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  • 2024 International Conference on Economics, Big Data Analysis and Financial Innovation (EBDAFI 2024)

    Editors: Jasmine Zeng | Feb.24.2024 | Chongqing, China ISBN: Online Time: With the development of big data, the leading role of big data in economic and social development has become more prominent. At present, big data economy has had a visual impact on engineering management, humanities, industrial manufacturing and other aspects. Accelerating the integration of big data economy and practical engineering will provide great potential for economic development. In 2024, economics, big data analysis and financial innovation international conference (EBDAFI 2024) focuses on the economics, big data analysis and financial innovation related research field, aims to experts and scholars in the field of related, technical personnel and development personnel to provide a professional academic exchange platform, to discuss economics, big data analysis and the new development of financial innovation, and broaden the research ideas, promote the combination, for the world economy to achieve substantial leap provide powerful backing. We warmly welcome experts from universities, scientific research institutions, scholars, business professionals and other related personnel to contribute and attend the conference. Participants can listen to the wonderful reports of well-known experts through this conference, and share the leading research results and innovative ideas in the industry.

Conference Lists

  • The Construction and Application of the "Three Linkages" Tax Management System

    Jun Wei    DOI:    pp. 1-5 Abstract    Enterprise tax management should focus on the strategic goals of the enterprise, with the focus on "digitization of value management, risk control in action, and standardization of basic management". It should innovate and promote the linkage of tax management with tax policies, business front-end, ...   Download PDF
  • Firms' Business Conditions, Environmental Uncertainty and Firms' Innovation Behaviour

    Yunqian Wu    DOI:    pp. 6-12 Abstract     Taking the panel data of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2012 to 2022 as samples, the article constructs a two-way fixed-effects model controlling for individuals and time to empirically study the influence of enterprise business conditions on enterprise innovation behaviou...   Download PDF
  • A Performance Evaluation Method for Employees in Small and Medium-Sized IT Enterprises Based on Multiple Indicators

    Jiaqing Huang , Mingli Liu , Aiping Tan    DOI:    pp. 13-22 Abstract    In recent years, research on performance evaluation of IT enterprises has become a hot topic worthy of attention. In some countries, IT enterprises have become essential in driving economic development. However, there are significant differences in personnel management, performance evaluation, and o...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Chinese Government's Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Issues in the Chinese Government

    Chaocui Zhang , Leigang Pei    DOI:    pp. 23-26 Abstract    Overall, the legal basis for the Chinese government's administrative law enforcement, procuratorial and supervisory work is far from sufficient. Currently, there are no laws and regulations that clearly stipulate the functions and supervision procedures of the government's administrative law enforce...   Download PDF
  • Center The Driving Force of Entrepreneurial Performance in Microenterprises

    Szuchi Yang , Chiayu Tu , Suechin Yang , Yuting Zhong    DOI:    pp. 27-30 Abstract    The entrepreneurial imagination and ideas of micro-entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurial success, serving as the driving force behind entrepreneurial performance. However, traditional entrepreneurial theories have predominantly employed symmetrical approaches for development...   Download PDF
  • Study on rent pricing of public housing in Qingdao

    Shuang Chen , Junjun Hou , Dan Li    DOI:    pp. 31-34 Abstract    As a form of housing security provided by the government, the pricing of public rental housing has always been a concern. Research on the pricing of public rental housing can help deepen our understanding of the supply and demand relationship and rental formation mechanism in the housing market. Cur...   Download PDF
  • R&D investment, human capital and enterprise performance——Based on the research of listed companies in the power industry

    Cailin Zhang , Yunfeng Huo , Xin Li , Changlei Ma    DOI:    pp. 35-41 Abstract    This paper based on the electric power industry listed companies in 2023 cross section data, introduce R&D investment, human capital factors and from the dimension of the enterprise scale,R&D investment,human capital and development level to build the ...   Download PDF
  • Charitable Healthcare's Impact in Macao: Two Convergence Models and Outpatient Data from Kiang Wu Hospital

    Xi Wang , Tao Zhang , Hanxiang Gong , Hok Kun Wan    DOI:    pp. 42-49 Abstract    This research article examines the role of charitable healthcare facilities in shaping Macao's society, utilizing two convergence models (σ-convergence and β-convergence) and outpatient data from Kiang Wu Hospital, a notable charitable medical institution. The key findings reveal that the self-payin...   Download PDF
  • Evaluating the Successful Factors of Arknights as a Mobile Gacha Game with GameFlow

    Haodong Zhang    DOI:    pp. 50-57 Abstract    GameFlow is a widely used model of player enjoyment, with numerous applications to game designation and evaluation. Derived from a general set of heuristics for creating enjoyable player experiences, GameFlow has already become a general model of player enjoyment,suitable for all kinds of game genre...   Download PDF
  • Research on Government Data Sharing Mechanism Based on Smart Contracts

    Yuanpeng Long , Xuena Zhang , Luhong Fan , Wei Zhang , Xun Gui , Xiaosong Zhang , Shimian Hao    DOI:    pp. 58-72 Abstract    Exploring mechanisms for internal data sharing within government departments is important in advancing digital and intelligent society. This paper is based on the establishment of decentralized nodes on the external network of government departments, constructing a decentralized node, and establishi...   Download PDF
  • Research on Application Authorization Control Based on Business Center Services

    Nan Xiang , Tiancheng Zhao , Junting Li , Yiting Chen , Changju Hu , Yitian Liu    DOI:    pp. 73-79 Abstract    This article analyzes the limitations of traditional authorization in the current situation of insufficient multi-level authorization management capabilities for end consumer applications in business middleware services. Taking the authorization system of business middleware services as a reference,...   Download PDF
  • Research on Credit Risk Management of Inclusive Finance in Bank A

    Fangliang Ni , Jingwen Huang    DOI:    pp. 80-84 Abstract    MSMEs play an important role in China's economic system, and the Chinese government has been strongly emphasizing MSMEs' role of the massive wealth they create and the large number of jobs they provide. However, the difficulty of financing for MSMEs has always been a bottleneck restricting the devel...   Download PDF
  • Research on Credit Risk Evaluation In Commercial Banks In China

    Fangliang Ni , Jingwen Huang    DOI:    pp. 85-89 Abstract    Credit loans of Chinese commercial banks have been increasing; however, the risk of loan default is also rising rapidly, and Chinese commercial banks have been paying more and more attention to the management of credit risk, and that leads to the commercial banks’ exploration of the credit risk eval...   Download PDF
  • Decision Making and Execution: The Practice and Analysis of Technological Governance

    Lianbing Zhou    DOI:    pp. 90-97 Abstract    At present, technical governance mainly refers to the governance form in which advanced technologies represented by artificial intelligence are incorporated into the governance process. In the decision-making stage, technical governance can not only enhance the wide representation of government...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Impact of Open Innovation on the Business Performance of Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises

    Bo Zhang , Yanlin Zhu    DOI:    pp. 98-105 Abstract    Amidst the accelerating pace of the digital economy, industries across the spectrum are increasingly embracing open innovation to enhance competitive edge of their products. Open innovation fosters the connection of internal and external resources and facilitates resource integration. However, the c...   Download PDF
  • The Game of Changes in Property Rights and Its Principles after the Confirmation of Rural Land Rights

    Lianbing Zhou    DOI:    pp. 106-112 Abstract    Since the implementation of the rural revitalization strategyof China, the rural land contracting rights have been fully confirmed. However, after strict property rights confirmation, in the process of deepening rural revitalization, there will still be significant changes in the order of rural...   Download PDF
  • Structure and path analysis of digital transformation of power grid development under the background of new power system

    Xianfu Gong , Yaodong Li , Bo Peng , Zhanchao Du , Jinxiu Hou    DOI:    pp. 113-120 Abstract    Under the development trend of economic globalization, the new power system with new energy as the main body develops faster and faster. After China's power system enters the intelligent development environment of the Internet, a new generation of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence...   Download PDF
  • Analysis for Digital Economy Ecosystem Based on Three-Dimensional Lotka-Volterra Model

    Yinuo Wang , Mingxia Lv    DOI:    pp. 121-126 Abstract    Inspired by the complex system theory, we have expanded the two-dimensional Lotka- Volterra model to three- dimensional Lotka-Volterra model to obtain the stability conditions for all the equilibrium points, and to analyze the symbiotic evolution among the central enterprises and other two sorts of ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the potential impact of CBDC on China’s monetary policy framework

    Tonghui Xing , Chenhui Wang    DOI:    pp. 127-131 Abstract    Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) has the characteristics of traceability and editability. This article respectively elaborates on these two technical characteristics that are different from traditional currencies, and analyzes their impact on the basic elements of the monetary policy framewo...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the Development Trends and Key Challenges of Zero Carbon Buildings in Tropical Islands

    Qiankun Wang , Ke Zhu , Peiwen Guo , Jiaji Zhang , Zhihua Xiong , Haodong Wu    DOI:    pp. 132-139 Abstract    In the context of global climate change, particularly in tropical island regions, the construction sector, a notable contributor to CO2 emissions, necessitates a concentrated effort towards enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions. This study delves into the evolution and the inherent chal...   Download PDF
  • Research on Lifecycle-based Financial Strategy on New Energy Enterprises: Take CATL as an Example

    Jingfeng Yao , Yali Long    DOI:    pp. 140-151 Abstract    The emergence of energy security issues reflects the current global turmoil and division. The two energy crises and regional conflicts have put the global energy system in a severe winter. Energy security is not only the latest requirement for the high-quality development of countries under the "car...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of the Tripartite Evolutionary Game between MRV Institutions, Government, and Enterprises in the Context of the Carbon Trading Market

    Zewei Rao , Ping Li    DOI:    pp. 152-155 Abstract    As the global carbon emission trading market develops, the role of Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) institutions is becoming increasingly important. This paper analyzes the tripartite evolutionary game among MRV institutions, local government, and enterprises within the carbon trading m...   Download PDF
  • Research on Antecedent Configuration of Smart City Governance Path: Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Sets Based on 30 Cities in China

    Chengming Xu , Xiangran Qiao    DOI:    pp. 156-165 Abstract    This study focuses on 30 typical cases of smart cities in China, constructing an analytical framework that includes seven explanatory factors: information infrastructure, administrative pressure, government attention, public service level, financial support, technical talent, and government-enterpri...   Download PDF