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  • The 2023 2nd International Symposium on Computer Technology and Applications (ICISCTA 2023)

    Editors: Linsey Chou | October 20, 2023 | Chengdu, China ISBN: Online Time: ICISCTA 2023 is the primary organization to introduce and exchange past experience, new progress and research achievements in the field of computer technology application. The conference welcomed the contribution of promoting the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between academicians, researchers and industries around the world. The theme of soliciting contributions focuses on "information technology", "mobile communication", "network security", "Internet of Things", "cloud computing" and other directions. Publish scientific articles (theory and practice) and research papers covering all aspects of future computer communication networks, with special attention to the evolution of Internet architecture, protocols, services and applications. Welcome all experts and scholars in the field to contribute to the conference.

Conference Lists

  • Addressing blockchain privacy and efficiency challenges in mobile environments: an optimization strategy for lightweight clients and full nodes

    Ke Shao , Wei Lv , Yu Li    DOI:    pp. 1-6 Abstract     In this paper, we propose an optimization strategy for privacy and efficiency challenges of blockchains in mobile environments. We propose a system model and define the corresponding threat model for the transaction query privacy problem of lightweight clients. Based on this, we design a trans...   Download PDF
  • Poetic Expression by Virtual Reality Technology

    Kewen Li , Weiying Hao    DOI:    pp. 7-14 Abstract    At the present stage, the digital world and physical world continue to blend. Which has become an important trend of future development. The basic relations between people and society, people and people, people and things also have profound changes due to the intervention of digital technology. In t...   Download PDF
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Engineering Geological Conditions of Dong Tianshan Tunnel

    Xuejun Liu , Chao Liu , Yanjun Li , Yang Wang , Yan Bi    DOI:    pp. 15-20 Abstract    Through the investigation of the topography, stratum lithology, geological structure, and rock and soil engineering geological characteristics of the tunnel site area of ​​the Dong Tianshan Extra-long Tunnel, combined with the survey results of geophysical prospecting, drilling, hydrogeological test...   Download PDF
  • High gain hot-carrier WSe2 phototransistor with gate-tunable responsivity

    Yuxuan Jin , Zefeng Chen    DOI:    pp. 21-26 Abstract    Hot-carrier injection at semiconductor/metal interface shows great potentials in infrared photodetection. However, the photoresponsivity of hot-carrier photodetector with diode mode is still limited in the scale of 1 mA/W due to the low injection efficiency of hot carriers and the lack of gain. Here...   Download PDF
  • Value Orientation and Solutions in the Outlook on Sustainable Development

    Yanqin Lu , Yuting Zhou , Dezhong Sun    DOI:    pp. 27-32 Abstract    As a concept of social development, the outlook on development is not only closely related to specific times and their social practices, but also strongly associated with cognitive subjects' cognitive methods and ways of thinking. It is both a worldview and a methodology. The outlook on development ...   Download PDF
  • Application of Hamming Code Theory in Prisoner 's Chessboard Puzzle

    Jiahao Wang    DOI:    pp. 33-38 Abstract    This work proposed a universal algorithm based on the parity-check theory of Hamming code for solving the Prisoner's Chessboard Puzzle (PCP) which is known as an unsolvable mathematical problem. The solution to the simplest two-dimensional PCP is first given. However, no suitable strategy is av...   Download PDF
  • Research on the Construction of a Fine Management Evaluation System for Engineering Projects under the Low Carbon Concept

    LiLi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 39-43 Abstract    In recent years, the development of a low-carbon economy has become a global consensus. Construction companies must adopt a low-carbon and refined project management model to reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industr...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of Hydrochemical Characteristics and its Influences on Jiaodong Water Diversion Project

    Yang Li , Li Jin , Wei Zhang , Fengming Liu , Yuyu Liu    DOI:    pp. 44-54 Abstract    The water chemistry characteristics along the Jiaodong water transfer line and its impact analysis play an important role in supporting water quality safety and operation management. In this paper, the water chemistry characteristics along the Jiaodong water transfer project were studied, and the wa...   Download PDF
  • Hot spot analysis of big data visualization research in China based on co-word network

    Menglin Liang , Yu Liang    DOI:    pp. 55-63 Abstract    Big data visualization is a rapidly developing field, and various new technologies and methods continue to emerge, making big data visualization widely used in various fields. With the advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, big data visualization will continue to play ...   Download PDF
  • Association between Sarcopenia and Chronic Lung Diseases among Older Chinese: Findings from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study

    Jingyi Wu    DOI:    pp. 64-73 Abstract    To analyze the association between sarcopenia and chronic lung diseases among older Chinese,we obtainted the data from China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) in 2015. Sarcopenia were classified according to the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia (AWGS) 2019 criteria. Chronic lu...   Download PDF
  • Improvement of Performance of Ultra-high Performance Concrete Based Composite Material Added with Nano Materials

    Jinchang Pang    DOI:    pp. 74-79 Abstract    UHPC is a kind of composite material characterized by ultra high strength, high toughness and high durability. It has a wide application prospect in engineering practice. But there are some defects in concrete. How to improve strength and toughness of UHPC remains to be the target of researchers. To...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on Optimization of Coal Electrochemical Desulfurization Process under Acidic Conditions

    Guoping Li , Yixing Liu , Linfang Ao , Hongbo Zhang    DOI:    pp. 80-89 Abstract    The feasibility of using added catalysts and organic solvents to improve the efficiency of coal electrolytic desulfurization was explored based on the study of the optimal electrolytic desulfurization conditions under acidic coal conditions using Shanxi Shigejie coal samples as raw materials.The eff...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Corrosion on Seismic Performance and Safety of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures —Take the office building of the Tobacco Company (Hefei) as an example

    Guangjuan Gu , Ke Li    DOI:    pp. 90-97 Abstract    This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the seismic performance and safety of the building after the corrosion of the reinforced concrete structure. The office building of Tobacco Company (Hefei) is employed as an example, with metrics including concrete strength, cross-sectional dimensions ...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of Landslide Displacement and Stress under the Condition of Overturning Failure of Fully Buried Anti-slide Piles

    Peng Qiu    DOI:    pp. 98-104 Abstract    In this paper, on the basis of proving the basic consistency between numerical experiments and on-site physical experiments, a three-dimensional model of push pile FLAC3D was established. Based on relevant engineering analogies, parameters were selected to simulate and analyze the overturning failur...   Download PDF
  • Research on Temperature Control of Mass Concrete of Fan Foundation

    Zhirui Fan , Yinghui Lv , Xianyong Pei , Lei Qin    DOI:    pp. 105-112 Abstract    In recent years, wind power, as a new energy source, has its unique advantages. Under the push of the country, the number of wind power plants is increasing. Based on a wind power plant project in Shanxi Province, temperature field simulation is carried out for the construction of large volume concr...   Download PDF
  • Application Research of Pipe Pile Detection Technology based on Impact Elastic Wave

    Hongtao Zhang , Botai Huang , Yongzeng Chen    DOI:    pp. 113-122 Abstract    The practical application of the low strain method in the detection of prestressed pipe piles is not ideal. After investigation, there is a practical and feasible method, namely the impact elastic wave method, which can be used for nondestructive testing of prestressed pipe piles. This paper propose...   Download PDF
  • Research on prefecture-level city’s birth rate prediction based on AE-LSTM network

    Mingfu Xue , Pei Huang    DOI:    pp. 123-129 Abstract    In recent years, China's birth rate has continued to decline, leading to a series of population and economic problems. Although the country has gradually liberalized its Family Planning Policy and started implementing a Three-Child Policy with supporting fertility measures, it has not significantly ...   Download PDF
  • A study of " Bei-sentence" in crime news headlines in the new media context

    Xiaohan Xu    DOI:    pp. 130-138 Abstract    New media play an important role in news communication, and in order to attract readers' attention, they often use quilt sentences in crime news headlines frequently, and such usage has triggered extensive discussions. In the context of linguistics, a combination of quantitative and qualitative anal...   Download PDF
  • LOC based battery management system

    Xuepeng Liu , Dongmei Zhao , Chaofeng Ye , Yihang Peng , Zhigang Liu , Jiansheng Deng , Zhen Hu , Zhaoyi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 139-144 Abstract    Electric vehicles generate a large amount of real vehicle data every day, which poses great difficulties for researchers to conduct subsequent data analysis. This article proposes an overall plan for the data analysis system, and the software design implements its main functions, including reading d...   Download PDF
  • A Subjectivity-based Perspective on AGI Technology

    Jinghao Huang    DOI:    pp. 145-151 Abstract    This study focuses on profoundly exploring the issue of the relationship between AI and human subjectivity, which is crucial to counteract the current panic brought about by AGI. METHODOLOGY: A multi- faceted argumentfor whether AGI ( exemplified by GPT) is creative is made using a logical analysis ...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on the Analysis of Fire Hazard in the Central Hall of a Historical Building

    Yueqiang Wang    DOI:    pp. 152-157 Abstract    This study focuses on the inadequate compliance of natural smoke exhaust windows in the central hall of a historical building in Shanghai. Taking into consideration the preservation of the authenticity of the historical structure, five fire scenarios were established to evaluate the fire hazard in t...   Download PDF
  • Integrated Management Technology of Geophysics and Geology Data

    Xuejun Wang , Jun Mao , Min Jiang , Yuyang Wang , Xing Shu , Yuanyuan Tong , Zhixin Li    DOI:    pp. 158-163 Abstract    This paper describes the three main development stages of geophysics and geology data management, analyzes the business and data characteristics faced at each stage, discusses the development trend of integrated geophysical and geological data management with the development of information technolog...   Download PDF
  • Monitoring Corrosion of Steel Bar in Concrete Using Ultrasonic Wave

    Qianqian Wang , Peng Zhao , Yinghui Lv , Lei Qin    DOI:    pp. 164-170 Abstract    The problem of steel corrosion in reinforced concrete structure is very serious. The purpose of this paper is to monitor steel corrosion by ultrasonic guided wave. Ultrasonic guided wave monitoring is a kind of dynamic nondestructive testing technology, which has the advantages of real-time, on-line...   Download PDF
  • Testing fuzzy hypotheses with crisp data based on p-value

    Qiuxiang Zhang , Lili Wei    DOI:    pp. 171-178 Abstract    In this paper, we propose the p-value of fuzzy hypothesis by the concept of projection of the fuzzy relation, the small p-value gives evidence that research hypothesis is true. For the crisp hypothesis, we give the fuzzy set description of the test and prove that the rejection region ...   Download PDF
  • Seismic isolation analysis and design of a plane irregular building structure in high earthquake intensity area

    Dazheng Zhang , Tao Du    DOI:    pp. 179-185 Abstract    Taking the large commercial complex building of Changzhou Golden Eagle Plaza as the research object, this paper analyzes various parameters of typical special-shaped space structure under different isolation schemes under the conditions of earthquake protection, rare earthquake and extremely rare ea...   Download PDF
  • Research on Service Design of Home-based Elderly Care for the Mildly Disabled Elderly in Chengdu Chongqing Area

    Kebing Wan    DOI:    pp. 186-202 Abstract    In order to cope with the aging and empty nest trend, improve the quality of life of the disabled elderly, and enhance the experience and satisfaction of home care products and services. This article investigates the daily status and needs of mildly disabled elderly people in the Chengdu &...   Download PDF
  • Numerical study on the influence of insulation position on energy consumption under intermittent heating room

    Shuhan wang , Yiwei Yang , Yanling Chen , Ling Wang , Yongkang Zhang , Minji Tang , Chenbin Wu , Cheng Wang    DOI:    pp. 203-208 Abstract    The most commonly used way of heating devices is “part-time and part-space” in hot summer and cold winter zone. In order to explore the energy-saving effect of using inside and outside insulation location for external walls under this heating method, the load characteristics and heat transfer charac...   Download PDF
  • Development and Mechanism Analysis of High Temperature Resistant Nanocomposite Modified Asphalt

    Shenyang Cao , Ping Li , Zhanghui Li , Yukun Li    DOI:    pp. 209-215 Abstract    With the intensification of global warming, continuous extreme high temperature weather occurs frequently, and asphalt materials are prone to softening under continuous high temperature conditions, which can easily cause traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a high-temperature res...   Download PDF
  • Research on Evaluation of Slope Stability of Kunlun Mountain Area Highway Based on Fuzzy-Entropy method

    Yinbo Zhang , Yaoye Li , Xingbo Zhang , Rong He    DOI:    pp. 216-223 Abstract    To evaluate the stability of rocky slopes in the high-altitude, cold, and High seismic intensity terrain of the Kunlun Mountain region, we analyzed key factors influencing the stability of these slopes in relation to a specific highway project in the area. Four primary indicators, including slope mo...   Download PDF
  • Study on the volume of landslides in lunar impact craters

    Fei Wu    DOI:    pp. 224-232 Abstract    The lunar exploration project is of great significance, among which the statistics and measurement of lunar landslide are an important part of lunar exploration. With the help of Google Earth software, lunar image data were obtained, and the volume calculation and analysis of landslides in 14 meteor...   Download PDF
  • Research on Underwater Straightness Measurement Method Using Ropes

    Hao Shen , Wei Fan , Shicheng Hu , Yonggang Zhao    DOI:    pp. 233-239 Abstract     In this paper, we study the behavior of a rope impacted by currents in underwater crossflow and propose a method for measuring the straightness of long distance underwater objects using the rope as a reference line. The theoretical model includes the behavior of ropes under different loads and...   Download PDF
  • A Review on the Analysis of Public Opinion Regarding Natural Disasters

    Xin Chen    DOI:    pp. 240-248 Abstract    Natural disasters pose as one of the paramount challenges faced globally, exerting immense influence upon society, economy, and the environment. With the proliferation of social media, online public opinion has emerged as a pivotal source of information for studying natural disasters. Analysis of pu...   Download PDF
  • Effect of ultrasonic processing on the properties of polyphenol oxidase from potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

    Jiaqi Zhang , Hao Zhang , Mingguan Yang , Chuanhe Zhu    DOI:    pp. 249-254 Abstract    In present work, the effects of ultrasound on activity and conformation of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) from potato were investigated under different ultrasonic gradient for ultrasonic power (240-600 W), time (15-120 min), temperature (20-50℃) and pH (5.4-8.2). The results indicated that potato PPO exhi...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on the Hydrodynamic Influence of Marine Data Buoy with Different Mooring Systems in Northern Part of Weihai

    Huamei Wang , Kuan Lu , Shangguan Liang    DOI:    pp. 255-266 Abstract    The hydrodynamic of marine data buoy and its mooring system has an important impact on its reliability, viability and adaptability at sea. In this paper, the physical model test verification, is adopted for studying hydrodynamic of data buoy, by using the measured data in the northern sea area of Ch...   Download PDF
  • Study on the migration law of biogenic substances under different scheduling schemes of reservoirs

    Jiantao Lu , Yongqi Liu , Guibing Hou , Yuanyuan Li    DOI:    pp. 267-271 Abstract    In order to study the migration process of biogenic substances in river basins under reservoir regulation and quantify the migration characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the middle and lower reaches of the Lancang River cascade reservoir basin. This article constructs a simulation...   Download PDF
  • Analysis for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Industry in China

    Libo Chen , Xin Li , Weijia Ma , Haifeng Wang , Changlei Ma    DOI:    pp. 272-277 Abstract    Marine renewable energy is a new type of energy that is inexhaustible, clean, low-carbon and renewable. China is rich in marine renewable energy. It is of great significance to promote the development of marine renewable energy industry since it can strengthen the construction of ecological civiliza...   Download PDF
  • Design and research of Sense, Know, Anticipate and Protect Integrated Intelligent Gas Pipeline Network Security System

    Shuai Zhang , Chen Li , Jiale Ren , Haoyu Lan , Chiyu Wang , Zixin Wu , Yuanfang Chen    DOI:    pp. 278-293 Abstract    Nowadays, China's gas pipeline network accidents are frequent, and gas accidents cause significant losses to people's lives and property safety, exposing many loopholes and shortcomings in urban safety management. Traditional social warning methods for gas safety accidents are insufficient and ...   Download PDF
  • Research on key technology of cement mixing plie on clay layer with high plasticity index

    Jiayi Lu , Taotao Mei , Fei Niu , Jintao Su    DOI:    pp. 294-300 Abstract    Cement mixing pile is one of the common methods for road embankment foundation reinforcement, which can improve the bearing capacity, reduce the post-construction settlement caused by embankment loading, and increase the overall stability of embankment. In this paper, through field tests, lab&n...   Download PDF
  • Research on Impact Load Localization Based on Piezoelectric Fibers with Metal Cores

    Yunkai Zhu    DOI:    pp. 301-306 Abstract    Using a metal core piezoelectric fiber (MPF) as a sensing element and utilizing its directional characteristics, a shock load localization method based on the MPF flower structure is proposed. This method does not need to know the propagation speed of stress waves in the structure. At the same time,...   Download PDF
  • Deformation Behaviors of 2219 Aluminium Alloy in Hot Multi-direcrional Forging Process

    Haiyan Lin , Xianchang Mao , Haijun Chen , Honglin Xie    DOI:    pp. 307-312 Abstract    The hot multi-direcrional forging (MDF) process of 2219 aluminium alloy was simulated and the MDF test was carried out. The deformation behaviors of 2219 aluminium alloy were investigated in this paper, and the metal flow rule, temperature field variation and the strain variation were focu...   Download PDF
  • Effects of supplementary cementitious material(SCM) on carbonation resistance of concrete

    Xiuyong Si , Huimin Pan    DOI:    pp. 313-318 Abstract    Using fly ash (FA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) as representatives of supplementary cementitious material (SCM), the effects of the amount and combination of SCM addition on the carbonation resistance of concrete were systematically analyzed through rapid carbonation tests. Combin...   Download PDF
  • The Influence of New Generation Employees' Perception of " The Commuter " on Work Attitudes and Behaviors

    Jie Shi , Teng Zhao    DOI:    pp. 319-324 Abstract    In recent years, the term "The Commuter" has spread all over the internet, which has aroused resonance of new generation employees, and also attracted the attention of managers. Therefore, this research selects new generation of employees as the research target and conduct an exploratory study on th...   Download PDF
  • Research on carbon footprint of substation life cycle

    Jian Hu , Dong Yan , Jiajia Xu , Chuanyang Li , Qingsong Wang , Zhiying Lin , Li Chen    DOI:    pp. 325-333 Abstract    With the advancing steadily in the work of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” target, the quantification of carbon emissions has become a difficult problem for substation management. Power supply companies in various cities have a large amount of low-carbon investment, but cannot explain th...   Download PDF
  • Finite element analysis of seismic behavior of PVA-ECC pier columns based on ABAQUS

    Xin Xiong , Zujia Zheng    DOI:    pp. 334-339 Abstract    In order to study the seismic performance of PVA-ECC pier column, using the finite element analysis software ABAQUS as the main research means, combined with the measured data of two existing specimens, and taking the axial compression ratio, shear span ratio and stirrup spacing as changing paramete...   Download PDF
  • Heat-insulating Dry Construction Mortars Based on Production Waste

    Smbat Mazmanyan , Armine Baghdagyulyan , Tamara Sargsyan , Hayk Sargsyan , Gayane Papyan    DOI:    pp. 340-342 Abstract     Compositions of new heat-insulating dry construction mortars were developed in the work, using diatomite available in the territory of RA: CEM I 52,5N class cement, the waste of Alaverdi copper-molybdenum plant. The application purposes of the above mentioned components are shown. The paramete...   Download PDF
  • Polysilazane Anti-corrosion Coating that Can Replace Hot-dip Galvanizing

    Na Qin , Chunling Meng , Zheng Tang , Rui Liu , Qiang Chen    DOI:    pp. 343-347 Abstract    In response to the problems of high energy consumption and pollution and insufficient anti-corrosion performance in the preparation process of hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion materials, a polysilicon nitride anti-corrosion coating was developed. Using vinyl polysilazane as the base resin and addin...   Download PDF
  • Effects of intercropping different leguminous green fertilizers on navel orange yield, quality, and basic soil fertility

    Dongfeng Huang , Geng Geng , Haiyan Zhang , Jiancheng Huang , Siliang Xu , Limin Wang , Fei Wang    DOI:    pp. 348-353 Abstract    Using a field plot experiment method, the effects of intercropping three leguminous green fertilizer varieties (i.e., Chamaecrista rotundifolia (Pers.) Greene, Vigna sesquipedalis, and Indigofera hendecaphylla Jacq.) on the fruit appearance, nutritional quality, soil erosion in the topsoil...   Download PDF
  • Efficient Treatment of Antibiotic Cefalexin Sludge by Wet Oxidation: an Experimental and Theoretical Study

    Shangye Chu , Hai Lin , Xu Zeng    DOI:    pp. 354-359 Abstract    In the present study, wet oxidation of antibiotic cefalexin sludge from pharmaceutical wastewater treatment was investigated. The experiments were carried out in a stainless-steel batch autoclave reactor. The results show that the maximum removal rate of volatile suspended solids...   Download PDF
  • Effect of EDTA Chemical Leaching on Remediation of Chromium-contaminated Soil

    Ye Xing    DOI:    pp. 360-365 Abstract    In this paper, chemical EDTA leaching was carried out to repair chromium-contaminated soil, and 0.005mol/L, 0.01mol/L, 0.05mol/L and 0.1mol/L EDTA solution were used to wash chromium-contaminated soil, respectively, and the removal efficiency of Cr (Ⅵ) in soil under different concentrations of EDTA ...   Download PDF
  • The Response Characteristics of Sugarcane Yield, ET and WUE to Meteorological Drought Based on DSSAT-Canegro Model in Lai-bin, China

    Tingyan Wang , Yunchuan Yang , Huiya Zhang , Weiquan Wang , Rumin Gan , Liqing Liang , Zongheng Li , Changzheng Wei    DOI:    pp. 366-386 Abstract    Crop water use efficiency is an important indicator of the scientific and rational nature of agricultural water use. Studying the response characteristics of sugarcane yield accumulation and water use efficiency to meteorological drought scenarios is a key scientific issue to promote smart mana...   Download PDF
  • Tripartite Evolution Game Analysis among Public Opinion Speaking Subjects in the Network Public Opinion Field

    Jingyi Chen , Jindong Qin    DOI:    pp. 387-392 Abstract    The arrival of the omnimedia era has formed a new form of information exchange and public opinion environment. This study proposes the concept of network public opinion field, and constructs a tripartite evolutionary game model of "network media-opinion leaders-netizens" as the main body. The simula...   Download PDF
  • Prediction model of runway thawing settlement in frozen soil region under aircraft dynamic load

    Xiaolan Liu , Chuanwei Fu , Yixiang Chen , Chao Lv    DOI:    pp. 393-397 Abstract    To investigate the influence of different years and aircraft dynamic load parameters on the thawing settlement of airport runways in frozen soil region, a three-dimensional numerical model is applied to analyze the thawing settlement effect of the runway in frozen soil region under different aircraf...   Download PDF
  • A study on the internal logic of local government emergency response capacity indicators based on the G-Dematel-Aism model

    Xianbao Ye , Haonan Wang    DOI:    pp. 398-408 Abstract    The local government's handling of emergencies has a bearing on the lives of local people, property safety and a series of rights. Therefore, how to build the emergency response capacity of local governments has become an important topic in the field of public management. In this paper, we study the...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of Soil Pysical and Chemical Properties in Liangucheng National Reserve in Minqin, China

    Fanfan Li , Cuiwen Tang , Rui Wang , Chunlin Li , Yaning Wang    DOI:    pp. 409-423 Abstract    This study aimed to explore the basic characteristics of soil and improve the natural environment in arid desert areas. The study was conducted in the Liangucheng National Reserve in Minqin, Gansu, and SPSS, EXCEL and GIS software was used to analyze and process data. The semivariogram model and Kri...   Download PDF
  • Acoustic Simulation of Hydraulic Turbine Top Bolt Fatigue Crack Detection Based on DG-FEM

    Fei Ma , Yi Lu , Yimin Lou , Zhongjie Yang , Xiaobin Yu , Yiling Yan    DOI:    pp. 424-431 Abstract    The top bolt is one of the important parts of turbine, and its health condition affects the stable operation of the pumping and storage unit. In this paper, the DG-FEM method was used to simulate ultrasonic waves to detect bolt crack defects. In the experiment, the ultrasonic propagation of single t...   Download PDF
  • The characteristics of artificial intelligence model description language and its research direction

    Shimin Fang    DOI:    pp. 432-438 Abstract    As an important branch of the development of computer science, artificial intelligence not only belongs to the basic component of computer science and technology research, but also has been widely used in computer engineering. As the basic environment for the research of artificial intelligence syst...   Download PDF
  • Uav intelligent recognition and tracking method based on deep learning

    Yanli Zhi , Yu Zhou , Xin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 439-445 Abstract     In the era of artificial intelligence, the traditional industry has undergone great changes under the guidance of modern technology theory. Enterprises or institutions in various fields have begun to develop and innovate UAV equipment with the application value of The Times with the help of te...   Download PDF
  • Research on transformer fire alarm threshold based on multi-sensor data analysis

    Yashan Hu , Yan Li , Decheng Wang , Bo Yan    DOI:    pp. 446-454 Abstract    Based on literature, on-site investigation and accident case analysis, this paper selects multi-sensor for transformer fire alarm, builds the transformer fire test platform, and carries out the transformer fire test and interference test to obtain the training and test data of neural network data fu...   Download PDF
  • Discussion on the integration of intelligent substation operation and maintenance

    Yong Yu    DOI:    pp. 455-461 Abstract    In the development of intelligent power grid system construction in China, the scale of urban power grid construction is getting larger and larger. How to realize the integration of substation operation and maintenance has become the main issue explored by scholars in the field. Because there are st...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of environmental protection management system of power grid enterprises based on green development

    Hui Fan , Yunqian Gong , Kecheng Liu , Chongming Chen    DOI:    pp. 462-468 Abstract    Under the development trend of economic globalization, facing the opportunities and challenges brought by the construction and development of countries around the world, how to fully implement the concept of green development, actively build the environmental protection management system of power gr...   Download PDF
  • Research on investment boundary and cost dispersal mechanism of power grid enterprises under low-carbon transformation of power grid

    Jinsen Liu , Pengcheng Zhang , Ning Luo    DOI:    pp. 469-477 Abstract    In the comprehensive implementation of China's new strategic goals of energy security, how to build an energy supply system with clean and low-carbon energy as the main body and create a new type of power system are the main issues discussed in the low-carbon transformation of power grid in the new ...   Download PDF
  • Study on ecological protection and vegetation restoration model of power transmission and transformation project construction in typical ecologically fragile areas in western China in the new period

    Qian Hong , Xiaofeng Chen , Lijuan Xu , Li Han , Yong Qian , Xijin Wang    DOI:    pp. 478-485 Abstract    In the new era of construction development, ecological poverty caused by the deterioration of ecological environment has become one of the regional characteristics of poverty in the western region, therefore, to the typical ecological fragile areas of power transmission and transformation constructi...   Download PDF
  • Application of Fluid Mechanics in Flow Meter Principle Analysis and Process Simulation

    Tao Wang , Shifeng Yang , Jimin Zhao , Haoyuan Ren , Siqi Han , Xin Shao , Ying Zhang , Yunlong Li    DOI:    pp. 486-494 Abstract    COMSOL is used to establish a flow field pipeline model, design and optimize flow detection, and analyze and study acoustic intensity, pressure signal and other parameters. According to the circular pipe test system used in the experiment, the flow velocity analysis model of the steady and constant ...   Download PDF
  • A review of quadrotor control methods

    Xinran Wei , Dongyu Ye , Zixuan Zhang , Shuxin Hu    DOI:    pp. 495-503 Abstract    Quadrotor play an increasingly important role in emergency rescue and other comparable missions. However, external disturbances such as wind gusts and turbulence have a great impact on the stability of quadrotor, which means the control system of the vehicle needs to have a strong capabili...   Download PDF
  • Addressing blockchain privacy and efficiency challenges in mobile environments: an optimization strategy for lightweight Application of data analysis in the field of investment

    Zerui Ke    DOI:    pp. 504-509 Abstract     As advancing technology makes a viable option to value a stocks and also determine their economic value has become increasingly important.In the global securities market, changes in stock prices can have a significant impact on changes in the global economy. For enterprises, stock price fluctu...   Download PDF
  • Evaluation of neural network attribution methods for microstructural representation of aero-engine material

    Xiaopeng Zhou    DOI:    pp. 510-517 Abstract    Efficiency and accuracy of evaluation for the key to microstructure parameters in aero-engine materials is crucial for understanding the properties and performance. However, it is still a tough research topic to identify the important microstructural variables using conventional methods. In the pres...   Download PDF
  • Power Load Forecasting System Based on Deep Hybrid Learning Model

    Shangyichen Dong    DOI:    pp. 518-527 Abstract    Accurate prediction of electricity demand is crucial to ensure the stability and dependability of local power grids. Numerous scholars have put forth comprehensive prediction systems; However, the majority of these models fail to capture the inherent global features present within the data. This stu...   Download PDF
  • Application of Machine learning techniques in environmental governance: A review

    Nanyi Peng    DOI:    pp. 528-537 Abstract     In recent years, based on the continuous improvement of computer hardware performance, machine learning (ML) technology has made rapid development. Due to the strong ability of ML methods to find complex functions between associated data and the low cost of human and material resources, they a...   Download PDF
  • Research on Electronic Medical Record Information Sharing: A Bibliometric Analysis

    Xingyi Tao , Yuqi Fan    DOI:    pp. 538-546 Abstract    Objective :This study aimed to conduct a bibliometric analysis of information sharing in electronic medical records. Use bibliometric methods to discover the research directions in this field, the spatiotemporal distribution of research results, and the temporal trends of research hotspots. Methods:...   Download PDF
  • Research on the evaluation of ecological environment quality based on Fuzzy and PCA-AHP

    Ling Zhang , Nian Peng , Ruiqi Zhu    DOI:    pp. 547-561 Abstract    Since the natural ecological environment tends to change slowly and the indicators are easy to quantify in a graded manner, while the social ecological environment tends to change rapidly under the intervention of human production and life, and it is difficult to quantify with the same grading stand...   Download PDF
  • An Analysis about the Pure Electric Vehicle Sales Prediction Based on the BP Neural Network

    Jinghong Yang    DOI:    pp. 562-566 Abstract    With the increasing demand for pure electric vehicles among Chinese residents, being able to accurately forecast the future sales volume of pure electric vehicles has become a hot topic of research in today’s society. In this paper, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles from January 2020 to Dec...   Download PDF
  • Research on vehicle aggressiveness evaluation based on full frontal crash test

    Jialin Yang , Haitao Zhu , Bin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 567-576 Abstract    In the frontal accident, vehicles with strong aggressiveness are an important factor in causing death or injury to vulnerable vehicles. To effectively evaluate the aggressiveness of vehicle frontal crash, the dynamic load values and distribution of vehicle frontal structures are collected using the ...   Download PDF
  • Research on New Word Recognition Based on Weibo Information and SVM

    Yuanfang Xu    DOI:    pp. 577-581 Abstract    In order to effectively recognize Weibo new words, this paper proposes a Weibo new word recognition method based on Weibo information and SVM. Firstly, positive and negative samples are extracted from the Weibo corpus and the training corpus annotated with part of speech. Next, the word features of ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Countermeasures for Mechanization of Agricultural Advantageous and Characteristic Industries in Wencheng Mountainous Area

    Ruoqi Bai , Kunlong Wu    DOI:    pp. 582-590 Abstract    Based on the data of agricultural machinery equipment statistics over the years, this paper analyzes the current situation of agricultural mechanization in agricultural advantageous and characteristic industries such as high-altitude rice, tea, vegetables, and fruits in Wencheng County, Zhejiang Pro...   Download PDF
  • Resource Status of Wild Hawthorn in Xinjiang and Research Progress of Genetic Diversity in Hawthorn

    Chao Ma , Lingli Meng , Lingxiao Liu , Yaoyao Li , Yunguo Liu    DOI:    pp. 591-596 Abstract    Wild hawthorn is a rare wild plant resource endemic to the western Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang, containing three species: Crataegus songorica, C. alorocarpa and C. sanguirnta. However, the area of wild hawthorn forest has shrunken under the disturbance of human activities, genetic diversity has al...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on the evaluation of urban greenway network construction with AHP method

    Jie Huang , Songyi Huang , Zheng Chen , Chunyang Zhang    DOI:    pp. 597-603 Abstract    With the planning and construction of greenway in domestic cities, "city greenway" has been integrated into the lives of the majority of citizens, and gradually presents a trend of diversification. That AHP method was used to analyze the construction and evaluation of the evaluation factor subset of...   Download PDF
  • Influence of copper amino acid complex on growth performance and serum Cu-ZnSOD activity in piglets

    Zhifeng Xiang , Quansheng Chen , Taoying Zhou    DOI:    pp. 604-614 Abstract    A trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of copper amino acids complex in piglet diet. 288 (Duroc x Landrace x Yorkshire) hybrid piglets weaned at 23 d with body weight 8.79±1.15 kg were selected and allotted to one of the 6 treatments.Results showed that: 1) The addition of AV Cu or CuSO4...   Download PDF
  • Reducing Surface Roughness of Selective Laser Melting of 316 Stainless Steel Component by Electropolishing

    Rui Qu , H.M. Jaber , Zhongxin Li , Chaojiang Li , Xin Jin , Dongyi Zou , Hang Yu    DOI:    pp. 615-622 Abstract    Additive manufacturing (AM) is widely used in the fields of aerospace, automotive, and biomedical. Because it enables to fabricate and customize parts with complex geometrical features. However, due to the layer-by-layer deposition and the partially fused raw material, AM part suffers from the step ...   Download PDF
  • Research and Construction of Government Data Security System Based on Hierarchical Protection

    Min Du , Guochao Hu , Xu Zhang    DOI:    pp. 623-628 Abstract    This article, starting from the background and requirements of government data security system construction, based on the data security protection requirements of the Hierarchical Protection 2.0 series standards (referred to as " Hierarchical Protection 2.0"), delves into the construction appro...   Download PDF
  • Air Target Attack Intention Recognition Analysis

    Jihua Dou    DOI:    pp. 629-633 Abstract    Aimed at the problem of air target attack intention recognition, based on the analysis of the influencing factors of air target attack intention, the common methods of air target attack intention recognition were analyzed , the air target attack intention recognition method based on f...   Download PDF
  • A Blockchain-Based Intelligent Data Management Platform for Power Grid Applications

    Lei Zhao , Cheng Zhao , Guangke Wang , Zhanyuan Liu , Xia Tong    DOI:    pp. 634-640 Abstract    With the access of a large number of renewable energy sources in the power system, the increasingly complex power system operations bring considerable safety concerns for data management. While measurement data analytics in the power grid play an important role in different control and alarming appl...   Download PDF
  • The synthesis of acetone from isobutane with the intermediate of di-tert-butyl peroxide

    Ning Li , Chunyi Li    DOI:    pp. 641-646 Abstract    Acetone, a widely used chemical raw material, is synthesized by the cumene peroxide method. At present, the cumene peroxide method has the disadvantage of high raw material cost, low flexibility, and complex process. Isobutane as an important C4 resource is mainly used as liquefied gas, which is a w...   Download PDF
  • Network Pharmacology Study on the Neurotoxic Mechanism of Acorus tatarinowii

    Chengwei Fang , Xiuping Ma , Ji Meng , Liang Chen    DOI:    pp. 647-652 Abstract    Acorus tatarinowii was a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy with significant effects. When the oral dosage is too large, it has potential neurotoxic effects. However, the toxicity mechanism is still unclear. In this study network pharmaco...   Download PDF
  • Analysis on the Growth of Shared Bike Users Based on Random Forest Model

    Kewei Jiang , Chuanjin Jiang , Wenjun Hou , Yuheng Mo    DOI:    pp. 653-659 Abstract    By analyzing the data set of hourly rental of shared bikes in Washington, D. C., this paper explores how to achieve the growth of shared bike users based on the methods of data mining and visual exploration. In this paper, machine learning models such as ridge regression, lasso regression, support v...   Download PDF