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  • 2024 International Conference on Computer Vision, Mechanical Automation and Remote Sensing Mapping(CVMARS 2024)

    Editors: Crystal Xu | Aug.28.2024 | Xian,China ISBN: Online Time: The 2024 International Conference on Computer Vision, Mechanical Automation and Remote Sensing Mapping (CVMARS 2024) is scheduled to be held in Xi 'an, China. The conference aims to provide a platform for experts, scholars, engineers and technicians engaged in the research of computer vision, mechanical automation and remote sensing surveying and mapping to share scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies, understand the academic development trend, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote the industrialization of academic results.

Conference Lists

  • Lane-line Detection based on Inverse Perspective Mapping and Kalman Filter

    Lijuan Zeng , Bangqian Ao , Qing Li    DOI:    pp. 1-7 Abstract    In real-time vision-based autonomous driving, lane-lines are difficult to identify due to shadows, road disrepair, reflection or other disturbances, as well as obstacles dynamic occlusion. In this paper, region of interest (ROI) is selected first. An algorithm based on inverse perspective mappi...   Download PDF
  • Improved Autuoformer Electricity load forecasting based on model fusion

    Laiqi Zhao , Zhifeng Wu , Maoyu Du    DOI:    pp. 8-14 Abstract    The development of the power system is undergoing rapid changes. The future direction of power system development is inevitably smart grids. This paper proposes an optimization of the Autoformer model based on model fusion to improve the accuracy of electricity load forecasting. By in...   Download PDF
  • Optimization research on short-term load forecasting method for electric vehicles based on SSA-SVM

    Jiaqi Sun , Linlin Tan , Jinpeng Zhu , Xin Cheng , Xiaoqi Shen    DOI:    pp. 15-20 Abstract    In order to improve the accuracy of short-term electric vehicle load forecasting, a combined forecasting model based on Sparrow Search Algorithm (SSA) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) is constructed. Using SVM model to predict electric vehicle load, accelerating the convergence speed of the pre...   Download PDF
  • Research on the motor control system of electric driven air suction seed dispenser

    Leyu Hao , Zhuo Wang , Liang Yang , Xiaoping Bai , Jianjun Ma    DOI:    pp. 21-26 Abstract    In order to improve the characteristics of the motor control system of the electric drive type pneumatic PLANTING device, some pneumatic PLANTING devices made by American PrecisionPlanting Company were used to design the motor control system and the drive gear of the motor. On the basis of analyzing...   Download PDF
  • An Electrochemical Sensor Based on Au/rGO/GaN Porous Layer for Dopamine Determination

    Yanjie Tang , Hui Huang , Shunji Chen , Jialing Zhou , Qian Wang    DOI:    pp. 27-31 Abstract    Dopamine (DA) is a biomarker that plays an important regulatory role in human body. In this paper, a Au/rGO/PGaN electrochemical sensor was fabricated by electrodeposition of reduced graphene oxide (rGO)and gold nanoparticles on GaN porous layer(PGaN), which was grown by metal organic chemical vapor...   Download PDF
  • Study on cuttings removal effect of Effective HydroClean Drill Pipe under different deviation conditions of drill pipe

    Yuguo Jin , Honglin Lu , Zhihu Liu , Xiang Meng , Feng Chen , Qinfeng Di    DOI:    pp. 32-38 Abstract    In order to solve the problem of cuttings bed in the drilling process of highly deviated sections in directional wells, horizontal wells and extended reach wells, an Effective HydroClean Drill Pipe(EHCDP) was designed, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques, the flow characte...   Download PDF
  • Design and Implementation of Process Rollback Mechanism Based On Activiti For Power

    Jie Zhao , Yitian Liu , Jiantao Peng    DOI:    pp. 39-43 Abstract    With the development of power system business, the complexity of business processes and the frequency of interaction between processes are getting higher and higher. The complexity of interaction between processes is not only limited to the functions of starting, sending and returning to the main pr...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Definition Principle of Reasonable Well Spacing in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs

    Jinyou Dai , Xiaoke Gong , Guangjun Xu , Fengming Meng , Yang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 44-52 Abstract    The reasonable well spacing of tight sandstone gas reservoir not only affects the production effect of a single well, but also directly determines the reserve utilization and economic benefit of the whole gas reservoir. At present, the rational well spacing of tight sandstone gas reservoirs is deter...   Download PDF
  • Stability Analysis of Yebatan Underground Cavern Surrounding Rock based on Crack Evolution Theory

    Xianglin Xing , Li Qian , Guoyan Zhang , Jianhai Zhang    DOI:    pp. 53-62 Abstract    The deformation properties of rock are closely related to the effect of crack closure, generation and expansion in the rock. In this paper, the stress-crack strain evolution constitutive model is used to determine the relaxation damage zone of the surrounding rock based on the change regulation of t...   Download PDF