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  • 2022 7th International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation(MSMI2022)

    Editors: Chloe Liu, Jessica, Aaron Lv | Dec 30, 2022 | Chengdu, China ISBN: Online Time: With the theme of "gathering international scientific research innovation wisdom and seeking high-quality development of academic ecology", MSMI2022 aims to accelerate the formation of an international scientific and technological innovation center, effectively promote the communication and exchange of key scientific and technological fields in China, and promote the collaborative innovation, cooperative innovation and integrated innovation of industry, university and research institutes by promoting the integration of scientific and technological resources. To provide support for economic and social development and industrial transformation and upgrading. The Organizing committee sincerely invites scientific research experts and scholars to participate in this conference, and jointly contribute to scientific and technological innovation and promote the new development of scientific research and academic research.

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