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  • The 2023 International Symposium on Economic, Social Development and Trade(ISESDT 2023)

    Editors: Tina Liu | Sep.20.2023 | Shenzhen,China ISBN: Online Time: The 2023 International Conference on Economic, Social Development and Trade (ISESDT 2023) is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen, China. The conference mainly focuses on the research field of "economic, social development and trade". It aims to provide an international cooperation and exchange platform for experts, scholars and enterprise developers in economic, social development and contemporary trade to share research results, discuss existing problems and challenges, and explore cutting-edge technologies. Scholars from home and abroad are welcome to submit their papers and attend the conference.

Conference Lists

  • Empirical analysis of the influence mechanism of green finance on carbon emission reduction

    Yijia Sun    DOI:    pp. 1-11 Abstract    As the global climate problem continues to intensify, environmental governance issues have been attached importance by all countries. Building a complete green finance context system is an important means to reduce carbon emissions. In the context of the green, low-carbon and circular economy system...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents on Children's Education

    Jianxu Yang    DOI:    pp. 12-22 Abstract    This article uses data from the China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) in 2016 and 2018 to explore the impact of health insurance on household education expenditure, parental education expectations, and patterns of child rearing. The results showed that medical insurance for urban and rura...   Download PDF
  • An empirical study on the influencing factors of green entrepreneurship orientation -- A case study of Chinese manufacturing enterprises

    Lihua Duan    DOI:    pp. 23-35 Abstract    Although many scholars have discussed the green entrepreneurial orientation (GEO) of manufacturing enterprises, few studies have conducted systematic empirical analysis on the influencing factors of GEO. Based on relevant studies, this study took 219 manufacturing enterprises as research objects, an...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the Application of Generative AI in Business Management

    Qian Bi    DOI:    pp. 36-41 Abstract    In the era of big data, many companies have already implemented RPA and AI as supporting tools for business management, which can effectively reduce the duplication of work by management and finance-related personnel, allowing them to devote more energy to high value-added work content. Since last y...   Download PDF
  • Patterns and Prospect of Cross-border E-commerce of Agricultural Products in China

    Zhining Song    DOI:    pp. 42-46 Abstract    With the deepening of the rural revitalization strategy and the development of cross-border e-commerce, the use of the operating model and marketing method of cross-border e-commerce platforms to achieve double breakthroughs in agricultural production and sales, which will help solve the issues conc...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Average Daily Operating Cost of Oceanographic Research Vessels of Both China and the United States and Its Application Analysis

    Shouhong Li , Yazhe Sun , Weiwei Yang , Bingzhen Wang , Changlei Ma , Zheng Tian    DOI:    pp. 47-56 Abstract    Based on the study of the relative assessment reports and statistical data of University and National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) fleet of the United States, coupled with the statistical data of 1,500-ton oceanographic research vessels of China, this paper constructs a linear relationshi...   Download PDF
  • LSTM-based Stock Price Prediction Model using News Sentiments

    Yijin Yan , Xin Nie , Mingyang Wang , Yuxin Chen    DOI:    pp. 57-65 Abstract    Forecasting stock prices has been a prominent research topic in finance for many years. With the rapid advancement of internet technologies, financial news has become a crucial source of information for investors, and sentiment analysis of news articles has shown considerable potential in predicting...   Download PDF
  • Trade Structure Optimization, Technological Progress and Green Technological Innovation: The Regulatory Effect of Government Support

    Jinhua Sun , Junyi Li , Jian Hu    DOI:    pp. 66-75 Abstract    This paper studies the influence of trade structure optimization on green technological innovation with the path of technological progress, and introduces government support (low-carbon subsidies and R&D subsidies) into the model to explore its regulatory role in the path of "trade structure opt...   Download PDF
  • Implementation Path of Machine Learning in Intelligent Marketing Scenarios of Commercial Banks

    Chunliang Yang , Jiuzhou Cheng    DOI:    pp. 76-80 Abstract    This paper takes commercial banks' intelligent marketing scenario as the entry point and introduces machine learning into the intelligent marketing scenario. It introduces the range of application and implementation path of machine learning in commercial banks' intelligent marketing soluti...   Download PDF
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Chinese Government Fiscal Policy on GDP Growth based on data frequency

    Xue Wang    DOI:    pp. 81-86 Abstract    This paper offers an empirical analysis of the effects of fiscal policy on economic growth. We use vector auto regression technique(VAR-SVAR)to distinguish stabilizing,discretionary and promoting effects of government fiscal variables in China on its GDP growth based on data frequency. The vari...   Download PDF
  • Dilemmas and Reflections of Officials Live Streaming in the Context of Rural Revitalization

    Jiaqi Zhu , Siyi Li    DOI:    pp. 87-94 Abstract    Officials live streaming is a new exploration of rural revitalization based on the mode of rural e-commerce and grassroots governance. Officials as anchors have a certain political symbolic colour, which has a special added layer for them to drive the sales of agricultural products and handle politi...   Download PDF
  • Axiomatic design based digital twin shop virtual reality fusion research

    Qiuyan Xu , Wenmin Han    DOI:    pp. 95-101 Abstract    The digital twin workshop is a new mode of future workshop operation, which is of great significance to promote the smart manufacturing strategy. One of the keys to building a digital twin workshop is to realize the interconnection and integration of the information world and the physical world. At ...   Download PDF
  • Informatization Management and Optimal Allocation of Human Resources in Engineering Projects

    Yufan Song , Tianyu Zhao , Yuanyuan Wei    DOI:    pp. 102-108 Abstract    Based on the engineering projects in progress, this paper aims to explore the improvement of human resource informatization management in engineering projects from the perspective of personnel allocation benchmark, automatic recommendation of professional title evaluation and visual management of ca...   Download PDF
  • Research on Influencing Factors of Beijing User Experience Based on Gradient Lifting Tree Classification Model

    Ziwei Yang    DOI:    pp. 109-113 Abstract    It is the only communication operation focusing on communication in China This paper mainly studies the satisfaction of Beijing user experience Using the gradient lifting tree classification model, the quantitative relationship between service and Internet service satisfaction and its influencing fa...   Download PDF
  • Research on the precise positioning system of financial tech in big data and blockchain model

    Ziyi Xiao    DOI:    pp. 114-121 Abstract    After the beginning of the comprehensive implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, social livelihood issues have been comprehensively improved, but the actual poverty alleviation system still exists data tampering, information opacity and other problems, resulting in poverty alleviation work c...   Download PDF
  • Research on the risk management of enterprise cloud accounting application under the background of big data

    Zheyuan Liu    DOI:    pp. 122-129 Abstract    Under the background of big data era, cloud accounting as an important basis for enterprise construction and innovation development, can not only improve the efficiency of enterprise accounting work, but also improve the application mode of traditional accounting information. According to the analys...   Download PDF
  • Exploration of performance appraisal Strategy based on Big data and enterprise Development investigate

    Xianguo Yan , Ajun Cui , Yifei Li , Zhijun Li , Rui Guo    DOI:    pp. 130-136 Abstract    In recent years, the reform of the power system structure has gone deeper and deeper, and the national reform goals of "legal basis, separation of government and enterprise, subject regulation, fair trade, reasonable price and effective supervision" are also being implemented step by step. In the pr...   Download PDF
  • Emotional design pattern and development trend of intelligent clothing

    Tong Ren    DOI:    pp. 137-143 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, in the face of increasingly high requirements of clothing design and manufacturing industry, some scholars put forward the concept of intelligent clothing in the research and innovation, and strengthen the innovation of technical...   Download PDF
  • Research on the intelligent security clothing design method for the Internet

    Qiaoqiao Yang , Wei Ding    DOI:    pp. 144-150 Abstract    In the development of modern economic construction, the intelligent technological means of clothing design has become the core topic discussed by manufacturing enterprises. Although the main trend and related problems of the design mode are still fuzzy, with the continuous improvement of science and...   Download PDF
  • The application of enterprise financial management information system in the big data environment

    Junting Liu    DOI:    pp. 151-157 Abstract    In the rapid development of information technology in our country, the financial management informationization of enterprises has become the main direction of modern enterprise reform and development, the purpose is to provide scientific basis for investment management, product research and developm...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of CLO3D technology in the structure design of national costume

    Yuanzixuan Cao , Shi Wang    DOI:    pp. 158-163 Abstract    Compared with the traditional artificial clothing design mode, the structure design of national clothing with digital technology as the core has unique economic and technological advantages. Especially in the era of artificial intelligence, the application of AI and virtual reality technology in the...   Download PDF
  • Research on Business Management information System under the background of Big data technology

    Haoran Fan    DOI:    pp. 164-170 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the integration of network technology and various industries is becoming more and more close, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the construction and innovation of business administration. Since big data itself has ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the reform of thinking mapping in university financial accounting practice

    Ruiqin Tang    DOI:    pp. 171-176 Abstract    As a simple and effective thinking tool most common in modern education, mind mapping can be used to visually present the relationship between themes at all levels in a way that combines pictures and images. It can fully mobilize students' ability of thinking expression and imagination and innovatio...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Institutional Investors' Shareholding on The Efficiency of Corporate Investment

    Yanping Liu , Sisi Wang , Liuting Chen    DOI:    pp. 177-185 Abstract    This study investigates the impact of institutional shareholding on corporate investment efficiency and identifies the role played by information asymmetry as well as agency costs. The results show that (1) institutional shareholding promotes corporate investment efficiency, with state-owned in...   Download PDF
  • Research on the High-quality Development Path of community governance Driven by Big Data in Shandong Province

    Huifeng Zhang    DOI:    pp. 186-190 Abstract    As an important part of Shandong's social development strategy, community governance was an important symbol to measure the level of economic development of a province. Promoting the development and expansion of community governance had become an important goal and key driving force for the transfor...   Download PDF
  • Research on the mechanism of collaborative innovation based on the platform ecology - taking Glodon as an example

    Ying Zhou , Wenjia Zhang , Mengqiao Zhou    DOI:    pp. 191-202 Abstract    With the rapid development of information technology and increasingly competitive environment, the whole process engineering consulting mode has become a new trend of industry development. It is of great necessity for traditional engineering consulting enterprises to build a digital platform with th...   Download PDF
  • Does Green Bond Market Policy Improve Company Value? - Test of Policy Effect Based on Difference-in-Differences Model

    Li Li , Yifan Dou , Wenli Ding    DOI:    pp. 203-207 Abstract    To regulate the issuance of green bonds, the State Council, the Bank of China, and the National Development and Reform Commission successively released policies. Does this series of policies work? Using quasi-natural experiment, market policy is found to increase corporate value through improving ma...   Download PDF
  • Construction and Empirical Evidence of the Evaluation Index System of “Healthy Living Destination”: Taking Yunnan Province as an Example

    Li Li , Yating Zhang , Xin Cao , Shuai Chen , Wenli Ding    DOI:    pp. 208-211 Abstract    The evaluation index system of “Healthy Living Destination” was constructed by applying the extreme value entropy weighting method from three dimensions of health environment, social economy and health services and guarantee. Eight cities in Yunnan were evaluated. The results showed that Kunmin...   Download PDF
  • Regional Climate Change Adaptation Based on the PSR model ——Multi-case Comparative Analysis on a Global Scale

    Mengzhi Xu , Jixia Li    DOI:    pp. 212-218 Abstract    Regional climate change is affected by global warming, large-scale inter-regional circulation and land use/cover. As a result of different ecological, economic, and social conditions, climate adaptation actions vary from region to region. Based on the pressure-state-response model, this pa...   Download PDF
  • Research on Path of Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:Based on fsQCA

    Haolin Hu    DOI:    pp. 219-226 Abstract    An empirical analysis of the drivers and paths of digital transformation of 759 SMEs in China GEM using TOE theoretical framework and fsQCA method. The study found that human capital, technology development, enterprise size, profitability, government support, foreign investment and industry competit...   Download PDF
  • Carbon emissions and trade interdependence between China and the US

    Yaowu Dong , Denghui Duan , Ruoxi Hu    DOI:    pp. 227-234 Abstract    China and the US were the world's top exporters and carbon emitters and the most crucial trading partners for each other at the same time. Trade interdependence between the two countries affect each country's carbon emissions, and linked to the world's total emissions. In order to research the effec...   Download PDF
  • Impact Mechanisms of Female Executives and Bank Loans on Technology Innovation: Evidence from Computer Enterprises

    Yueting Zhao , Changzheng Zhang    DOI:    pp. 235-241 Abstract    The paper investigates the forming mechanisms of R&D investment in the background of the Computer Enterprises in China from the perspectives of female executives, bank loans and the interaction between the two. The results of Multiple Linear Regression Model Based on OLS and rich robustness test...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Influence of Logistics Development on High-Quality Economic Development

    Ximan Huang    DOI:    pp. 242-249 Abstract    This paper studies the impact of the logistics development on the high-quality economic development. Firstly, we construct two systematic evaluation index systems of logistics development level and high-quality economic development level on the basis of the data of 31 provinces f...   Download PDF
  • Comparative Analysis of Digital Service Trade between China and the U.S.

    Zidan Luo , Bo Sun    DOI:    pp. 250-259 Abstract    Digital service trade has become an important force driving global trade growth. This paper selects two digital trade powers, China and the United States, and focuses on the comparison of digital service trade between the two countries, analyzing the scale of digital service trade, internationa...   Download PDF
  • A study on factor analysis and cluster analysis for national consumption expenditure

    Na Li , Tianxing Ma , Yang Yang , Yutao Liu    DOI:    pp. 260-266 Abstract    The government work report points out that it is necessary to make the expansion of domestic demand a strategic base for development, while maximizing the potential of domestic demand. It is evident that expanding consumption, raising consumption levels and accelerating the construction of a sound d...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of hierarchical analysis method in the construction of financial risk evaluation system of colleges

    Songqing Liu    DOI:    pp. 267-273 Abstract    In recent years, along with the continuous promotion of China's education and teaching reform, colleges have invested a large amount of education expenses for education work, and their financial management problems have become one of the important work. As an important part of financial management, ...   Download PDF
  • Construction of A Used Sailboat Listing Price Model Based on Big Data

    Shaoyi Niu , Weizhen Lin , Guanghua Lu , Li Guo , Tao Liu , Ruofeng Qiu , Yunfei Qi    DOI:    pp. 274-281 Abstract    With the continuous advancement of economic globalization, the second-hand sailboat market is also booming. However, many problems have arisen during the development process. To standardize the second-hand market, provide reasonable second-hand sailboat pricing, and stabilize the development of the ...   Download PDF
  • Predicted the Used Sailboat Price by Decision Tree and Multiple Regression Model

    Jia Wang , Yihang Zang , Kaihuang Wang , Yutong Li , Tao Liu , Ruofeng Qiu , Yunfei Qi    DOI:    pp. 282-288 Abstract    In this paper, three mathematical models are established to explore the factors that influence the price of used sailboat, and predicts the price of used sailboat in different regions. First, clean and process the dataset, and the node centrality analysis is carried out. Next, a decision tree model ...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Industrial Agglomeration on Supply Chain Efficiency in Manufacturing

    Liwei Liu , Can Jiao    DOI:    pp. 289-302 Abstract    The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that China's high-quality economic development needed to improve the stability and resilience of the supply chain. And the improvement of manufacturing supply chain efficiency affected markedly on this. Firstly, th...   Download PDF
  • QFII Holding Shares, Equity Concentration and Positive Real Earnings Management

    Yanping Liu , Shuang Sun , Rong Wang    DOI:    pp. 303-310 Abstract    In this paper, samples of 1,910 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock markets from 2014 to 2017 are used as research objects to conduct multiple regression. The research results show that the increase of QFII shareholding ratio can inhibit the positive real earnings management. And the inc...   Download PDF
  • Measuring the Development Level of Digital Industrialization and Industrial Digitization using the SBM-Malmquist Model: Evidence from prefecture-level cities in China

    Chaojie Zhang    DOI:    pp. 311-318 Abstract    Studying the changes in the composition structure of the digital economy of cities in the new development paradigm is vital. Based on panel data of 143 major prefecture-level cities in China from 2013 to 2019, this study subdivides the urban digital economy into digital industrialisation and industr...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Impact of Green Credit on Carbon Emission and Mechanism Analysis

    Jiaze Gao    DOI:    pp. 319-327 Abstract    Green credit policy is one of the important measures to promote the green transformation of economy and society and achieve the double carbon goal, which has developed rapidly in recent years. The sample was selected from 30 provinces and cities in China (excluding Tibet) from 2008 to 2019 to empiri...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Digital Financial Inclusion on Financing Constraints: Evidence from China’s A-share Listed Companies

    Ruotong Wang    DOI:    pp. 328-339 Abstract    This study examines the impact of digital financial inclusion on financing constraints encountered by corporates, using all of China’s A-share listed companies from 2011 to 2020 as the research sample. This study finds that the development of digital inclusive finance has a positive effect on a...   Download PDF
  • The Design and Implementation of the Enterprise Customer Relationship Management System

    Zitong Wang    DOI:    pp. 340-344 Abstract    In today's technological progress, the future market competition has developed to the service competition, and it is important to establish and develop long-term customer relationship with customers is particularly important. Based on customer relationship management, this paper mainly completes ord...   Download PDF
  • How Can FARFETCH Attract More Generation Z Consumers?

    Ao Shen    DOI:    pp. 345-356 Abstract    FARFETCH, an e-commerce platform, became one of the biggest winners in the fashion industry in 2020. With a relatively younger consumer group than similar platforms, its success is inseparable from its attraction to the youth, including Gen Zers. This study aims to research effective strategies that...   Download PDF
  • Research on the effectiveness of tourism information management platform in the new Era

    Yuan He    DOI:    pp. 357-363 Abstract    In the development of modern society, information technology can not only improve the work efficiency and quality of enterprises, but also provide technical support for the innovation and development of enterprises. Especially after entering the era of big data, in the face of continuously improving...   Download PDF
  • Design and implementation of financial data statistics and risk early warning analysis system in the era of big data

    Peiyi Luo    DOI:    pp. 364-372 Abstract    In the era of big data, the financial field is facing more and more data statistical risk, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the financial economic development level, Chinese scholars put forward the transformation of the traditional non-empirical analysis method and artificial subjec...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Stock Investment Value of Internet Listed Enterprises

    Shuang Chen , Kaiyue Zhao , Dan Li , Hongyun Gao    DOI:    pp. 373-376 Abstract    Based on the multivariate statistical analysis method, this paper studies the investment value of Chinese Internet listed companies. Firstly, the factors affecting the investment value of Internet enterprises are analyzed from macro and micro aspects, and the index evaluation system is construc...   Download PDF
  • Does green finance have spatial spillover effects on carbon efficiency in China?

    Taiyi Shu , Tiantian Zhao , Ziwei Zhang , Yan Li , Qize Li    DOI:    pp. 377-381 Abstract    To meet the carbon peaking target, it is critical to understand the spatial impact of green finance. The entropy weight approach is used to create a green finance index. The SBM-GML model was used to calculate carbon efficiency. With SDM model, we analyze how green finance affects carbon effici...   Download PDF
  • Based On “Long Tail” Theory to Solve Finance Difficulties of SMEs with Internet Finance

    Mengqi Yang , Gangzhen Wang    DOI:    pp. 382-389 Abstract    Base on the “long tail” theory put forward by Anderson, this paper analyzes the availability of Internet finance to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises (SMEs). The SMEs mentioned above is the “long tail” demanded by finance. On the one hand, the application technology of ...   Download PDF
  • Comparison between Subsidy and Cap-and-Trade Policy on Electric Logistics Vehicles Leasing System

    Wen Yang , Tingting Zhu , Yuqi Zhu , Ao Fan , Jianhua Ma    DOI:    pp. 390-396 Abstract    Electric logistics vehicles (ELVs) can reduce carbon emissions of logistics industry. However, the logistics company is reluctant to adopt ELVs due to the shortages of high purchasing cost, short driving range, and long charging time. This research studies ELVs leasing system which consists of an EL...   Download PDF
  • The Impact of Renewable Portfolio Standard Policy on Microgrid System

    Jianhua Ma , Yuqi Zhu , Tingting Zhu , Jiaqi Lai , Wen Yang , Pengxu Li    DOI:    pp. 397-402 Abstract    China's renewable energy policy is gradually transiting from subsidies to Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) policy. This paper establishes a two-stage game model consisting of prosumers and the grid in microgrid system under PRS policy. It is found that the social welfare shows an inverted "u" with...   Download PDF
  • Optimization design of electronic commerce system based on the basic principles of software engineering

    Jin Lin    DOI:    pp. 403-406 Abstract    Based on the basic principles of software engineering, this paper optimizes the design of e-commerce system from the aspects of demand analysis, system design, coding, implementation, testing and maintenance. Specifically, this paper adopts the object-oriented software development method, using the ...   Download PDF
  • Perceived Value Dimensions of Virtual Idols and Its Influence Mechanism on Consumer Adoption Intention Based on Grounded Theory

    Junzhou Zhao , Yanwen Ruan , Hongjian Qu , Chao Sun , Xinjie Ye , Haiyi Yang    DOI:    pp. 407-414 Abstract    In response to the rapid technology development but inadequate attention on consumer value of virtual idol, this study aims to explore the connotation of perceived characteristics of virtual idols, dimensional indicators, and the mechanism of their influence on consumers' adoption intention. Through...   Download PDF
  • Research on product market competition and corporate innovation

    Ziye Fan , Lingling Bai , Jianyu Chen    DOI:    pp. 415-420 Abstract    In the development process of enterprise modernization, the external environment of enterprises has important practical significance for the innovation development of manufacturing enterprises in China. In this paper, the relationship between product market competition and enterprise innovation is i...   Download PDF
  • Research On The Coupling and Coordination between Green Investment and Marine Economic Development Level

    Ziyu Guo    DOI:    pp. 421-428 Abstract    In this paper, I use the entropy value method to measure the development level of marine economy of 11 coastal provinces in China from 2007 to 2017. Then use the total investment in environmental pollution control, the completed investment in forestry, and the total investment in urban environmental...   Download PDF
  • A Review of Research on Economic Responsibility Auditing in State-Owned Enterprises

    Li Ma , Xindi Zhang , Cuilin Wang    DOI:    pp. 429-432 Abstract    By collating and reading domestic research results on economic responsibility audit of state-owned enterprises from 1988 to 2022, we analyze and find that the current research content mainly focuses on the meaning of economic responsibility audit of state-owned enterprises, audit subjects, audit obj...   Download PDF
  • Does the level of corporate carbon disclosure affect the audit opinion decision?

    Li Ma , Zhongchi Ma , Cuilin Wang    DOI:    pp. 433-437 Abstract    Enterprises are battling issues with economic growth and environmental protection while reaping the benefits of low carbon development as the driving force behind China's "Carbon Dafeng Carbon Neutral Target". Will the high degree of carbon information disclosure increase the issue of standard audit...   Download PDF
  • Spatial Hierarchies: Enlightenment to Space Syntax Theory

    Houpengcheng Li    DOI:    pp. 438-443 Abstract    This paper focus on how spatial hierarchies become a bridge between the concepts ‘space’ and ‘space syntax’, and how it helps space syntax theory to find out the relationships between social interactions and space, and finally in the situation of modernized era today, analyze the importance of space...   Download PDF
  • Evaluation of central and local economic policies on hawkers in the post-epidemic era and suggestions for improvement

    Jiahao Huang , Tongyu Li , Xiaoyin Chen , Shiyang Huang    DOI:    pp. 444-455 Abstract    In response to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Chinese government has released a series of policies to encourage the hawker economy. The objective of the study is to provide references for the establishment and improvement of China’s hawker economic pol...   Download PDF
  • Research on Performance Evaluation Index System of Internal Logistics in Enterprises from the Perspective of Green Development Case Study of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Tianrui Zhang    DOI:    pp. 456-467 Abstract    Under the background of "Dual Carbon" in China, it is very important for enterprises to formulate an appropriate green logistics performance evaluation index system. Taking small and medium-sized logistics enterprises as the research object, this paper uses AHP method to build a green comprehensive ...   Download PDF
  • Local Power: Chairman's Hometown Identity and Enterprise ESG Performance

    Zhiqin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 468-480 Abstract    Based on the data of senior executives of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2021, this paper constructs the hometown identity of the chairman and empirically tests its impact on the performance of ESG. The study finds that the chairman's hometown identity can...   Download PDF
  • Does the digital divide affect business innovation? -- Moderating effects based on the digital economy

    Shiwei Wang    DOI:    pp. 481-490 Abstract    In the context of the rapid development of the digital economy and the reshaping of China's new advantages in international cooperation and competition and the promotion of the new development pattern of "double cycle", this paper examines the impact of the digital divide on corporate innovation and...   Download PDF
  • Does Ownership Affect Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from Chinese Companies' Response to Targeted Poverty Alleviation

    Shenlingrui Yang    DOI:    pp. 491-503 Abstract    With the Chinese economy's development and growing wealth disparity, enhancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a crucial issue for the government. Existing research has mainly focused on the impact of factors such as firm size, CEO characteristics, and industry affiliation on CSR. H...   Download PDF
  • Pop stars, Financial Speculation and Content issues: An empirical analysis based on the correlation between NFT market performance and social media attention

    Ying Lai    DOI:    pp. 504-512 Abstract    Starting from the data of NFT concept stocks of Shanghai A-shares, this study uses the methods of data mining and correlation analysis to discuss the mismatch between the network cultural vision of NFT development and the actual market orientation. The study found that there was no significant corre...   Download PDF
  • How Digital Economy affect Innovation? Evidence from Commodity Quality and Green Economy

    Xinyu Cai    DOI:    pp. 513-522 Abstract    The concept of digital economy is spreading quickly as human has entered the information age. Digital economy contains a wide range of things for anything relating to using digital data either directly or indirectly to lead the production of aggregation effects of resources, which starts a whole pro...   Download PDF
  • Monetary policy and housing bubble

    Yue Gao    DOI:    pp. 523-530 Abstract    This research paper examines the relationship between monetary policy and housing prices in macroeconomics, with a focus on the United States. Housing prices play a substantial role in the consumer price index, and therefore, ensuring price stability for goods and services. The paper reviews the lit...   Download PDF
  • Corporate reputation is a double-edged sword for companies

    Zhangyue Shen    DOI:    pp. 531-533 Abstract     Corporate reputation is a double-edged sword for companies. While a good corporate reputation has benefits, a good corporate reputation can also bring disadvantages. A good corporate reputation can lead managers to overestimate the level of corporate risk-taking and can hide internal corporate...   Download PDF
  • Influence of EV/EBIT on the Fama French Three Factors Model

    Guyueming Zhang    DOI:    pp. 534-536 Abstract    The Fama French Three Factors model is one of the most common financial models used to predict portfolio returns. In my research, I add one more element, EV/EBIT, to test whether the value of EV/EBIT might influence the accuracy of the Fama French three factors Model. As a result, EV/EBIT doesn’t ex...   Download PDF
  • The multi-faceted impacts of industrial policy and economic transformation on rural revitalization: the perspective of economic and environmental aspects

    ChunChit Wong    DOI:    pp. 537-545 Abstract    Rural revitalization addresses economic disparities and global challenges, aiming for sustainable development and improved rural life. The paper aims to provide insights into the impacts of industrial policy and economic transformation on rural revitalization from economic and environmental perspect...   Download PDF
  • Impact of Digital Economy Development on Industrial Structure Upgrading--Based on Two-way Fixed Effects Model Analysis

    Jinliang Li    DOI:    pp. 546-555 Abstract     Digital economy is an important engine for building a modernized economic system. Through new generation information technology, it improves the operation efficiency of industrial chain and expands the innovation space of industrial chain, thus helping to upgrade the industrial structure. Base...   Download PDF
  • The impact of corporate reputation on stock value

    Meiyi Huo    DOI:    pp. 556-559 Abstract    In the continuous development of the socialist market economy, corporate reputation as an intangible asset provides a unique and sustainable competitive advantage. The study found that in China 's stock market, when companies encounter a crisis, the negative impact on the stock value of companies wi...   Download PDF
  • Environmental Cognition, Environmental Behavior Participation and Environmental Governance Satisfaction—— Empirical research based on CGSS2021 data

    Zhenghao Yan    DOI:    pp. 560-567 Abstract    With the amazing economic development in China, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, and people's attention to environmental issues is gradually increasing. At the same time, the government's attention to environmental issues is also increasing. Therefore, it is of great practi...   Download PDF
  • Twitter 's Corporate Strategy Analysis - Based on SWOT-PEST Model

    Zheng Hanwei    DOI:    pp. 568-574 Abstract    This paper takes Twitter as the research object, and analyzes the external environment and internal resources of Twitter based on PEST model and SWOT model. By analyzing Twitter 's corporate competitive strategy, it is found that its leading position in social network media is due to its high-qualit...   Download PDF
  • The impact of the opening of high-speed rail on the joint innovation of enterprises - Evidence from listed companies

    Zhiying Gu    DOI:    pp. 575-586 Abstract    As a link for exchanges between cities, high-speed rail accelerates the flow of factors between different regions, obviously promotes joint innovation of enterprises. This paper uses the data of high-speed rail opening in various regions and the number of patents applied by listed companies from 201...   Download PDF
  • The Net Effect of Giant Sports Competition on Local Economy: Evidence from Olympic Games and World Cup

    Yugao Chen    DOI:    pp. 587-596 Abstract    The Qatar World Cup, with a staggering investment of up to $220 billion, has been concluded for half a year. However, considering the financial returns solely from the World Cup, it falls far short of breaking even. This raises the question of whether hosting large-scale sports events is worthwhile....   Download PDF
  • Does financial decentralization create financial risk?

    Ziping Zeng    DOI:    pp. 597-608 Abstract    The reform of financial decentralization and fiscal decentralization between central and local governments in China is important to strengthen the role of local governments in preventing financial risks, and is a hot issue of concern for academics and the financial industry. This study employs panel...   Download PDF
  • Stock Valuation and Analysis of Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, and Alphabet

    Yuance Jin    DOI:    pp. 609-612 Abstract    This comprehensive review paper provides an in-depth analysis of value investing, a prominent investment strategy that emphasizes the intrinsic value of stocks. The paper explores the relationship between intrinsic stock value, discounted cash flows, earnings per share (EPS), and investment returns....   Download PDF
  • Digital Finance Drives Enterprise Innovation: Challenges and Development Paths

    Haoyang Weng    DOI:    pp. 613-620 Abstract    Innovation is the primary driving force for economic development and the key for enterprises to maintain competitive advantages. The development of digital finance contributes to the optimization of financial resource allocation and the structure of financial markets, brings better financial service...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Macro-economy from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

    PengYue Chen    DOI:    pp. 621-627 Abstract     The reason of economic fluctuation has always been the most important topic in macro-economy research. In traditional economic theory, there are many reasons for economic fluctuation, both monetary factors and real economic factors will cause economic fluctuation. This paper takes the uncertai...   Download PDF
  • Research on Changes of Advertising and Marketing Affected by New Media

    ZiZheng Liang    DOI:    pp. 628-633 Abstract    As many of changes on advertising and marketing affected by mass media influenced us much, how to make use of media has been crucial for modern society. This paper found that new media platforms increasingly dominate the distribution of information. Therefore, new media is so popular, mainly because...   Download PDF
  • The application of Kelly Criterion in lottery mathematical statistics

    Ruijie Ma    DOI:    pp. 634-637 Abstract    The paper will introduce the concept of Gambler's Ruin by analyzing the psychological analysis of gamblers, and then research the probability problem in lottery. Assuming that there are no other influencing factors, and the winning probability is known, we find the simple model and calculate and ana...   Download PDF
  • Remarkable Resilience of Chanel: Study on Brand Performance and Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Xuandi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 638-664 Abstract    The luxury market has experienced a significant downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown period. This article delves into Chanel's strategies, including pricing strategy, marketing strategy, and brand positioning, that allowed the brand to thrive during this unique period and m...   Download PDF
  • Motivation and Leadership

    Xiaorui Xue    DOI:    pp. 645-652 Abstract    This study attempts to explain the importance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation at both the motivational and leadership levels and use it as a guide to enlighten leaders on how they should build and motivate their team members. The study will investigate the motivational factors and leadership f...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Impact Mechanism of Government Subsidies on Green Innovation of Enterprises

    Shuping Shi    DOI:    pp. 653-668 Abstract    Under the background of the China’s Double-Carbon Policy proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan, promoting the research and development of green innovation is an important way to solve the contradiction between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Based on the panel data of Chinese A-share...   Download PDF
  • Reframing the Dilemma of Consumer Trust in Food E-commerce Live Streaming: Problems, Reasons and Strategies

    Yue Yang    DOI:    pp. 669-674 Abstract    Food e-commerce live streaming, a new form of food products selling in the internet age, has become increasingly popular. However, due to its natures of direct impact on health, difficulty in checking food quality and emphasis on instant experience, the current food e-commerce live streaming marketi...   Download PDF
  • Financial technology and commercial credit redistribution

    Yuxin Chen , Yirong Xu    DOI:    pp. 675-687 Abstract    Whether financial technology can restrain the redistribution of commercial credit is of far-reaching significance for preventing financial risks of enterprises. Based on this, this paper uses the data of China's Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2012 to 2021 to investigate the impa...   Download PDF