Study on Improving Sewing Damage of Cuprammonium Fabric


  • Xiaoshi Jia
  • Xiaohan Liu
  • Lina Cui



Cuprammonium fabric; Sewing damage; improving method.


Cuprammonium fibers are usually used to prepare high-grade silk fabrics as its thin, soft, and suitable luster characters. Because of its smoothy surface of one single filament, which made the coefficient friction is lower than other common fibers, like cotton, hemp. The cuprammonium filament fabrics are apt to be punctured during the manufacturing processes of garment. Which damages the surface luster of the fabrics and seriously affects the quality of the finished garment. A method of adding a double-sided fusible interlining to the middle of two layers cuprammonium fabric to enhance the cohesion force and improve the suture damage of the fabric is introduced in this manuscript. A sewing damage measurement system is set up to measure the improving effect. Sample with or without treated under different circumstances the effects of sewing damage are discussed. Fixing the needle stitch length as 2.0 mm, the effect of the wider adhesive interlining on improving the sewing damage is better. And the width of adhesive interlining is 1.0 cm, the longer stitch length is better. An excellent improvement is found to improve the stitching damage of this type of fabric, thereby improving the quality of the garment.