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  • The 2023 International Symposium on Energy, Environment, and Materials Science (ISEEMS 2023)

    Editors: Johan Chen | Dec.25.2023 | Tianjin, China ISBN: Online Time: The 2023 International Symposium on Energy, Environment, and Materials Science (ISEEMS 2023) will be held in Tianjin, China on October 15, 2023. The conference mainly focused on research fields such as energy, environment, and materials science. The conference aims to provide a platform for experts, scholars, engineering technicians, and technical R&D personnel engaged in energy, environment, and materials science research to share scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic development trends, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and exploration, and promote cooperation in the industrialization of academic achievements. The conference cordially invites experts, scholars, business professionals, and other relevant personnel from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, and other relevant personnel to participate and exchange ideas!

Conference Lists

  • A New Kind of Anti-bending and Anti-deformation Cathode Frame for Electrostatic Precipitators

    Jingsong Zeng , Yuhan Zeng , Ziwei Wang    DOI:    pp. 1-7 Abstract    The present invention discloses a cathode frame of an electrostatic precipitator, comprising a rectangular frame composed of four horizontal bars and five vertical bars; The horizontal and vertical bars are perpendicular to each other and located&nbs...   Download PDF
  • Research Progress On Identification Methods And Traceability Experimental Methods Of Oil Spills On The Sea

    Xuan Wu    DOI:    pp. 8-15 Abstract    Oil spill composition is complex and difficult to identify. Traditional oil spill identification techniques include gas chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, liquid chromatography, fluorescence spectrometry, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Different...   Download PDF
  • Design of Ground Target Based on RedEdge MX-Dual Multispectral Camera

    Xinyang Liu , Qing Sun , Fei Wen , Junyao Huang , Mingyue Liu , Chuang Ren , Yanmin Shuai    DOI:    pp. 16-23 Abstract    Ground target plays an indispensable role in UAV near-earth remote sensing geometric positioning, geographic registration, correction and improvement of remote sensing image accuracy and accuracy. Traditional ground targets are markers with distinct features, shapes and textures, and their dimension...   Download PDF
  • Study on the bulk density and influencing factors of green ferronickel slag self-compacting concrete aggregates

    Wujian Long , Qiling Luo , Fucheng Wu    DOI:    pp. 24-30 Abstract    The compactness of aggregates has a significant impact on the workability of self-compacting concrete. The bulk density of aggregates is an effective parameter for evaluating the compactness of aggregates, reflecting the degree of compactness of the aggregate system. This study aims to explore the t...   Download PDF
  • Effect of superabsorbent polymers on the interlayer bonding properties of 3D printing mortar

    Taiqi Zhao , Wujian Long , Qiling Luo , Wei Chen    DOI:    pp. 31-37 Abstract    To investigate the impact of internal curing using superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) on the interlayer bonding properties of 3D printed mortar, this study examined the interlayer bonding properties of 3D printed mortar with different types of SAPs incorporated. The experimental results demonstrated tha...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on the Problems and Countermeasures of Standard Method Management in Testing Laboratories

    Mengying Wang    DOI:    pp. 38-41 Abstract    Adopting effective standards for testing is a prerequisite for ensuring the authenticity and reliability of testing data.In order to further improve the quality of laboratory work, after sorting out the problems found in the quality management work of the testing laboratory, we have identified the c...   Download PDF
  • Design of Digitalization Application for Hospital's Heterogeneous Business Data in the Ai Era

    Gao Yu , Xunwei Lu    DOI:    pp. 42-47 Abstract    The purpose of this article is to construct a hospital big data platform to achieve centralized management of the heterogeneous business systems and historical business data in use by the hospital. By integrating multiple business systems in the hospital through the hospital big data platform, data ...   Download PDF
  • Design and Verification of Urine Collection Hose Assembly Used for Environment Control and Life Support System

    Rong Zhang , Xiaohang Cui , Haiou Li , Xiaolei Zhou , Huanhuan Su , Na Li , Ren Li , Kun Liu , Boyi Li , Lei Mao    DOI:    pp. 48-54 Abstract    The urine collection hose assembly is u sed in the urine collection subsystem of the environmental control and life support system (ECLSS) of the space station to connect the products or components in the urine collection subsystem and transmit the working medium. This paper introduces the desi...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Application Status of UAV in Agriculture

    Hanyao Tang    DOI:    pp. 55-59 Abstract    UAVs are widely used in agriculture. Through high-resolution image and data collection, they help farmers carry out crop monitoring and evaluation, precision agriculture, plant protection and crop spraying. However, there are still challenges such as high cost, low degree of agricultural mechanizati...   Download PDF
  • Research and design of key technology and system architecture on simulation confrontation training

    Fang Yuan , Junqiang Yang , Qinghui Zhang , Jun Wang    DOI:    pp. 60-65 Abstract    Aiming at the problems of unreal training scenes, unintelligent training agents and difficult data interaction in the process of simulation confrontation training, this paper combines image processing, neural network, GBB(general blackboard) technologies with system simulation technology, research a...   Download PDF
  • Observation and research on surface crack structure of coal based on electronic scanning technology

    Fang Chen    DOI:    pp. 66-70 Abstract    Based on the background of the 2 # coal seam mainly mined by Caojiatan Coal Mine in Yulin Mining Area in northern Shaanxi, this paper adopts the Scanning electron microscope test method to obtain the fracture size and structural characteristics of coal samples through the process of sample preparati...   Download PDF
  • Effective Quaternion Rotation in An Ellipsoid through Sphere Transformation: A Linear Approach

    Rundong Li , Muwen Chen    DOI:    pp. 71-75 Abstract    The application of quaternion rotation in ellipsoids and spheres is an intriguing field with significant implications in computer graphics, robotics, and physics simulations. The necessity to decipher quaternion rotation in ellipsoid is crucial. This research aims to utilize the principles of quater...   Download PDF
  • The enhancement of photocatalytic activity of porous g-C3N4@TiO2 nanotubes heterostructure

    Shengzhe Zhao , Yi Yang , Jinju Chen    DOI:    pp. 76-79 Abstract    The g-C3N4 nanosheets were uniformly grown on TiO2 nanotubes with porous structure via the improved methods of impregnation calcination and facial vapor deposition. The photocatalytic performance of the g-C3N4/TiO2 nanotubes was evaluated by the degradation of methyl orange solut...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Design Method of a New Type of Compressor Slotted Blade

    Jianfei Yang , Zhenggui Zhou    DOI:    pp. 80-89 Abstract    the compressor has been developing towards the direction of high pressure ratio, high efficiency and wide stability margin. The flow in the air compressor blade channel presents a strong inverse pressure gradient. In order to reduce losses and improve the stability of the pressure aircraft, this pap...   Download PDF
  • Application of Information Technology in the Construction of Smart Power Plants

    Qi Chen , Tianxue Zhang , Mingxiang Yang , Xin Lu    DOI:    pp. 90-99 Abstract    With the rapid development of information technology, the construction of smart power plant in China has entered a period of rapid development, but there are still some problems that need to be improved. Reviewing the development history of smart power plant in order to better look forward to the fu...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Investigation on Viscosity Change of Waxy Crude Oil Emulsion with Magnetic Field

    Zuoliang Zhu , Lei Hou , Xinru Zhang , Jiaquan Liu , Xingshen Sun , Yifan Xiong    DOI:    pp. 100-106 Abstract    The rheological properties of emulsions are complex, leading to serious flow assurance issues that affect the economical and safe operation of pipelines. It has been reported that applying magnetic treatment technology can effectively improve the flowability of waxy crude oil. The study aims to inve...   Download PDF
  • Data generation and verification of pipeline transportation based on integration of simulation and DBSCAN algorithm

    Xinru Zhang , Lei Hou , Zuoliang Zhu    DOI:    pp. 107-113 Abstract    Through the analysis and mining of historical data, machine learning method can be used to obtain high accuracy prediction effect without establishing a complex physical model in equipment fault diagnosis, operation condition prediction, and pipeline energy consumption analysis. In the oil and gas p...   Download PDF
  • Main Steam Pipeline Support Hanger Failure and Pipeline Vibration Treatment

    Rui Chen    DOI:    pp. 114-120 Abstract     There are 19 faults in the main steam pipeline of a power plant, including structural failure, abnormal load bearing, abnormal displacement and other faults. Due to the low horizontal stiffness of the main steam pipe superheater header outlet, the pipe is subjected to periodic pulsation shock ...   Download PDF
  • Simulation Analysis of Pipeline Detection Robot Motion State

    Leiyu Gong , Shengli Zhou , Cheli Ren , Weikai Zhao    DOI:    pp. 121-126 Abstract    Pipeline transportation has the advantages of safety, reliability and low energy consumption in transporting natural gas, and is an important transportation route for transporting natural gas. Due to the characteristics of natural gas pipelines with large internal pressure fluctuations, plenty of pi...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Orderly Charging Regulation Capability of Electric Vehicles in Beijing

    Shenzhi Xu , Bo Xu , Dongyang Hou    DOI:    pp. 127-132 Abstract    The carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals accelerate the pace of energy transformation. Urban energy development faces many challenges. While electric vehicles are promoting the clean and low-carbon transformation of urban transportation sectors, their application prospects as distributed energ...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Similarity between Nonnegative Irreducible Matrices and Positive Matrices

    Hao Zhang    DOI:    pp. 133-139 Abstract    The main objective of this study is to explore the problem of similarity between nonnegative irreducible matrices and positive matrices. By leveraging established lemmas and drawing insights from pertinent literature, this article provides a rigorous proof: When  is greater than 8, for any &nbs...   Download PDF
  • RV Reducer Torque Signal Denoising Research Based VMD

    Weiwen Wu , Zhenxing Zheng , Lei Song , Zhijun Ye , Siqi Xiong    DOI:    pp. 140-144 Abstract    The RV reducer is a core component in industrial robots, but its performance is facing higher demands due to the expanding application scenarios. Accurately obtaining the torque signal is crucial for achieving precise control of the RV reducer, as torque is an important performance indicator. In thi...   Download PDF
  • Strategies for solving hydrogen precipitation problems in aqueous zinc ion batteries

    Hanxiao Fan    DOI:    pp. 145-150 Abstract    Aqueous zinc ion batteries have revealed many problems while solving the safety problems of conventional batteries, among which the narrow electrochemical stability window of water causes the battery to be prone to hydrogen precipitation reactions. In this paper, we summarize two strategies to solve...   Download PDF
  • Spatial variability characteristics and source analysis of heavy metals in soils of the Daxia River basin

    Shengwei Wang , Yongqin Wen , Haizhen Wang , Zhongjie Yuan    DOI:    pp. 151-156 Abstract    In order to understand the influence of heavy metals on the surrounding environment in the Daxia River basin and provide a scientific basis for environmental pollution prevention and control, 30 heavy metal samples were collected and the contents of five heavy metals, As, Cd, Cr, Cu and Pb, were det...   Download PDF
  • Protection Design and Effectiveness Verification of High-temperature Fire for Civil Aviation Emergency Locator Transmitter

    Liangtang Liu , Xu Zhou , Yuan Hong , Hao Wang , Liming Yang , Wencai Wu    DOI:    pp. 157-162 Abstract    Considering the coupling between the heat of emergency locator transmitter and the external high-temperature fire environment, a thermal protection system for external insulation and internal heat absorption is proposed. The external insulation layer consists of flexible nanofiber heat insulation fi...   Download PDF
  • Application of large-span steel roof construction technology for low-rise public buildings

    Xingxing Xiao , Liwei Guo , Shan Meng    DOI:    pp. 163-168 Abstract    Along with the continuous development of China's construction industry, the scale of public buildings is also expanding, especially the rapid development of high-speed railroads, making more and more complex shapes, large spans and large volumes of station buildings rigid structural roofs are widely...   Download PDF
  • A Novel Chinese Address Segmentation Method with Self-growth Feature

    Yong zhang , Yingqiu Li , Fengkun Li , Yujun Shen , Yanxin Xu    DOI:    pp. 169-175 Abstract    Chinese Address Segmentation (CAS) is a crucial step that can greatly enhance the performance, accuracy, and reliability of geo-coding technology. However, it presents a tremendous challenge due to the inherent lack of obvious word boundaries, complex grammatical and semantic features. To address th...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of troposcatter communication fading characteristics under different weather conditions

    Yuchao Zhao , Jincheng Shi , Lizhe Liu    DOI:    pp. 176-181 Abstract    Received signals of troposcatter communication are closely related to the weather, and there are currently few short-term analyses of the signals. The basic mode of troposcatter communication and the influence principle of weather system on the received signal were analyzed, the typic...   Download PDF
  • Experimental research on mechanical properties and elastic modulus of glass fiber reinforced concrete

    Yanzhi Tang , Xiaofang Duan    DOI:    pp. 182-187 Abstract    By adding ordinary glass fiber and alkali resistant glass fiber into concrete, the development of axial compressive strength, axial tensile strength and elastic modulus of concrete are studied. The results show that with the increase of glass fiber, the axial compressive strength increases firs...   Download PDF
  • Research on Key Technologies for Construction of Steel Canopy Steel Structure in Chengdu Open Air Music Square

    Dalin Zhang , Xiang Gao , Yongdong Wang , Haichuan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 188-196 Abstract    Taking the steel canopy project of the main stage of Chengdu Open-air Music Square as the research object, the project analyzes the construction difficulty, tight schedule and high quality requirements of the steel canopy from the aspects of construction difficulties, installation methods and constr...   Download PDF
  • A Human Health System Based on Raspberry Pi and Deep Learning Models

    Xingyu Zhao , Wangxin Wu , Zheng Jian    DOI:    pp. 197-202 Abstract     This design uses Raspberry Pi to control the sensors to measure physiological indicators, avoiding the measurement results to be affected by subjective factors. This system design chooses to use a simple sensor, the overall system in the hardware design and production is simple and easy to imp...   Download PDF
  • Corrosion risk of SO2 on silver plating of electric components

    Mengmeng Zhuang , Jiayu Wang , Jiawei Zhao , Kaixu Ren , Xin Wang , Peng Liu    DOI:    pp. 203-208 Abstract    With the miniaturization and high integration of electronic devices, the reliability of the devices will be seriously reduced by the small corrosion of silver plating. As common corrosion pollutants, SO2 have strong corrosion sensitivity to silver. Using the G1 limit in ANSI/ISA 71.04 as the baselin...   Download PDF
  • Isolation and characterization of Streptococcus suis from pig farms in Sichuan

    Siyuan Liu , Tianshan Liu    DOI:    pp. 209-214 Abstract    In this experiment, bacteria were isolated by aseptically collecting tissue samples of heart, spleen, liver, lymph node, and joint fluid from diseased and dead pigs, and were identified by colony morphology observation, Gram staining microscopy, biochemical experiments, PCR identification, pathogeni...   Download PDF
  • Study on China’s New Energy Development Trend through Achieving the Consumption Proportion Target for Non-fossil Energy

    Mengxuan Lv , Bo Yuan , Haitao Chen , Chenglong Zhang    DOI:    pp. 215-220 Abstract    Recently, the Statistical Communiqué of the People’s Republic of China on the 2022 National Economic and Social Development (hereinafter referred to as "Communiqués") was published by the National Bureau of Statistics. According to the Communiqués, China’s total primary energy consumption in 2022 am...   Download PDF
  • Effect of pulse injection on proppant distribution in fracture

    Zhifeng Bai , Mingzhong Li    DOI:    pp. 221-224 Abstract    The trend of changes in proppant concentration and fracture conductivity is essentially identical. When combined with an analysis of the average conductivity of effectively propped fractures at different locations, it becomes evident that the proppant distribution pattern becomes uneven after pulse ...   Download PDF
  • Study on evaluation indexes of the full width deformable barrier test

    Jialin Yang , Bin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 225-235 Abstract    In order to evaluate the crash compatibility of vehicles, the full width deformable barrier is introduced into the vehicle crash test. Real car to car frontal collision is better simulated by installing deformable barrier on the load-cell wall . By the load-cell wall data, the values and distributio...   Download PDF
  • Design and Research of a Two Level Fuzzy PID Electronic Control System for Automotive Semi-Active Suspension

    Ruichuan Li , Lanzheng Chen , Defang Li , Lin Wang , Zhengyu Li , Peng Zhang    DOI:    pp. 236-241 Abstract    In response to the problem of outdated traditional PID control performance and excessively single control parameters in automotive suspension, a two level fuzzy PID control system for automotive semi-active suspension is proposed. The system has two control loops: the first level control loop i...   Download PDF
  • Development of Fiber Sensors integrated with Aerospace Composites for Structure Health Monitoring

    Wenjuan Wang , Mengjie Zhang , Jingfeng Xue    DOI:    pp. 242-247 Abstract    The wide-spread use of composite material in aircraft across the world is expected to create a big need to improve structure health monitoring (SHM). Optical fiber sensors offer more advantages than conventional sensors, such as light weight, small size, immune to electromagnetic interference, ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Influencing Factors and Measurements of Freeze-thawing Resistance of Recycled Concrete

    Shihai Xue , Li Ma , Baigong Li , Yifan Niu , Cai Wu    DOI:    pp. 248-252 Abstract    With the introduction of green building, solid waste utilization has become a key research focus in civil engineering. Recycled concrete technology plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of the concrete industry. However, its durability in cold regions remains a pressing challenge ...   Download PDF
  • Reliability Analysis on electric propulsion System Combining GO-FLOW Methodology with Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams

    Xiaoxi Yang , Jingkui Li , Xiaona Liu    DOI:    pp. 253-258 Abstract    The electric propulsion system of an electric aircraft is the core power of the whole aircraft, which provides assurance for the safe flight of the aircraft. There are multiple stages in the flight process of electric aircraft, as well as different failure behaviors of system components at different...   Download PDF
  • Experimental study on preparation of α-hemihydrous gypsum by modification of desulfurized gypsum

    Jianmei Zhou    DOI:    pp. 259-263 Abstract    In the process of preparing α-hemihydrous gypsum from desulfurized gypsum under atmospheric pressure, the optimum conditions of crystallization transformation and modification of desulfurized gypsum were studied. The effects of the type and concentration of composite salts (CaCl2, KCl, MgCl2 mixed s...   Download PDF
  • Study on improving properties of desulfurized gypsum based cementitious materials

    Jianmei Zhou    DOI:    pp. 264-269 Abstract    Two kinds of inorganic reinforcing materials, single Portland cement clinker, compound Portland cement clinker and mineral powder, were used to analyze the effects of desulfurized gypsum on the properties of desulfurized gypsum based cementation material. The results show that either single Portland...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of Legal Application Issues on Violations of Epidemic Prevention Regulations by Animal Waterway Carriers Entering Hainan

    Yuhuan Lin , Jingshan Lin , Jinhua Pang    DOI:    pp. 270-274 Abstract    Water transportation is the primary means of transporting animals across provinces. In the management of animal health supervision, carrier identification often only extends to the transport vehicle, with limited attention paid to waterway carriers. This paper analyzed the legal application issues s...   Download PDF
  • Analysis and Implementation of an Automatic Marking System for Single-choice Question Based on OpenCV

    Weiye Tao , Huaying Zhou , Hexian Wang , Maosheng Huang    DOI:    pp. 275-279 Abstract    Aiming at a common choice question answer card style, with the help of OpenCV open source library, a variety of image processing technologies were used to to realize the function of an automatic marking system for single-choice question.    Download PDF
  • BGSSN: Breast Cancer-Associated Genes Prediction Based on Weighted Sample-Specific Networks of Cancer Subtypes

    Qian Liu , Yuanyuan Zhang , Haoyu Zheng , Shudong Wang    DOI:    pp. 280-286 Abstract    Breast cancer exhibits a notable degree of heterogeneity in its occurrence and progression, encompassing diverse clinical patterns and outcomes among patients even with identical clinical pathological stages. Genetic mutations in different subtypes of breast cancer may lead to different types o...   Download PDF
  • Dry Shrinkage and Frost Resistance Performance of Cement Stabilized Aggregate Materials

    Yuan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 287-293 Abstract    In this paper, the mechanical, dry shrinkage and frost resistance performance of cement stabilized aggregate materials were investigated. Furthermore, the nonlinear analysis between dry shrinkage strain and frost resistance performance was conducted. The results showed that the mechanical perfo...   Download PDF
  • Research on Electromagnetic Damage Effects in Navigation Receiver by PCI Testing

    Meng Zhang , Zhong Fang , Yu Hao , Wei Du , Xuchao Pan , Junjie Jiao , Yong He    DOI:    pp. 294-299 Abstract    The EMP couples with electronic devices via cables, inducing electromagnetic damage effects. This paper elucidates the operational principles of a navigation receiver and simplifies the study by focusing on the radio frequency front-end module. Many PCI tests were conducted on its signal input port,...   Download PDF
  • Distribution mechanism of dominant genera and species of bacteria under different river velocity

    Weirong Li , Kai Shen , Yanfang Li , Dong Pang , Fangfei Liu , Huimin Zhou , Lingfei Kong , Xuqiang Huang , Di Tie    DOI:    pp. 300-305 Abstract    Flow velocity as the basic hydrodynamic condition significantly affects bacterial proliferation and biofilm formation, yet how different flow velocity influences the attachment and distribution of dominant bacteria in different ecological types is poorly understood. In this work, We collected sample...   Download PDF
  • Mining and Analysis of In-use Vehicle Corrosion Data Based on Typical Environmental Conditions in China

    Xiuxu Wang , Peng Liu , Jiayu Wang , Xin Wang , Kaixu Ren , Jiawei Zhao    DOI:    pp. 306-311 Abstract    As an important performance indicator for measuring product quality and safety, vehicle corrosion resistance has always been of great concern to industry enterprises and consumers. In this paper, we collect, processed and analysed exterior corrosion data from a total of 54 in-use vehicles (the ...   Download PDF
  • Effects of Different Treatments on Seed Germination of Salvia miltiorrhiza

    Yuanguang Miao , Xuhua An , Qingdian Han , Lina Li , Shijun Luo    DOI:    pp. 312-318 Abstract    To study the effects of different treatments on the germination characteristics of Salvia miltiorrhiza seed, Salvia miltiorrhiza seeds were treated by fludioxonil and carbendazim, and were studied with different thickness of covering soil. The results showed that with the increase of ...   Download PDF
  • Study on effects of metakaolin on the silica-cement slurry performance under ultra-high temperature conditions

    Zhengrong Zhang , Huiting Liu , Yongjin Yu , Yangchuan Ke , Xiaoqin Wang    DOI:    pp. 319-324 Abstract    In oil and gas exploration and development, the complex working conditions of high temperature and high pressure are increasing, and the strength decline of silica-cement often occurs under such conditions. In this work, the metakaolin influence on the mechanical properties and micro-structure of si...   Download PDF
  • The Effects of A Novel Rice Establishment Method Combined with Wheat Straw Mulch

    Yangyang Xu , Xiangjie Lin , Guangna Zhang , Junxi Chen , Xuebing Yang    DOI:    pp. 325-329 Abstract    This experiment compared the effects of a novel rice establishment method with traditional machine-transplanting carpet seedling (MTCS). The new method (RSSR) is a modified direct seeding method, which manually or drone aerial sowed the seeds into the field before wheat harvestin...   Download PDF
  • Research on Limitations of Energy Storage Promoting the Consumption Role of New Energy New Energy Consumption Case from China

    Yichun Gong , Jinfang Zhang , Cong Wu , Bo Yuan , Fuqiang Zhang , Bin Liu    DOI:    pp. 330-337 Abstract    The principle of energy storage promoting new energy consumption was analyzed and the role of energy storage in new energy consumption under different installed penetration rates of new energy was rearranged in this article. In addition, a detailed analysis was conducted on the limitations of daily ...   Download PDF
  • Effects of Functional Materials and Fertilizer Application on the Growth and Physiological Indicators of Pearl Apricot

    Junxi Chen , Xiangjie Lin , Guangna Zhang , Guihua Lei    DOI:    pp. 338-343 Abstract    In order to study the effects of different amount of functional materials (FM) on pearl oil apricot, the study set up 0 g (control), 50 g (FM50), 200 g (FM200) and 300 g (FM300) of functional materials, and mixed with 2 kg of compound fertilizer as the base fe...   Download PDF
  • Research on Named Entity Recognition Method of Chinese Classics Under the Supervision of Domain Knowledge

    Wenjuan Zhao , Zhongbao Liu , Jian Lian    DOI:    pp. 344-352 Abstract    The current dominant named entity recognition methods of Chinese classics are classified as data-driven methods, which are limited by the data quality. The domain knowledge is introduced in this paper to supervise the process of the named entity recognition, so as to solve the poor pe...   Download PDF
  • Study on Soil Heavy Metal Pollution on Both Sides of Jiyin Avenue in Nanjing

    Jingjing Cao , Chaochao Min    DOI:    pp. 353-358 Abstract    More than 30 soil samples were collected from the two sides of Jiyin road in Nanjing, and the contents of  Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn were determined. The evaluation results of single pollution index show that the content of Cu on both sides of Jiyin road exceeds the standard. Except that the content of...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on feature enhancement technology of audit object of power transmission and transformation project settlement based on remote sensing technology

    Yanli Zhi , Yu Zhou , Yunmei Zheng , Qing Liu , Licai Yan    DOI:    pp. 359-366 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the construction management of power transmission and transformation project began to widely use modern science and technology theory, the most representative of which is remote sensing technology. According to the data obtained ...   Download PDF
  • Components of sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants and its evaluation for land application in JiUJiang city of China

    Qiyong Yang , Yanbin Zhao , Ji Wang , Han Zhou , Houfeng Xiong , Ming Zeng , Luliu Chen , Nanting Huang    DOI:    pp. 367-379 Abstract    Municipal sewage sludge has a potential for widespread application on land, but the implementation of new standards for the agricultural use of sludge in China support a cautious approach. The organic matter, nutrients, and heavy metals in sewage sludge from four municipal wastewater treatment plant...   Download PDF
  • Construction of Testing Standards System for Comprehensive Utilization of Bulk Industrial Solid Waste

    Xiuteng Wang , Jing Liu , Ling Lin , Dongfeng Gao , Xiaodong Huo , Ling Xu    DOI:    pp. 380-389 Abstract    According to the general steps of comprehensive utilization of each type of bulk industrial solid waste, including fly ash, coal gangue, tailings, smelting slag, industrial by-product gypsum, and red mud, we construct the testing standards system for comprehensive utilization of bulk industrial soli...   Download PDF
  • Python-based employment big data analysis in higher vocational colleges

    Ping Du    DOI:    pp. 390-397 Abstract    In recent years, with the increase of graduates and the economic slowdown caused by the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the problem of difficult employment has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Taking the employment data of graduates of a vocational college as an e...   Download PDF
  • Sediment distributions and transport patterns in the Pearl River Estuary and its adjacent coastal ocean

    Jian Shen , Dianci Chi , Bingrou Xi    DOI:    pp. 398-405 Abstract    Coastal sediment is important for the development of river deltas and for carrying both nutrients and pollutants into estuaries and coasts. Totally 265 surficial sediments collected from the Pearl River Estuary and its adjacent coastal ocean were analyzed by using Gao-Collins method to study th...   Download PDF
  • Design and Development of Wind Power Refined Simulation Software

    Xuanhui Zhao    DOI:    pp. 406-412 Abstract    A challenge to the steady operation of the system as well as the design, operation, and maintenance of wind power is posed by the wind power industry's rapid development and the rate at which wind power is incorporated into the power system. This work creates high-quality simulation software for win...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on the construction and application of comprehensive evaluation index system of construction quality of power transmission and transformation project

    Jianxun Zhang , Tangxiao Lin    DOI:    pp. 413-420 Abstract    As the basic project of urban construction and development, power transmission and transformation project mainly provides sufficient power resources for urban residents, so the construction quality of the project determines the work efficiency and service quality of the power industry. With the cont...   Download PDF
  • Research on environmental protection and water and soil conservation technology of power grid engineering mechanized construction based on modular design

    Yakun Tan , Guoyong Li , Jianli Tang , Wenfeng Peng , Hai Wang , Jiayi Kong , Song Yang , Yuan Zhou , Hongyuan Liu , Dugui Tang , Wei Huang , Tao Huang , Qing Liu , Weiqing Yu , Wei Su    DOI:    pp. 421-428 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, power grid engineering as an important content of urban construction and development and protection of residents' quality of life, in the face of the expanding scale of power grid investment, power grid project construction shows a rapid growth ...   Download PDF
  • Review on remanufacturability evaluation of retired products

    Jia Wang , Zhihai Cai , Jukun Yao , Dan Xu , Mengjia Shi , Jia Sun    DOI:    pp. 429-436 Abstract    The uncertainty of recycling waste products affects the remanufacturing of products. Therefore, whether waste products can be remanufactured has become a key issue. Remanufacturability evaluation is an important part of the remanufacturing process of waste products, which directly determines the ser...   Download PDF
  • Research on Optimal Operation of Substation Self-consumption Load Considering Uncertainty

    Lili Jiang , Liang Kong , Xiaoqing Su , Jiansheng Huang , Yin Xia    DOI:    pp. 437-443 Abstract    Under the goal of "double carbon", in order to reduce the power consumption, reduce the cost of carbon emission and increase the utilization rate of renewable energy, we propose the optimal operation method of substation self-powered load considering uncertainty. The optimal operation model of subst...   Download PDF
  • The Construction of Social Cooperation System and Its Application in the Location Selection of Tourism Equipment Manufacturing Base under Mobile Internet

    Jianzhu Sun    DOI:    pp. 444-451 Abstract    To study the application of social collaboration system in Tourism Equipment Manufacturing base selection under mobile Internet, firstly, Spring MVC framework and Activiti workflow engine technology are adopted to analyze the requirements of base location selection system based on the design idea an...   Download PDF
  • Improved Tilting Method for Automobile Mass Center Measurement Based on Simulation Analysis

    Lidong Gu , Renjun Li , Hongqiang Tan , Yuhang Ren , Dongbo Guan    DOI:    pp. 452-457 Abstract    The Tilting Method(TM) is applied to measure the automobile mass center position widely for simple principles and easy operations. However, the TM has some problems, such as inaccurate calculation of tire force point and large tilting angle of the vehicle, so ...   Download PDF
  • CiteSpace-Based Review of Agricultural Biotechnology Applications

    Caixia Zhang    DOI:    pp. 458-464 Abstract    Agricultural biotechnology holds the potential to enhance crop productivity, improve food quality, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. With Web of Science (WoS) core collection as the data source, this study applies CiteSpace to visualize research frontiers, hot topics, an...   Download PDF
  • Reflection-type 1-bit coding metasurface based on polarization conversion for broadband RCS reduction

    Gaiping Zhang , Aixia Wang , Sai Sui    DOI:    pp. 465-469 Abstract    This paper proposed a 1-bit coding metasurface which based on polarization conversion for broadband RCS reduction. The coding metasurface were composed of digital ‘0’ and ‘1’ elements which formed by two semicircle structure and its mirror, respectively. The simulation confi...   Download PDF
  • Research on Equipment of Magnetron Sputtering and Deposition of ZnO Films

    Bo Zhang    DOI:    pp. 470-475 Abstract    The parts of magnetron sputtering system were given in the paper. Meanwhile, we analyzed the working theory of magnetron sputtering. After pure zinc oxide (ZnO) film was grown, N-doped films was Prepared in NH3-O2-Ar atmosphere using zinc as a target, and Al-doped and N+Al codoped ZnO films wer...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the experimental method of cyclic aging processes for batteries of the sweeping robot

    Hongwei Wang , Chun Zheng , Fan Zhang , Yanling Fu , Guangcheng Xi , Qing Zhang , Qiang Ma    DOI:    pp. 476-481 Abstract    A lithium-ion battery begins aging since it is made available, with a variety of secondary reactions taking place inside it, and this has an impact on the battery’s safety and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct cyclic aging experiments on batteries under various conditions. In this s...   Download PDF
  • Numerical Simulation Analysis of Construction Support of Intersection Section in Extra-long Water Diversion Project Tunnels

    Juan Li , Jianwen Zhu , Fei Ma , Kezhong Wang    DOI:    pp. 482-489 Abstract    The selected Middle Yellow River Diversion Project is an important backbone project of the planning and construction of the modern water network in Shanxi Province. The project is composed of water source project and water transmission project, the water transmission project is about 400 kilometers ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Stability and Support Effect of Earth Section of Hydraulic Tunnel Based on FLAC 3D

    Jianwen Zhu , Juan Li , Fei Ma , Kezhong Wang    DOI:    pp. 490-495 Abstract    The stress of the surrounding rock of hydraulic tunnel can produce a stress load on the lining body, which may cause the crack failure of the lining. The distribution and deformation characteristics play a key role in ensuring the long-term stability of tunnels. Therefore, a...   Download PDF
  • Influence from Straw on Performance of Cement Insulation Mortar Using Mud from Washing Manufactured Sand

    Chao Qin , Yanfen Sun , Desheng Cao , Yanbin Song    DOI:    pp. 496-501 Abstract    Insulation mortar was prepared with cement, mud from washing manufactured sand, wheat straw, vitrified microbead, polypropylene fibre and chemical admixture. Influence law of wheat straw on performance of cement insulation mortar was discussed. Influence factors included pretreatment method, do...   Download PDF
  • Sound Absorption Properties of An Open-Cell Ceramic with A High Occupancy Ratio for Recycling of Sediment from Taihu Lake

    Xiaojiang Chen , Ziyang Wang , Ningning Rong , Hequn Min    DOI:    pp. 502-509 Abstract    This paper proposes an open-cell ceramic acoustic material to combat noise pollution, which utilizes sediment from Taihu Lake as its main ingredient. The open-cell ceramic is manufactured using the gel injection molding method to achieve a high occupancy ratio. Simulation and experimental research d...   Download PDF
  • The Effects of Mist Cannon Trucks on Human Health and Reducing Dust

    Yihan Xu    DOI:    pp. 510-516 Abstract    More and more attention has been paid to dust removal by Mist Cannon Trucks (MCT). It is necessary to study the effect and influencing factors of dust removal by MCT. This study discusses the effectiveness and hazards of using MCT to reduce airborne dust by conducting lead testing, color identificat...   Download PDF
  • A review of the research progress of composite bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells with different substrate materials

    Yutian Zeng    DOI:    pp. 517-536 Abstract    As an important component in proton exchange membrane fuel cells, the performance of bipolar plates, such as electrical conductivity, bending strength, corrosion resistance, gas tightness, etc., directly determines the lifetime of fuel cells and their promotion applications. Composite bipolar plates...   Download PDF
  • Failure in concrete and methods to improve the performance

    Shiyin Li    DOI:    pp. 537-540 Abstract     This scientific article presents a comparative analysis of two engineering failures caused by concrete deterioration: the collapse of the Champlain Towers South apartment complex in Surfside, Florida, and the failure of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis. By examining these cata...   Download PDF
  • Optimal design of medium-buried pipe with horizontal wells

    Zhiwei Wang    DOI:    pp. 541-556 Abstract    In this paper, based on the emergence of medium-depth cased buried pipe with horizontal wells, a kind of optimization design for this buried pipe is designed. Firstly, a semi-analytical model and related evaluation indexes are established for the model, and three different schemes are used for simul...   Download PDF
  • Habitat Suitability Evaluation and Environmental Factor Identification for Spatial Distribution of Urban Birds: A Case Study of Hongshan District, Wuhan City, China

    Bidan Yin , Xingyu Chai    DOI:    pp. 557-569 Abstract    The article takes 11 species of birds in Hongshan District as the research object based on the bird observation data 2020 and then identifies the spatial distribution of their habitats through the MaxEnt model. According to the results, we analyze the distribution characteristics and problems of bir...   Download PDF
  • Study on diel migration of zooplankton in the Arctic surrounding seas during summer season based on mathematical statistics

    Leyi Wang    DOI:    pp. 570-580 Abstract    Marine zooplankton have diel vertical migration behavior and play a key role in the transport of surface organic compounds to the deep ocean, which is of great significance in studying marine climate change. In this research, the manual visual interpretation method was used to preprocess the biologi...   Download PDF
  • Progress in the study of bipolar plates/conductive fillers

    Shuoyu Ma    DOI:    pp. 581-492 Abstract    Proton exchange fuel cell (PEMFC) is an efficient, low-pollution and clean energy source that can directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy, and it has a broad application prospect in the future of on-board driving power supply, portable power supply and power station for home use. As ...   Download PDF
  • A Survey:Typical Scenes and Corresponding Technology Challenges in UAM

    Chengxiang Zheng    DOI:    pp. 593-600 Abstract    Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a new type of transportation delivery system based on highly automated drones operating at low altitude in urban or suburban areas. Aimed at finding out what directions current researches are focusing on and what directions can be considered as the future researches, this...   Download PDF
  • Hydrate-Based Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology in the Ocean: Research Advances and Challenges

    Tianqi Liu    DOI:    pp. 601-609 Abstract     The urgent need for emission reduction due to climate change has spurred the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, with carbon dioxide (CO2) hydrates emerging as a promising option due to their high storage capacity and cost-effectiveness. This paper provides an overvie...   Download PDF
  • Advances in Nickel-cobalt Electrode Materials for Supercapacitors

    Linkun Sun , Yuxuan Zhang    DOI:    pp. 610-623 Abstract    With the rapid development of society, supercapacitors have been widely studied in energy storage devices for their unique advantages of high energy density, good cycle stability, fast charge and discharge speed. However, the development of supercapacitors is limited by low energy density. To addres...   Download PDF
  • The Effect of Salt Concentration on the Germination of Soybeans

    Yihan Xu    DOI:    pp. 624-630 Abstract    In order to solve the problem of crop growth difficulty in saline-alkali soil, it is meaningful to discuss how much salt affects the growth and germination of soybean. Zhonghuang 35 with low salt tolerance and Zheng 1311 with high salt tolerance were selected respectively, and NaCl solutions with co...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on key technologies for risk prevention and control of thallium pollution in A lead-zinc mine wastewater

    Yanli Liu , Hongbo Hong , Xiaoyuan Li , Jiyang Qiao , Haomin Wang , Peiliang Shi , Zhilong Zhao , Xinjian Jiang    DOI:    pp. 631-637 Abstract    In order to reduce the environmental risk of thallium pollution by enterprises and determine key technologies for thallium pollution prevention and control, the researcher conducted a deep exploration experiment on thallium removal in the inflow water of a certain lead-zinc mine. The experimental re...   Download PDF
  • Research on Advanced Treatment Technology of Fluorine Containing Wastewater from Graphite Production

    Yanli Liu , iyang Qiao , Xiang Ma , Zhilong Zhao , Fengbiao Liu , Shifu Shen    DOI:    pp. 638-644 Abstract     With the gradual improvement of environmental emission requirements in China, the graphite industry is facing environmental pressure from advanced treatment. This article first conducted a study on the current status of advanced treatment technology for fluorinated wastewater. Subsequently, a ...   Download PDF
  • Synthesis of hydrogen-bond-enriched, fluorescent and triboelectric hyperbranched polymers via Michael addition reaction

    Ziyi Qiu , Weiying Li    DOI:    pp. 645-654 Abstract    It is very meaningful to realize color recognition and mechanical-electrical energy conversion in one material simultaneously, which is very essential in improving the equipment of border guards. However, simultaneously endowing one material with color regonition and mechanical-electrical energy con...   Download PDF
  • High-performance supramolecular ionogel synthesized via click chemistry

    Yanran Zhu    DOI:    pp. 655-663 Abstract    The development of high-strength ionogels is of great significance for high-performance flexible sensing and soft robots. However, the introduction of ionic liquids will cause a decrease in the modulus and strength of ionogels and can cause unnecessary leakage problems. This poses a challenge for de...   Download PDF
  • The Coupling Effects Between Floating Insulation Plates and the Thermal Convection in their Bottoms---- An Understanding of Continental Drift

    Chenlin Fang , Siyuan Wang    DOI:    pp. 664-682 Abstract    The phenomenon of dumpling drift was discovered during a cooking process, which triggered our thinking of the continental drift. After refining the existing common problems, an experiment on the thermal convection interaction between the floating heat insulation plates and the bottoms is designed. T...   Download PDF
  • The micro-structure and mechanical performance of Nickel-based single crystal alloy

    ZiHeng Guang    DOI:    pp. 683-689 Abstract    Because of the increasing temperature in front of turbine in aero-engine field, Ni-base single crystal alloys are of high demand, which achieve high strength at high temperature. Therefore, a variety of methods have been developed to detect or describe nickel-base single crystal alloys. This article...   Download PDF
  • Research on Visual Communication Optimization Method Based on Image Processing Technology

    Huahua Gao , Jie Tang    DOI:    pp. 690-695 Abstract    Visual communication as the focus of the development of new media industry, in the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the emergence of digital multimedia continues to challenge, and enrich the traditional visual communication methods, expand the contemporary visual commu...   Download PDF
  • Enhancing Sustainable Urban Landscapes through AI-Driven Low-Carbon Plant Selection: A Novel Approach

    Peiyuan Tao , Menghan Shen , Jianing Du , Peng Yao , Ming Shao    DOI:    pp. 696-702 Abstract    In the face of global environmental challenges, sustainable urban landscapes play a pivotal role in mitigating carbon emissions and fostering healthier cities. This paper presents a groundbreaking approach to low-carbon plant selection for landscape architecture, leveraging AI technology to address ...   Download PDF
  • DDoS Attack Defense in Big Data-oriented Urban Rail Transit Safety Evaluation System

    Qi Ding , Lijian Sun , Xiaoyu Wang    DOI:    pp. 703-709 Abstract    Big data technology is playing an increasingly important role in the safety evaluation of urban rail transit, which can help improve the safety and reliability of the transportation system. However, such a big data system will also become the target of attackers, especially in the face of DDoS attac...   Download PDF
  • Railway Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Technology in Big Data-oriented Urban Rail Transit Safety Evaluation System

    Qi Ding , Song Liu , Jiantao Wang    DOI:    pp. 710-719 Abstract    This paper discusses the application of satellite remote sensing images in urban rail transit safety evaluation. First of all, the article expounds the significance of satellite remote sensing images in the rail transit safety evaluation system, which can provide the overall information of the rail ...   Download PDF
  • Second phase strengthening mechanism of 2219 aluminum alloy

    Haiyan Lin , Xianchang Mao , Tugan Lin , Jun Wei    DOI:    pp. 720-727 Abstract    Second phase particles have a decisive role in strengthening 2219 aluminum alloy, so it is important to study its strengthening mechanism. The different characteristics of the second phase particles of 2219 aluminum alloy were summarized, and the strengthening mechanism of deformable second phase pa...   Download PDF
  • Qiao borrow "shape" potential —— Building renovation design based on traditional dwellings in northern Guangxi

    Anfei Li , Shuling Wu    DOI:    pp. 728-736 Abstract    The northern Guangxi region has beautiful scenery, and its special landform type and the cultural characteristics of multi-ethnic settlement give birth to the traditional architectural culture with distinct regional characteristics. The traditional dry dwellings in northern Guangxi take advantage of...   Download PDF
  • Research on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Bionic Flapping-wing Aircraft Based on Fluid-solid Coupling

    Baoxuan Mi , Zhandong Li , Tao Qiu , Chengyu Yi , Yunxiao Du    DOI:    pp. 737-742 Abstract    Wings are an important part of the structure of flapping aircraft. Through the simulation of the flexible wing, its aerodynamic performance is studied. Applying the FSI technology and using the WORKBENCH software, the changes of lift and drag of the rigid wing and the flexible wing under the motion ...   Download PDF
  • Raspberry Pi Based Smart Humidifier with Model Prediction

    Mengdong Xue , Hengyang Wu    DOI:    pp. 743-748 Abstract    This work is based on Raspberry Pi and implements three main functions, namely temperature and humidity measurement, automatic switching on or off of the humidification module beyond the threshold, and anti-dry burning warning. The temperature and humidity sensor and pressure sensor receive the data...   Download PDF
  • Error of Dummy Variable Treatment of Death Penalty in Regression Model —— From the Perspective of Execution and Evolution

    Shengpu Huang , Yibo Huang    DOI:    pp. 749-753 Abstract    With the evolution of the empirical law methodology, a large number of statistical models have been applied in the field of law. When dealing with regression models, if the application of death penalty occurs, empirical law papers tend to deal with virtual variables, that is, to assign a value of 0 ...   Download PDF
  • Surface Electromyography in the Field of Human Factors and Ergonomic Muscle Fatigue: A Narrative Review

    Mingzhu Fang , Yue Kong , Jie Hu    DOI:    pp. 754-764 Abstract    Recently Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) and Fatigue are taking on an important role especially in the progressive increase and tightening of the human-machine interface. Many ergonomists are currently using surface electromyographic (sEMG) signals techniques to investigate and assess ...   Download PDF
  • An Optimized Control Strategy for Image-Based Visual Servoing Using Polar Coordinates

    Liang Li , Junqi Luo , Zhenyu Zhang , Jiyuan Liu , Shanjun Zhang , Liucun Zhu    DOI:    pp. 765-771 Abstract    Image-based visual servoing is a crucial technique in robotic systems that enables accurate manipulation and control through visual feedback. In scenarios involving substantial rotational motion or changes in orientation, traditional Cartesian-based visual servoing methods may encounter limitations ...   Download PDF
  • Multicomponent Self-assembly of a Multinuclear Heterometal–Organic Polymer for CO2 Reduction

    Ke Qiao    DOI:    pp. 772-780 Abstract    To address the greenhouse effect, scientists have never stopped exploring efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction systems, and metal-organic compounds have recently emerged as a solution for overcoming global warming and climate issues. Under the irradiation of visible light, the catalytic activity, ...   Download PDF
  • Research on multi-rider collaborative dynamic scheduling model and algorithm of takeaway delivery

    Siqi Zhang , Wei Jia    DOI:    pp. 781-786 Abstract    Aiming at the field of high-demand takeaway delivery, a dynamic scheduling strategy based on multi-rider collaborative delivery status is proposed, and the model implementation is obtained by constructing a collaborative dynamic scheduling optimization model and using the optimization TS algorithm t...   Download PDF
  • Civil Aircraft Electrical System Development Using Model-Based System Engineering

    Xinhai Liu , Yifan He , Shaojie Zhang    DOI:    pp. 787-792 Abstract    As one of the key systems of modern civil aircraft, Electrical System (ES) plays an important role in all flight phases of the aircraft. Considering the needs of the electrical system, based on the analysis of interaction process of civil Electrical System design and safety assessment, Doors and Rha...   Download PDF
  • Three-dimensional Electrocatalytic Degradation of Tetracycline by Nano-Feooh

    Qiang Xu , Yuexin Wang , Yanming Zhou , Yucai Gong , Dewen Kong , Shoufeng Tang , Qingrui Zhang    DOI:    pp. 793-798 Abstract    Nano-FeOOH catalysts were prepared by a co-precipitation method and characterized by XRD, SEM, XPS and BET to analyze the phase composition, surface morphology, elemental composition and specific surface area of FeOOH. Results showed that the FeOOH catalyst had large pore volume and surface area, pr...   Download PDF
  • Estimation of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Based on Swin_Uniform

    Dongsheng Qi , Yanfen Zhang    DOI:    pp. 799-803 Abstract    A new left ventricular ejection index prediction method was proposed by introducing a block attention mechanism, which helps to reduce overfitting problems and improve the power of the model to process new different samples. Swin Transformer is a Transformer architecture that retains ...   Download PDF
  • Drag Reduction Analysis of Optimal Three-dimensional Bumps on the M6 Wing

    Jianfeng Gao    DOI:    pp. 804-811 Abstract    Based on Isight optimization software and evolutionary strategy algorithm, this paper builds a bump optimization design platform by integrating the three-dimensional bump shape generator program, grid generation software Gridgen and flow field simulation software Fluent. This platform is successfull...   Download PDF
  • Effect of montmorillonite modified with different intercalator on the protection property of sol-gel coating on AZ31B magnesium alloy

    Fangqiang Wang , Xuanxuan Liu , Zhigao Wang , Junxi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 812-817 Abstract    Composite coating was prepared on magnesium alloy AZ31B through different hyamine intercalated montmorillonite (MMT) doping in glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPTMS) and tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) hydrolyzed hybrid sol-gel system. Corrosion behaviors of different coated samples we...   Download PDF
  • Research on innovation management and innovation governance of power grid under low-carbon transition

    Ning Luo , Jinshen Liu , Fei Zheng , Ludong Chen    DOI:    pp. 818-824 Abstract    Green development as the basic goal of the construction of modern society, at present our country strengthening the reform of energy production and consumption, actively building a clean low-carbon and safe and efficient energy system, this not only clarified the future direction of energy developme...   Download PDF
  • Application analysis of digital twin technology in power system

    Feng Long , Wei Rao , Liang Zhou , Yiwen Li    DOI:    pp. 825-830 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, in order to achieve the goal of double carbon, energy and power should build a digital, intelligent and electrified energy and power system in the transformation and development. According to the current statistical data analysis of China's ener...   Download PDF
  • Research on Adaptability of Temperature Characteristic for Electric Vehicle Power Battery

    Yaxuan Zhang , Xiaofang Zhu , Xu Zhu    DOI:    pp. 831-835 Abstract    The operating temperature of power lithium-ion batteries in different application scenarios and working conditions not only relates to the economic cost and power performance of the energy system, but also directly affects its life. Therefore, based on the vehicle-mounted power battery, a comprehens...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Investigation of Creep Behaviour of 35CrMo Steel at High-temperature

    Hongliang Wu , Haiping Zou , Xiaohong Yu , Bowen Hu    DOI:    pp. 836-840 Abstract    The creep behaviour of 35CrMo steel have been investigated by high temperature creep experiments. It shows that the steady-state creep rate of 35CrMo steel under 450℃ (400 MPa, 450 MPa, 500 MPa), 500℃ (400 MPa, 450 MPa, 500 MPa) are 8.3980×10-5 h-1, 1.2223×10-...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on Management and Disposal Technology of Corrosive Hazardous Waste

    Fei Cai , Nengpan Tang , Jun Wang    DOI:    pp. 841-844 Abstract    Hazardous waste is an important part of the ecological system and the environmental community. Corrosive hazardous waste accounts for a large proportion of hazardous wastes. In addition to waste acid(HW34) and alkali(HW35), it also involves 8 other types and 13 subcodes. Corrosive hazardous waste ha...   Download PDF
  • The evolution trend and thinking of the modernization of command, control and communication system of American nuclear force

    Yu Zhou , Yongjun Peng , Wenquan Gong    DOI:    pp. 845-851 Abstract    The nuclear force Command, Control and Communication System (NC3) is a variety of facilities required when the president issues nuclear operations instructions, is the central nervous system to achieve the United States "trinity" strategic nuclear strike, and is an important basis for achieving reli...   Download PDF
  • Application and Progress of Artificial Intelligence in Oilfield Drilling

    Bolin Liu , Jiarui Zhang , Shanpeng Qin    DOI:    pp. 852-858 Abstract    Intelligent drilling and completion technology was an organic integration of drilling and completion engineering with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. It could achieve precise characterization, optimized decision-making, and cl...   Download PDF
  • Research on Human Machine Interaction of Exoskeleton

    Xi Yang , Jichen Wang , Chong Gao , Jiangpeng Hou    DOI:    pp. 859-864 Abstract    In the exoskeleton system, the interaction force between the exoskeleton and the human body is one of the important factors determining the efficiency of exoskeleton assistance, and the constraints generated by the positional deviation between the exoskeleton and the human body can affect the human-...   Download PDF
  • Ultra-Short-term Electric Load Forecasting Based on VMD-BiLSTM Model

    Jiakun Chen , Wanxing Ma , Zhimin Chen    DOI:    pp. 865-871 Abstract    Fast and accurate ultra-short-term load forecasting is beneficial for building an efficient and modern smart grid. This paper proposes an ultra-short-term load forecasting model based on Variational Mode Decomposition (VMD) and improved Bi-directional Long Short-Term Memory (BiLSTM) network. The mod...   Download PDF
  • Exploration of surface milling machining process of C/SiC composites based on quality improvement

    Qiang Xu , Zanqiang Qi , Pan Zhang , Xu Tan    DOI:    pp. 872-878 Abstract    C/SiC composites have the advantages of high strength, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, which are widely used in aerospace high temperature structures. However, the machining apparent quality has also become an important factor limiting its application. Therefore, this paper inv...   Download PDF
  • Application exploration of BIM and 3D printing technology in Lingnan rural revitalization construction

    Xiaoting Luo    DOI:    pp. 879-883 Abstract    With the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, farmers' living standards continue to improve, the demand for housing improvement increases, and farmers' self-built houses increase. Deep in the Lingnan Mountains, many natural villages have no planning, and the buildings are no...   Download PDF
  • Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR)’s evolution revealed that its mutation causes cystic fibrosis

    Duo Bai    DOI:    pp. 884-894 Abstract    Cystic fibrosis ( CF ) is a hereditary disease that can lead to death, mainly caused by mutations in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator ( CFTR ). These mutations exhibit varying mechanisms and severity levels, posing a challenge for understanding their impact. Here, we hypothesi...   Download PDF
  • Design of Ka-band Frequency Source Based on PLL

    Qifu Li , Yicheng Lin , Yawen Hu    DOI:    pp. 895-902 Abstract     In communication,radar and electronic measuring instruments and other fields, the high demanding of frequency source need wider band, lower phase noise and spurs, and small frequency step. In order to meet the demand of system calibration,a low phase noise and spurs, small frequency step frequ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the treatment of heavy metal ions by immobilized microbial technology

    Junhe Zhang    DOI:    pp. 903-913 Abstract    With the development of human industry, the mining and utilization of heavy metals has become more and more extensive, especially in the past 200 years. However, the excessive discharge of industrial and domestic sewage, overuse of pesticides and fertilizers in the production process, as well as ele...   Download PDF
  • Knowledge graph construction and visualization analysis of coal mine accident safety management research based on CiteSpace and VOSviewer

    Zemao Yu    DOI:    pp. 914-924 Abstract    Although the coal mining industry has implemented mechanization and automation, frequent coal mine accidents still occur, making coal mine safety a primary concern. To gain a comprehensive understanding of global progress in preventing coal mine accidents and managing safety, we utilized the Web of ...   Download PDF
  • Anodic protection strategy for zinc ion batteries

    Haixin Yan , Xixian Xia    DOI:    pp. 925-937 Abstract    With the advent of the national dual-carbon strategy, there is a burgeoning demand for large-scale energy storage systems within the national grid. Nevertheless, lithium-ion batteries have been constrained in large-scale energy storage systems due to their limitations, encompassing scarce raw materi...   Download PDF
  • The Application of Soft Foundation Treatment of Cement-soil Mixing Pile in Zhangzhuang Pumping Station

    Jiang Li , Jing Yang    DOI:    pp. 938-943 Abstract    The text introduces the process of comparison and selection of foundation treatment scheme, combining with example of foundation treatment in Zhangzhuang pumping station, and elaborates the detailed design steps and calculation way of cement-soil mixing pile,the economy benefits is very significant ...   Download PDF