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  • 2024 International Conference on Economics, Big Data Analysis and Financial Innovation (EBDAFI 2024)

    Editors: Jasmine Zeng | Feb.24.2024 | Chongqing, China ISBN: Online Time: With the development of big data, the leading role of big data in economic and social development has become more prominent. At present, big data economy has had a visual impact on engineering management, humanities, industrial manufacturing and other aspects. Accelerating the integration of big data economy and practical engineering will provide great potential for economic development. In 2024, economics, big data analysis and financial innovation international conference (EBDAFI 2024) focuses on the economics, big data analysis and financial innovation related research field, aims to experts and scholars in the field of related, technical personnel and development personnel to provide a professional academic exchange platform, to discuss economics, big data analysis and the new development of financial innovation, and broaden the research ideas, promote the combination, for the world economy to achieve substantial leap provide powerful backing. We warmly welcome experts from universities, scientific research institutions, scholars, business professionals and other related personnel to contribute and attend the conference. Participants can listen to the wonderful reports of well-known experts through this conference, and share the leading research results and innovative ideas in the industry.

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