Accident type analysis and consequence simulation of LNG terminals equipment and facilities


  • Yamei Zeng
  • Chunlei Zeng
  • Zhijun Chen
  • Yuan Gao
  • Hong Fan



LNG;Liquid pool fire;Jet fire;Vapor cloud;shock wave.


 A new round of energy change, energy clean and low carbon development become an inevitable trend. In the adjustment of energy structure, natural gas becomes the strongest growth carrier and LNG reserve peak regulation is of great significance. Building liquefied natural gas receiving center to secure domestic natural gas supply has become the main target, task and key work. Through the simulation of various equipment and facilities in the LNG terminal under different leakage scenarios, the accident scenarios are selected according to the protection distance criteria, the simulation of steam diffusion, pool fire, jet fire and explosion is carried out, and the influence range of consequences is obtained. The thesis provides a theoretical basis for the quantitative risk assessment for LNG terminal accident and the prediction of emergencies, having positive guiding significance for risk management and emergency disposal of new or operating LNG terminals.