Application of virtual reality technology in campus landscape roaming


  • Xinyi Chen



Virtual Reality; Campus Roaming; SketchUp; Unity3D.


 With the popularity of the metaverse concept, virtual reality technology is widely used in people's lives, and the emergence of this new technology also brings new development opportunities to environmental design. Using computer-aided design, 3D roaming and other methods to build a virtual three-dimensional space, people can get an interactive and immersive experience. This paper takes the Liufang campus of Wuhan University of Technology as a prototype, and builds a 3D virtual campus landscape roaming based on SketchUp and Unity3D engine. It allows the campus to adapt to the development of digital informatization, and at the same time, through the roaming scene, the experiencer can understand the school style more intuitively and quickly, and help the campus culture to be better displayed.



2022-05-13 — Updated on 2022-05-18