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  • 2023 International Conference on Automation, Computer Technology and Intelligent Computing(ICACTIC 2023)

    Editors: Jamson Feng | Sep.30.2023 | Hangzhou,China ISBN: Online Time: The International Conference on Automation, Computer Technology and Intelligent Computing (ICACTIC 2023) is scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, China. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for experts and scholars, engineering technicians, and technical research and development personnel engaged in the research of "automation", "computer technology" and "intelligent computing" to share scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technologies, understand academic development trends, broaden research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, and promote cooperation in the industrialization of academic achievements. Experts, scholars, business people and other relevant personnel from universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad are invited to participate in the conference.

Conference Lists

  • 3D Porous Nitrogen-rich Octahedral Carbon as advanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction catalyst

    Pengyu Tao , Wenjing Pu , Bo Shi , Hui Zhang , Desheng Cheng , Xiaomin Ma , Junli Qi , Lingling Huang    DOI:    pp. 1-8 Abstract    A Metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs) derived 3D porous nitrogen-rich octahedral carbon (PNOC) catalyst is successfully fabricated via carbonization of MIL-101(Fe) precursor process. As-obtained PNOC combines the advantages of high surface area, well permeable pore and rich nitrogen content in one catal...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Study on Desulfurization and Ceramic Tile Preparation of Gold Cyanide Tailing

    Guobao Chen , Wenjun Shui , Pengcheng Ma , Qiang Zhang , Peng Yang    DOI:    pp. 9-14 Abstract    Desulfurization and ceramic tile preparation of gold cyanide tailing have been carried out. A novel oxidant DDTQ has been successfully applied to collaborative decyanation and desulfurization. The removal efficiency of cyanide ions can exceed 99%, and the reduction rate of pyrite and chalcopyrite ca...   Download PDF
  • Advances in Research on the Effects of Hydration Status on Exercise Performance and Health

    Tengxu Cai , Jixue Yuan , Yifei Li , Shuya Fan    DOI:    pp. 15-20 Abstract    The importance of hydration status as an important influence on athletic performance and health status has received increasing attention from athletes and coaches. This paper presents a detailed review of the factors affecting hydration status and the effects of hydration imbalance on athletic perfo...   Download PDF
  • Risk Factors for Cancer

    Yazhao Liu    DOI:    pp. 21-31 Abstract    Cancer accounts for almost one sixth of global deaths, which has become a major cause of death. There are various studies concerning the development of cancer. It has been found that genetic factors, low immunity and gene mutations are the main reasons for the body's cells losing their nor...   Download PDF
  • Study on the improvement of mechanical properties of cement based composites using carbon nanotubes

    Hongping Zhang    DOI:    pp. 32-36 Abstract    Using ultrasonic method to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes into cement materials to prepare corresponding cement based composites using carbon nanotubes as raw materials, and focusing on the improvement of their mechanical properties. The research shows that adding ...   Download PDF
  • Study on LOC FOR LiFePO4 batteries

    Xuepeng Liu , Dongmei Zhao , Yihang Peng    DOI:    pp. 37-40 Abstract    The concept of dead zone SOC is proposed. Under the DZSOC threshold fusing mechanism, it can effectively protect the use of batteries, avoid deep discharge, and extend battery life. Analyze the DZSOC algorithm for LiFePO4 batteries and propose a load based DZSOC solution.   Download PDF
  • The theoretical Algorithm Analysis of LOC for LiFePO4 Batteries

    Xuepeng Liu , Dongmei Zhao , Yihang Peng    DOI:    pp. 41-44 Abstract    LOC represents the usage time of a single battery, which is different from the battery capacity calibrated by SOC and the remaining battery capacity of RUL. It uses the usable time of a single battery as a scale, which can clearly reflect the remaining life of the battery under specific cycle times,...   Download PDF
  • Application of non-excavation technology in the transition section of highway deep soft foundation road and bridge

    Xiaofei Ma , Guangqing Yang , Haowen Xiao , Peng Chen    DOI:    pp. 45-49 Abstract    Highway road and bridge transition section for the bridge and general roadbed combined with the lot, due to stiffness and deformation differences triggered by the bridge head jump phenomenon. For the deep soft foundation section, it is more serious. For the operation of highway bridge head jump phen...   Download PDF
  • Research on intelligent management based on expressway business integration

    Jianyang Lu , Jian Shen , Youkai Cui , Lei Xu    DOI:    pp. 50-57 Abstract    For the whole process business of expressway in Zhejiang Province, many deficiencies of management mechanism and technology were found, and the IOCMM concept was put forward. Based on this concept, a set of whole-process data standards has been established, and a big data platform has been...   Download PDF
  • The Influence of CEO2 Content on the Microstructure and Hardness of Ni-WC Coating Formed by Vacuum Fusion Sintering

    Lu Miao , Nan Jiang , Yanhui Jiang , Zheng Zhang , Shiyi Cui , Hui Xu    DOI:    pp. 58-62 Abstract    Made Ni-WC-CEO2 composite coatings of different CEO2 content on 45 steel matrixes by  vacuum fusion sintering. The coatings microstructure and the morphology of WC were observed by SEM, the elements diffusion between WC and Ni-base alloy by EDS;The Rockwell hardness of coatings’ surfa...   Download PDF
  • Chemical subclasses of ancient glass based on K-means

    Han Liu , Danbo He , Shunxin Li    DOI:    pp. 63-71 Abstract    After the opening of the Maritime Silk Road, glass products flooded into China, which is an epitome of ancient China's foreign exchanges. Due to its exposure to the environment, the action of air, water, acid, and alkali substances, the chemical composition of the glass surface changes, thus affecti...   Download PDF
  • Zircon U-Pb chronology and geochemistry of porphyritic granites: A case study of the Dalancun granites in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province

    Renshun Jiang    DOI:    pp. 72-85 Abstract    The granite in Dalancun, Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province is mainly porphyry granite. In this paper, detailed field geology, petrology, isotopic chronology and whole-rock principal and microgeochemistry have been studied. LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb chronology shows that it was formed in the Early Cretaceous (...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of fashion design concept based on Internet + Big data

    Huanyi Liu , Shi Wang    DOI:    pp. 86-92 Abstract    In the innovation and development of modern science and technology, clothing enterprises can use the network platform and big data technology to create a new development model, put forward the scientific concept of clothing design, in order to integrate the use of enterprise resources around the who...   Download PDF
  • Sedimentary environment and reservoir characteristics of microbial carbonate rocks in Leikoupo Formation of Jiangyoutongkou Section

    Haowei Jiang    DOI:    pp. 93-106 Abstract     As an important part of carbonate rocks, microbial rock is a good reservoir rock type, and its type characteristics and reservoir formation mechanism are different in different environments. By selecting Jiangyou Tongkou section in western Sichuan, the development environment and reservoir phy...   Download PDF
  • Ensemble DeBERTa Models on USMLE Patient Notes Automatic Scoring using Note-based and Character-based approaches

    Bowen Long , Fangya Tan , Mark Newman    DOI:    pp. 107-120 Abstract    To maximize the accuracy and efficiency of the USMLE Step 2 clinical skills examination evaluation process, we proposed an ensemble model that helps automatically score patient notes written by test takers instead of physician raters manually scoring them by appropriate features. This research used ...   Download PDF
  • Research on the design of costume performance professional evaluation system based on information management

    Zi Wang , Xiaomei Chen    DOI:    pp. 121-128 Abstract    In the continuous improvement of the level of computer technology, the education field proposed to use information technology to build a professional evaluation system, its purpose is to replace the traditional manual management mode, improve the efficiency of practical work, shorten the practical w...   Download PDF
  • Study on the example segmentation method of remote sensing image based on neural network

    Songyi Yu , Guotao Wang    DOI:    pp. 129-135 Abstract    With the rapid development of modern science and technology, people collect remote sensing data from the altitude perspective at the same time, put forward the use of a variety of remote sensing images to solve the military exploration, meteorological analysis, environmental protection, resource exp...   Download PDF
  • The application of biomass graphene functional fabrics reflects

    Jiajun Han    DOI:    pp. 136-141 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, in the face of increasingly high clothing comfort requirements, research scholars in the development of existing fabrics at the same time, more attention to reflect the ecological concept of green comfort. Graphene, as a two-dimensional layered ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Data Mining Technology of Internet Privacy Protection based on local differential privacy

    Juan Yu    DOI:    pp. 142-148 Abstract    With the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, data sharing and analysis technology is one of the contents widely used in the Internet field. Collecting and distributing terminal data and mining analysis is the normal form of big data analysis. Under the condition of mutual...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of centralized control system for safety production and operation of distribution network

    Dongyang Du , Xupeng Wei , Lixiu Yang    DOI:    pp. 149-155 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, the distribution network as an effective connection of power supply equipment and electricity customers of the power transmission system, during the production and operation of whether the safety and reliability, directly affect the power supply...   Download PDF
  • Deepening research on the construction thought of intelligent substation aerial survey auxiliary system

    Bin Wang , Kai Liu , Yanqing Jia , Libo Lu    DOI:    pp. 156-161 Abstract    In the construction and development of modern society, the rational use of intelligent system is the inevitable trend of the development of the world's electric power, and the comprehensive promotion of smart grid is the basic consensus of the world's innovation. Substation intelligentization belong...   Download PDF
  • Application embodiment of civil construction technology of electric power system substation

    Lei Xin , Jinling Zhang , Ninghua Zhang    DOI:    pp. 162-167 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy, the power system as a guarantee of residents' normal life and work infrastructure, substation belongs to the overall system operation of the transfer station, practical project construction level affects the overall power system engineering operation quali...   Download PDF
  • Application of 3D modeling in power engineering survey and design

    Yuanchao Zhang , Wenjing Du , Shanshan Gao , Jing Wang    DOI:    pp. 168-176 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, digital three-dimensional modeling technology has been widely used in machinery, architecture, planning and other fields. Especially in the era of big data, computer aided design software in power design began to innovate in the ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Special Stability of Scientific Research Equipment on Oceanographic Research Vessels

    Shouhong Li , Yazhe Sun , Bingzhen Wang , Changlei Ma , Weiwei Yang    DOI:    pp. 177-187 Abstract    With the development of economy, countries all over the world have gradually recognized the importance of the exploitation of marine resources, development of marine economy, and protection of marine ecological environment. As an important carrier and tool for the implementation of China’s national ...   Download PDF
  • A System Analysis of the Emerging Concept of “Inter-regional Justice of Energy Transition” in China

    Zheng Li , Ruoyao Tang , Linwei Ma    DOI:    pp. 188-195 Abstract    During the low-carbon development of China, the different capacity and impact of energy transition among regions has raised an issue of inter-regional justice. However, there are few studies on it, and even basic concepts are lacking. This study proposed the definition of the concept “inter-regional...   Download PDF
  • An electrochemical sensor based on rGO/GaN nanowires for Pb(II) determination

    Hongqian Xiao , Hui Huang , Shunji Chen , Jialing Zhou , Yanjie Tang    DOI:    pp. 196-202 Abstract    In this work, rGO/GaN nanowires electrochemical sensors were fabricated on sapphire substrates by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and electrodeposition method, and it was used for the detection of Pb2+ in water. Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) increases the specific surfa...   Download PDF
  • Study on the influence of fiber layering on the tensile properties of carbon fiber composites

    Anwei Pang    DOI:    pp. 203-217 Abstract    In order to study how the tensile properties of carbon fiber composites change under different layering angles and layering sequences, this paper analyzed the tensile process of CFRP laminates under six different layering modes by using numerical simulation method based on ABAQUS finite element soft...   Download PDF
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Self-matting Waterborne Polyurethane Emulsion Modified by Silane Coupling Agent

    Jiaran Liu , Guoping Li , Yunjun Luo    DOI:    pp. 218-227 Abstract    Silane coupling agent has low surface energy, and its side chain contains organic groups that are easy to participate in the reaction. In the process of film formation, Si is easy to aggregate to the surface, which has the advantages of water and oil resistance, good permeability, low glass transiti...   Download PDF
  • Tetraurea Macrocycles: Template-Directed One-Pot Synthesis and Anion Binding Properties

    Yu Li , Wei Zhao , Biao Wu    DOI:    pp. 228-233 Abstract    Given the significance of anion in life, study of anion recognition attracted great attentions in the past decades. Macrocyclic receptors display intriguing anion binding properties; however, the synthesis of macrocycles is challenging. Here, we reported a new strategy of making tetraurea in one-ste...   Download PDF
  • Quantitative Determination of Anion Binding Strenght with A Tripodal Hexaurea Receptor

    Shuna Yu , Wei Zhao , Biao Wu    DOI:    pp. 234-240 Abstract    Anions are ubiquitous, and their related activities are closely related to human life and production. Thus, study of anion recognition is significant by understanding the binding affinity and selectivity. The tripodal hexaurea receptor has three flexible arms that can form an interior cavity fo...   Download PDF
  • Photoresponsive Phosphate Coordination Using Azobenzene-Spaced Bis-tris(urea) Ligand

    Jiajia Zhu , Wei Zhao , Biao Wu    DOI:    pp. 241-247 Abstract    Given the nondestructive nature and high spatiotemporal resolution of the light source, studies of photoresponsive systems have gained great attention and made considerable progresses in the past decades. By incoporationg photoswitch molecules with noncovalent interaction, photoresoive, supramo...   Download PDF
  • Co3O4 modified graphene aerogel for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries

    Yang Zhao , Yan Wang , Zexiang Chen    DOI:    pp. 248-253 Abstract    Designing a sulfur host material that possesses rapid sulfur redox kinetics and effectively curtails the shuttle effect, while maintaining desirable gravimetric performance, represents a formidable hurdle in the development of practical lithium-sulfur batteries. Herein, 3D Co3O4/graphene aeroge...   Download PDF
  • Research on Discipline Construction of Civil Engineering Based on Artificial Intelligence

    Ping Du , Weijian Che    DOI:    pp. 254-257 Abstract    Artificial intelligence is gradually changing the development direction of civil engineering, and the traditional civil engineering specialty needs to be transformed. This paper discusses the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of civil engineering, and analyzes the opport...   Download PDF
  • Indoor air distribution simulation of Perforated Ceiling Air Supply in summer

    Lanxia Guo , Huijuan Zhang , Jinlan Tan , Tao Huang    DOI:    pp. 258-265 Abstract    In this paper,the Airpak is used to modeling and numerical calculation traditional jet air supply and three conditions of perforated ceiling air supply,by contrast with the indoor temperature profile, velocity profile and PMV-PPD distribution,comprehensive analysis of indoor air distribution and the...   Download PDF
  • An Affordance Study on Healing Public Space in University Campus—— A Case Study of Shenzhen Campus of Jinan University

    Jiayi Kong , Quanyi Zheng    DOI:    pp. 266-281 Abstract    The campus space of universities is an important part of cities’ public environment and the main activity space for college students. This paper takes the self-developed PPGIS mobile terminal as the research tool, the perceptual map combined with a questionnaire as the research method, and 90 colleg...   Download PDF
  • A visual analysis of NSF thesis research in biosafety from 2001 to 2022

    Yanchao Gao , Sunyun Qi , Fei Zhu , Meiying Gao , Xueli Hu , Chenhua Zhu , Xueting Qiu    DOI:    pp. 282-289 Abstract    This paper aims to conduct a literature visualization analysis of Chinese papers published by National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC)-funded projects in the field of biosafety in China from the year 2001 to the year 2022. Methods: From the China Knowledge Network database, we set the time period ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Marketing Construction of Xiamen's "Natural Studio" Scene —— based on AIDEES model

    Yujie Li , Chengyuan Wei    DOI:    pp. 290-295 Abstract    Xiamen's "natural studio" scene construction experience is inexperienced, and there are some problems, such as scattered film and television tourism resources, uneven distribution of film and television tourism resources, weak linkage between film and television scenes and tourism scenes, less scien...   Download PDF
  • Molecular characterization and 3D Modeling of p62 in Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idella)

    Dan Wang , Qingqing Liu , Hong Zhou    DOI:    pp. 296-301 Abstract    P62 is a ubiquitin-binding protein that plays a key role in biological pathways including autophagy and protein degradation. In this study, we analyzed the protein sequence of grass carp p62 (gcp62) and its 3D structure was predicated. The full-length cDNA of gcp62 was 1425 bp, and encoded a 474-aa ...   Download PDF
  • Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of Annexin A2a and Annexin A2b coding sequences from grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

    Jingqi Ren , Xiaoyu Ma , Hengyi Hu , Hong Zhou    DOI:    pp. 302-307 Abstract    Annexin A2, a Ca2+-regulating and phospholipid-binding protein, distributing in most of cells which plays roles in the inflammatory regulation and pathogenic resistance. It performs membrane binding function in various physiological processes such as membrane repair, vesicular transportation an...   Download PDF
  • Codonopsis thalictrifolia Wall. var. mollis (Chipp.) L. T. Shen exhibits anti-inflammatory activity against LPS-induced RAW264.7 cells and peritonitis in mice

    Rui Zheng , Ruiying Yuan , Zhuoma Dongzhi , Xinyu Li , Mi Xie , Jule Wang , Bin Li , Shan Huang    DOI:    pp. 308-319 Abstract    Codonopsis thalictrifolia Wall. var. mollis (Chipp.) L. T. Shen (C. thalictrifolia), a traditional medicinal plant used in Tibetan medicine, has been previously reported to exhibit a variety of pharmacological characteristics. In the present work, we assessed the anti-inflammatory action of 70% etha...   Download PDF
  • Specification for Marine Management System and Effective Navigation Guarantee of the Recognized Organization

    Ruipeng Ma    DOI:    pp. 320-322 Abstract    After the entry into force of “United Nations Convention on the law of the sea” (1982), marine affairs are faced with the challenge in the new situation. In order to sustainable use of marine resources better, preservation of the marine rights and interests, protection of the marine environment...   Download PDF
  • Principal Component Analysis a study of used sailboat price forecasting based on a quadratic non-linear regression model

    Yiyuan Gu    DOI:    pp. 323-336 Abstract    As sailing becomes more popular, more and more people are getting into sailing and the consumer market for sailing is expanding. Sailboat dealers need to price their sailing boats appropriately in order to attract consumers and make a profit. There are many factors that influence the price of a sail...   Download PDF
  • Biosensor Detection Methods for Salmonella: a Review

    Jiaye Du    DOI:    pp. 337-353 Abstract    Salmonella is a pathogenic bacterium capable of causing serious food-borne illness, which has caused worldwide concern. It can enter the food supply chain at various stages of production, distribution, and marketing. Due to its high prevalence, it is necessary to develop effective and efficient meth...   Download PDF
  • The Role of Polymorphism in Modulating Charge Transport Properties of Perylene-DTTCNQ Cocrystals

    Qiqi Mu , Zhelin Ding , Yuyao Li , Junle Ren , Qiguang Shen , Shoufeng Zhang , Li Zhang    DOI:    pp. 354-364 Abstract    The charge transfer properties of organic molecular semiconductors are closely related to the accumulation of molecular crystals. Based on quantum nuclear tunneling model, the effect of polymorphs on the charge transport properties of binary charge-transfer complexes composed of perylene and 4,8-bis...   Download PDF
  • Study on the effect of hygrothermal aging on the properties of three-dimensional woven composite materials with damage

    Liang Xu , Guiting Wang , Song Zhou , Yanqing Huang    DOI:    pp. 365-372 Abstract    This study analyzed the hygroscopic characteristics and mechanical properties of three-dimensional woven composite materials under 70℃/85%RH conditions and with the presence of damage. First, the materials underwent hygrothermal aging tests, including analysis of mass change, moisture absorption rat...   Download PDF
  • Optimization of Barriers Structure Design Based on LS-DYNA Collision Analysis

    Shuai Gong , Hao Wang , Wenjing Duan , Zhenxiang Zhu , Bao Deng , Shuming Yan    DOI:    pp. 373-381 Abstract    In order to get barriers whose safety performance and landscape design were suited for double-deck viaduct of a highway and conformed to standard specification, barriers structure needed to be optimized. LS-DYNA finite element program was used for simulation analysis, and structural comparison was c...   Download PDF
  • Application of MJS Construction Method in Reinforcement Construction of Existing Box Culverts Under Comprehensive Pipe Gallery

    Yong Tian , Bo Zhang , Shengjie Chen , Yunwei Xie , Rongguo Yang    DOI:    pp. 382-386 Abstract    The MJS construction method can reduce the impact on the environment and has the advantages of large pile diameter and good pile body quality. In recent years, it has been widely applied in the field of engineering reinforcement. This article takes the MJS reinforcement project of a comprehensive pi...   Download PDF
  • Overview of Research on Seedling Quality Grading Based on Artificial Intelligence

    Zhengrong Li , Yurong Li , Wenlong Lv , Bingyao Ji    DOI:    pp. 387-393 Abstract    Testing and grading the quality of seedlings is beneficial for selecting advantageous varieties. This article discusses the grading indicators of seedling quality from three aspects: morphology, physiology, and vitality. It summarizes and prospects the research status of intelligent grading methods ...   Download PDF
  • Phase retrieval via randomized block Kaczmarz by averaging with heavy ball momentum

    Qiyang Duan , Lu Zhang , Hui Zhang , Hongxia Wang    DOI:    pp. 394-400 Abstract    We propose a variant of the randomized Kaczmarz method for solving phase retrieval problems called randomized block Kaczmarz with heavy ball momentum (RBK-HB). It achieves effective acceleration compared to the Kaczmarz methods by combining block and heavy ball momentum techniques. In the theoretica...   Download PDF
  • How to apply machine learning algorithms in artificial intelligence

    Zhikai Yang    DOI:    pp. 401-407 Abstract    Machine learning as the basic component of artificial intelligence, in the rapid development of network and computer technology has put forward a number of research topics, a variety of theoretical basis and practical application layer out of endless, which not only changes people's traditional prod...   Download PDF
  • This paper discusses the numerical simulation analysis and practical application method of tower crane selection in a super high-rise construction project

    Hao Meng , Jinlong liu , Shijun Li , Yikun Su    DOI:    pp. 408-413 Abstract    In the development of modern social construction, civil engineering structural stress testing means will be widely used during construction to comprehensively monitor the parameter changes of various structures in the construction of super high-rise structures, so as to provide effective protection ...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of key techniques of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of mechanical system

    Yifan Yan , Shixian Wu    DOI:    pp. 414-420 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the mechanical field has brought more problems, such as some large generator equipment during the work of the problem will affect the overall work efficiency and quality, so the relevant state detection and fault diagnosis techno...   Download PDF
  • Deep Gaussian Mixture Variational Information Bottleneck

    Xiaojing Zuo    DOI:    pp. 421-429 Abstract    On supervised learning tasks, introducing an information bottleneck can guide the model to focus on the more discriminative features in the input, which can effectively prevent overfitting. The deep variational information bottleneck aims to learn a global Gaussian latent variable using the neural n...   Download PDF
  • Experimental Design of TransCAD-Based Road Traffic Management Planning

    Yunlong Guo    DOI:    pp. 430-435 Abstract    Aiming at the characteristics of difficult practice teaching in Road Traffic Management Planning and Organization, a simulation experiment is designed for traffic demand forecasting teaching of this course. By taking the "four-stage method" as an example, this paper discusses the theory and practica...   Download PDF
  • A Fluoride-free Approach to Hierarchical Porous Anatase TiO2 Composed of Ultrathin Oriented Graphene-liked Reactive Nanosheets

    Youwei Li , Dengke Shen    DOI:    pp. 436-441 Abstract    Hierarchical porous anatase TiO2 is synthesis by a universal solvothermal reaction, However, most synthesis methods are usually carried out in the presence of environmentally unfriendly fluorides. In this study, hierarchical porous anatase TiO2 composed of ultrathin oriented graphene-liked rich in (...   Download PDF
  • Study on Pre-Treatment Technology of Sucrose Impregnation of Blackened Hawthorn

    Yiran Wang , Hao Zhang , Likang Wang , Chuanhe Zhu    DOI:    pp. 442-447 Abstract    The traditional hawthorn product market is shrinking year by year, and there is a serious contradiction between supply and demand. The blackening reaction can not only change the original quality of hawthorn, but also provide a new way for hawthorn processing. In this paper, hawthorn was u...   Download PDF
  • Research On Evolution Of Quality Chain Network Model Based On Multi-Attribute Weighting Of Complex Network

    Juanjuan Luo , Haohao Yin    DOI:    pp. 448-458 Abstract    Using the linear optimal connection mechanism of complex network model, a multi-attribute weighted quality chain network model construction method is proposed. Firstly, the enterprise node in the quality chain is defined to have its own attributes of quality elements and node business relevance. Sec...   Download PDF
  • Equivalent uniaxial constitutive relationship for core concrete of cross-shaped RC short columns

    Lin Fang , Min Yang , Chengming Li    DOI:    pp. 459-467 Abstract    Based on the experimental results of seven cross-shaped RC short columns subjected to axial load and reasonable assumptions, the core concrete in cross-shaped section was divided into several regions, the analytic derivation of the effective transverse confined pressure was provided, and the equival...   Download PDF
  • Intelligent Prediction of Dynamic Yield Stress in 3D Printing Concrete Based on Machine Learning

    Songyuan Geng , Wujian Long , Qiling Luo , Junen Fu , Wenya Yang , Huanzhou He , Qiubing Ren , Chuanglian Luo    DOI:    pp. 468-477 Abstract    Applying 3D printing technology to the construction industry can bring many benefits. However, due to the specificity of 3D printing technology, its application in the construction industry has not yet been promoted. Machine learning (ML) techniques, which are popular at this stage, are expected to ...   Download PDF
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Barriers Test Parameters Based on Deformation Index

    Meidong Duan , Shuming Yan , Changhui Li , Hanjing Kang , Hong Guo , Shuai Gong    DOI:    pp. 478-485 Abstract    7(HB) grade combined bridge barriers was taken as the analysis object, and the simulation collision analysis model was established. After full-scale impact test with real vehicle and energy balance analysis method were used to verify the effectiveness of the model, the sensitivity level of the maxim...   Download PDF
  • AI-guided Multi-objective Predicting and Evaluating of SCC Based on Random Forest

    Boyuan Cheng , Wujian Long , Qiling Luo , Ganlin Feng , Junen Fu , Zhitang Li , Gang Dong , Fucheng Wu    DOI:    pp. 486-497 Abstract    Self-compacting concrete (SCC) has unique properties that make it a promising alternative to traditional concrete. However, its prediction and design remain challenging due to the complex interaction of multiple factors. Traditional methods are limited in scope, and often inaccurate. This study pres...   Download PDF
  • A Review of Urban Real-time Traffic Signal Control

    Bin Ren , Haocheng Luo , Chunhong He    DOI:    pp. 498-506 Abstract    Urban traffic congestion was a challenging problem. In recent years, researchers in the fields of transportation and computer science devoted considerable attention to studying real-time traffic signal control (RTSC) to alleviate urban traffic congestion. This paper reviewed various methods for RTSC...   Download PDF
  • Sentiment analysis of Chinese game reviews based on SKEP

    Haishuo Wang    DOI:    pp. 507-515 Abstract    As China's game industry enters the era of the stock market, improving the quality of game products in all aspects is gradually becoming an important part of the development of China's game industry. There exists a large amount of game review data on the Internet, and sentiment analysis of them can ...   Download PDF
  • Simulation research on high speed centrifugal residual stress homogenization of turbine disk

    Minghui Lin , Hanjun Gao , Xiao Shang , Qiong Wu    DOI:    pp. 516-521 Abstract     At present, problems such as excessive residual stress, local stress concentration and machining deformation are common encountered in the production and processing of turbine disk. In order to further improve the machining quality and performance of turbine disk components, a high speed centr...   Download PDF
  • History of Bioelectronics: A review based on groundbreaking discoveries to explore future directions

    Jinchen Zou    DOI:    pp. 522-525 Abstract    Bioelectronics is an emerging interdisciplinary field that integrates biology and electronics to create new technologies for interacting with biological systems. Its history can be traced back to the 1950s. Since then, significant progress has been made in bioelectronics, with the development of bio...   Download PDF
  • Exploring Object Classification with Artificial Intelligence

    Weijie Cai    DOI:    pp. 526-532 Abstract    Intelligence has significantly advanced in recent years and has become a convenient technique that has influenced our daily lives like artifical intelligence applying in medicine making it a popular research topic. My project is focused on object classification, which is a computer-based technique o...   Download PDF
  • Advances in CODE V design in terahertz imaging system

    Yikai Xu    DOI:    pp. 533-539 Abstract     The band of terahertz (THz) spans from microwave to infrared bands, which belongs to the transition band from macro-electronics to micro-photonics, possessing peculiarities different from electromagnetic waves in other bands. THz technology with the characteristics of high penetration, broadba...   Download PDF
  • Integrated forecasting model based on LSTM and TCN for short-term power load forecasting

    Yangbo Yue    DOI:    pp. 540-548 Abstract    Power load forecasting is important to ensure the stability and reliability of regional power systems. Researchers have put forward many combined forecasting models, but most of them cannot capture the global characteristics of data well. So as to improve the accuracy of short-term power load foreca...   Download PDF
  • Determining the Best Model among Candidate Machine Learning Models for Chicago Suburb House Price Data

    Rui Zhang    DOI:    pp. 549-554 Abstract    With the development of the society, there is an increasing need of predicting the house price in order to purchase properties economically. Myriads of machine learning methods have been developed to achieve this goal. In this paper, we narrow our focus on three types of machine learning methods-Lin...   Download PDF
  • The calculation model for average scores to analyze the variation of Wordle game

    Gexuan Zhu , Haorong Sun , Xuran Wang    DOI:    pp. 555-562 Abstract     Wordle is a very popular puzzle game offered by The New York Times. Every day, the puzzle editor provides a five-letter word as a riddle. we regard the associated percentages of (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, X) as statistical probabilities and propose a calculation model for average scores to analyze the...   Download PDF
  • Application of magnetic resonance imaging technology in the diagnosis of brain diseases

    Zijie Zhu    DOI:    pp. 563-569 Abstract    Every year, more than 20,000,000 patients were plagued by brain diseases worldwide. Brain diseases include stroke, brain tumors, alzheimer's disease,parkinson's disease and many other diseases. Common diagnostic methods include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emi...   Download PDF
  • IntelliExtract: An End-to-End Framework for Chinese Resume Information Extraction from Document Images

    Yijing Liu    DOI:    pp. 570-580 Abstract     Traditional document processing can be labor-intensive and time-consuming to manually extract and organize the information in a document. This manual process is often inefficient and error-prone. In order to improve processing efficiency and accuracy of document data, we develop IntelliExtract...   Download PDF
  • Construction of Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Management System Based on BIM

    PengYue Chen    DOI:    pp. 581-587 Abstract    The quality supervision and management of construction projects is an important content in the management of construction projects. The construction quality of construction projects is related to the reputation and image of construction enterprises and the vital interests of residents. If we neglect...   Download PDF
  • Using Deep Learning Neural Networks To Classify X-Ray Images

    Jason Si    DOI:    pp. 588-594 Abstract     In early 2020, the virus known as COVID-19 emerged as a significant global public health concern. The urgent need to diagnose infected individuals quickly led to the development of diagnostic equipment. However, this situation also raised concerns regarding the effectiveness and reliability of...   Download PDF
  • Application of AI and ML

    Zhanshuo Zhang    DOI:    pp. 595-599 Abstract    Artificial inteligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) are arguably the most distruptive technologies in the modern world. The possible applications in robotics and automation are virtually limitless. Thus, this paper explores uses in two key areas: servo motors and the kinematics and dynamics models o...   Download PDF
  • Fuzzy Target Job Shop Scheduling Based on Improved Multi-population Genetic Algorithm with Clustering

    Yi Bu , Hui-Zhi Yu , Rui-Kai Zhu    DOI:    pp. 600-610 Abstract    Owing to the traditional genetic algorithm is difficult to hit the optimal solution in the optimization problem of fuzzy target shop scheduling, this paper converts the weighting of the two goals of processing completion time and customer satisfaction into a single objective task, and adds fuzzy com...   Download PDF
  • Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Developing Large AI Models and their Commercialization

    Chenzimo Ran    DOI:    pp. 611-620 Abstract    This article explores the evolution and impact of large models in artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on their role in advancing fields like natural language processing and image recognition. It categorizes this evolution into three stages: deep learning revival, big data and distributed comp...   Download PDF
  • Images Classification Integrating Transformer with Convolutional Neural Network

    Yulin Peng    DOI:    pp. 621-630 Abstract    Convolutional neural networks (CNN) are one of the most widely used deep learning methods in computer vision, which can effectively extract local spatial information from images, but lack global understanding and dependency modelling of image features. As a result, contextual information cannot be f...   Download PDF
  • Location Selection of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Clustering Algorithm

    Shiye Zhang    DOI:    pp. 631-644 Abstract    In recent years, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) in China has been developing quickly, yet the charging station industry still faces problems such as unreasonable layout, difficulty in profitability and limited coverage. Based on this, this paper systematically compared the k...   Download PDF
  • The research of space net control strategy based on the combination of fixed tearing belt and tether brake

    Chunhui Zhan , Qingquan Chen , Qingbin Zhang    DOI:    pp. 645-653 Abstract    In order to solve the rebound motion of space tether net during deployment, a new control strategy based on adding tear tape in the plane and applying tether force out of the plane is proposed. The tether segment of the space tether net is discretized, and the lumped mass model is established. Accor...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of BIM technology in the whole process cost management of construction projects

    Ruisi Wang    DOI:    pp. 654-657 Abstract    This paper conducts an in-depth study on the application of BIM technology in the whole process cost management of construction projects. Firstly, the concept and characteristics of BIM technology and the application of BIM technology in construction engineering are introduced. Then the application ...   Download PDF
  • Effect of Rehabilitation Robot Training on Cognitive Function in Stroke Patients : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Wenzhan Xie , Jiaqian Yan , Mingxun Zhang , Yihan Chen    DOI:    pp. 658-665 Abstract    Objective: Post-stroke cognitive impairment is one of the major dysfunction after stroke, which can lead to a variety of negative health outcomes. This study aims to evaluate the effects of rehabilitation robotic therapy in post-stroke cognitive impairment patients. Methods: As of December 2022, Pu...   Download PDF
  • Explore the Smart Home Design and Realization in the Era of Information Technology

    Yi Fu , Mengge Hou    DOI:    pp. 666-671 Abstract    With the progress and development of modern science and technology today, human society has already entered the information society accordingly.The digitalization and intelligence of information technology have been widely spread, convenient for people's daily life, but also make the use of informat...   Download PDF
  • Unraveling the Hybridization Process in CeAgSb2 Kondo Lattice

    Yunhe Pei , Surui Yang , Jingbo Qi    DOI:    pp. 672-676 Abstract    We present a comprehensive investigation utilizing ultrafast optical pump-probe spectroscopy to elucidate the intricate quasiparticle dynamics in the CeAgSb2 single crystal. Through our experimental endeavors, a nuanced two-phase evolution in the hybridization phenomena linking localized f ...   Download PDF
  • Research on landscape regeneration design of old industrial sites under the concept of sustainable development

    Yi Fu , Mengge Hou    DOI:    pp. 677-682 Abstract    By the end of the 20th century, the transformation of industrial economic structure led to the decline of a large number of old industries. The large area of abandoned industrial land left by the city not only hindered the development of the city, but also brought damage to the ecological environmen...   Download PDF
  • Research on Scheme Design and Structure Optimization of High Speed and High Precision Vehicle Contour Detection Platform

    Nutao Zhang , Qingping Bai , Bo Huang , Qian Zhou    DOI:    pp. 683-695 Abstract    To improve road traffic safety and reduce the incidence of unauthorized vehicle modifications, overloading, and oversizing, this study proposed a detection platform structure to support the quick measurement of key dimensions and high-precision reconstruction of local features using the automotive c...   Download PDF
  • Study on the Separation of M-Xdi Products by Non-Phosgene Pyrolysis System

    Peilin Zhou , Peng He , Yan Cao , Liguo Wang    DOI:    pp. 696-700 Abstract    m-Xylylene diisocyanate (m-XDI) is a raw material wildly used in the manufacture of high value-added polyurethane products and others. m-XDI is a heat-sensitive and easily polymerized substance, and obtaining high-purity m-XDI in industry is challenging, difficult and costly. In this paper...   Download PDF
  • A Novel Modulation Strategy for Controllable Current Source Converter

    Longlong Chen , Chong Gao , Taosha Jiang , Sheng Zhang    DOI:    pp. 701-707 Abstract    Controllable current source converter (CSC) technology is an effective solution in addressing commutation failure issues. Modulation strategy is the fundamental approach for controlling the valve arm of the converter. Higher switching frequencies result in lower AC harmonics but increased losses in ...   Download PDF
  • Traveling Salesman Problem Solving Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    Jinghong Yang    DOI:    pp. 708-713 Abstract    Genetic algorithms all the methods used to solve the Traveling Agent (TSP) problem, the use of genetic algorithms on TSP problems is more common than other methods, and it is also possible to achieve global search and obtain the best values. Compared with the traditional genetic algorithm, the parti...   Download PDF