Research on the application of airport ATC Communication Transmission Network


  • Can Liu



Airport runway; Air traffic control communication; Transmission network; Production scheduling; The administrative office


During the work of the airport runway, the transmission network, as the technical support and basic guarantee of the overall system operation, will connect a number of geographically dispersed platforms together, and undertake the data transmission responsibilities of the airport safety operation, such as navigation, takeoff and landing. According to the analysis of the operation of the dual runways constructed at various airports in recent years, the transmission and communication network with higher safety performance and reliability should be selected as the support, so as to ensure the effective transmission of information data between production scheduling and administrative offices and avoid the impact of data errors on the safety of aircraft. In this article, therefore, to understand the airport runway and on the basis of current situation of the development of civil aviation air traffic control communication transmission network, according to the basic principle of optical transmission network and double track transport demand, deeply discusses the airport runway synchronization technology optical transmission network planning and design in the form of digital system, starting from the viewpoint of modern science and technology innovation, clear the development trend of the future airport atc communication transmission network.