Application of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis in the Preparation of C4 Olefins by Ethanol Coupling


  • Yiyue Zhang



Two-dimensional spline interpolation; correlation analysis; multivariate linear regression model; interpolation fitting


For the preparation of C4 olefins by ethanol coupling, two-dimensional spline interpolation was performed on the original data to reduce the temperature interval.Then the correlation analysis was carried out to determine that the ethanol conversion rate and C4 olefin selectivity are strongly correlated with temperature, and the two are not independent of each other.Subsequently, a multivariate linear regression model was established to fit the ethanol conversion rate and C4 olefin selectivity, and the fitting equation was solved by the least square method. The relationship between the ethanol conversion rate, C4 olefin selectivity and temperature was analyzed by the fitted graph, and then the fitting results were judged and analyzed by the determination coefficient . Finally, the relationship between the selectivity of ethanol conversion products and time was observed by linear interpolation fitting.