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  • 2022 International Conference on Big Data and Materials Science(ICBDMS 2022)

    Editors: Linsey Zhou,Allen Hu | May 30-31, 2022 | WuHan,China ISBN: Online Time: The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, scholars and students to exchange ideas and update technical knowledge, and to provide a platform for joint research programmers to formulate mutually beneficial policies. The meeting welcomed participants and contributions to the theoretical research and practical application of materials science, and big data. In addition to parallel technical meetings, plenary meetings will be held. All papers submitted to ICBDMS 2022 through must be written in English and sent to at least two reviewers and evaluated for originality, technical or research content, correctness, relevance to the conference, contribution and readability. All papers submitted will be selected based on technical strengths, interests, applicability, and their suitability for a coherent and balanced technical solution.

Conference Lists

  • Research on maintenance and strengthening strategies of concrete structures exposed to chloride environment base on state index

    Array    DOI:    pp. 1-6 Abstract    To explore the preventive maintenance and necessity strengthening of service concrete structures suffering from chloride attack, two parameters, the crack width and corrosion depth of reinforcement, are selected as the status indicators throughout the degradation process of cracked concrete structur...   Download PDF
  • Test and analysis of temperature field of asphalt pavement heated by asphalt pavement maintenance equipment

    Wen Zhu    DOI:    pp. 7-10 Abstract    In the construction of asphalt pavement recycling technology,   hot air circulating type heating method is one of the more widely used methods. Therefore, the research on the heating effect of this method in mobile asphalt pavement maintenance equipment is of great significance to improve ...   Download PDF
  • Electrochemical corrosion behavior of Ni-P, AlCrN and Ni-P-AlCrN multilayer composite coatings used on grounding grids

    Wen Zhu    DOI:    pp. 11-18 Abstract    In this work, single NiP alloy, we use cathodic arc ion plating and electroless plating, AlCrN and NiP-AlCrN multilayer composite coatings were sedimented from the teeth outwards Q235 carbon steel. It is surface appearances of the coating that were inspected by using scanning electron microscop...   Download PDF
  • Impact of Safety Climate on Construction Workers’ Safety Behavior: Mediating Effect of Self-efficacy

    Wen Zhu    DOI:    pp. 19-28 Abstract     Unsafe behavior is the most cited cause of construction accidents. However, to further reduce accidents unsafe behavior should be taken as effect instead of cause. Among others, unsafe behavior can be driven by the work environment and the systems in place. Safety climate reveals the priority ...   Download PDF
  • Application of virtual reality technology in campus landscape roaming

    Wen Zhu    DOI:    pp. 29-35 Abstract     With the popularity of the metaverse concept, virtual reality technology is widely used in people's lives, and the emergence of this new technology also brings new development opportunities to environmental design. Using computer-aided design, 3D roaming and other methods to build a virtual th...   Download PDF
  • Determination of the total composition in gallic residue

    Shuge Tian , Xiangdong Jiang    DOI:    pp. 36-41 Abstract    n this study, ten batches of gallic residue were used as raw materials. The contents of total protein, total polyphenol and total C were determined by Coomassie bright blue method, folin-phenol method and potassium dichromate oxidation method respectively, and the methodology was investigated. The r...   Download PDF
  • Denitrification performance and microbial communities of solid-phase denitrifying reactors using novel composite

    Baorui Liang , Tong Zhu , Fei Kang , Yao Wang , Sai Yao    DOI:    pp. 42-46 Abstract    This study explored the denitrification performance of solid-phase denitrification reactors packed with elemental sulfur/wheat straw/shell powder composites to treat nitrate-contaminated wastewater under different conditions. The sulfur-based autotrophic denitrification integrated natural-carbon-sou...   Download PDF
  • Density cutting volume fracturing technology for horizontal well in ultra-low permeability reservoir in Yuan284 area

    Shanbin He , Wang Ce , Cui Zhengpan , Xue Fafeng , Zheng Ping    DOI:    pp. 47-54 Abstract    The ultra-low permeability reservoir in Huaqing oilfield presents the characteristics of obvious non Darcy seepage, difficult matrix displacement, channeling of injectedwater along the waterflooding-induced fracture, and low production of single well in horizontal well development. Conventional wate...   Download PDF
  • Distribution and accumulation characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus of 16 species of plants on ecological floating-bed

    Chengxia Jia , Mu Yang , Jiangqi Qu , Pan Liu , Zhiming Xin , Qingjing Zhang    DOI:    pp. 55-61 Abstract    The distribution and accumulation characteristics of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) in the aerial and underground parts of 16 species of plants on ecological floating-bed were studied, and showed significant differences. The TN contents in the aerial part and underground part were 1.0...   Download PDF
  • Heavy metals distribution and accumulation characteristics of 16 species plants on ecological floating-bed

    Chengxia Jia , Mu Yang , Jiangqi Qu , Pan Liu , Zhiming Xin , Qingjing Zhang    DOI:    pp. 62-69 Abstract    Distribution and accumulation characteristics of copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), mercury (Hg), and lead (Pb) in the aerial and underground parts of 16 species of plants on ecological floating-bed were studied in the present study, and they showed significant differences. Most translocation factors for Cu, Z...   Download PDF
  • Orthogonal experimental study on Steam explosion treatment technology of areca nut

    Zhenqi Sun , Honghui Tan , Jinquan Song , Yanbin Hou , Jinxiang Huang    DOI:    pp. 70-74 Abstract    Improving quality of areca nut is a critical problem for manufacturers. A steam experimental explosion device has been developed. An areca nut processing technology was optimized by using the orthogonal experiment method. In which, the processing parameters including pressure, processing time and te...   Download PDF
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation on the Corrosion Inhibition Mechanism of Octadecylamine Inhibitor Film

    Chao Li , Junlin Huang , Keyi Zhou , Qinglan Xu    DOI:    pp. 75-79 Abstract    Octadecylamine (ODA), a well-known film-forming amine, recently finds increasing application in nuclear pressurized water reactors to protect carbon steel components in the secondary circuit against corrosion. To clarify the inhibition mechanism, molecular dynamics simulations were employed to study...   Download PDF
  • Study on the preparation of cementitious grout for grout sleeve splicing of rebars based on a ternary composite material system

    Wen Zhu , Shiming Huang , Shuo Zhang , Jiang Wu , Kun Luo , Mengxiong Tang    DOI:    pp. 80-87 Abstract    In this study, through orthogonal experiments, a ternary composite material system of sulfoaluminate cement, Portland cement and gypsum with optimal proportions was developed for preparing cementitous grout for rebar sleeve splicing. The main factors affecting the performances of the grout were inve...   Download PDF
  • Research on architectural planning of reconstruction and expansion of old teaching buildings——Taking the building of the Department of architecture of Wuhan University of technology as an example

    Luofei Zhang    DOI:    pp. 88-93 Abstract    Due to the changes of the times, there have been some problems in the use of teaching buildings in the old campuses of many colleges and universities. The Department of Architecture and Regulation of Wuhan University of Technology is a typical case. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the cu...   Download PDF
  • On Network Engergy of Random Graphs

    Shengjiu Liu , Minghui Ou    DOI:    pp. 94-104 Abstract    Due to the changes of the times, there have been some problems in the use of teaching buildings in the old campuses of many colleges and universities. The Department of Architecture and Regulation of Wuhan University of Technology is a typical case. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the cu...   Download PDF
  • Continuously and automatically selecting measurement for production wells with high production and gas-oil ratio

    Keke Zhao , Kun Fang , Ming Xing , Xue Xia , Shenghua Jiao , Yue Sun    DOI:    pp. 105-110 Abstract    To meet the requirements of large-scale and fast production, conventional metering technology will fail in the production well with high production and gas-oil ratio. In this paper, we propose a high degree of automation, unattended, continuously and automatically selecting measurement system, which...   Download PDF
  • Phase Function of Seawater Polluted by Oil Emulsion

    Lanjun Sun , Yanchao Zhang , Songlin Yin , Shiyou Fu    DOI:    pp. 111-118 Abstract    Oil droplets suspended in the seawater will seriously affect the transmission characteristics of electromagnetic wave from ultraviolet and visible light to infrared. The scattering phase function can show the laser transmission characteristics in seawater polluted by oil. Water with oil emulsion has...   Download PDF
  • Recent Advances on Video Super Resolution

    Zirui Liu    DOI:    pp. 119-134 Abstract    Super-resolution(SR) reconstruction is a technique which constructs high-resolution(HR) images/videos from low- resolution(LR) images/videos. Recently super resolution tech- niques has been prospering rapidly and being applied in various areas. In this article we look through recent works which made...   Download PDF
  • A 600 MHz Balanced Homodyne Detector for Quantum Information Processing

    Tianxiang Zhang , Yundi Huang , Xiangyu Wang , Ziyang Chen , Song Yu    DOI:    pp. 135-140 Abstract    Balanced homodyne detector (BHD) has been widely used in quantum information processing. In this paper, we design a wide bandwidth BHD and implement an optical layout to test the performance of our BHD. The test results show that the bandwidth is about 600 MHz, the quantum to classical noise ratio (...   Download PDF
  • Elastic deformation method for producing workpiece micro-protrusion topography in single-tip scratch test

    Qicai Hu , Ning Huang , Ying Yan , Ping Zhou    DOI:    pp. 141-148 Abstract    The single-tip tool scratch test is one of the main methods to study the grinding mechanism of hard-and-brittle materials. Given the difficulty to realize nanometer high-speed scratching, this paper proposes a new single-tip tool scratch test system setup and proposes a vacuum adsorption method supp...   Download PDF
  • Study on Improving Sewing Damage of Cuprammonium Fabric

    Xiaoshi Jia , Xiaohan Liu , Lina Cui    DOI:    pp. 149-155 Abstract    Cuprammonium fibers are usually used to prepare high-grade silk fabrics as its thin, soft, and suitable luster characters. Because of its smoothy surface of one single filament, which made the coefficient friction is lower than other common fibers, like cotton, hemp. The cuprammonium filament fabric...   Download PDF
  • Application of Ecological Architecture Design in Library

    Fengrui Tian    DOI:    pp. 156-161 Abstract    Under the background that people pay more and more attention to ecology, the application of ecological design in architecture is becoming more and more common. This paper introduces the application of various contents of ecological building design in library buildings, summarizes the development of ...   Download PDF
  • On the Current Situation and Improvement Measures of Library Light Environment

    Fengrui Tian    DOI:    pp. 162-167 Abstract    As the medium of communication between people and space, light plays an important role in the architectural environment, especially in the library, which has a high demand for light environment. Especially in the space with high requirements for light environment such as library, the treatment of li...   Download PDF
  • Application of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis in the Preparation of C4 Olefins by Ethanol Coupling

    Yiyue Zhang    DOI:    pp. 168-174 Abstract    For the preparation of C4 olefins by ethanol coupling, two-dimensional spline interpolation was performed on the original data to reduce the temperature interval.Then the correlation analysis was carried out to determine that the ethanol conversion rate and C4 olefin selectivity are strongly correla...   Download PDF
  • Spatio-temporal analysis of landscape pattern in water network area of Southern China-- A case study of Shuifumiao Reservoir basin in Hunan Province

    Jingtao Liu    DOI:    pp. 175-178 Abstract    Landscape pattern research is the premise of maintaining the stability of ecosystem structure, and is of great significance in guiding the orderly and rational planning of territorial space. In order to deal with the risk of landscape fragmentation of ecological environment in southern hilly region,...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on Compressive Performance of CHS T-Joints Filled with High-Water Rapid-Setting Materials

    Junwu Xia , Xiaoming Wang , Binbin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 179-185 Abstract    In order to study the compressive performance of the CHS joints filled with high-water rapid-setting materials, the comparative test of the branch axial compression of three T-joint specimens of circular hollow steel (CHS) pipes, chord filled with concrete and chord filled with high-water rapid-sett...   Download PDF
  • The twin primes' infinite rule

    Mi Zhou    DOI:    pp. 186-188 Abstract    In this paper, the rule of infinite twin primes is found. Generally speaking, the superposition of twin primes produces a third pair. A pair of twin primes plus a pair of twin primes produces a third pair, Starting with the third pair of twin prime pairs, for each pair of twin prime pairs, two ...   Download PDF
  • The number of 8n+1 primes compare with 8n-1 primes

    Mi Zhou    DOI:    pp. 189-191 Abstract    There is a phenomenon in mathematics: there is a phenomenon that before a natural number K, primes of the form 4n+1 do not appear more frequently than 4n-1 primes; Beyond k, between k and k+k', the above phenomenon is reversed, the frequency of 4n+1 primes is not less than 4n-1 p...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Solutions of Convective Diffusion Equations using Wavelet Collocation Method

    Zhigang Wang , Xiaoting Liu , Lijun Su , Baoyan Fang    DOI:    pp. 192-197 Abstract    Some partial differential equations appear in many application fields. Therefore, the discussion of numerical solutions of those partial differential equations using numerical methods becomes a valuable and important issue in numerical simulation. In numerical methods, the wavelet-collocation method...   Download PDF
  • Triangular Norm based Invex Fuzzy Sets

    Xiaoting Liu , Huang Shan , Kefeng Li    DOI:    pp. 198-202 Abstract    Zadeh’s convex fuzzy set (CFS for short) have two important properties, (1) fuzzy set (FS for short) is convex iff its cuts are convex, (2) arbitrary intersection of CFSs is a CFS. Generalized CFS, named-invex FS is introduced. Meanwhile, two properties above are generalized into-invex FS.   Download PDF
  • Construction and Analysis of Landscape Ecological Information Map based on GIS of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County

    Ou Hao , Shuman Zhang , Zhanyu Xie , Xiaomin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 203-206 Abstract    The landscape ecology of Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County was qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed by using geographic information map. With the support of GIS, the index pattern of landscape ecological pattern in Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County was obtained by using the spatial analysis and dat...   Download PDF
  • Comparative Analysis on Two Severe Convective Processes in Hunan Province in 2020

    Hui Zhou , Li Zhou , Ronghui Cai , Long Chen , Jia Tang , Minghui Tang    DOI:    pp. 207-219 Abstract     In this study, two severe convective weather processes in late March 2020 are compared and analyzed based on the surface observation data, Doppler weather radar data, satellite black body temperature data and the reanalysis data from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction. The resul...   Download PDF
  • Research status and advantages analysis of plant transfer printing and dyeing under the background of sustainable development

    Borui Ren , Jiaoqing Wang    DOI:    pp. 220-224 Abstract    With the acceleration of social process, handicraft is gradually replaced by industrial production. The excessive use of chemical dyes has caused serious waste of resources, environmental pollution and physical harm, which is contrary to the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, gre...   Download PDF
  • Isolation of urease-producing bacteria and removal effect on the Cd and Pb in filtrate

    Susu Chen , Xuewu Hu , Ying Lv , Xuezhe Zhu , Xingyu Liu , Mingjiang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 225-230 Abstract    Heavy metal pollution in farmland soil around mining and metallurgical industrial parks in China is serious, which seriously affects crop yields and quality and threatens national public health. As an economic and environmental remediation technology, bioremediation can both reduce the metal availab...   Download PDF
  • Sea water intrusion in the Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province based on hydrogeochemical characteristics Analysis

    Yulong Dong , Guangwei Wu , Wenwen Bi , Xiaowei Wang , Yunxin Chang , Qingbing Wang    DOI:    pp. 231-234 Abstract    To study the source of sea water intrusion in the Yellow River Delta, groundwater sampling was conducted in typical sections of the Yellow River Delta. Through the analysis of major ions and isotopes of water samples, the study showed that the groundwater in the Yellow River Delta originated from an...   Download PDF
  • Design of thrust bearing for hydrogen liquefaction turbine

    Zhenyang Zhang , Bingyan Yu , Junzhe Wu , Zhijiu Sun , Jianli Gan    DOI:    pp. 235-240 Abstract    With rapid development of hydrogen energy industry, liquid hydrogen, as a carrier with the highest energy storage density, is an effective way to ensure the large-scale application of hydrogen energy. Thrust bearing, which is the core component of hydrogen liquefaction turbine expander, has always b...   Download PDF
  • Research on the evaluation method of the business model for the recycling of hazardous waste in power grid

    Yanming Jin , Zhuonan Li , Xinli Xiao , Conggan Ma , Min Liu , Lingyu Chen    DOI:    pp. 241-247 Abstract    Hazardous wastes in power grids include waste transformer oil and waste lead-acid batteries, etc. Due to the problems of extremely large number of points, wide distribution, and small number of units, coupled with differences in hazardous waste recycling technologies, policies, and markets in variou...   Download PDF
  • Accident type analysis and consequence simulation of LNG terminals equipment and facilities

    Yamei Zeng , Chunlei Zeng , Zhijun Chen , Yuan Gao , Hong Fan    DOI:    pp. 248-258 Abstract     A new round of energy change, energy clean and low carbon development become an inevitable trend. In the adjustment of energy structure, natural gas becomes the strongest growth carrier and LNG reserve peak regulation is of great significance. Building liquefied natural gas receiving center to...   Download PDF
  • The process and mechanical properties of GH4169 columnar crystals fabricated by wire arc additive manufacturing

    Jingjie Li , Jiachen Wang , Changmeng Liu    DOI:    pp. 259-270 Abstract    Wire- Arc Additive manufacture (WAAM) has been widely applied in metal field to control metal structure and microstructure. GH4169 is well fit to the WAAM due to its excellent weldability. While the columnar crystal has greater growth advantage than equiaxed crystal, so the superalloy GH4169 whose g...   Download PDF
  • Study on Calculation of Minimum Thickness of Sample in Thermal Conductivity Measurement

    Debin Zhang , Xiaofang Cheng , Peiqi Wang    DOI:    pp. 271-276 Abstract    It is found that the true thermal conductivity can be measured only when material reaches a certain minimum thickness, within which the thermal conductivity varies with thickness. Based on the derivative of Fourier's law, it is pointed out that the phenomenon of thermal conductivity varying with thi...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of airport ATC Communication Transmission Network

    Can Liu    DOI:    pp. 277-282 Abstract    During the work of the airport runway, the transmission network, as the technical support and basic guarantee of the overall system operation, will connect a number of geographically dispersed platforms together, and undertake the data transmission responsibilities of the airport safety operation, s...   Download PDF