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  • 2024 International Conference on Communication, Internet of Things, Automation, and Architecture (ICCITAA 2024)

    Editors: Linsey li | Feb.29.2024 | Changsha,China ISBN: Online Time: The International Conference on Communication, Internet of Things, Automation and Architecture (ICCITAA 2024) will be held in Hunan, China in 2024. The conference will revolve around communication, the Internet of Things, automation, and architecture, exploring the key challenges and research directions faced in the development of this field, with the aim of promoting the development and application of theory and technology in universities and enterprises in this field, and providing a favorable platform for innovative scholars, engineers, and industrial experts focused on this research field to exchange new ideas and showcase research results.

Conference Lists

  • Analysis of Output Power of Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hybrid Energy System Based on Temperature

    Xinchun Li , Zhongwei Wang , Lijie Cui    DOI:    pp. 1-7 Abstract    The issue of energy and power systems is the main challenge faced by electric unmanned aerial vehicles for long endurance, and hybrid energy systems are the main way to solve the problem of electric unmanned aerial vehicles for long endurance. Under different operating temperatures, hybrid energy sy...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Spatial Design of Commercial Complexes under the Demand of Generation Z --Taking Qiaofu Fangcaodi as an Example

    Yanan Cheng    DOI:    pp. 8-13 Abstract     Under the background of the era of rapid development of the Internet, people's lives are shifted from offline to online, and from entity to virtual, commercial complexes, as the center of people's daily life consumption and home ownership, are facing various dilemmas and challenges, and how to...   Download PDF
  • Liminal Space Theory

    Ruyu Zhao    DOI:    pp. 14-17 Abstract    Liminal space art, which has spread rapidly in recent years, is a branch of the subcultural aesthetic genre and has gradually derived artistic styles such as dream core, weird core, and trauma core. Under the interweaving and collision of various artistic styles, this subcultural aesthetic genre gra...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Principles and Strategies of Spatial Design of Composite Bookstores

    Xiaotong Gu    DOI:    pp. 18-21 Abstract    With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, traditional bookstores are facing great challenges. In order to survive in the fierce market competition, many bookstores begin to transform and upgrade to become composite bookstores. This study aims to explore the basic pr...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of slope management on a highway adjacent to a residence

    Zhengkai Li , Dengyu Rao , Tianlong Du , Bangxin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 22-29 Abstract    By the influence of the construction excavation of the surrounding buildings, the natural mountain within the red line of a highway locally appeared a wide range of cracks and have a tendency to expand; in order to prevent further deformation and damage of the slope, and to ensure the safety of the ...   Download PDF
  • Characteristic analysis and simulation of a Cu-graphene hybrid nanointerconnect under different Drude models

    Yixiao Wang , Hui Zeng    DOI:    pp. 30-38 Abstract    It is well known that the ultra thin barrier layer around the Cu nanointerconnect has a great impact on its performance. Currently, graphene is the thinnest two-dimensional material. Cu-graphene hybrid nanointerconnects can significantly advance the potential of integrated cirCuit technology. In thi...   Download PDF
  • Building Public Open Space Design and Management Strategy in Urban Waterfront Areas—A Case Study of New York Water Street POPS

    Xinyi Chen , Ying Shi    DOI:    pp. 39-49 Abstract    The construction of building public open space in urban waterfront areas is one of the important issues for future development. Based on the study of the development history of the private public space (POPS) design guidance and control of New York City's Water Street, we analyze the identify approv...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on the bond-slip behaviour between corroded bars and concrete

    Chenxu Zhao , Zongquan Ying , Chengbin Du , Shuai Yang    DOI:    pp. 50-56 Abstract    Pull-out tests were conducted to investigate the effects of corrosion of the both longitudinal bar on the bond-slip behaviour of reinforced concrete specimens. The main experimental variables include concrete strength (26.7 MPa, 37.7 MPa, 45.2 MPa) and expected corrosion rate (0%, 4%, 8%, 12%), with...   Download PDF
  • Study on Bond-slip Behavior between Non-uniformly Corroded Reinforcement and Concrete

    Songtao Wu , Zongquan Ying , Chengbin Du , Shuai Yang    DOI:    pp. 57-62 Abstract    In order to improve the stress concentration in concrete at steel nodes caused by zero thickness springs, the improved Spring2 nonlinear spring model from ABAQUS is used to simulate the bond-slip behavior between non-uniformly corroded reinforcement and concrete. Based on the collected test results ...   Download PDF
  • Convenient Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 4-[2-Ethoxy-5-(4-Methyl-1-Piperazinesulphonyl)Benzamido]-3-Isobutyl-1-Methyl-1H-Pyrazole-5-Carboxamide: Key Precursor for Isobutyl Sildenafil

    Jiali Sun , Zheng Guo , Shengxuan Qi , Yan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 63-69 Abstract    This work presents a rational synthesis of 4-[2-Ethoxy-5-(4-Methyl-1-Piperazinesulphonyl)benzamido]-3-Isobutyl-1-Methyl-1H-Pyrazole-5-Carboxamide (13) by condensation of 4-amino-3-isobutyl-1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxamide (8) with 2-ethoxy-5-(4-methyl-1-piperazinesulphonyl)benz...   Download PDF
  • Available Energy Analysis of Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hybrid Energy System

    Xinchun Li , Zhongwei Wang , Lijie Cui , Bo Ren    DOI:    pp. 70-76 Abstract    The issue of energy and power systems is the main challenge faced by electric unmanned aerial vehicles for long endurance. Under the power demand conditions of typical mission profiles of electric drones, this paper establishes an energy balance equation between the hybrid energy system power s...   Download PDF
  • Short-term and High-performance Recycling of Cathode Material from Spent Lithium Ion Batteries

    Deying Mu , Yue Hou , Chunbo Che , Chenchen Li , Xinning Feng , Jin Yue    DOI:    pp. 77-82 Abstract    In the industrial practice of spent lithium-ion battery recycling, mechanical separation, pyrometallurgy and chemical dissolution technologies are often used to achieve the separation and recovery of cathode materials, but there are problems such as low material dissociation rate, low recovery rate,...   Download PDF
  • Efficiency Optimization Strategies for Wind-Solar Driven Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems

    Xiaokai Zhou , Dai Yin    DOI:    pp. 83-88 Abstract    This research focuses on optimizing wind-solar driven hydrogen energy storage systems. It addresses efficiency challenges through mathematical modeling and optimization. The study establishes mathematical representations, including probability distribution models for energy inputs, and defines outpu...   Download PDF
  • Design of Public Transportation System Scheduling and Optimization in the Internet of Things (IoT) Environment

    Yishan Wang , Yushu Cui , Zihan Kong , Xingxin Liao , Weiran Wang    DOI:    pp. 89-93 Abstract    This study aims to explore the scheduling and optimization of public transportation systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. By establishing mathematical models, this research analyzes the current state of public transportation systems, proposes scheduling and optimization strategies bas...   Download PDF
  • Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Regional Power Grid Construction Cost Based on Combined Weight

    Weiwei Li , Huijuan Huo , Dan Xu , Yingjin Ye    DOI:    pp. 94-102 Abstract    With the introduction of the "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" action plan, it has become an inevitable trend to invest in promoting supply-side structural adjustment and demand-side response to achieve bilateral development. Therefore, the construction expansion and construction cost assessment of k...   Download PDF
  • Prospects for Stimulating Autoimmunity and Developing New T Cells in Cancer Treatment

    Shiqi Mei , Haowei Ti    DOI:    pp. 103-106 Abstract    Any adverse problem or weakening of the body's immunity, such as HIV infection, long-term physical and mental stress, nutritional deficiencies, chemotherapy or major surgery, will make cells prone to cancer. The body's immune system also deteriorates with age, which may help understand how people's ...   Download PDF
  • Study on meso-damage evolution process of high-energy propellant based on MCT

    Jiuling Zhao    DOI:    pp. 107-112 Abstract    The complex microstructure of composite solid propellant makes the evolution of meso-damage very complicated during loading. It is always a hot issue to study the damage evolution law of propellant from the microscopic point of view.Based on the established tensile platform of MCT, the tensile ...   Download PDF
  • Study on the influence of parameters on chemical agent assisted cyclic steam injection

    Jinpeng Hu , Xiaofei Sun , Guo Yu , Haoyu Ning , Mingzhong Li    DOI:    pp. 113-118 Abstract    Cyclic steam injection is widely applied in the development of heavy oil reservoirs. However, as reservoir development continues, steam channeling phenomena become increasingly severe, Serious impact on development effectiveness. Slug combinations of gel and foam is more effective than using gel and...   Download PDF
  • Safety Monitoring Scheme of Gas Pipeline Network Based on Multi-homing Technology

    Jianhua Huang , Dongdong Zhang , Sichao Yang , Min Jia , Hua Jiang , Xixi Du    DOI:    pp. 119-125 Abstract    The gas pipeline network is one of the key infrastructures for the energy supply of modern cities, and its safety is crucial to the life and development of urban residents. The traditional gas pipeline network monitoring method mainly relies on regular inspection and manual intervention, which has p...   Download PDF
  • Microforming analysis of 304 stainless steel with several grains across the section

    Ying Zhang , Chenyu Xie , Zhengjun Yuan    DOI:    pp. 126-132 Abstract    Thickness of the metal material reaches micron level, its mechanical properties show a certain size effect. The cupping test can evaluate the forming performance of thin metal sheet. In this paper, ultra-thin 304 stainless steel with the thicknesses of 0.03 mm, 0.06 mm and 0.1 mm is select...   Download PDF
  • Short-circuit Current-based Parametrically Identification for Doubly Fed Induction Generator

    Yong Zhu , Yongwei Tao , Zequn Li    DOI:    pp. 133-138 Abstract    Recently, deep learning has provided a new opportunity to achieve high precision and real-time parameter identification of the doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) in the event of short-circuit fault. However, deep learning algorithms based on data training are facing the challenge of relying on a ...   Download PDF
  • Structural behaviors of edge-closed titanium honeycomb sandwich panels with a repaired penetrating damage under a unidirectional tensile load

    Guochun Liu , Aolin Liu , Xinyu Zhu , Junhui Li , Xishan Yue , Zonghong Xie    DOI:    pp. 139-145 Abstract    This paper deals with penetrating damage experimental and numerical investigation on edge-closed titanium honeycomb sandwich panels under uniaxial tension. Three damage state specimens were designed and manufactured for tests including intact, prefabricated penetrating damage, and repaired. The test...   Download PDF
  • Study on Enhanced oil recovery by steam flooding in heavy oil reservoirs

    Lu Sun    DOI:    pp. 146-150 Abstract    With the development of social economy, the demand for energy is increasing day by day. Under this background, the development of conventional petroleum resources has been unable to meet the needs of social development, and the importance and necessity of exploitation of heavy oil reservoirs has bec...   Download PDF
  • Development and validation of a flexible fiber graphene laminated heater for composite adhesive repair

    Meng Li , Chao Tang , Xiaozhen Bian , Xinyu Zhu , Junhui Li , Zonghong Xie    DOI:    pp. 151-158 Abstract    Flexible electric heaters are widely employed in the field of in-situ repair of composite structures for aircrafts. However, the existing traditional resistance wire heaters suffer from low damage tolerance, uneven heating, and high energy consumption. In this paper, a flexible Fiber Graphene L...   Download PDF
  • Study on enhancing oil recovery by CO2 injection in low permeability reservoir

    Xin Jin , Kang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 159-163 Abstract    The distribution characteristics of remaining oil in low permeability reservoirs are aimed at the quantity and distribution of remaining oil in the reservoir at the present stage, so as to take measures to exploit these remaining oil under reasonable economic and technical conditions, so as to impro...   Download PDF
  • Research on Modeling Methods for Marine Test Environment

    Biao Li , Jingping Wang , Tongkui Yu , Wanyu Liu , Yunduan Lu    DOI:    pp. 164-169 Abstract    In view of the needs of intelligent and unmanned development of marine equipment, not only the need to test its performance and intelligence level in the actual maritime environment, but also to test its intelligence and improve its intelligence level in the virtual environment, for this reason, it ...   Download PDF
  • An Exploration of Face Recognition Methods Based on LBP Algorithm and PCA Analysis

    Kaiyu Wang    DOI:    pp. 170-175 Abstract    Local Binary Pattern is an operator that can be effectively used for facial description, and its application field is relatively wide, which has made great contribution to the research and technical support related to face recognition. The traditional local texture feature extraction method of LBP o...   Download PDF
  • GACNet: Defect Detection with Graph Attention Mechanism Convolutional Network Model

    Yilong Guo , Yiming Yao , Luyang Jie    DOI:    pp. 176-181 Abstract    Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are classic models for image classification. In modern industrial and manufacturing fields, automated defect detection and classification often rely on CNNs and their variant networks. However, due to the diversity and complexity of defects, traditional image pro...   Download PDF
  • Unsupervised Wafer Defect Classification Model Based On Joint Reconstruction And Clustering

    Luyang Jie , Yilong Guo , Yiming Yao , Yongkang Liu    DOI:    pp. 182-187 Abstract    Defect detection of unpatterned wafer is very important for determining the causes of wafer defects, and it is also a significant way to improve production yield. At present, the defect detection model based on the deep learning method has been widely used and has shown promising performance. Howeve...   Download PDF
  • SPLConv: Channel-Separated Convolution Using Large Convolution Kernels

    Yiming Yao , Luyang Jie , Yilong Guo , Yongkang Liu    DOI:    pp. 188-193 Abstract    In modern society, chips play a crucial role in various aspects of everyday life. Nevertheless, the diverse chip manufacturing processes can introduce defects, making the detection of faulty chips imperative. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are extensively employed in computer vision due to the...   Download PDF
  • Exploration of Green Development in Ecological Irrigation Areas

    Xinfeng Zhang , Musen Luo , Ran Jiang    DOI:    pp. 194-200 Abstract    The concept of green development is an important way to effectively solve the development challenges of ecological irrigation areas. In the context of rural revitalization strategy, based on the concept of green development, this paper explores the connotation of green development in ecological irri...   Download PDF
  • Critical Wind Speed Analysis of Large-section Steel Box Girder Lifting in Urban Areas Based on Lifting Offset

    Lei Mao , Qiliang Wu , Yuming Zhang , Shengtao Wang , Shengwei Yang    DOI:    pp. 201-209 Abstract    This study takes the lifting of steel box girders for interchanging traffic in a certain area as the research background, and considers the limitation of lifting by the surrounding buildings during the lifting process. Combined with the topographic environment and climatic conditions where the proje...   Download PDF
  • Construction and Implementation of Tibetan Cultural Relics Question and Answer System Based on Knowledge Graph

    Qingbei Chen , Liu Wang , Haiqiong Liang , Yiwei Zheng , Siyu Sun , Jiale Zhao , Chang Liu    DOI:    pp. 210-214 Abstract    Tibet is a region with a long history and culture, with a large number of precious cultural relics resources. In the digital age, building a question-and-answer system based on the Knowledge map of Tibetan cultural relics can better protect and pass on Tibetan cultural heritage. Firstly, the Tibetan...   Download PDF
  • Distributed photovoltaic siting optimisation considering load centre similarity

    He Cheng , Sipeng Hao , Jitao Zhang , Kai Xu , Yuankai Ma    DOI:    pp. 215-225 Abstract    The load fluctuation law remains challenging for traditional distribution line users. Furthermore, as the number of distributed photovoltaic installations connected to the distribution network rises, the issue of voltage overload on the distribution lines becomes more prevalent. This, in turn, adds ...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on the Influence of Air Conveyor System Parameters on Vibration of Glass Substrate

    Yunjie Ma , Bin Huang , Zhi Xu , Xuejian Wang , Yongyue Yang    DOI:    pp. 226-235 Abstract    In this paper, the method of experimental research is used to minimize the micro-vibration amplitude of 0.6 mm thick glass substrates in the air conveyor system. The optimal parameter combination of the small orifice throttling glass substrate air conveyor system is obtained as follows: orifice diam...   Download PDF
  • Research on Regional Energy System Planning Considering Flexible Access of Electric Vehicles

    Chongbiao Zhang , Chenwen Qian , Hongyan Yu , Yanling Peng , Jinwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 236-241 Abstract    The high proportion of renewable energy sources and intermittent loads pose challenges to the flexible operation of regional energy systems. To improve the flexible operation level of regional energy system, this paper considers the uncertainty of energy storage charging and discharging, demand-side...   Download PDF
  • Study On Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Structure based on Satellite Observations

    Shumei Deng , Mingjian Yi , Qiang Zhao , Changyu Liu    DOI:    pp. 242-245 Abstract    The aerosol vertical distribution in the boundary layer is heavily influenced by the boundary layer thermal structure. This paper studied on marine boundary layer (MBL) aerosol and its structure by using satellite lidar measurements. The lidar methodology was improved and applied to the 3-year satel...   Download PDF
  • Ultrasonic monitoring of cement setting based on embedded sensor

    Xianyong Pei , Qianqian Wang , Peng Zhao , Yinghui Lv    DOI:    pp. 246-250 Abstract    The hydration property of cement directly affects the performance index of concrete, so it is necessary to monitor the hydration setting process of cement. The aim of this paper is to monitor the process of cement hydration setting by ultrasonic wave. Ultrasonic monitoring is a kind of dynamic non-d...   Download PDF
  • The Application of Digital Twin Technology in Maritime Vessel Safety Regulation

    Hongguang Liang , Zhuoyi Yang    DOI:    pp. 251-256 Abstract    The potential for the development of digital twin technology is enormous, gradually finding applications in the field of maritime vessel safety regulation. In response to the current issue of poor coordination between physical information and simulation model information during ship navigation, a de...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application of BiLSTM-CRF Model in the Field of Chinese Modern History Question-and-Answer

    Xuehe Zhuang , Yuanhui Yu , Suyu Lan    DOI:    pp. 257-262 Abstract    Knowledge graph is the key technology of knowledge engineering in the era of big data. Using the powerful semantic understanding and knowledge organization ability of knowledge graph, it can be a better solution to the problems such as the disordered and over-wide coverage of knowledge related to mo...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Anti-Periodontitis Mechanism of Eucommia ulmoides Based on Network Pharmacology

    Shanshan Liang , Yaxin Xiao , Yiming Tan , Liang Chen    DOI:    pp. 263-268 Abstract    Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of periodontal support tissue caused by local factors. Eucommia ulmoides, a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, has a significant therapeutic effect on periodontitis, but its mechanism of action is still unclear. In this study network pharmacolo...   Download PDF
  • Fatigue Life Analysis of Hydrogen Production Reactor Welds Under Thermal-mechanical-chemical Coupling

    Yu Liu , Hongtao Gu , Bin Zhao , Zhiyi Leng , Jian Yin , Shengfang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 269-274 Abstract    Hydrogen production reactor are subject to performance degradation problems in the complex environment of high temperature, high pressure and exposed to hydrogen atmosphere. The welds, being weak parts, are susceptible to fatigue damage under the influence of loads such as temperature, pressure and ...   Download PDF
  • Inversion of Ocean Wave Spectrum from the Multi-frequency HF Radar Sea Echoes with Wind and Swell Coexisting

    Han Liu , Zhen Liu , Suyue Wang    DOI:    pp. 275-280 Abstract    Recently, the multi-frequency HF radar has attracted much attention. However, only a few works focus on the method of obtaining wave information directly. In this work, a wave spectrum inversion method for multi-frequency HF radar in complex sea conditions is proposed. This method considers the swel...   Download PDF
  • Overview and Energy Power Analysis of Composite Solar Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Zhengan Wu    DOI:    pp. 281-288 Abstract    In this paper, based on the existing research progress and challenges in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), efforts are made to enhance the performance of UAVs in terms of endurance and range by optimizing the energy and power systems. We propose the concept of a composite UAV and further introduce th...   Download PDF
  • Seismic Performance at Beam Ends of Unbonded Prestressed Precast Concrete Frames

    Yuchen Jiang , Jian Wang , Jiabin Wen , Haoyang Shuai , Zhijun Cheng    DOI:    pp. 289-297 Abstract     Numerical modelling was conducted to investigate the seismic performance at beam ends of unbonded prestressed precast concrete frames. The established finite element model was verified by the test results. Through numerical simulation, the influence of such factors as the presence or absence o...   Download PDF
  • Progress in the influence of high blood pressure, diabetes, lifestyle and environmental factors on the quality of male semen

    Li Ren , Chiyu Huang , Heng Hao    DOI:    pp. 298-303 Abstract    Male infertility is a common problem among couples, and about 50% of infertilities are caused by male partners, mainly due to poor sperm quality.The quality of semen is influenced by many factors, including male physical condition, lifestyle and environmental factors.In recent years, there has been ...   Download PDF
  • An Intelligent Health Monitoring System for Buildings Based on IoT Technology

    Feiyue Zhu , Yuli He , Haifeng Qiu    DOI:    pp. 304-310 Abstract    This paper presents the design and development of an intelligent health monitoring system for buildings, utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technology. In addressing a prevailing issue in current building stress monitoring methods, which often overlooks point cloud data preprocessing, we propose a m...   Download PDF
  • N- or S-doped porous carbon-based metal catalysts for hydrogenation of CO2 to formic acid

    Yuankang Xu , Jianchao Zhang , Linqing Zhu , Ruiqin Xu , Baizhen Pan , Lianwei Liu , Guangquan Zhang , Rui Sun , Lin Wang , Zhuangjun Fan    DOI:    pp. 311-316 Abstract    Hydrogenation of CO2 to formic acid (FA) is a promising method to meet the increasing energy demand and reduce CO2 emissions. In this work, efficient catalyst was successfully designed and synthesized by loading uniformly dispersed Ir nanoparticles on N- or S-doped carbon materials, catalyzing the h...   Download PDF
  • Double Restriction of Bismuth Nanoparticles by Carbon Matrixes for Ultralong−lifespan Sodium Storage

    Fuchao Huang , Zheng Liu , Ke Cao , Zhuangjun Fan    DOI:    pp. 317-322 Abstract    Alloying-type bismuth (Bi) anodes show a high theoretical capacity for sodium-ion batteries (SIB), yet their huge volume expansion and electrode pulverization resulted in poor electrochemical stability. Herein, we proposed a feasible strategy for the preparation of carbon/Bi composite material in wh...   Download PDF
  • Modification 1T-MoS2 with surface ions towards electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction

    Lulu Chen , Yichao Huang , Limin Wang , Sixuan Huang , Zhuangjun Fan    DOI:    pp. 323-329 Abstract    Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is considered as a thriving and cost-efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Unfortunately, the semiconductor phase of 2H-MoS2 itself has a conservative electronic intrinsic transport rate and the restricted active sites to edge regions, lead...   Download PDF
  • Low-cost micron-sized silicon/carbon anode prepared by a facile ball-milling method for Li-ion batteries

    Yueqiang Lin , Bin Qi , Zhiyuan Li , Su Zhang , Tong Wei , Zhuangjun Fan    DOI:    pp. 330-335 Abstract    Commercially, Si nanoparticles (nano Si) are blended with graphite to construct high-capacity Si/C anodes. However, this strategy falls short because of the high cost of nano Si, serious pollution due to the use of organic solvent, and weak physical-electrical connection between graphite and Si. Her...   Download PDF
  • Reactive Power Demand Estimation and Dynamic Reactive Power Optimal Allocation for HVDC Receiving Network

    Tianchen Zhao , Gong Zhang , Dehai Zhang , Haibo Li , Lei Zhang    DOI:    pp. 336-342 Abstract     The transient voltage stability of the receiver system is severely challenged by the AC-DC interaction and the short electrical distance between individual DC drop points of the receiver network. Firstly, the dynamic reactive power of DC receiver system is analyzed in this paper. The analysis ...   Download PDF
  • Underwater Manipulator Angle Feedback Device System Design

    Zhitao Hao , Zhuoyi Yang    DOI:    pp. 343-348 Abstract    Aiming to address the precision issues related to the angles during the operation of underwater manipulator, research was conducted, and a feedback device for the manipulator angles was designed. This device can accurately detect the working angles of the manipulator, enabling the underwater manipul...   Download PDF
  • Fatigue Fracture Behavior of TA15 Alloy after Laser Marking

    Kun Qian , Linqing Yang , Yunlong Jiang , Jinlan An , Li Hui    DOI:    pp. 349-354 Abstract    In order to study the effect of laser marking on the fatigue properties of TA15 titanium alloy, the alloy was marked at two depths respectively, and the low-cycle fatigue properties and fracture mechanism of TA15 titanium alloy after marking were analyzed and discussed. The results show that differe...   Download PDF
  • Stability Analysis of Slopes Supported by Anti-slip Piles under Different Working Conditions

    Zhiquan Wang , Jian Wu , Shuaihua Ye , Dong Yang , Longwei Zhu    DOI:    pp. 355-360 Abstract    In the reinforcement of slope management measures, the arrangement of anti-slip piles is often used to keep the slope stable, and anti-slip piles, as a typical landslide prevention and control structure, occupy a more important position in landslide management. Relying on a landslide in Gansu Provin...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of landslide stabilization in a near-dam reservoir area

    Zhiquan Wang , Jian Wu , Shuaihua Ye , Dong Yang , Fengfeng Gao    DOI:    pp. 361-366 Abstract    The geological conditions of the landslide area in a near-dam reservoir area of a water conservancy hub project are complicated, and the stability problem of the landslide body is prominent, which is not only directly related to the safety of the adjacent office building and highway, but also poses ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Influence of Calcination Temperature on the Content of Free Silicon Dioxide in Dust

    Lihua Dong , Ying Liu    DOI:    pp. 367-371 Abstract    In order to verify the oxidation of silicon to silicon dioxide during the calcination process of silica containing dust, silicon powder and monocrystalline silicon were calcined at different temperatures. The sample was analyzed using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and compared ...   Download PDF
  • Residual strength of a casing with corrosion semi-ellipsoid defect in high-sulfur gas wells

    Yang Wang , Xiang Yi , Xuelun Zhang , Siyan Liu , Jiajia Jing , Wenwu Yang , Liuchuan Yang    DOI:    pp. 372-376 Abstract    There are few studies on the residual strength of semi-ellipsoid defect casing considering the bending moment load in high sulfur gas well. In this paper, a numerical model of a casing with corrosion defects exposed to bending moment is proposed. The effect of the defect positions along the circumfe...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Residence Time and Carrier Gas on the Dehydrogenation of n-Hexane over Alumina-supported Chromium Catalyst

    Xiuyi Li , Chunyi Li    DOI:    pp. 377-383 Abstract    CrOx/γ-Al2O3 catalyst was prepared by incipient wetness impregnation method, and the influence of residence time and carrier gas on the dehydrogenation of n-hexane were studied. It is found that n-hexane dehydrogenation over CrOx/γ-Al2O3 catalyst with H2 as carrier gas exhibits totally different cat...   Download PDF
  • Optimization of Air Supply Conditions for Large Space Radiant Air Conditioning Based on Response Surface Analysis

    Yijiang Chen , Jun Zhang    DOI:    pp. 384-391 Abstract    In large spaces, the comfort control of radiant air conditioning systems still has deficiencies. Mainly reliant on traditional parameter control methods, the interaction effects of diverse operating conditions are not taken into account, and the control results are still in need of optimization. To ...   Download PDF
  • A Review of Transportation Aviation Operational Safety Research in China and the United States

    Dan Li , Lin Wei    DOI:    pp. 392-395 Abstract    According to relevant data from ICAO and China's civil aviation, the global aviation industry is in a gradual recovery phase. As the world's first and second largest aviation markets, China and the U.S. have extensive cooperation in a number of fields such as aircraft and airborne equipment manufact...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent Technology Assessment of High-Speed Railway Based on Knowledge Graphs

    Chenchen Liu , Hongwei Wang , Lin Wang    DOI:    pp. 396-402 Abstract    This paper introduces an intelligent technology assessment framework for high-speed railways based on a knowledge graph approach. We employ rule-based knowledge extraction algorithms and a Bert-BiLSTM-CRF model for entity extraction from technical texts. Subsequently, we establish relationships amon...   Download PDF
  • Risk prediction of water inrush in karst tunnels and analysis of surrounding rock stability

    Yujiang Tian , Bin Liu , Baoming Hu , Chen Yuan , Jin Wang , Chao Liu    DOI:    pp. 403-409 Abstract    Karst tunnel construction has always been an important and difficult point in tunnel engineering. Based on the Yilai Expressway Wantan Tunnel Project, this paper analyzes the water-bearing lithofacies of the surrounding rock of the Wantan Tunnel and the karst hydrogeological conditions of the tunnel...   Download PDF
  • Topological optimization design for support structure under multiple loading conditions

    Jiayong Yan , Cunyi Wang , Yuping Chen , Lixin Zhang , Qingxin Cui    DOI:    pp. 410-416 Abstract    In view of the lightweight and high stiffness requirements of a certain type of spacecraft support, combined with the special performance and environment of the support, topology optimization technology is introduced into the optimal design of the support structure in the space field. The topology o...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of deformation law of an airport foundation pit monitoring in loess area

    Shuli Guo , Kongfeng Wei , Weiqiang Wu    DOI:    pp. 417-423 Abstract    This paper takes an airport foundation pit project in northwest loess area as the research object, and introduces the key method technology of support, construction and monitoring of this foundation pit project. The scope of this foundation pit project is widely distributed, there are no buildings i...   Download PDF
  • Design and application of VRGIS 3D simulation system for power grid soil and water conservation

    Lei Yu , Songyang Zhang , Jinjin Shang , Gaofeng Su , Zhen Sun    DOI:    pp. 424-431 Abstract    Under the development trend of economic globalization, the rapid development of social economy and science and technology provides a new direction for the research of soil and water conservation technology in power grid. As an organic combination of geographic information system and virtual reality ...   Download PDF
  • The application of data encryption technology in computer network system

    Hongyi Liu    DOI:    pp. 432-438 Abstract    Network security as the focus of the application of computer technology, in the construction and development of modern society, in the face of the rapid development of Internet technology, worldwide network communication and network trade, how to effectively protect the security of network data and ...   Download PDF
  • Noise Mapping and Measurements for Sound Environment Assessment in a Typical Chinese Water-Rich Village

    Xiaojiang Chen , Wenxuan Yue , Gongjun Huang , Zhengyong Zhang , Limin Zhang , Ningning Rong    DOI:    pp. 439-447 Abstract    The construction of beautiful villages in China is carrying more and more demand for leisure and health care, thus increasing requirements for the quality of the village environment. In this paper, Huanggongwang in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province in China, a typical water-rich village, was selected as the...   Download PDF
  • Research on Wear Damage of Anchor Chain under Different Load Modes

    Yugang Li , Jingjie Chen , Jiachen Li , Bin Wang , Bo Ten    DOI:    pp. 448-453 Abstract    In the marine environment, mooring anchor chains bear complex loads such as axial tension and out of plane bending. These loads cause wear and corrosion damage to the anchor chain, reducing its fatigue strength, and even leading to fatigue fracture. The inspection load applied to the anchor chain be...   Download PDF
  • Delivery of Worm-like Drug Carriers in Stenotic Mrcovessels: A Simulation Study

    Yanhui Wei , Yufeng Zhu , Tong Wang    DOI:    pp. 454-458 Abstract    We present in this study two-dimensional numerical simulations of hydrodynamic interaction between red blood cells (RBCs) and worm-like drug carriers in a stenotic microvessel. The dynamics of the blood flow and large deformation of the RBC are fully resolved in the simulations u...   Download PDF
  • Research on Measurement Technology of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Honeycomb Structure

    Xiaojun Tang , Lixia Liu , Guobao Dai , Zijie Sun , Yaodong Yang , Ao Li    DOI:    pp. 459-464 Abstract    Honeycomb structure is widely used as the main sandwich layer of load-bearing structure in aviation, aerospace and other fields because of its light weight and high strength. Under some service conditions, the deformation of the honeycomb structure affected by high and low temperature will affect th...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Multi-rough Element Combination on Hypersonic Boundary Layer

    Zhiyi Zhao , Dalei Zhu , Yaodong Yang , Xiaojun Tang , Liang Xin , Guobao Dai , Ao Li    DOI:    pp. 465-470 Abstract    In this paper, the influence of multi-rough element combination controlled by cubic polynomial on the flow field of hypersonic blunt wedge is studied by direct numerical simulation. The influence mechanism of six continuous rough element combinations on the flow parameters in the boundary layer is a...   Download PDF
  • Differentiation Potential Analysis of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Guizhou Miniature Pigs

    Qian Li , Zengcai Liang , Taofeng Lu    DOI:    pp. 471-476 Abstract    In this study, different growth characteristics of hematopoietic stem cells and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells were used to isolate and culture BMSCs by whole bone marrow adhesion method, and RT-PCR was used to detect cell surface markers CD29, CD31, CD34, CD44, CD71, CD73, CD90. The differentia...   Download PDF
  • Research on Singularity in Calculation of Induced Electric Field in Pointed Conductors

    Kejie Li , Dian Sun    DOI:    pp. 477-483 Abstract    In the electric field environment of thunderstorm, the tip of a grounded object at a high place is more likely to produce corona discharge and finally cause lightning flash. Therefore, the study of the surface electric field of the grounded object tip in the electric field environment has important ...   Download PDF
  • Multi-objective Agent Model for XGBoost Controlled VFTO Simulator Based on Bayesian Optimization Algorithm

    Kejie Li , Longlong Li    DOI:    pp. 484-490 Abstract    VFTO generated from GIS may cause interference and damage to terminal equipment on the primary and secondary sides, but experimental measures to evaluate the affected equipment and electromagnetic effects of the equipment through actual measurements are quite limited, so it is desired to build a VFT...   Download PDF
  • Construction of Innovative Comprehensive Training Platform Based on Internet of Things Intelligent Hardware

    Zhenkun Jin , Yiting Cai , Xiaomin Yu    DOI:    pp. 491-496 Abstract    The traditional training platform carries out experimental teaching for a specific course.  The main content of experimental teaching is for each single knowledge point, not all experiments can be covered. Students can not rise from individual knowledge points to a...   Download PDF
  • Solving a Class of Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization Problems Via Proximal Alternating Linearization Scheme with Inexact Information

    Ming Huang , Yue He , Pingping Qiao , Siqi Zhang , Yongxiu Feng    DOI:    pp. 497-501 Abstract    For optimization problems minimizing the sum of two nonconvex and nonsmooth functions, we propose an alternate linearization method with inexact data. In many practical optimization applications, only the inexact information of the function can be obtained. The core idea of this method is ...   Download PDF
  • The Effects of Second-hand Smoke on Liver Cancer

    Bowen Zhang , Shiqi Mei , Haowei Ti    DOI:    pp. 502-505 Abstract    Secondhand tobacco smoke contains at least 69 carcinogens, such as nitrosamines, hydrocarbons, tar, and vinyl chloride. The liver is the main metabolic organ for these products. When the human body is exposed to these carcinogens for a long time, the carcinogens will cause "mutations" in the genes i...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Physical Properties of Cut Tobacco under Different Storage Conditions

    Jiaojiao Chen , Yanling Ma , Xuan Lv , Shuo Sun , Yang Gao , Zijuan Li    DOI:    pp. 506-514 Abstract    In order to explore the influence of different storage conditions on the physical properties of cut tobacco during storage, this study measured the changes in moisture content, moisture activity, and physical properties of cut tobacco. Based on these indicators, the relationship between various phys...   Download PDF
  • Calculation Method of Flange Bolt Preload Based on Finite Element

    Ziqiang Wang , Zhonggui Yang , Zhilei Zhao , Zhenqiang Liu , Jiahao Wen , Menghan Li    DOI:    pp. 515-521 Abstract    Flange bolt connection is one of the most important connection modes in bolt connection at present. In this paper, the finite element model of the bolt between the shell and the head flange is established to analyze the influence of different initial preload on the bolt stress state under external l...   Download PDF
  • Contrastive Learning Dimensionality Reduction Method Based on Manifold Learning

    Jinghao Situ    DOI:    pp. 522-533 Abstract     With the development of the times, more and more high-dimensional datasets come into people's view. In order to reduce the time complexity and space complexity of downstream tasks, data dimensionality reduction becomes the primary choice. Classical dimensionality reduction algorithms are mainl...   Download PDF
  • Short Text Classification Model based on Pre-trained Language Model with Feature Fusion

    Haihui Huang , Shiyang Hu    DOI:    pp. 534-543 Abstract     In response to the low accuracy of Chinese short text classification in the current data mining field and the defects of existing deep learning models with more model parameters and higher time complexity, this paper proposes a new text classification model - short text classification model (A...   Download PDF
  • Efficient Prediction of Polymer Glass Transition Temperatures through Machine Learning Methods

    Xianghe Meng    DOI:    pp. 544-549 Abstract    The glass transition temperature (Tg) plays a crucial role in defining polymer properties. Despite the widespread use of machine learning for material design and property prediction, there are still challenges concerning the interpretability and model performance when predicting Tg. In this study, S...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Influence of Microeconomic Factors on Stock Market Fluctuation

    Zheyu Xu    DOI:    pp. 550-557 Abstract    Market volatility has always been a focus of attention for investors and practitioners, as it is crucial for investment decision-making and risk management. Microeconomic factors, such as company financial conditions, macroeconomic factors, industry characteristics, and government policies, are cons...   Download PDF
  • Optimization Strategy of Credit Scoring System based on Support Vector Machine

    Xinyi Li    DOI:    pp. 558-566 Abstract    This article proposes a novel optimization strategy for credit scoring systems that exploits the capabilities of SVM. Focusing on the importance of personal credit scoring in today's credit dynamics, the article explores SVM's versatility in various domains through a literature review. The theoretic...   Download PDF
  • Object Detection Model for Marine Organisms Based on Faster R-CNN

    JunHan Hu    DOI:    pp. 567-578 Abstract    With the development of marine resources, image-based biological target detection technology has gradually become the core method of marine ecological monitoring. This paper adopts Faster R-CNN technology, combined with two deep learning models, VGG and ResNet50, to improve the efficiency of target ...   Download PDF
  • Human binocular color fusion model based on BP Neural Networks prediction

    Yuxiang Zhu    DOI:    pp. 579-587 Abstract    Stereoscopic display vision is significantly impacted by the color distortion of left and right eye images. When the human eye receives a specific range of dissimilar color information separately, the visual system combines them into a single color through binocular color fusion. In this study, we p...   Download PDF
  • Balancing Performance Trade-offs in Modern Sorting Methodologies

    Muyang Li    DOI:    pp. 588-603 Abstract    The study of sorting algorithms has always been a key topic. This paper thoroughly explains and investigates the time complexity of six classic sorting algorithms through theoretical analysis and experimental comparison. We implemented insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort, shell sort, quickso...   Download PDF
  • Graph Neural Networks for Skeleton-based action recognition

    Kairen Chen , Zihao Yang , Zhenyu Yang    DOI:    pp. 604-612 Abstract     One of the important directions of the application of artificial intelligence based on human bone behavior recognition is also a research hotspot in the field of computer vision in recent years. Human image video not only contains complex backgrounds, but also uncertain factors such as changes...   Download PDF
  • Development and Review of Group Rescue Robots Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

    JunHan Hu    DOI:    pp. 613-621 Abstract    Rescue robots can perform rescue missions in dangerous and complex environments, protect humans from harm, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of rescue, thus playing an increasingly important role in disaster management and rescue. This article reviews the technologies and methods required...   Download PDF
  • A Kind of (n,t)Threshold Quantum State Sharing Scheme Based on Chinese Reminder Theorem

    Yanchang Li    DOI:    pp. 622-628 Abstract    Secret sharing is a key technology of data confidentiality, where one can distribute a secret among agents, and only the authorized agents can recover the original secret. Quantum information technology, including quantum communication, quantum computing can break through the bottlenecks of classica...   Download PDF
  • Large-Scale Data Processing and Machine Learning Analysis Model Based on Distributed Algorithm

    Manfei Lo    DOI:    pp. 629-636 Abstract    The model of large-scale data processing and ML(machine learning) analysis based on DA(distributed algorithm) is a powerful computing method, which aims at processing huge data sets and performing efficient ML analysis. In this paper, a cluster topology driver module based on gradient switching and ...   Download PDF
  • A review of recent advances in fault diagnosis based on deep neural networks

    Rongyu Li    DOI:    pp. 637-649 Abstract    Bearings are essential components in mechanical systems, supporting the rotation of various machine parts in motors, wind turbines, vehicles, and industrial robots, making their health critical for system performance and reliability. Traditional diagnosis methods, such as vibration and acoustic anal...   Download PDF
  • A survey on common biostatistics tools in neuroscience: Machine learning and Bayesian modeling

    Ziyi Xue    DOI:    pp. 650-654 Abstract    Machine learning was characterized by building models and finding correlations between data features, while logistic regression, decision trees, support vector machines (SVM), random forest (RF) and neural networks were recognized as common ML approaches. Bayesian modeling model uncertainty, which c...   Download PDF
  • Application of AR technology in the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain

    Zhaocheng Xu    DOI:    pp. 655-659 Abstract    In recent years, with the continuous occurrence of accidents such as car accidents, wars, engineering accidents, natural disasters, tumors and vascular diseases, the number of patients with limb disability due to amputations or accidental injuries is also increasing. phantom limb pain (PLP), one of ...   Download PDF
  • Application analysis and development forecast of 5G in media field

    Sitan Shen    DOI:    pp. 660-664 Abstract    The arrival of 5G era has brought many changes in the media field. Visually, the maturity of ultra-high-definition video and VR technology brings a more real perception; In terms of engagement, real-time interaction makes people more engaged and reduces the demands on the user's hardware; In the for...   Download PDF
  • Abnormal crop warning system based on OpenMV

    Sitan Shen    DOI:    pp. 665-669 Abstract    In order to realize the early warning of abnormal crops, the photographing technology and image recognition technology of openMV and openCV are comprehensively applied to study the early warning of abnormal crops. The design take photos using openMV hardware platform and connects to the cloud throug...   Download PDF
  • Miniaturized detection devices powered by various heaters: A quick review under the background of water-borne disease epidemics

    Chuanhao Zhang    DOI:    pp. 670-676 Abstract    With the progress of society and the development of productivity, the problem of water pollution and water shortage caused by water pollution is becoming more and more serious. Water-borne diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms also bring great harm to human beings and other life forms. These ...   Download PDF
  • Taking Dandelion as an Example: Exploring a Comprehensive Prediction and Evaluation Model for Invasive Species

    Zixin Wang , Shaoyu Li , Yuqiao Song , Jinhao Yao    DOI:    pp. 677-686 Abstract    With the rapid growth of global trade and tourism, the phenomenon of species invasion is becoming increasingly serious. Invasive species often have a significant impact on native ecosystems, disrupting ecological balance and threatening biodiversity. Therefore, it is essential to conduct in-depth re...   Download PDF
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Species Invasion

    Yihan Chen , Tianqing Du , Qi Zhang , Ning Zhang    DOI:    pp. 687-697 Abstract    Invasive species, like dandelions, threaten biodiversity and bring economic and ecological risks. It is important to evaluate whether they are beneficial and their interactions with local species. This article stimulates the occurrence of invasion, evaluates the influencing factors of three species,...   Download PDF
  • The risk of dandelion invasion

    Jieyi Zhang , Yicui Liao , Zhiyuan Ren    DOI:    pp. 698-707 Abstract    Dandelion originated in the Mediterranean coastal region, under suitable conditions, its seeds can spread and spread with the wind, and there are a large number of seeds. This article uses the WINDISPER-L model to analyze the propagation distance of seeds under different settling rates, settling hei...   Download PDF
  • Research on structural modulus inversion method of asphalt pavement based on BP neural networ

    Ruimin Li    DOI:    pp. 708-714 Abstract    The current inversion methods based on pattern recognition method, database search method, genetic algorithm and other inversion methods are difficult to solve the absolute convergence problem of structural modulus inversion for asphalt pavements with more than three layers, while the deep learning ...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of overvoltage impact on shell-type on-board traction transformer by multi-physics field simulation

    Ziyue Zhang , Zijing Wang , Song Xiao    DOI:    pp. 715-722 Abstract    With the rapid development and increasing demands for the high-speed railway in China, it is of great significance to examine the defects of the high-speed train and ensure the safety of the operating railway. In the actual operation of the high-speed train, there is a split-phase section to transit...   Download PDF
  • Enhancing 2D Path Search and PID Control for Autonomous Mobile Robots: A* Algorithm Optimization and Hardware

    Chengzhi Zhou    DOI:    pp. 723-731 Abstract     Intelligent autonomous mobile robots find diverse applications across various fields. This article delves into the optimization of path search planning and implementation for these robots in specific scenarios. The study enhances the traditional right-hand principle's search strategy, integrat...   Download PDF
  • Multi-Vehicle Unmanned Following Operation Driving System Based on OpenMV

    Yongcheng Ming , Rongbiao Yan , Yiwei Ma , Kaibi Zhang , Luning Lei    DOI:    pp. 732-743 Abstract    In response to the low level of agricultural production automation and labor shortage, to improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery utilization and the reliability of automatic navigation, this paper designs an intelligent agricultural machinery system based on OpenMV for multi-vehicle unmann...   Download PDF
  • A novel decomposition-based ensemble broad learning system for short-term load forecasting

    Yihan Tian    DOI:    pp. 744-756 Abstract    Load forecasting of the power system plays a key role in the production planning and actual operation scheduling of power systems. However, as the power system becomes larger and more complex, it is very important to propose a forecasting model with high accuracy and low computational cost. In this ...   Download PDF
  • Influencing Factor and Research Progress of Neonatal Nutritional Support

    Jing Zhang    DOI:    pp. 757-761 Abstract    Neonatal nutrition has been the subject of debate and research since ancient times. The lack of the nutritional needs of newborns will lead to a series of problems such as growth stagnation, neurodysplasia and reduced cognitive level. This article reviews influencing factors of the neonatal nut...   Download PDF
  • Photonic Approach to Multi-band Dual-chirp Microwave Waveform Generation with Quadruple Bandwidth

    Haowen Zhang , Qiuze Yu    DOI:    pp. 762-769 Abstract    We propose a scheme for generating a microwave waveform with dual-band, dual-chirp, linearly chirped characteristics and quadruple chirp bandwidth. In this scheme, we employ two cascaded Mach-Zehnder modulators (MZMs), with each modulated by a microwave signal and a linearly frequency modulated (LFM...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of big data mining technology based on neural network

    Xiangchao Wang    DOI:    pp. 770-776 Abstract    In the development of social construction, all walks of life have the application of data mining technology, with the continuous development of science and technology, data mining technology can not only use the hidden law to solve the problem of time, but also can grasp more valuable data in the in...   Download PDF
  • Research on digital transformation and application of key business of power grid planning

    Xianfu Gong , Yaodong Li , Bo Peng , Zhu Miao , Xiong Xiong    DOI:    pp. 777-784 Abstract    As the basis for the construction and development of the power grid industry, power grid planning not only affects the development direction of power grid enterprises, but also determines the economic level, social stability and quality of life of urban residents. In the construction and development...   Download PDF
  • Optimal Operation Model of Ecological Flow of Hydropower Station Based on Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network

    Qiyou Wang , Jiping Chen , Liang Cui    DOI:    pp. 785-790 Abstract    In view of the contradiction between the ecological flow regulation of the reservoir River and the power generation flow regulation of the reservoir with the largest power generation, this paper takes the maximum power generation and the maximum average ecological protection degree as the objective ...   Download PDF
  • Preparation and Properties of Graphene Flexible Membrane

    Yao Yao , Chao Han , Zijun Guo , Jinzhou Dai , Bichen Zhou    DOI:    pp. 791-795 Abstract    Graphene material has excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, and the flexible film prepared by it can be widely used in intelligent wearables, industrial temperature control, biomedicine, home heating and other fields. In this paper, graphene paste was used to prepare textile subst...   Download PDF
  • System of Smart Home Based on Speech Recognition with Machine Learning

    Baihua Li    DOI:    pp. 796-802 Abstract    This article designs and implements a system of smart home based on speech recognition with machine learning and Android. The STM32 microcontroller is combined with actuating components to control home devices by obtaining server control commands through the network. Th...   Download PDF
  • Firing Accuracy in Rotor Dynamics Prediction of Unbalanced Mass and Bearing Clearance

    Jian Xu , Zhen Yang , Wanchuan Liu    DOI:    pp. 803-808 Abstract    The XYZ center of gravity of the barrel part of the M134 Gatling gun and the components composed of bullets was calculated from the five types of clearances between the bearings without clearance to the bearings with clearance. According to the calculation of five clearances, the angle deviation is ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Flare Burner for Venting in Gas Transmission Station

    Xiangmin Dong , Nanxi Zhai , Xuan Liu , Qin Zhang , Weihao Li    DOI:    pp. 809-817 Abstract    With the widespread application of natural gas, the venting of remaining natural gas is an issue that cannot be ignored. Direct venting causes serious environmental pollution, so thermal venting, also known as combustion venting, has become an important way to solve environmental pollution problems....   Download PDF
  • Topology-based Resilience Assessment of Port Multimodal Transport Networks: A Case Study of Shanghai Port

    Xi Dong , Junyi Min , Yiheng Xi , Chenming Jiang    DOI:    pp. 818-825 Abstract    As transit nodes in the field of international trade, ports are of critical importance for establishing and maintaining the effectiveness of the trade supply chain. However, the system performance of ports is vulnerable to disruptions caused by unexpected events such as natural disasters, accid...   Download PDF
  • Research on Public Vehicle Evacuation Path Planning Model Based on Spatiotemporal Network

    Wenxuan Zhang , Zhengwei Lin , Ziyang Wang , Yipu Huang , Haoyuan Shi , Ying Li    DOI:    pp. 826-831 Abstract    This study aims to improve the efficiency of public vehicle evacuation during large-scale disasters by minimizing travel and waiting times for individuals and vehicles. To accomplish this, an S-curve behavior model was used to estimate evacuation demand, and a network model was developed to consider...   Download PDF
  • An Exploration of the Optimization of Network Security Technology Based on Deep Learning Algorithms

    Shangtao Zhang    DOI:    pp. 832-836 Abstract    With the development of society into the information age, artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, and its influence on various industries through machine learning and deep learning cannot be underestimated. Machine learning, as a branch of the field of artificial intelligence, allows computer...   Download PDF
  • An Exploration of Customer Segmentation Methods Based on Clustering Algorithm in the Context of Big Data

    Wenbo Zhao    DOI:    pp. 837-840 Abstract    Accompanied by the continuous development of big data technology, various industries are well aware of the advantages of big data, which are widely used in customer service work, especially in the support of customer segmentation work, and have achieved good results. In this paper, for the problems ...   Download PDF
  • Study On The Improvement Of Precise Transfer Process For Critically Ill Neonates

    Xin Wang , Chaoxue Guo , Zhiyi Li , Yuchi Liu , Linlin Wang , Yuxian Gao    DOI:    pp. 841-845 Abstract    Objective To improve the nursing strategy of critically ill neonatal transport and provide guidance for neonatal transport nursing through the study of critically ill neonatal transport. Methods From January 2020 to July 2023, according to the specific requirements and management regulations of epid...   Download PDF
  • Fast calculation and analysis of excitation inrush current peak of converter transformer under different remanence conditions

    Chen Wang , Jianlin Li , Rigao Shu , Cheng Xie , Zheng Cao , Zhiwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 846-851 Abstract    In order to solve the problems of fixed model parameters and low efficiency in the traditional numerical method and software simulation method for transformer excitation inrush current. In this paper, the response surface fitting method is applied to the calculation of the excitation inrush current,...   Download PDF
  • Application of AES and 3DES Hybrid Encryption Algorithm Based on Optimized S Box in the Data Transmission of Human Resources and Social Security Informatization

    Lei Hua    DOI:    pp. 852-857 Abstract    In this paper, a hybrid encryption algorithm based on AES and 3DES is proposed to improve the security of data transmission in human resources and social security informatization. We first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of AES and 3DES, and then elaborate on why the two algorithms are...   Download PDF
  • Research on Improvement and Optimization Design of Mobile Switching in RPL Routing Protocol

    Hong Zhou    DOI:    pp. 858-861 Abstract    In response to the shortcomings of the current RPL routing protocol, fully utilizing the idea of opportunistic routing, this study proposes an improved RPL routing protocol node mobility switching method to enhance the mobility support of wireless sensor IPv6 networks. Analyze existing RPL routing p...   Download PDF
  • Treatment of Spray Paint Wastewater by a Coupled Electro-Fenton and SBR Technology

    Lingli Fang , Junye Zhang , Haoran Shi    DOI:    pp. 862-867 Abstract    Spray painting wastewater is industrial wastewater created during the painting process; its composition is complicated, comprising a significant number of difficult biodegradable organic matter; nevertheless, the existing technology is not optimal, and the process cannot reach the desired criteria. ...   Download PDF
  • Comfort Prediction Method for Wearable Devices: Current Progress and Future Direction

    Weiyu Lin , Ziwei Chen    DOI:    pp. 868-872 Abstract    Falls constitute a significant health risk, particularly among the elderly, thus prompting the introduction of various wearable devices capable of fall detection. However, the majority of these devices prioritize accuracy over wearer comfort, which significantly influences user adherence and, by ext...   Download PDF
  • Productivity Decomposition of Chinese Energy Generation Enterprises: an Index Calculation Approach Embedded in the Data Envelopment Analysis Framework

    Longfei Xue , Bingnan Yang , Fan Yang , Xue Li    DOI:    pp. 873-880 Abstract    To explore the development of China's energy power generation enterprises, undertake reasonable resource allocation and optimization, and promote sustainable development. We apply an index calculation approach within the data envelopment analysis framework, collecting data from 50 enterprises in 200...   Download PDF
  • Liquid Level Control System for Degassing Chamber of Vacuum Oil Filter Based on Fuzzy PID

    Man Hu , Wentian Zhao , Jiahang Bai , Yang Liu , Ziyuan Wang , Naiwen Zhang , Jie Li , Xilong Wang , Yuhao Liu , Jingzhi Lv    DOI:    pp. 881-887 Abstract    This paper proposed a fuzzy PID control method to address the complexities associated with the inertia and nonlinear variations in liquid level control within the degassing chamber of vacuum oil filter. Tailored to meet practical control demands, a fuzzy control rule table was devised. This solution...   Download PDF
  • Coupled Vibration Analysis of a Beam-Arch Composite Continuous Rigid Structure with Parallel Traffic Flow

    Rui Han    DOI:    pp. 888-901 Abstract    To investigate the structural dynamic characteristics of a beam-arch composite continuous rigid structure bridge under the action of parallel moving loads on a multi-lane highway, a joint simulation analysis program based on Easy Language and ANSYS was developed. This study was conducted using a six...   Download PDF