Discussion on the Analysis of Fire Hazard in the Central Hall of a Historical Building


  • Yueqiang Wang




historical building; evacuation time; fire scenarios; fire heat release rate; hazard assessment.


This study focuses on the inadequate compliance of natural smoke exhaust windows in the central hall of a historical building in Shanghai. Taking into consideration the preservation of the authenticity of the historical structure, five fire scenarios were established to evaluate the fire hazard in the central hall based on different fire heat release rates, fire growth coefficients, number of open windows and window response times. Considering the actual conditions of the historical building and its function as a medical facility, the study also analyzed the rationality of setting fire scenario parameters for evacuation time and fire safety assessment. The research findings indicate that the upper smoke temperature is significantly influenced by the values of heat release rate and the number of open windows. Increasing the number of open windows by 60% can extend the time for the upper smoke temperature to reach a dangerous state by approximately 10%.