECG signals play a crucial role in the effective treatment of cardiac diseases. In this...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on the Development of Face-swap Methods

    Yibo Wang    DOI:    pp. 705-713 Abstract     Face-swap technology is a technology that can transfer source face identity information to the target face and maintain some other attributes of the target face, also known as deepfake. Among these methods, the first to appear were target-specific ones, which tend to have better performance bu...   Download PDF
  • Petrochronology and petrogeochemistry of the Tamulangou Formation in Tahe area, northern Da Hinggan Mountains NE China: Geological implication

    Shaoshan Shi , Shan Jiang , Yan Zhao , Yuan Yao , Yanqing Zang , Huiming Yu , Jihuan Wu , Xuguang Li , Yuli Wang    DOI:    pp. 714-730 Abstract    This study reports petrography, petrogeochemistry and geochronology of Tamulangou Formation, which are located in Tahe, northern Da Hinggan Mountains, northeast China. In this study, we discussed their formation ages, petrogenesis, and tectonic environment. Zircon U-Pb dating results suggest formati...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent Control System of Vacuum Oil Filter Based on PLC

    Man Hu , Yang Liu , Wentian Zhao , Jiahang Bai , Yuhao Liu , Naiwen Zhang , Ziyuan Wang , Jie Li , Yuan Gao , Jingzhi Lv    DOI:    pp. 731-738 Abstract    This paper proposed an intelligent control system of vacuum oil filter based on PLC. The system aims to enhance the automatic control and remote monitoring capabilities of Vacuum Oil Filter. With the S7-200 PLC serving as the control center, it incorporates state-sensing and electronic control compo...   Download PDF
  • Reconstruction of Climate and Environmental Evolution in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Since the Holocene Based on Aeolian Sediments

    Qingchun Zhang , Fuyuan An , Yifan Xu , Lu Si    DOI:    pp. 739-745 Abstract    This study aims to elucidate the climatic and environmental evolution and its driving mechanisms in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau since the Holocene. Detailed analysis of the KSH profile, combined with Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating and the measurement of environmental indicators,...   Download PDF
  • The Significance of Big Data to the Design and Transformation of Rural Art Space

    Feifei Pei    DOI:    pp. 746-752 Abstract    In the rapid development of the theory of big data technology, people in the pursuit of the unique beauty of natural landscape at the same time, the design and transformation of rural art space put forward higher requirements, research scholars in the practice of research, the use of big data inform...   Download PDF
  • Research on the composition of glass relics based on CART model

    Mingyu An , Daolong Yuan , Suyang Liu , Jialei Ding    DOI:    pp. 753-758 Abstract    Based on each index of glass samples, the  indexes of all kinds of glass sample cluster analysis, and the class divide, it is to predict the chemical composition of glass samples which before weathering, the unknown glass samples for testing, and a correlation analysis of chemical composition i...   Download PDF
  • Research on component content model of ancient glass products based on statistical analysis

    Yiheng Lan    DOI:    pp. 759-764 Abstract    This paper mainly analyzes and identifies ancient glass products based on the surface characteristics and chemical composition content of ancient glass products, preprocesses the given data, establishes relevant statistical models, and uses SPSS, MATLAB, PyCharm and other software to perform statist...   Download PDF