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  • 2022 International Symposium on Energy, Environment, and Materials Science(ISEEMS 2022)

    Editors: Hamson Pan, Johan Chen | Aug.15. 2022 | SanYa China ISBN: Online Time: ISEEMS 2022 is bringing together innovative scholars and industry experts in the fields of energy, environment and materials sciences into a common forum. The main goal of the conference is to promote research and development activities in energy, environmental and materials sciences, and another goal is to facilitate the exchange of scientific information among researchers, developers, engineers, students and practitioners around the world. Making it an ideal platform for people to exchange their views and experiences in energy, environmental and materials sciences and related fields. To understand the trend of academic development, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote the industrialization of academic achievements through the discussion of scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies.

Conference Lists

  • Geothermal and thermal history in sedimentary basins

    Zhiyuan Wu , Huanlai Zhu    DOI:    pp. 1-8 Abstract    Resources, energy, disasters and environment are big problems facing mankind today. Energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change make the development and utilization of new and renewable energy sources, including geothermal energy, become an important strategy for the energy developmen...   Download PDF
  • Design of Self-floating Device For Spherical Aircraft Based on Miniature Electromagnetic Lock

    Henghao Cheng , Xuan Pang , Haolin Liu , Jiaxin Deng , Ming Chen , Zhen Chen    DOI:    pp. 9-16 Abstract    Aiming at the phenomenon that the aircraft is easy to fall into the sea due to adverse environmental factors such as strong wind and collision, which makes it difficult to recycle, a self-floating device based on miniature electromagnetic lock is proposed in this paper. The core circuit of the ...   Download PDF
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Carbon Emissions in China

    Shigang Yan , Meng Zhang , Chenge Ma    DOI:    pp. 17-22 Abstract    China plays an important role in climate governance and reaching the carbon neutrality in the world. The paper stated the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission of China. Following that, the paper analyzed the influencing factors of carb...   Download PDF
  • Research on Thermal Aging Behavior and Thermal Decomposition of Insulating Material XLPE

    Mengzhu Hu , Bin Tang , Qinqin Liang , Zongchang Luo , Chuansheng Luo , Jialin Wang , Longfei Zhang , Liping Zhu    DOI:    pp. 23-30 Abstract    In this paper, accelerated thermal aging experiment was used to simulate the thermal aging behavior of XLPE, and FT-IR, DSC, TG and other test techniques were used to characterize the materials with different aging periods. The results show that with the aging time, the oxygen-containing groups in X...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on seismic performance of steel-concrete connection section of receiver tower of CSP station

    Tengfei Chu , Guoliang Bai , Jiarui Li    DOI:    pp. 31-37 Abstract    Taking the actual structure of the solarreceiver tower of a 243m high optical thermal power station as the prototype, and fully considering the influence range of structural quality and stiffness mutation, the 180-221m steel-concrete connection section structure is selected as the research object. T...   Download PDF
  • Research on Automatic Generation Method of Urban Spatial Form Based on Parameter Translation——Taking the Planning of Suijiang New Town in Guangning County as an example

    Kexin Zhang , Changyong Chen , Yunxuan Lu , Ziyi Yang , Xiaoyang Zhong    DOI:    pp. 38-47 Abstract    With the development and innovation of computer technology such as artificial intelligence, traditional urban design has an opportunity to reform and innovate. This paper proposes a set of automatic urban spatial form generation design proceses based on the parameter translation, taking the design o...   Download PDF
  • The Mixing Character within Oxidation Reactor in Titanium Dioxide Production by Chloride Process

    Fengyang Chen , Ping Lu , Dongqin Li , Yadong Li , Yanqing Hou , Gang Xie , Ni Yang , Lin Tian    DOI:    pp. 48-55 Abstract    Chloride process is cost effective and environmental benefit, and the TiCl4 oxidation is the most important stage in this process. The structure of the jet ring has an obviously effect on the mixing of TiCl4 and O2 in the oxidation reactor, which is the key equipment in the production of titanium pi...   Download PDF
  • The integrated development of artificial intelligence technology and the communication industry

    Yuexing He , Jingzhou Ji , Rendong Li    DOI:    pp. 56-60 Abstract    With the development of big data,Artificial intelligence applications are born,And has been better developed and improved.Artificial intelligence is no longer a concept on paper.It's developing as a world-changing and revolutionizing everything.Artificial intelligence is also gradually being widely ...   Download PDF
  • Formulation design of a new type of epoxy resin-based insulating adhesive and research on its high temperature resistance

    Bin Tang , Longfei Zhang , Qinqin Liang , Zongchang Luo , Chuansheng Luo , Jialin Wang , Mengzhu Hu , Liping Zhu    DOI:    pp. 61-66 Abstract    A series of new epoxy resin adhesives were prepared by low viscosity bisphenol A epoxy resin E-44 and E-51as the matrix,  low molecular polyamide 650# and phenolic modified JT-3008 as the curing agent, silicon micro powder and calcium carbonate as the fillers. The gelation time, surface drying ...   Download PDF
  • Design of long span steel pipe tied arch bridge with integral hoisting offshore

    Xiangping Huang , Hongdi Wu , Dongyang Li    DOI:    pp. 67-72 Abstract    taking an 84m span offshore all steel tied arch bridge of a port as an example, this paper introduces the application of steel tied arch bridge in Wharf approach bridge. The bridge is welded as a whole in the factory and hoisted as a whole on site by large floating crane. In this paper, by comparing...   Download PDF
  • Zeolite Dressing Bag in Trauma for Hemorrhage Control: Case of 90 Patients Used

    Yingliang Qu , Zhixiang Guo    DOI:    pp. 73-75 Abstract    Objective: Uncontrolled hemorrhage and its direct consequences remains the leading cause of trauma-related death. The most popular one is QuikClot, however, it also exists severe security hidden danger, indicating that there is no ideal protective equipment yet. This study aimed to evaluate the effi...   Download PDF
  • Theoretical analysis of stress of asphalt mixture bridge deck pavement based on design index

    Yangjun Meng , Zhen Liu , Guojun Liu , Wenbiao Wu , Xiaofeng Liu    DOI:    pp. 76-85 Abstract    At present, the specification for the design of asphalt mixture bridge deck pavement is missing, so it is of great significance to research on it. In order to study the design theory of asphalt mixture bridge deck pavement, the bottom tensile strain of asphalt mixture layer and the permanent deforma...   Download PDF
  • Quantitative determination of plant hormones and derivatives in biogas slurry using on-line solid phase extraction with high performance liquid chromatography (On-Line SPE HPLC)

    Qianhui Li , Qingqing Ye , Xin Li    DOI:    pp. 86-96 Abstract    A novel method using on-line solid phase extraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography (On-line SPE HPLC) was developed to measure three important plant hormones and two indole derivatives in the biogas slurry. These measured substances include abscisic acid (ABA), gibberellins (GA)...   Download PDF
  • Study on the co-pyrolysis behavior of sewage sludge and water hyacinth

    Yang Zhou , Baosheng Jin    DOI:    pp. 97-103 Abstract    The purpose of this study is to investigate the thermal behavior and their interaction patterns of SS and WH co-pyrolysis. The mixture was non-isothermally heated at different heating rates (20,30,40°C/min) using a thermogravimetric analyzer under N2 atmosphere and reaction temperature range of 20 –...   Download PDF
  • Determination of thiram in tobacco by surface-enhanced differential Raman spectroscopy

    Dan Chen , Huiming Deng , Haowei Sun , Xiaodong Hu , Xiaowei Zhang , Miaomiao Zhang , Jingzhu Xia , Chunqiong Wang , Ke Zhang    DOI:    pp. 104-109 Abstract    This study had developed a rapid, simple, accurate, and efficient method for the qualitative and quantitative determination of thiram residues tobacco and tobacco products based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and differential Raman spectroscopy. Acetonitrile was used as the extractant and PS...   Download PDF
  • Study on leaching characteristics of MSWIFA in different pH environment

    Hui Fang , Xin Wu , Cai Liang , Yongshi Feng    DOI:    pp. 110-114 Abstract    The change of leaching solution of waste incineration fly ash (MSWIFA) after shaking under different initial extractant pH was studied, and the change trend was compared with that of fly ash under different extractant concentrations. In addition, the leaching characteristics of heavy metals were ana...   Download PDF
  • Study on thermal degradation and kinetic characteristics of insulating materials used in high voltage switchgear

    Qinqin Liang , Bin Tang , Longfei Zhang , Zongchang Luo , Jialin Wang , Mengzhu Hu , Chuansheng Luo , Liping Zhu    DOI:    pp. 115-123 Abstract    This study adopts the FT-IR, DSC, TG and other methods, studied the commonly used in high-voltage switchgear XLPE, EP and organic silicone materials in the same heating rate under thermal degradation properties of three kinds of insulating materials by calculation under different temperature of pyro...   Download PDF
  • Preparation and Properties of Three-dimensional Graphene-based Multifunctional Thermal Control Coating

    Pengting Lin , Youwei Zhang , Jingying Bai , Sizhen Li , Jiaqiang Zhang , Wei Song , Chen Wen , Yu Jin , Li Feng , Xinxin Li    DOI:    pp. 124-129 Abstract    According to the requirements of spacecraft light alloy materials for thermal control, anti-static and corrosion protection, based on the synthesized three-dimensional graphene functional filler, a multifunctional thermal control coating with high emissivity, anti-static and anti-corrosion propertie...   Download PDF
  • Influence of mine water on corrosion of Long-Distance coal pipeline transportation in hongliulin coal mine

    Qingbo Zhang , Jiandang Yan , Pengfei Wang , jiajia Du , Dongmin Wang    DOI:    pp. 130-134 Abstract    In order to improve the economic efficiency of coal transportation in Shenwei pipeline and reduce the investment cost. According to the location characteristics of Shenmu head end pulping plant, it is convenient to take hongliulin mine water, and it can be considered as the second water so...   Download PDF
  • Study on autoimmune antibody of infertile women based on ultrasound images

    Xiaohong Chen    DOI:    pp. 135-140 Abstract    Objective: to study the clinical value of reproductive immune autoantibody based on ultrasound image in the diagnosis of infertility. Methods: Eighty infertile women who were admitted to our hospital from June 2019 to May 2020 were included in the study. ELISA was used to detect the serum reproducti...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the Correlation Between the Mode of Combined Ultrasound Examination and Image effect in Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Xiaohong Chen    DOI:    pp. 141-147 Abstract    Objective: To analyze the correlation between ultrasound combined examination in obstetrics and gynecology and image effect. Methods: Five patients who were treated in obstetrics and gynecology department were examined by transvaginal ultrasound and transabdominal ultrasound, and the image effects a...   Download PDF
  • Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Rub-Impact of Progressive Cavity Pump with Rotation Speed

    Yufen Wei , Guoyou Han , Lingyi Yang , Haiying Zu    DOI:    pp. 148-153 Abstract    The dynamic characteristics of Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) have an important influence on the stability of oil wells string system. A nonlinear dynamics model of rotor system was presented. The equations of unbalance rotor were established by the Lagrange approach and the vibration characteristics...   Download PDF
  • Mechanical Analysis and Structural Optimization of Air Hammer Drill Teeth Based on ANSYS /LS_DYNA

    Han Wu , Kai Wang , Zhengyu Feng , Yang Zou    DOI:    pp. 154-162 Abstract    Air drilling is a prevailing technology of oil and gas energy industry in today’s world, it can solve problems when drilling in complex layer that can not be done by conventional drilling way. At the same time, some failures of dill bit teeth in air hammer drilling like teeth falling, breaking and s...   Download PDF
  • Research Progress on chemical constituents of traditional Tibetan herb Lamiophlomis rotata

    Qionghui Duan    DOI:    pp. 163-168 Abstract    Traditional Tibetan herb Lamiophlomis rotata is a traditional medicine with a long history of application. By consulting the relevant research literature of Lamiophlomis rotata, this paper summarizes the research progress of its chemical composition from the aspects of chemical composition, extracti...   Download PDF
  • Construction and application of standard nursing procedures for treating infection after spinal internal fixation by pulse combined with closed negative pressure

    Gengjun Jiao , Yunfei He , Hua Zhang    DOI:    pp. 169-174 Abstract     Application of standardized nursing procedures in pulse combined with closed negative pressure therapy for patients with infection after spinal internal fixation, discuss its scientificity and operability. From July 2018 to December 2021, 54 patients with postoperative infection afte...   Download PDF
  • Effects of semen parameters and age on male sperm motility in Sichuan

    Xinyu Zhang , Ting Zheng , Xiaofei Wang , Zhongming Ye , Wen Zhang , Cheng Chen , Hongmin Yang    DOI:    pp. 175-180 Abstract    Objective: Sperm motility describes the ability of sperm to move correctly in the female reproductive tract and reach the egg to fertilize it. It is mainly reflected by the proportion of forward motile sperm, which is one of the most important factors to judge male fertility. The sperm quality of me...   Download PDF
  • Study on the mechanism of Astragalus-Panax notoginseng in the treatment of gastric ulcer based on network pharmacology

    Yong Li    DOI:    pp. 181-188 Abstract    Objective:To explore the possible mechanism of Astragalus Panax notoginseng in the treatment of GU by using network pharmacology. Methods: combined with the network pharmacology technology, the active components were obtained with the help of tcmsp database, OB≥30% and DL≥0.18 were set, the potentia...   Download PDF
  • Force chains behaviours of Al-PTFE granular composite under elevated strain rates

    Le Tang , Wei Tang , Lijie Hang , Boyu Zhang , Miao Chen , Li He    DOI:    pp. 189-194 Abstract    This study proposed a simulation method to characterize the influence of mesostructural force chains on the dynamic response of aluminum-polytetrafluoroethylene(Al-PTFE) granular composite under strain-controlled compression. The model was developed followed real Al particle size distribut...   Download PDF
  • Influence of emissivity on laser-induced damage of low absorption thermal Control coatings

    Pengting Lin , Ling Chen , Xinxin Li , Xin Gao , YongJun Liang , Chen Wen , Wei Song , Yu Jin , Li Feng , Yuping Chen , Hang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 195-200 Abstract    In order to evaluate the performance of the low absorption thermal Control coatings, the laser induced damage behavior of coatings was studied with 1064 nm at different power densities. The damage properties were characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction spectrum. The...   Download PDF
  • On the Deviating Effect of the English Translations of Rhetorical Movie Lines --- A Case Study of Hi, Mom

    Suxia Lei , You Li    DOI:    pp. 201-206 Abstract    Lines are considered the main means used by scriptwriters to show plots, depict characters and embody themes. Various figures of speech are employed in lines to enhance their expressiveness and functions by deviating from zero degree as a base point. Taking the movie Hi, Mom, this paper analyze...   Download PDF
  • Simulation Analysis on Cable Breaking of Large Ships in a Port

    Jian Guo , Zhijun Chen , Haiqi Tang    DOI:    pp. 207-213 Abstract    Simulation analysis on drifting of an oil tanker of 300,000 tons deadweight (DWT) after cable breaking was done with a large ship maneuver simulator. Risks such as being stranded and colliding into other docks or ships are illustrated when cable breaking accident happens to a large ship under differ...   Download PDF
  • Quantitative risk assessment on loading and unloading ships exclusively carrying LNG tank containers

    Qing Xia , Hui Song    DOI:    pp. 214-220 Abstract    Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) on protocol that allows maximum 96 40ft heavy LNG containers carried by a single ship in a dock was performed using applications EFFECTS and RISKCURVES, to investigate the hazard while loading and unloading ships exclusively carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG...   Download PDF
  • Credit Risk Evaluation of Supply Chain Finance Based on K-Means-SVM Model

    Li Zhu , Wenhao Liu , Rongdi Zhang , Bingjie Dong    DOI:    pp. 221-225 Abstract    With the rapid development of supply chain finance, it is important to evaluate its credit risk effectively. The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is designed to construct the credit risk measurement model of supply chain finance. Considering the characteristics of SVM model, we select the clustering cen...   Download PDF
  • The influence of FDI and environmental uncertainty on the business performance of enterprises-- A case study of manufacturing enterprises

    Siyu Liu , Jingyi Guo    DOI:    pp. 226-239 Abstract    Based on the panel data from 2016 to 2020 in various provinces, the influence of FDI and environmental uncertainty on the business performance of enterprises is analyzed in this paper. According to the research results, it is found that, under the regulation of environmental uncertainty, FDI has a s...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Training Mode of standardized Software Technology Professionals under the "1+X" certificate System

    Juan Yu    DOI:    pp. 240-248 Abstract     As the core content of modern social and economic development, computer software plays an important role in all fields. Under the trend of economic globalization, as the employment market of software technology professionals is very broad, there is a huge shortage of professional talents, so h...   Download PDF
  • Research on the deep integration of education informatization and English teaching under the background of "Internet +"

    Weiwei Qu    DOI:    pp. 249-255 Abstract    With the rapid development of information technology, people pay more and more attention to the education mode dominated by flipped classroom, micro class, MOOC and other new technologies. China's education work gradually enters the era of "Internet + education", which not only changes the tradition...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Concept Transformation of Digital Personnel Management in the Public Department

    Ruixiang Wang    DOI:    pp. 256-262 Abstract    After entering the era of big data, China based on the "Internet +" action plan, put forward a number of preferential policies to promote the development of big data, and the information construction will rise to the national strategy. According to digital public sector personnel management in recen...   Download PDF
  • Research and Realization of Online English Education Learning Results in the Era of Big Data

    Zimu Yang    DOI:    pp. 263-269 Abstract    In the development of social economy and scientific and technological innovation, the traditional teaching mode based on school curriculum has been unable to meet the needs of professional talent cultivation in various fields, and the education field has begun to build and promote the network teachi...   Download PDF
  • Research on Internet Medical Data Security Issues under the Personal Information Protection Law

    Jinyu Li    DOI:    pp. 270-280 Abstract     With the in-depth advancement of "Internet +" , Internet medical treatment has achieved continuous development and innovation under the support of national policies . In the mode of Internet medical care , due to the vulnerability of the amount of medical data , the diversity of subjects invol...   Download PDF
  • Interaction Design of Rural Brand IP Image Based on Processing Algorithmic Art

    Jing Lu    DOI:    pp. 281-285 Abstract    Processing-based programming interactive art has gradually become a research hotspot. To improve users' immersion and experience, this paper proposes a rural brand IP interactive design method based on a Processing algorithm. While solving the contradiction between the graphical perceptual thinking ...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on Rapid Pressure Relief in the Cargo Compartment of Civil Aircraft

    Xuan Jiang    DOI:    pp. 286-291 Abstract    The rapid pressure relief device in the cargo compartment of civil aircraft can avoid the structural damage of aircraft caused by sudden pressure relief in a pressurized compartment. Based on a typical rapid pressure relief device in the cargo hold of civil aircraft, a test bench was built to carry ...   Download PDF
  • Research on cost analysis of new power system under dual carbon target

    Ming Rao    DOI:    pp. 292-298 Abstract    Under the influence of the concept of sustainable development, how to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern electric power energy system is the focus of innovative development of new electric power enterprises. Especially after the proposed dual carbon target, new energy in various co...   Download PDF
  • Application of 3 D digital technology in transmission line engineering and waste soil disposal mechanization construction

    Weiqing Yu , Xi Li , Xijin Wang , Xiaofeng Chen , Qing Liu , Qian Hong    DOI:    pp. 299-305 Abstract    Under the background of the innovation in the field of construction engineering toward the direction of intelligence and digitalization, the three-dimensional digital design means with the digital information model as the core has gradually become the main content of the industry discussion in the n...   Download PDF
  • The application of water conservancy project in the comprehensive management of water environment in Taihu Lake Basin

    Yilong Li    DOI:    pp. 306-313 Abstract    After the outbreak of cyanobacterial water pollution crisis in Taihu Lake Basin, it not only affected the normal life and production activities of local residents, but also attracted extensive attention from the media at home and abroad. When the governments at all levels from the central to the loc...   Download PDF
  • Study on ground Evacuation test method of civil aircraft emergency lighting

    Xuan Jiang    DOI:    pp. 314-320 Abstract    The emergency evacuation ability of civil aircraft is an important index reflecting the safety of aircraft, and emergency lighting is an important factor reflecting its ability. Demonstration and verification of civil aircraft emergency lighting evacuation from the ground is an important prerequisit...   Download PDF
  • Realize the safe storage and efficient sharing of educational resources based on IPFS+ blockchain

    Xiaotian Yang , Ran Ma , Fei Gao    DOI:    pp. 321-330 Abstract    Guided by the framework Construction of University High-quality Education Resource Platform Based on Block Chain [1], the paper introduces IPFS as the data repository of education resources, and realizes the safe storage and efficient sharing of university high-quality education resources by combini...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application of international Relations Network based on Text Mining

    Huayuan Gao    DOI:    pp. 331-337 Abstract    In the innovation and development of communication systems and information technology, information exchange and dissemination in various fields are becoming more and more convenient, which not only expands the depth of communication on a global scale, but also connects countries in the world closely...   Download PDF
  • Effects of different tobacco materials on the release characteristics of aroma components

    Qunshan Yan , Jiazhi Ni , Rui Peng , Song Gao , Xiangbin Tang , Shuoguo Wei , Liangcai Liu , Pei Wei , Zhe Xiong , Yi Wang , Yuxing Tong    DOI:    pp. 338-349 Abstract    In order to reveal the release characteristics of different tobacco materials, the characteristics of tobacco materials and the release characteristics of smoke were analyzed. This paper studied 17 kinds of tobacco materials, the thermogravimetric analyzer was used to study the thermogravimetri...   Download PDF
  • Cracks Analysis and Control Measures of Mass Concrete

    Juan Song , Jianzhou Feng , AQing Cheng , Guobo Luo , Xun Zhang    DOI:    pp. 350-355 Abstract    Based on the cracking causes of a raft foundation in a project, this paper expounds the common types of mass concrete cracks and their causes. The effects of raw materials, admixtures, etc. on temperature cracks of mass concrete are mainly discussed, and the mutual effects need to be considered...   Download PDF
  • Effect of heat treatment process on impact toughness of a Ni-containing stainless steel 3Cr13 Precision Die

    Anastasiia Isayeva , Lulu Feng , Hui Luo , Song Liu , Riqing Huang , Xuezhong Huang , Kaiming Wu    DOI:    pp. 356-361 Abstract    Nowadays 3Cr13 martensitic stainless steel is increasingly used for precision molds. However, its low-temperature impact toughness below room temperature requires further improvement. This study investigates the effect of heat treatment process of a Ni-containing at low temperature im...   Download PDF
  • Mechanisms of Metformin Improving vasodilation of coronary artery in Type 2 Diabetic Rats

    Hongfen Dai , Shuping Ming , Juan Liu , Pan Hu    DOI:    pp. 362-367 Abstract    In recent years, the incidence of type 2 diabetes has gradually increased. Coronary artery-related disease is one of the most common and serious complications of this. Endothelial dysfunction has become a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in patients with coronary heart disease. In this study, ...   Download PDF
  • Microstructure and performance test of aluminum alloy K-TIG welding joint

    Weijie Gou , Lihong Wang    DOI:    pp. 368-375 Abstract    The K-TIG welding method was used to conduct welding experiments on 6001 aluminum alloy, and the microstructure and mechanical properties of the welded joints were studied by optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, universal testing machine, microhardness tester, etc. The results show that...   Download PDF
  • Research on hydrogen release control process of package shell

    Peitang Zhao , Haiyan Lu , Fangzhen Zuo    DOI:    pp. 376-381 Abstract     In this paper, through the influence of baking temperature and time on the hydrogen release of silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite (SiCp/Al) base plate, titanium alloy enclosure and its package shell, the hydrogen control process of package shell is proposed. The resu...   Download PDF
  • Study on hydrogen release mechanism of package shell

    Peitang Zhao , Haiyan Lu , Fangzhen Zuo    DOI:    pp. 382-385 Abstract    In this paper, the hydrogen release amount of SiC particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite (SiCp/Al) base plate, titanium alloy enclosure and its packaging shell was studied, the influence of substrate surface morphology on the hydrogen storage state of the coating was analyzed, and the hydroge...   Download PDF
  • The curative effects of acupuncture for gastrointestinal motility disorder in diabetes : A protocol for systematic review

    Yong Wang , Ying Sun , Hong Mu , Zichen Guo , Shirong Zhao , Tengteng Chang    DOI:    pp. 386-392 Abstract    Background: Diabetic gastrointestinal motility dysfunction, a leading long-term complicationof diabetes, seriously affects the quality of life of the diabetes population. Apart from therapeutic drugs that control blood glucose levels and stimulants, acupuncture also play a critical role in...   Download PDF
  • Computer information security and privacy protection technology in the background of big data

    Jianjun Wang    DOI:    pp. 393-399 Abstract    At present, information technology has been widely used in many fields. Although it has gradually got rid of the restrictions of traditional management mode, more security problems have emerged, which has created a new way for network crime and caused a negative impact on the steady development of s...   Download PDF
  • Study on spatial morphology of cold area settlements based on microclimate parameterized model

    Qiangqiang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 400-407 Abstract    In the steady development of social economy, the quality of life of urban residents is getting higher and higher, the attention to the spiritual life is getting stronger and stronger, a good urban living environment has gradually become an important factor to evaluate the superiority of the city. Es...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on process management of soil and water conservation design for transmission line projects in Qinghai Province

    Guohe Yao , Jing Ren , Qinghai Tan , Fuxiang Ma    DOI:    pp. 408-414 Abstract    The first part is a brief introduction of soil and water conservation (SWC) and loss condition of transmission line projects and in Qinghai Province;In the second part, based on the Qinghai Yuqia-Toesu 750 kV line project, and combined the experience and methods concluded during the soil and water c...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent measurement and detection data analysis and application

    Luwei Bai , Chao Yin , Lifang Zhang , Fan Zhang , Xin Li    DOI:    pp. 415-420 Abstract    In measuring technique is widely used, the measurement test data acquisition, processing, management is the most common operation link, because each link related to data information is relatively more, practice is more complex, so in order to ensure the accuracy of the calibration data and results, ...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent measurement and detection method and application based on data visualization

    Luwei Bai , Lifang Zhang , Jia Yu , Yongmei Mao , Tong Wang , Jia Xi    DOI:    pp. 421-426 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, data visualization has been widely used in all aspects of life and production, and began to play an important role in human daily life. In the traditional sense, the verification process of electricity meter needs to invest a lot...   Download PDF
  • Research on risk Prediction of enterprise Financial management based on optimized BP neural network algorithm

    Zhiqi Tan    DOI:    pp. 427-434 Abstract     The construction and development of the new age, although our country enterprise quantity is increasing, but the financial risk is also increased, so how to do a good job in risk prediction and management decisions, truly achieve expected set of financial management goal, improve the ability o...   Download PDF
  • Study on the application of graphene in cement matrix composites

    Liting Qin    DOI:    pp. 435-442 Abstract    In the rapid development of information technology, communication electronic equipment as one of the indispensable tools for people's life and work, although the transformation of the traditional communication technology mode, but also produced a lot of electromagnetic wave pollution. From the persp...   Download PDF
  • Insights into the mechanism of g-C3N4@a-Fe2O3 microsphere heterogeneous activation of hydrogen peroxide under visible light

    Jingwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 443-456 Abstract    A-Fe2O3 complex g-C3N4@a-Fe2O3 was successfully prepared by solvothermal method and used in optical Fenton photocatalytic process. Using experimental instruments such as XPS, XRD, DRS, TEM, FTIR, and photochemistry to characterize composite materials. According to the mechanism of the phot...   Download PDF
  • Two-dimensional photocatalyst with highly efficient and stable visible light photocatalytic activity

    Jingwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 457-472 Abstract    Hex ammonium molybdate (AHM), ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), and glycine were used as the precursors in a microwave-assisted solution combustion synthesis (WSCS) process to create foam-like MoO2 nanoparticles. Methodically investigated was the effect of the glycine/NH4NO3 ratio (=0.25, 0.50, 0...   Download PDF
  • Analysis and prediction of the dynamic change of water quality in the inflow rivers

    Jingwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 473-483 Abstract    The Le'an River (Jiangxi Province) is polluted by multiple point sources; however, fluctuations in its water quality factors have not been analysed or predicted. This study investigated the Spatio-temporal variation of the river’s water quality. Nine monitoring points were analysed to reveal the pas...   Download PDF
  • Auxiliary Teaching Software for English Reading Based on Machine Learning

    Junxia Feng    DOI:    pp. 484-490 Abstract    With the development of modern computer-aided design theory, English-assisted teaching software has entered a new era. Auxiliary teaching software is playing an increasingly important role in every corner of modern education, and is even irreplaceable in some aspects. This paper designs an auxiliary...   Download PDF
  • Quality Evaluation System of English Innovative Teaching Based on Hybrid Optimization Algorithm

     Tingting Zhang    DOI:    pp. 491-496 Abstract    Promoting the overall level of Chinese national English can promote the development of my country's social economy, and the key to improving English level lies in students. To improve English level, it is necessary to innovate English teaching methods. This paper designs an English innovative teachi...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of miRNA in different depression model samples

    Xinyi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 497-513 Abstract    Depression is a mood disorder characterized by prolonged depressed mood, lack of interest and pleasure, and low self-assessment. The miRNAs, as single-stranded non-coding RNA molecules that can participate in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, regulate physiological processes by deg...   Download PDF
  • Calibration Method of Normal Critical Damping Ratio in Particle Discrete Element Rock Model

    Zehua Zhang    DOI:    pp. 514-523 Abstract    The calibration of dynamic mesoscopic parameters such as the normal critical damping ratio will directly affect the simulation results when wave velocity dynamic analysis is carried out on the particle discrete element rock model. This paper presents a fast calibration method for the normal critical...   Download PDF
  • RZ-4PAM Optical Access Signals with Pre-chirping Technology

    Fuping Chen    DOI:    pp. 524-528 Abstract     In this paper, the generation and transmission of chirped return-to-zero 4-ary pulse amplitude modulation (CRZ-4PAM) signals in passive optical networks (PONs) is proposed and investigated. The optical spectra, eye-diagrams before and after transmission are also analyzed. We demonstrate that C...   Download PDF
  • Research progress of FRP in steel and masonry bridge structures reinforcement

    Fengxuan Wang , Shiyu Sun , Wenke Jia    DOI:    pp. 529-536 Abstract    Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) has been widely used in the reinforcement of concrete bridge structures, and it still has a good application prospect in the reinforcement of steel and masonry bridge structures. In order to summarize the research results of FRP in the reinforcement of steel and masonr...   Download PDF
  • Knowledge Fusion Analysis and Research Based on Knowledge Graph

    Tianqing Zhu    DOI:    pp. 537-543 Abstract    With the rapid popularization of Internet technology, it is a new challenge to mine the hidden knowledge behind the data in an organized and directed way. Knowledge graph not only describes the content of semantic associations and entities existing in the objective world, but also uses graph structu...   Download PDF
  • DPSIR-TOPSIS Model-Based Assessment of Green Development Performance in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei

    Jieting Yin , Junfeng Yuan    DOI:    pp. 544-559 Abstract    Green development is an important way to achieve sustainable development. In recent years, it has become one of the main research hotspots. Based on the principle of the DPSIR model, this paper constructed a green development evaluation index system including 17 second-level indicators from fiv...   Download PDF
  • Research on a Dynamic Trusted Model Based on Time-sharing Control

    Lixin Li , Cong Yu , Mengmeng Yang    DOI:    pp. 560-564 Abstract    In this paper, a high-availability time-sharing dynamic trusted model is proposed, which controls the access of untrusted domains to trusted domains by time-sharing, dynamically adjusts the trusted domain and untrusted domains, and proves their security with non-interference theory, which improves t...   Download PDF
  • Dynamic Application of Matlab in Teaching of Hyperbolic Paraboloid

    Wenhu Zheng , Xia He    DOI:    pp. 565-570 Abstract     In teaching of hyperbolic paraboloid, this paper breaks through the traditional teaching method. Through its theoretical analysis, combined with graphic visualization of MATLAB software, this paper shows two formation processes and notch transformation processes of hyperbolic paraboloid, so as...   Download PDF