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  • 2023 International Conference on Energy Environment, Advanced Materials, and Artificial Intelligence(EEMAI 2023)

    Editors: Tina Liu | May.25.2023 | Shanghai,China ISBN: Online Time: Conference mainly around the "energy environment", "advanced materials", "artificial intelligence" and other research fields, aims to engage in energy environment, advanced materials and artificial intelligence experts and scholars, scientific and technical personnel, engineering research and development personnel to provide a Shared scientific research achievements and cutting-edge technology, understand the academic development trend, broaden the research ideas, strengthen academic research and discussion, promote the industrialization of academic achievements. We look forward to gathering in Shanghai to lead the future of energy, environment, advanced materials and artificial intelligence through the sparks of ideas. Scholars from home and abroad are welcome to contribute their articles and attend the conference.

Conference Lists

  • A Rhodamine B-Salicylic Acid Compound with Colorimetric /Fluorescent Dual Channel Response for the Identification of Fe3+

    Rongwei Zhang , Xiaojie Tang , Dongjun Cai , Xiaohan Wen , Xin Wan    DOI:    pp. 1-6 Abstract    In this paper, a rhodamine B-salicylic acid based binary compound probe RB-SA was designed and synthesized, and its structure was characterized by 1HNMR and 13CNMR. The probe provides a colorimetric/fluorescent dual-channel response to Fe3+ in the aqueous phase. Under the induction of Fe3+, the spir...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of Influence of Boundary Points Density on Precision of Sea Plot Area

    Xin Liu    DOI:    pp. 7-14 Abstract    In order to improve the area accuracy of the sea plot, the formula of the influence of the density of the graphic boundary points on the area accuracy is deduced and stripped. The conditions of the different values of the vertex angle of the boundary points to improve the area accuracy are analyzed ...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of instantaneous surface settlement during tunnel construction in composite stratum

    Guanfeng Tian , Jing Wu , Xinmeng Yu    DOI:    pp. 15-23 Abstract    It is important for shield tunnelling safety to predict and control the instantaneous surface settlement. Particularly, the complex geological condition can make accurate prediction more difficult. To adapt to the stratum distribution, a semi-analytical method is established by introducing the finit...   Download PDF
  • A reciprocating friction and wear tester

    Ao Liu , Zheng Li , Fazhan Wu , Shufan Zhang , Yang Li    DOI:    pp. 24-30 Abstract    A reciprocating friction and wear tester based on Lab VIEW was designed and built to preliminarily test the friction and wear characteristics of different materials under different test conditions and lubricant additives. The mechanical structure and measurement, and control system were optimized. I...   Download PDF
  • Research on simulation method and equipment of axle load transfer of motorcycle brake performance bench test

    Lichang Fan , Dajun He , Song Guo , Guobin Gong , Shichuan Wang , Yang Sun    DOI:    pp. 31-37 Abstract    In order to eliminate the influence of axle load transfer on the bench test of motorcycle braking performance, a method of simulating axial load transfer on the bench was developed and testing equipment was constructed.The comparison tests of road condition, bench without axle load transfer conditio...   Download PDF
  • Corrosion behaviour of Tribaloy T400 coating prepared by laser cladding in molten aluminium alloys

    Yu Wang , Huichao Zhu , Jian Huang    DOI:    pp. 38-43 Abstract    Corrosion of molten Aluminium alloys is an important reason to lead the failure of moulds. The Tribaloy T400 coating was prepared on H13 steel by laser cladding to investigate corrosion behaviour in molten A356 Aluminium alloys at 993 K for different periods. The main phases in the Tribaloy T400 coa...   Download PDF
  • Two organic salts mainly relying on hydrogen bonding: pyromellitic acid phenanthroline salts

    Xiaoyong Tang , Guang Shi    DOI:    pp. 44-52 Abstract    Two pure organic supramolecular complexes (Hphen)+[C6H2(COOH)3(COO)]-·H2O(1) and (Hphen)+ [C6H2(COOH)3(COO)]- (2) were synthesized by solution self-assembly method (natural volatilization method). The two organic salts were characterized by X-ray Single Crystal Diffraction, Elemental Analysis, Fouri...   Download PDF
  • Superposed element method for the numerical simulation of structure crack

    Jianxin Ding , Qingzhou Yang    DOI:    pp. 53-60 Abstract    Crack is a key factor for the normal operation of structures. In this paper, a new method called Superposed Element Method (SEM) is proposed for the numerical simulation of crack analysis. Firstly, the structure containing crack is divided into two independent meshes. One is the global mesh without ...   Download PDF
  • Research on Elevator Safety Detection Management based on Big Data

    Pengcheng Liu , Jing Xiong , Wanli Yu , Hui Cheng , Xiaoqing Wang    DOI:    pp. 61-69 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, elevator as one of the essential means of transportation in daily life, how to ensure the safety and stability of elevator equipment operation, has become the main issue of research and discussion. Sin...   Download PDF
  • Research on Key points of escalator braking Safety Performance detection method

    Hui Cheng , Chenhuan Wang , Dongdong Chen , Lin Chen , Jun Mao , Xiaoqing Wang , Xiaocheng Huang    DOI:    pp. 70-75 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, Chinese public transportation and large-scale shopping malls, stations, airports in the construction promotion, start to use escalator in a large number, as a transportation vehicle of the new era construction development, althou...   Download PDF
  • Application of two-arm welding robot control system based on PLC

    Bin Li    DOI:    pp. 76-81 Abstract    Understanding the current industrial production process, forklift manufacturing line of symmetrical groove workpiece welding link emerged a lot of problems, such as waste productivity is getting higher and higher, practical work efficiency is getting lower and lower, the work intensity of the depart...   Download PDF
  • Research on Standardized Management of Basic Data Elements in Integrated Management Information System

    Qiyong Zhang    DOI:    pp. 82-89 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, Chinese public transportation and large-scale shopping malls, stations, airports in the construction promotion, start to use escalator in a large number, as a transportation vehicle of the new era construction development, althou...   Download PDF
  • Application of Adapter pattern in Eclipse plug-in development

    Xianchao Yang    DOI:    pp. 90-95 Abstract    The Adapter design pattern is widely used in software development. It can transform the interface of one class into another desired by the client, so that two classes that cannot work together because of interface mismatch can work together[1]. It is the core of the extensibility of the Eclipse plat...   Download PDF
  • Synthesis and Xylene Isomerization Properties of Hierarchical Eu-1 Zeolite

    Guanghua Liang , Jianyi Chen , Zhijie Wu , Xiaofeng Li , Tao Dou    DOI:    pp. 96-102 Abstract    A series of hierarchical EU-1 molecular sieves with different mesoporous/microporous ratios were prepared by adding water-rich gelatinized starch into the synthesis system of EU-1 molecular sieves. The effects of the amount of gelatinized starch on the crystallization process and the physicochemical...   Download PDF
  • Economic Transformation And Development of Resource-Exhausted Cities Based on SWOT Analysis - Taking Baishan City as an Example

    Chaoyu Zhang , Yi Liu , Ying Zhang    DOI:    pp. 103-108 Abstract    The economic development trend of Baishan city is comprehensively analyzed, and the corresponding development strategy is obtained according to the analysis conclusion by SWOT. SWOT analysis is a method of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and the opportunities...   Download PDF
  • Under High Radon Environment α Energy Spectrum Analysis

    Guiming Chen , Hang Jiang , Ying Wang , Lingliang Xu , Chengqiang Gao    DOI:    pp. 109-120 Abstract    Energy spectrum processing technology is one of the key technologies to realize the rapid monitoring of artificial radioactive aerosol. At present, most commercial aerosol continuous monitoring equipment are suitable for the measurement of artificial radioactive aerosol under natural radon backgroun...   Download PDF
  • Research on a Design Method of Generative Model for Cavity Section Shape of an Anechoic Coating

    Yiping Sun , Meng Tao    DOI:    pp. 121-127 Abstract    One of the main challenges of the low frequency, broadband and strong sound absorption performance of an anechoic coating is the design of the cavity section shape. A generative-based design method was investigated in this study. Two generative-based models were trained to design...   Download PDF
  • The Design of the Controlling Cam Optimization Profile in an Automated-Cutoff Valve Based on Ga

    Jun Chi , Mingjie Xing , Junjie Xing , Jiatao Song    DOI:    pp. 128-134 Abstract     In order to achieve the controlling performance of automated-cutoff valve, an optimization method of cam profile design is indicated based on GA. The selection conditions in the algorithm are established according to the analysis of mechanical structure after the other parameters are specified...   Download PDF
  • Research on Spontaneous Diffusion and Fragmentation of Liquid Droplets Caused by Marangoni Effect

    Yuzeng Che , Zishuo Cai , Wenbo Li , Ja Ma , Heng Wang , Shifeng Xu , Aocheng Zhang , Ya Gao , Xu Zhou , Wei Sha , Baihui Jia , Jingchao Sun    DOI:    pp. 135-139 Abstract    The Marangoni effect is important to drying silicon wafers, the fields of welding and improving engine liquid fuel efficiency. In this paper, we investigate the Marangoni flow caused by the evaporation of droplets of alcohol solution, which eventually causes the dr...   Download PDF
  • Thermoelastoplastic Finite Element Analysis of TiAl6V4 Thin-walled Ring Parts Based on Laser Metal Deposition Processing

    Liqin Miao , Dashun Zhang , Suhui Sun , Fanjun Meng , Xueguang Li , Zhengwei Tang    DOI:    pp. 140-148 Abstract    Based on the simulation theory of stress field and temperature field in additive manufacturing, this paper numerically simulates and analyzes the laser metal deposition process of thin-walled ring, optimizes the simulation results by setting different process parameters, and analyzes the possible pr...   Download PDF
  • Rapid structural safety evaluation system of expressway bridges under bulk transportation

    Hongtao Bai , Huiqiong Zou , Dai Pan , Yangming Nie    DOI:    pp. 149-158 Abstract    In view of the increasing of heavy industrial equipment transportation on highway and the practical needs of the bridge safety assessment and consultation of heavy transportation, main characteristics of heavy transportation are firstly summarized. Then, the safety assessment criteria and ...   Download PDF
  • Different perceptions of summer urban parks by youth and elderly people after COVID-19—an exploratory analysis of visual experience

    Wei Li , ShiJing Cheng    DOI:    pp. 159-170 Abstract    Through a survey of 252 parks in Jeonju, South Korea, the most representative parks, Deokjin Park, Sebyeong Park and Ajung Lake Park’s green space, water space, and sports and leisure space were finally selected as the experimental sites. The difference between the two groups can be obtained by eval...   Download PDF
  • Preventive Protection of Brick Masonry Building Heritage Based on Architectural Pathology — A Case Study of Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University

    Minhao Zhang    DOI:    pp. 171-182 Abstract    The investigation project for the protection and repair of cultural relics and buildings not only needs to collect the results of building diseases, but also should be able to conduct effective pathological analysis of buildings based on the investigation results, in order to give appropriate preven...   Download PDF
  • Study on Safety Design for Port Dangerous Goods Ro-Ro Terminal Engineering

    Yuan Gao , Lei Hong , Luchao Zhang , Longjun He    DOI:    pp. 183-189 Abstract    According to the current situation of domestic transportation, this paper identifies and analyzes the characteristics and causes of accidents in ro-ro operation of dangerous goods in port. Combined with the quantitative risk assessment of accident consequences, this paper emphatically analyzes mutua...   Download PDF
  • Street Landscape Optimization in the Context of Smart City

    Wenwen Fu , Fanchi Meng , Yuehe Sun , Jing Li    DOI:    pp. 190-196 Abstract    With the continuous construction of smart cities, all aspects of urban management are also moving towards intelligence, and the smart city concept as a tool for urban planning can also help urban development. This paper analyses the current stage of China's urban street landscape construction t...   Download PDF
  • On Teaching Reform and Innovation of Computer-Aided Translation Technology

    Lihua Qing , Hai Wang    DOI:    pp. 197-202 Abstract    In the era of artificial intelligence, translation market puts forward the new requirements for translation talents in translation technology. Nowadays, the cultivation of translation talents is far from meeting the needs of the market in translation technology. Therefore, it is urgent to for higher...   Download PDF
  • Application of Target Recognition and Tracking in Agricultural Picking Robots

    Tonghui Li , Kecheng Zhang    DOI:    pp. 203-209 Abstract    Target tracking in agricultural picking robots has a huge impact in the field of computer vision, and high-quality picking recognition and tracking algorithms are the basis for solving many problems such as inaccurate localization in agricultural picking. The problem of target recognition and tracki...   Download PDF
  • Analysis and Research of China’s Marine Renewable Energy Standards

    Jian Li , Xiangnan Wang , Hongming Qiu , Changlei Ma    DOI:    pp. 210-216 Abstract    China has already had relatively mature marine renewable energy utilization, among which tidal current energy power generation has achieved grid connection, and wave energy power generation has been commercialized. However, in spite of progress in the marine renewable energy utilization, China’s mar...   Download PDF
  • Process and Specification for Collecting Nasal and Throat Swab Specimens from Hospitalized Patients with Novel Coronavirus Infection in the Department of Infectious Diseases

    Hua Zhang , Gongxiao Wang , Huahua An , Jin Zhang , Gengjun Jiao    DOI:    pp. 217-223 Abstract    The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus around the world has caused a large number of cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia that are rare in human history. The detection of the novel coronavirus is the key link to preventing and controlling the epidemic of the novel coronavirus, so the establishmen...   Download PDF
  • Study on Forest Health Assessment of eastern Qilian Mountains in Qinghai Province

    Jing Wang , Runjie Li , Kangning He , Chen Zhao    DOI:    pp. 224-232 Abstract     A total of 17 indexes including forest structure, productivity, stability and soil quality were established in the eastern Qilian Mountains. The weights of the indexes were determined by side analysis and entropy weight method. The health status of forest resources in eastern Qilian Mountains ...   Download PDF
  • Study on the risk assessment of light pollution based on entropy weight method-TOPSIS model

    Ziyi Wang , Tengda Xie    DOI:    pp. 233-239 Abstract    In the process of rapid human development, artificial light has gradually increased. People use artificial light more consider light to bring us benefits, but light pollution and the use of light at the same time harm human beings, even to the point of endangering human health and affecting the ecol...   Download PDF
  • Comparative Analysis of Finite Element Simulation and Experiment on the Polished Surface Quality of Hard Anodized Film of Aluminum Alloy

    Zeliang Wang , Bing Tian , Qingguo Meng , Jing Lu    DOI:    pp. 240-248 Abstract    According to the abrasive morphology and distribution of sandpaper surface, the finite element model of hard anodic oxide film polishing was established by using ABAQUS finite element software, and the hard anodic oxide film and aluminum alloy matrix were defined respectively. The effects ...   Download PDF
  • Comparison and Analysis on Energy Governance Models of Global Major Powers

    Xiaoqing Yan , Yufang Jia    DOI:    pp. 249-258 Abstract    Currently, the world is facing major changes that have not occurred in a century, and global energy governance has undergone significant new changes. The energy development trends of global major powers were clarified in the Paper by studying and judging the changes in the global energy consumption ...   Download PDF
  • A Study on Strategic Path Optimization Theory and Evaluation Method for High-quality Development of Power Enterprises from the Perspective of Global Energy Governance

    Xiaoqing Yan , Yufang Jia    DOI:    pp. 259-266 Abstract    Currently, the world is facing major changes that have not occurred in a century, and global energy governance has undergone significant new changes. In this paper, the author studies and judged the new requirements of China’s economic and social development for the energy industry in the current co...   Download PDF
  • Composition analysis and identification of Chinese glass artifacts

    Yuhuan Wang , Yunhe Guo , Yizhen Wu , Jun Zhao    DOI:    pp. 267-276 Abstract    Ancient glass is susceptible to weathering by the burial environment, so it is important to promote the study of weathering and erosion of artifacts so as to make targeted conservation measures. In this paper, the chemical composition of ancient glass artifacts, based on logistic regression to obtai...   Download PDF
  • Investigate the relationship between green space and active travel of students: using Beijing as case studies

    Shuaiang Zhu    DOI:    pp. 277-286 Abstract    Active travel is getting popular in urban studies worldwide as it can decrease the carbon emission. This study builds on recent interest in green space and active travel to further investigate the links between green space and students’ active travel behavior at the university campus. To better...   Download PDF
  • Light pollution risk level assessment based on AHP-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation algorithm

    Zhixuan Wang , Zhongyuan Yuan    DOI:    pp. 287-294 Abstract    Light, which helps us to see better in the dark, exists in many forms. However, on the one hand it does have benefits for us in our daily life and on the other hand the use of unrestricted artificial light can cause some damage to our body and wildlife life. In this paper, we try to develop a model ...   Download PDF
  • Evaluation of Landslide Disaster Mechanism and Control Scheme in Beixi Village

    Siyi Jiang , Liu Chang , Renhui Zou , Hailiang Li , Qiuju Wu    DOI:    pp. 295-300 Abstract    Taking beixi village landslide as an example, the cause and mechanism of rain-induced landslide are deeply analyzed. The stability of landslide under natural state and rainfall state is analyzed respectively by using finite element strength reduction method, and the influencing factors of landslide ...   Download PDF
  • Exploring the application of intelligent concrete in highway engineering

    Xiaofei Ma , Peng Chen , Haowen Xiao    DOI:    pp. 301-305 Abstract    All leaps in civil engineering are inseparable from the change of materials, and with the development and progress of construction technology at this stage, the status of new materials with intelligent functions is rising. Taking highway engineering as an example, the use of intelligent materials ca...   Download PDF
  • Mixed Reality The application strategy exploration of technology in the preventive protection of architectural heritage

    Yuxin Yang    DOI:    pp. 306-313 Abstract    Digital, information and other computer technologies are more and more applied to the protection of architectural heritage, Mixed Reality technology with its "spatial consistency of real scene and virtual scene" characteristics, shows a broad application prospect in the preventive protection of arch...   Download PDF
  • Development of A Miniaturized Wideband 16-Way Power Divider Using Loaded Spurlines

    Lingna Gu , Zhiyuan Zong    DOI:    pp. 314-321 Abstract    A New wideband Wilkinson 16-way power divider on microstrip line operating at X-band(8-12GHz) using loaded slow-wave structure of spurline to accomplish miniaturization is presented in this paper.The equations used for the 2-way power divider unit loaded with symmetrical single-spurline structu...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of gender sentiment expression in network based on TF-LDA algorithm

    Ai Lyu , Chengyu Liu , Zhaoxing Ding , Junying Li , Wenjun Zhang    DOI:    pp. 322-326 Abstract    With the popularity of networks, social media has become an important way to spread gender awareness, in which sentiment expressions can especially reflect the development of feminism and public opinion atmosphere. The team took two of the hottest gender-related news events in 2022 and used crawler ...   Download PDF
  • Knowledge and Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence Use in Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in Botswana: Survey for Eye Care Clinicians

    Tshegofatso Kgame , Huiqun Wu , Jinsong Geng    DOI:    pp. 327-331 Abstract    Diabetic retinopathy (DR), is one of the most prevalent visual impairments in the country and is on the rise. The study seeks to investigate eye care physicians' knowledge and perceptions on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in screening for DR in the country. Materials and Methods A convenien...   Download PDF
  • Current Situation and Frontier Evolution of Online Public Opinion on Public Emergencies: Knowledge Graph Analysis Based on Citespace

    Ruoqi Yang    DOI:    pp. 332-348 Abstract    With the popularity of the Internet and the coverage of new media technologies, the widespread spread of online public opinion on public emergencies has a certain amount of negative impact on public sentiment and social development. In order to systematically grasp the research dynamics and cutting-...   Download PDF
  • Learning to Research: Learning to Ranking the Similar Papers via BERT Fine-Tuning

    Jiaxin Ye , Hong Tian    DOI:    pp. 349-354 Abstract    Information retrieval has always been an important research topic in the era of big data. How to accurately retrieve the references needed by scholars from a large number of papers, sort them by relevance, and screen out valuable information to recommend to scholars is an important research demand a...   Download PDF
  • Evolution of Scholar Networks During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yuanbo Kong , Rui Wu    DOI:    pp. 355-366 Abstract    This paper reviews the academic collaboration network in COVID-19 research from January 2020 to December 2021. We first collected publication data from the Covidia ( and constructed a coauthorship network. Then, we select network nodes ranking algorithms on importance fro...   Download PDF
  • Overview of Deep Learning Methods for Sentiment Analysis

    Yifei Zhao    DOI:    pp. 367-375 Abstract    With the development and improvement of Web 2.0, user-driven Internet products are rapidly increasing, generating huge amounts of data, especially text data. Sentiment analysis can extract and analyse sentiment tendencies from text data, and is one of the most valuable research directions in natural...   Download PDF
  • Simulation study on 300mm monocrystalline silicon celerity single crystal

    Yuanliang Ma , Baofeng Hui    DOI:    pp. 376-382 Abstract    Since entering the 21st century, the survival and development of mankind are faced with great challenges and great opportunities. With the decrease of petroleum, coal, natural gas and other resources, a large number of harmful products generated in the combustion process of fossil fuels have caused ...   Download PDF
  • Research status and prospect of key problems of integrated energy system optimization model

    Yakun Jia    DOI:    pp. 383-393 Abstract     In the traditional energy system, the operation structure of various energy sources is single, the coupling degree is not high, the efficiency of energy utilization is low, and the waste of clean energy appears, so the concept of comprehensive energy system arises at the historic moment.This p...   Download PDF
  • Remaining useful life prediction of Lithium-ion batteries by PSO-SVM based on multi-feature extraction

    Lin Su    DOI:    pp. 394-406 Abstract    With the development of renewable energy, energy storage system can solve the problem of high volatility of wind and solar power generation, and lithium battery is widely used in energy storage field because of its small size, lightweight and strong storage capacity. But safety and reliability issue...   Download PDF
  • Study on Preparation and Performance of Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive Films

    Xiue Ren , Chenyang Fan , Jiayi Tu , Beixi Deng , Shuyi Xia , Yi Wu , YunQi Shou    DOI:    pp. 407-412 Abstract    Polyurethane hot melt adhesive films (PHMAFs) are green adhesives without any solvent. In this study, a series of polyurethane hot melt adhesive films with different crosslinking agent content were successfully synthesized. The melting temperature, water absorption, mechanical properties, and adhesi...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of carbon emission reduction potential of construction industry in Liaoning Province based on system dynamics

    Yitong Sun , Lihong Li    DOI:    pp. 413-421 Abstract     The rapid increase in carbon emissions is one of the main causes of environmental degradation, and the construction industry contributes 40% of carbon emissions. This paper uses system dynamics to analyze the carbon emission reduction potential of construction enterprises in Liaoning Province ...   Download PDF
  • Current Trends in Deep Learning

    Yushu Yang    DOI:    pp. 422-427 Abstract    This paper provides an overview of the current artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, including Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN), Adversarial and Generative Techniques, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Reinforcement Learning(RL). The paper discusses the background...   Download PDF
  • Application of Data Analytics in Automobile Manufacturing-- Evidence from Existing Literature

    Zihao Wang    DOI:    pp. 428-432 Abstract     The auto manufacturing industry is one of the most dynamic business industries and is extremely competitive. Since auto manufacturing is technology-intensive as well as competition-intensive, making data-based decisions has become an important part of the industry to make the right business st...   Download PDF
  • Keep an eye on global temperature changes

    Siqi Yang , Haoran Yao , Yuxuan Sun , HanFeng Cai    DOI:    pp. 433-442 Abstract    With the progress of industrialization, more and more factories are being built, and these factories are emitting more and more CO2. It is worth noting that the global temperature is also increasing at a certain rate. In this paper, we explore the relationship between CO2 and temperature by building...   Download PDF
  • Effects of Blue Light on the Skin

    Jiawen Chen    DOI:    pp. 443-447 Abstract    In recent years, the research on blue light has gradually become more sophisticated. It is found that blue light causes great damage not only to the retina but also to our skin so protection against blue light has become the focus of public attention. This paper mainly reviews the effects of blue li...   Download PDF
  • Short-term Bus Passenger Flow Forecast Based on CNN-BiLSTM

    Chaohua Wu , Xingzu Qi    DOI:    pp. 448-453 Abstract    Effective prediction of urban bus passenger flow is critical for improving urban bus operation efficiency and optimizing the bus network. However, there are some issues with predicting urban bus passenger flow at the moment, such as lack of single eigenvalue consideration and insufficient research d...   Download PDF
  • Research on EEG Signal Emotion Recognition Based on BPSO

    Nan Zhang , Xiaodan Zhang , Yawen Zhai , Yige Li , Zitong Bai , Xuanyu Liu , Guangxu Zhang    DOI:    pp. 454-460 Abstract    The discrete binary particle swarm optimization algorithm proposed in this work can address the difficulty of imprecise emotion-related typical features and localization of emotion recognition. Eighteen classes of features in the time domain, frequency domain and time-frequency domain and differenti...   Download PDF
  • Research on the device for measuring the engagement depth of bottom guide of landing door

    Lei Wang    DOI:    pp. 461-465 Abstract    A large number of elevator safety accidents occur at the landing door. The bottom guide of landing door has the function of fixing the landing door and guiding. The previous measurement of the engagement depth of the bottom guide of landing door has drawbacks and the measurement accuracy is low...   Download PDF
  • Analysis of instantaneous surface settlement of tunnel construction in composite stratum based on semi-analytical method

    Guanfeng Tian , Jing Wu , Xinmeng Yu    DOI:    pp. 466-476 Abstract    It is important for shield tunneling safety to predict and control the instantaneous surface settlement. Particularly, the complex geological condition can make accurate prediction more difficult. To adapt to the stratum distribution, a semi-analytical method is established by introducing the finite...   Download PDF
  • Short-term Power Prediction Method of Photovoltaic Based on Output Clustering in Smart Grid

    Xiaoyang Wang , Siming Chen , Yunlin Sun , Sichou Chen    DOI:    pp. 477-483 Abstract    Accurate photovoltaic power prediction can ensure the smart grid's safe and stable operation, as well as reasonable energy scheduling. Weather influences photovoltaic output, which is irregular and unstable, and photovoltaic output is similar under similar meteorological conditions. The paper propos...   Download PDF
  • Application of computer aided audit system and innovation research of enterprise financial audit under the background of big data

    Kaiqi Zhang    DOI:    pp. 484-490 Abstract    In the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, in the face of the continuous increase of network information resources, the Internet, computer technology, information technology, etc., has changed the content form of daily life and social production, and brought great conveni...   Download PDF
  • Study on a Solar Heating System with Phase Change Energy Storage in Cold Region

    Longfeng Zheng , Xueyi You    DOI:    pp. 491-498 Abstract    Although solar energy is one of the most promising renewable energy sources at present, the access to solar energy is unstable and discontinuous, so more advanced energy storage is needed. This paper designs and studies a phase change material (PCM) solar heating system which integrates heat storage...   Download PDF
  • Cloning and Analysis of Xyloglucan Endotransglucosylase/ Hydrolase Gene in Cotton

    Xianliang Li    DOI:    pp. 499-507 Abstract    Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/Hydrolase (XTH) can loosening cell wall by breaking and re-forming the xyloglucan-cellulose crosslinks. Therefore, XTHs in cotton are related to elongation of cotton fibers. To investigate the relation, two XTH genes were cloned, respectively named as GhXTH1(GenBank:A...   Download PDF
  • Research on the application of artificial intelligence in civil engineering monitoring

    Chengbo Xie    DOI:    pp. 508-514 Abstract    As the core basis of industrial reform in the new era, artificial intelligence can improve the development level of informatization, automation and intelligence in the field of civil engineering, and lay the foundation for the creation of a technical system with the value of The Times. In recent yea...   Download PDF